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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers mild More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 20 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882 1719 High Point n. A thursday afternoon january 20, 1972 32 pages classified ads 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Poison emergency q. Where is the nearest Poison control Center and what is the number in Case a child swallows some Poison acid or something like that i am sure the question would be of a lot of interest to parents in High Point and it is not listed in the directory. Anon. A a. The Duke Poison control Center number is the Duke University number area code 919-684-8111. Its director or Shirley k osterhout says the caller should identify himself to the operator stating that he has an emergency Poison control Call or that he is calling about an immediate Case of poisoning. The Telephone operator at that time will Buzz the radio Beeper of the paediatric resident taking the Poison control Calls who will then respond. They do. Says or. Osterhout. Prefer that Lay people not Call especially from out of town sources for two reasons. First the family physician May know immediately whether or not treatment is required for the offending substance and if so the appropriate treatment. Second if someone should Call about their child ingesting a substance which would require immediate treatment this would cause unnecessary delay and problem in that they would have to determine the family physician and then Contact him in order to discuss the treatment necessary. So although the Center will accept Calls not collect 24 hours per Day 7 Days per week they do prefer. In the Best interest of the patient that the local doctor be called initially. Annulment Rule q. What Ara the general grounds for obtaining an annulment thank you. Anon. A. In North Carolina the grounds Are either impotence must exist at time of marriage and implies inability not unwillingness a underage girl says she is pregnant and she is not must be six months waiting period to make sure there is no pregnancy. A a technical difficulties o. Direct dealing advertising on radio and to sounds As if you dial the proper numbers and then the person being called answers and that is All there is to it. Page 2 of our latest Telephone directory says Quot dial i then the Telephone numbers of the operator asks for your number from my experience there is no Quot if Quot As the operator always asks for my number and then it sounds As if she or someone re dials the number. Is this Correct is the number dialled again after i have already dialled it of so this does not seem to be direct dealing but indirect dealing. Mrs. W. S. T. A. Due to technical limitations of equipment on party line services an operator is required to identify the calling number on add Calls. The sound of a number being re dialled May or May not be heard on a direct dialled Call depending on which Central office you Are calling from 431,454.882, Etc this dealing sound is not made by an operator re dealing the called number but is made by the sophisticated add apparatus which receives and stores the signals from your dial recognizes the destination of the Call selects a desirable route dials a code for the route then checks and Quot purifies Quot your dial signals and releases them from storage. A a a re soc. Sec. Nos. Q. How would you go about getting a social Security card thank you. Anon. A. Go by the social Security office. 422 n. Vreen Street and give you one. It it in no minimum wage q. What do the girls get for baby sitting Here in High Point As a lot of people Don t want to pay much for a child staying with two and three children. I think they should have More than 50 cents and they should have a regular rate. Is there a regular rate i would like to know and what is the fee for baby sitting Here in High Point i think a child 15 or 16 should be paid $1 or $1.25 and Hope i am right about this and please let me know As soon As possible. I will be waiting for this answer in the paper. Thank you. Mrs. O. A. We think you Are right about what they ought to get too. Fifty cents an hour sounds like wages before the Industrial revolution. However baby Sitters Are not covered by the minimum wage Laws so it is not a matter of regulation but negotiation. Church club news q. I am a reporter for our Church club. I would like to know to whom i should Send the news for getting in the Enterprise and for wipe and mfr radio stations and weal in Greensboro and Waal radio station in Winston Salem. Thank you. Mrs. E. H. A. The Enterprise does not usually carry news of women a Church groups guilds or missionary societies unless it concerns some event of wide interest to the Community. The women a department often has accounts of bazaars suppers or other functions to which the Public is invited. We expect the same applies to radio stations but you can write or Call each ones news departments for their policies on local Church news and announcements. Nixon asks bigger defense budget and research to create new jobs by Frank Cormier associated Pess writer Washington a president Nixon urged a democratic Congress today to reject a the intense pressures of a political year a and enact an array Oil stalled administration measures a bigger defense budget and a a new technology program to Foster Job creating research. In his state of the Union message on the third anniversary of his inauguration. Nixon asked the democrats for partnership to make sure that essential programs do not become political hostages. His nationally televised and radio broadcast address was delivered to a joint session of House and Senate and Nixon said there were probably More candidates for the White House on hand than at any such occasion in american history. Nixon concentrated on a Call for approval of programs he already has sent to Congress. He said he would propose later legislation to overhaul the financing of Public schools and relieve Over burdened property taxpayers. He said More than 90 administration proposals with welfare Reform Revenue sharing and government reorganization at the top of the list still await action in Congress. The school financing plan could become a major Issue in Congress and in the White House Campaign later in the year. Speculation has entered on a value added tax. A form of National sales tax. As the most Likely Nixon proposal in that area. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania said he doubted there would be action on such a proposal this year but added it has a a great Deal of a democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana said the property taxpayer usually is a forgotten person but declared he would oppose a National sales tax As a Relief measure. A let us have our debates let us have our honest differences hut let us join in keeping the National interest first a a said Nixon and applause filled the House chamber crowded with members of Congress the Cabinet the entire High command of the government. House Republican Leader Gerald r Ford of Michigan called the Nixon address a statesmanlike and realistic. The president an announced candidate for a second term said he wants a bigger defense budget and a Quot new technology program to encourage re search create jobs and make american Industry More competitive abroad. He promised to unveil later in the year a plan to finance Public schools without burdening the property tax system. Nixon s delivery of the message coincided with the beginning of his fourth year in office. Otherwise. Nixon said Little about new initiatives but stressed instead that Congress should act on Quot More than 90 major administration proposals such As welfare Reform government reorganization and Revenue sharing that have been hanging fire for a year or longer. In a companion 15.000-word written state of the Union document. The chief executive warmed Over his past arguments on behalf of the pending Bills. In his written presentation. Nixon said his planned visits this year to communist China and the soviet Union a will mean not that our differences have disappeared or will disappear in the near the important thing he said a is that we talk about these differences rather than fight about them a a it would by a serious he continued Quot to say that nothing can come of our expanded communications with peking and Moscow. Rut it would also be a mistake to expect Tot much too discussing Home front reaction to the Vietnam War. Nixon w Rote a there has been a tendency among some to swing from one see Nixon on Page 2a a a a a a a Nixon s full employment budget spend what you think you should make that s the Way government does it Washington a a full employment budget president Nixon a bookkeeping device. Is spending what you think you ought to be making. But done to try it on your personal budget unless you re prepared for a bad credit rating and bankruptcy. No sensible businessman would operate that Way. Either. His profits would turn into los gets and his business would go under. But if you re the government of the United states spending what you think you ought to he making is not Only possible but under Nixon it is desirable. The budget he sends to Congress next monday will reflect that desire. The full employment concept works for the government because it owns the printing presses that Crank out the Dollar Bills that everyone spends. And. Besides it has a spotless credit rating. A full employment budget is deficit spending with a theoretical lid the lid is what the government thinks it ought to be making. That say the economists is what the internal Revenue service would collect if the Economy were working Well if everyone had a Job and business were running at maximum efficiency. But that s too Ideal say n a on s economists. They Defin full employment As about 4 per cent joblessness since there Are lots of people who can never find work. Getting below that 4 per cent also has a catalytic effect on the inflation rate. So what must by done is decide How much the government ought to be making from taxpayers if there were 4 per cent unemployment. This a full employment Revenue dictates feminine Hurricane names protested Miami Al a hurricanes should be named after . Senators instead of women a Miami feminist has told a top level gathering of the nation s weathermen. And Roxcy Bolton says she s rather partial to dubbing the storms a him canes a too. She says Hurricane sounds like a a in a sick and tired of hearing that a Cheryl was no lady As she devastated such and such a town a or a Betsy annihilated this or that a a a said mrs. Bolton a former vice president of the National organization of Wom end now. A was Long As people can name her canes after us its just another Way of putting women her proposal to the annual National oceanic and atmospheric administration Hurri Cane season planning conference received a Chilly reception wednesday but still not the frigid greeting she received when she first broached the idea to the scientific gathering three years ago. Or. Karl Johannessen associate director of the National weather service told mrs. Bolton that naming the often deadly storms after women was nothing personal. But he walked at her suggestion to name them after senators. A would you want to cast a slur on United states senators a a he asked. He then suggested the names of men be used one year. The names of women the next in an alternating system. A emr. Johannessen we be already been a blessed for 18 years enough is enough Quot mrs. Bolton countered How much the govern rent can spend. If the Economy is bad and joblessness is High As it is now. This Means a big actual deficit. In fiscal 1972, that s what is happening to Nixon the deficit is going to soar to about $40 billion highest since 1945. Nixon a budget that will go to migs try to divert attackers Washington a us. Military officials say the reason North Vietnam a Mig Jet fighters Are coming out More aggressively these Day May be in Effort to divert american planes from blasting communist Supply lines in Laos if so the North Vietnam e have had some Success As a result of these Holder air feints even though Mig fire is credited with knocking Down Only one american s4 phantom Jet during recent operations. Officers said . Commanders have assigned More fighters to guard bombers and other strike planes in what in called the a Mig threat area in the u Zotian North Vietnam e Border Region a this harassment does divert some of our efforts that would go into interdicting the to Chi Minh Trail a a senior officer said the North vietnamese migs Are mounting their bolder sorties at a time when american air Power in Southeast Asia is Down to about one Quarter of what it was before control began in 1969. Veteran us. Flying officers said that expansion of North Vietnam s radar gives the Mig Force some initial advantage a with their ground control radar they can see us when we can to see them Quot a command Pilot said. Congress monday will retain the full employment concept. It will he balanced at full employment revenues and contain a big actual deficit. But Why use such a technique in the first place to Nixon it is a self fulfilling prophecy. He says if you spend what you think you ought to be making you eventually should be making what you Are spend no in theory this is so because Hie actual deficits Are stimulative the budget is translated into Federal projects Federal projects into jobs jobs mean a snappier Economy and that Means More tax Money. Via newspaper ads puffing poet russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko takes a Kussian style puff on his cigarette As he arrives at new Yorkus Kennedy Airport wednesday night. He is Here for a four week tour and said he came to the United states a As a poet not a after he ends the poetry Reading tour Yevtushenko said he plans to spend another month sightseeing in the u United states. Democrats Annel for funds a on a a full Page and declaring a the democratic party is just about broken and appealing for funds to Quot help assure you of a Choice of candidates in 1972&Quot will Greet newspaper readers in about to cities in Early february the ads Are the first step in a double barrelled fund raising Campaign being mapped by democratic party leaders Here to Start paying off their $9 3-Mimion 1968 debt and begin a fund to finance the 1972 race. The second step fund raising appeals for a the party of your choices to be sent with Telephone and other Bills provided those businesses go along. The new Campaign unveiled in an interview by treasurer Robert s. Strauss of the democratic National committee is the party a answer to congressional rejection of the plan to give each major party $20 8 million through a la per tax paver checkoff on income tax returns. The newspaper ads. Planned Lou and Cost hop the w York. Los Angeles. St Washington Louisville it me smaller cities will about $45,000 Strauss at least recover St and provide a list of contributors who can be reached again in the fall. The ads carry the notice tha the new Campaign financing Bill which cleared the House wednesday provides up to a $12 50 per person credit or a so per person tax deduction for political contributions As for tile plan to put bipartisan fund raising appeals into id that since he be treasurer in March what s inside amusements 7 so Bridge so classified ads 1u15b comics 9b crossword 8b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 10b sports 2-6b television 7b women s news 9-14a weather 3a a a a the envelopes in which americans receive phone or credit card Bills Strauss said he discussed it with representatives of american Telephone amp Telegraph co. And a major Oil company. A they Haven t said a not yet Quot he said Straus came a 1970. The National committee has Laid All its regular Bills. But it still has to contend the 1968 debt and the stockpiling of funds for the 1972 Campaign. One of the major items in the debt is nearly $15 million owed att and its subsidiaries for phone service Strauss said a Telephone company official visited him this week asking for a plan for payment of that debt plus payments in Advance for phone service at the party a july nominating convention in Miami Beach a i told them there was no Way that we could repay the debt but that we be been Good Strauss said. Has Henry Kissinger overstepped Bounds by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a . Policy toward India and Paki Tan has sparked a new round of controversy within Washington officialdom about Henry a. Kissinger a role As president Nixon a master planner and executor of global strategy. A Henry can sound imperious when he stalking to lower ranking officials but he a not like that at meetings of the full National Security Council Quot said one insider who did not want to be named. A taste of How Kissinger sounds in private was disclosed when columnist Jack Anderson made Public secret deliberations of a Council subgroup discussing the Indian pakistani affair. Publication helped fuel the most recent controversy about Kissinger. Another insider said of Kissinger. A a there a a suspicion that he has overstepped his but he added he has no proof of any presidential loss of Confidence in his nation Al Security adviser. Whatever their opinions Washington officials widely agree that it is Nixon who makes the big foreign policy decisions and not Kissinger Secretary of state William p. Rogers or any other subordinate. But from his first Days in the White House three years ago Kissinger. 48, seemingly tireless incisive professionally schooled in International affairs and perceiving the world through the lenses of a big Power strategist has been a target of potshots from bureaucrats. Some picture him As arrogant and High handed Quot he does More talking than listening a and As More interested in cranking his own views into the advice that goes to the president than in adopting others. Defenders say the former Harvard professor has done a Brilliant Job in helping Nixon achieve massive foreign policy turns in three years. They attribute the criticism to bureaucratic sensitivities and overworked Junior aides. The Nixon team heading into the Campaign year is now claiming significant foreign policy achievements for his first term the Vietnam pullback lowered . Profile in Asia the opening to peking far reaching negotiations with Moscow a cease fire of not peace in the Middle East. But Indian pakistani policy does no to make the administration s honors list and privately some officials agree with outside critics that the administration botched it. Some fault . Policy for not having pushed hard enough against West pakistani outrages in East Pakistan. Others say that since India obviously was going to win anyway Washington should not have sided with the weaker Power. Kissinger was in the thick of . Deliberations during the crisis stage As usual. And the . Setback plus some extraordinary circumstances Climax see has on Pogo 2a Henry a. Kissinger i

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