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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 19, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy cooler Mort data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 19 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon january 19, 1972 64 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads. 8852177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c a a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Goodwill policy q. Since i usually put things in the Goodwill boxes i was wondering Why these things can t be Given out free in a store instead of people having to buy them. I give them in the first place so people will have clothes to Wear who Don t have Money to buy them. I wondered Why these things have to be sold. Thank you. . A. Edward Langdon. Executive director of Goodwill industries of Guilford inc., answers the giving is. Charging question. There Are costs involved in picking up merchandise processing it and even in Selling it. The prices charged Only cover the Cost of preparing the merchandise for Sale including the wages of Goodwill workers. Goodwill industries he says thinks it is far better for a person to pay for what he gets than to have it Given to him. During the very earliest beginnings of what is now Goodwill industries an attempt was made by its founder or. E. J. Helms to give donated merchandise to needy persons. After several Knock Down drag out fights in a Church basement or. Helms decided there must be a better Way to help the needy. Hence the work program was started where those who needed the donated merchandise could work on it improving its condition and then when they were paid they could in turn buy it for a Small Price. This says Langdon proved to be the better Way and still is. A a or Doppe Decker divans 0. Where might i Purchase some stacking cots i am opening a Day care Center in february and have been unable to find them. Thank you. Mrs. G. H. A. If you will Call Hughes Rankin and ask for Jim Bulla he can get them for you. A a speak Rover 0. I would like to enrol my dog in the next obedience class but i misplaced the information and could you Tell me who to Contact thank you. A. Call either Joan Painter 883-2095, or Mary Greer 882-6237, prime movers of the High Point Jamestown dog obedience club. H it in dangerous Corner q. The Corner of window and East Green is hard to see around and on several occasions i have almost been hit. Please have someone Check this. H. A. An investigation of this Comer is under Way and measures to Correct it will be made by the traffic engineers when it is completed. It it Stop sign 0. I was wondering if the City was going to do anything about the Stop sign at Hillcrest and country club drive As i know about four accidents have happened there this month and the Stop sign is obscure anon. A. City traffic Engineer r. V. Moss says this has been investigated and traffic on Hillcrest has been channelled by paint at the intersection. Further studies Are underway to determine what other measures Are needed Here. It in no gop youngsters 0. Is Thoro an organization of the Young republicans in High Point and if so How do you go about joining s. Mag. A. There is no Young republicans club but Youthful volunteers Are Welcome. Get in touch with Dot Burnley mrs. J. H who is the High Point township chairman. Ieie it problem not soluble 0. With so much going on about the streets in High Point i would like to know Why something is not done to Russell Street where the school children have to walk to school every morning. There Are no sidewalks and in most places there is not room for the children of walk unless they get right out in the Street. Would you find out something about this i would appreciate it very much. Mrs. R. T. A. There Are two blocks on Russell Street that have no walk area. The Banks slope Dowit to the Back of the curb leaving no area for sidewalks. Public works director wills says there is not Nuch they can do in these spots As they do not have the shoulder room to place the Granite dust along these two blocks but the places where they can get the Granite dust in they will to help keep the Little ones out of the mud. A septic tank overflow q the neighbors in this area there Are three have septic tanks flooding All Over the ground and this is outside the City limits. What do you have to do and who do you report this to to have it fixed because it has been a mess anon. A. Call the Guilford county health department 883-9166 or if you live in another county the health department of your county of residence. It in it reaction q. Will the woman who lives in Davidson county and needed Day care for her children but is financially unable to pay for private care please Call mrs. Isabelle of Neal coordinator of Day care services 883-7136on a monday wednesday or Friday morning. Rent regulations relaxed Small firms exempt from Price controls fishing for supper militiaman Tran Yan Cay 33-year-Oid father of four. Fishes outside his Delta outpost to supplement his meager food ration. As Many As 80 per cent of South Vietnam a million plus full time military have similar hardships making enough Money to meet the rising Cost of food. A Wir Pho in Senate Job Bias measure faces stiff fight Washington a Senate opponents promised a stiff fight possibly a filibuster today against a Bill strengthening Federal enforcement of fair employment practices. The measure also extends Protection to a additional 20 million employees. Supporters expressed Confidence however that they have the votes to pass the measure even if they first have to overcome a mini filibuster. In the previous Congress a similar Bill was passed by the Senate by a 47-24 vote but died in the House. The situation is different now because last september the House passed a Bill of its own. It differs markedly from the measure before the Senate but it could open the Way for final action on a Compromise. With this in mind foes of the legislation said they plan More determined resistance to Senate passage. They have drafted a Batch of amendments to reshape the Bill even if they can to kill it. Some Southern senators May try to Hook on anti using amendments. The ban on employment discrimination was written into the 1964 civil rights act but enforcement Powers of the equal employment Opportunity commission were limited to persuasion and conciliation. The Senate Bill would empower the Leoc to enforce its findings through cease and desist orders. The House passed Bill in line with Nixon administration recommendations provides for Leoc enforcement through Federal court suits. Supporters of this approach argue that the Leoc should not be investigator prosecutor and judge. Civil rights leaders however have urged the Leoc be Given cease and desist Powers and noted that Congress has conferred similar authority on the National labor relations Board and other regulatory agencies. A chief difference Between the House and Senate Bills is that the House did not provide for broadening coverage of the present Law. The Senate Bill would end the exemption of to Millon state and local government employees and of More than four million employees of educational institutions. It also would extend coverage to employers and to labor unions with eight or More employees or members instead of those with 25 or More. Washington a the Cost of living Council today exempted Small retail firms with annual sales of less than $100,-000 from Price controls and about 45 per cent of All rental units rom rent controls. The Council announced that it accepted the recommendation of the Price commission that Small a mom and pop a retail firms should be exempt from Price controls. The exemption applies to about 15 per cent of ail retail sales and covers about 75 per cent of All retail companies in toe nation. Exempted from rent controls were single family rental dwellings rented for longer than month to month periods where the landlord owns four units or less apartment units renting for $500 a month or More and owner occupied dwellings of four or fewer units having longer than a one month rental agreement. The exemptions will remove from controls about to million of the 23 6 million renter occupied housing units in the nation. The Council noted that about two thirds of All renter occupied dwellings Are of four units or less. Cigarette smuggling spreading new York apr a tobacco Industry spokesman has told the state commission of investigation that High profits from smuggling cigarettes into new York state Are encouraging organized crime to Start similar smuggling efforts in new Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Florida and other states. William of Flaherty president of the tobacco tax Council testified tuesday a Bootlegger can net As much As $2 40 a Carton by buying cigarettes in Low tax Southern states smuggling them into new York City and marketing them without payment of state and City taxes. A recently enacted hike in the states cigarette tax Means that after feb. Cigarette smokers in new York City will pay 34 cents a pack in taxes the highest taxes in the nation according to of Flaherty. Foreign Aid Bill asks other nations to help Washington a the House today is expected to approve a $2.7-billion foreign Aid Extension Bill that Calls for other wealthy nations to share the Burden of assisting needy countries. But rep. Thomas e. Morgan chairman of the House foreign affairs committee says he does not want to act on president Nixon a comprehensive foreign Aid overhaul plan until after the november election. A we could have a new presi Dent then Quot the Pennsylvania Democrat said a and he might want something different a the joint Aid proposal with other nations moves toward one Basic change Nixon requested. House approval of the Bill would nearly Complete Congress revival of foreign Aid after weeks of Blouse Senate mane vering and deadlock since the Senate struck Down the program last oct. 29. The Senate has yet to pass a $2 6-billion appropriation of the authorized Money. The Council said the exemptions would remove much of the Burden of enforcing president Nixon a wage Price controls in areas that tend not to be inflationary. For example in the rent exemptions the Council said the exemptions a will permit the manpower of the program to be concentrated on those areas that have the greatest potential for the Council said exempting Small companies from Price controls applies Only to retail firms not Small service firms such As a laundry or dry clean ing establishment a restaurant television repair service or a Yard and Garden care service Center. There Are about two million retail firms nationwide the Council said of which about 1.5 million Are under $100,000 in Gross business receipts. In Bering sea soviet vessels balk Juneau Alaska apr two soviet fishing vessels seized on charges of violating . Territorial Waters Are refusing to be taken to port and remain stalemated in the Northern Bering sea with a coast guard icebreaker. The Lamut a factory ship that abandoned an escape attempt As the coast guard was ready to shoot across its Bow tuesday and the Stern trawler Volyvan have walked at going beyond St. Matthew Island some 200 Miles off the Western coast of Alaska. Armed boarding parties from the icebreaker Storis Are aboard the russian vessels and both the skipper of one vessel and the fisheries director of the soviet Fleet Are being held under arrest aboard the Storis coast guard officials said at Juneau a coast guard spokesman said the Storis had been unable a to convey the subtleties of its conversations with the the coast guard said it knew of no reason for the refusal of the soviet ships to sail under escort to the i s. Naval station at Adak in the aleutians 600 Miles to the South. The Storis an armed 230-foot Craft with 77 Crew members is being aided by shifts of land based patrol planes that continue surveillance Over the scene the coast guard said. The last guard in Washington said the 180 foot buoy tender Balsam armed with .50 Caliper machine guns for Law enforcement purposes was in route from its Home port at Adak to assist the Storis. Capable of a top Speed of about 14 Miles an hour in water Clear of ice the Balsam was unlikely to reach the scene until thursday. The Balsam carries a Crew of about so. The 362-foot Lamut flagship of an 80-vessel Hussian fishing Fleet near the area and the 278-foot Volyvan were seized monday night about 94 Miles off the coast of uninhabited St. Matthew Island the coast guard said and were charged with Viola tag the . 12-mile contiguous fishing zone. Sub in soviet 2nd Edi wed ent shortly after the seizure the Lamut broke and ran through the ice choked Waters of the Bering sea. It was mane Vered into the ice by the Storis Only after the . Ship warned it was ready to open fire. The Storis had authorization from Washington to fire a warning shot across the Bow and came Quot about As close As you can get a the coast guard said. Us atty. G. Kent Edwards said in Anchorage that if the . District court authorizes a warrant a . Marshal will arrest the vessels at Adak. The vessels would face a maximum $100,000 Fine if convicted and their masters could receive a year in prison. Mig shot Down Over n. Vietnam Saigon a a us. Navy phantom Jet shot Down a fast mig21 in a blazing air Duel of Jet fighters today deep inside North Vietnam the . Command said. It was the third encounter Between migs and . Jets in the past five Days of intensified Aerial warfare. In the two previous engagements migs and . Jets fired missiles at each other but missed. Migs have been trying to harass american planes striking at the to Chi Minh Supply Trail in Laos. . Air blows Are designed to Check the flow of supplies believed intended for a new enemy offensive in South Vietnam. Previously the migs had tried to avoid american planes. The last Mig shot Down was on March 28. 1970, during today a engagement a least five american planes were fired on by eight surface to air missiles and antiaircraft guns the . Command reported. The planes were from the Carrier Constellation. She was joined by the nuclear powered Carrier Enterprise earlier in the Day in the Gulf of Tonkin. The Enterprise was diverted to a gesture of support for Pakistan in its War with India. One of the constellations plants suffered minor damage but All . Aircraft returned safely to their Carrier the command said. A command spokesman maj. Robert of Brien reported the action was triggered when what s inside amusement Bbridge 4c classified ads 5-9d comics 4d crossword 6c editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2d sports Lac television 7c women news i so weather 3a a a a eight soviet built Sam missiles and antiaircraft artillery were fired at an unarmed Navy ra5 reconnaissance Jet and its four fighter escorts near Quang Long Airfield this is about 170 Miles North of the demilitarized zone separating North and South Vietnam and 155 Miles South of Hanoi. The fighters returned the fire and one of them an a7. Sustained minor damage of Brien said. Four minutes later a Navy f4 phantom engaged and shot Down an mig21 with air missiles in the Quang Lang area. The Enterprise sent her 75 planes to join in the Aerial Campaign against the to Chi Minh Trail in Laos. Dollar devaluation linked with Trade election spending Reform set by Carl c. Craft associated press writer Washington a Congress is ready to Send president Nixon a Federal election spending Reform Bill designed to Seal reporting loopholes curb Campaign costs and reflect modern political realities. It represents the most comprehensive change of Campaign practices Law in a half Century. There is a lingering controversy Over its restrictions involving Media advertising rates and radio to spending limits. As the House was getting set to finish congressional action Compromise backers acknowledged it May Lack perfection. But said Reform leading reps. Morris k. Udall d-ariz., and John b. Anderson r ill., a we recognize it is a vast improvement Over the loophole Ridden corrupt practices act of 1925 which it replaces. A this new act places realistic and enforceable limits on Campaign spending Quot secondly this new act establishes full and timely disclosure requirements which provide to the american people the right to know who finances the campaigns of the Candi dates they must choose under the Bill a formula a presidential candidate s radio to and budget would be restricted to $8.4 million this fall. This would involve an All Media spending ceiling of to cents per potential voter with no More than 6 cents of each dime going for broadcast ads. Each primary general special or Runoff election would have a separate expenditure limit. Presidential primaries would have state by state limits on a candidates spending computed on the states voting age population of signed by Nixon the legislation would be effective in 60 Days thus missing such Early primaries As new Hampshire and Florida. Broadcast stations Selling air time to Federal candidates would be required to charge the lowest unit rate during 45 Days before a primary and 60 Days before a general election instead of the actual rate charged for any comparable use. The Compromise eliminated the Senate sexual time repeal provision that would have cleared the Way for radio to debates by major presidential contenders this year. \ Washington a the Nixon administration Hopes to tie the knot on major new Trade deals and Send its Dollar devaluation Bill to Congress by Early february a High Treasury official says. The Trade package and the Dollar devaluation measure go hand in hand Paul Volcker undersecretary for monetary affairs told newsmen tuesday. He said he sees no difficulties Iii Trade negotiations. A the Trade package is going to be wrapped up i feel quite sure a he said. A i think we can make it by that Date Early february. I think its in everybody a Volcker an architect of president Nixon a International economic policy held a rare on the record news conference the first since he was instrumental in the International monetary settlement reached last dec. 18. He declined to be specific on negotiations with the nations major trading partners. As part of the Deal to devalue the Dollar the United states has insisted that Japan Canada and the common Market countries agree to some trading concessions. Volcker said he sees no trouble with the Dollar devaluation Bill predicting that Congress a will Deal with this legislation technically the Dollar would be devalued by raising the Price of Gold from $35 to $38 an ounce. In foreign Exchange markets that amounts to a devaluation of 7 89 per cent. On other topics the undersecretary said a the Nixon administration will Roll up a a very substantial deficit in fiscal 1972, and the 1973 budget due to go to Congress next monday will be deeply in the red. But Volcker said both deficits Are justified under current Slack economic conditions. Other sources said the budget deficit for fiscal 1972 May reach almost $40 billion the biggest in 27 years

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