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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Jacoby on Bridge Stayman finds major suit fit by Oswald amp James Jacoby today a hand is almost the same As yesterdays. North and East have the same holding. So do South and West except that South a Spade suit is now headed by a a instead of by q-10. He bids two clubs to see if in and out North can show a four card major but North rebid two diamonds. South has nine High card Points and wants to be in game so he jumps to three Spades. This jump is a game Force and North must bid again in spite of holding a minimum no Trump. There is a Strong temptation to rebid three no Trump with North a 4-3-3-3 distribution but answer to previous Puzzle North is Wise enough to see that the club suit May Hurt a no Trump contract so North raises to four Spades. Four Spades turns out to be a mighty Good contract and makes easily. South worries about a possible 4-1 Spade break but since he does no to run into one he winds up losing one Trump the Ace of hearts and one club. Three no Trump would not be do would be to collect eight successful. East would open a tricks and wind up one trick club and the Best North could Short. To across i form of proles sourpuss 11 foolish 12 come uninvited 14 attempted 15 Dyer is Conder 17 Large tub 19 european capital 20 writing instrument 21 thus . I 23 social event 25 Golf club 27 a lie Cologne 30on Tho move 32 excursion -. 31 free Gilt 3h asian country 37 Constellation 33 raw metals 40 Bird sound 41 Sainte lab. 42 literary collection 44 walking stick 47 artificial language 48 division of time 11 ii and Erst of y 54 japanese Gateway 56 cowardly excuses i Slang i 37 mass of Metal 58 fathers i 59 cozy places Down 1 location 2 concerning i latin 3caudal part 4 chemical suffix 5 fortitude it Coll a 6 Canadian province i a. I 7 japanese verse form 8 human group 9sand Hill to european River 12 devotee la sea Bird Lear. North d 4 .18 3 v k j 7 a a k 4 2 a a 109 West 4 q109 woe a q j 1073 a q65 18 East 4 76 a a 9 4 3 a us a kj843 buckaroo. Iff Quot your original 4y, 18 Black cuckoo 20 remunerated 21 French Coin 22 against 2.1 russian emperor 24 sicilian Volcano 2� mechanical repetition 27 within comb. Torm i 23 Exchange Premium 29 american Monogram 30 exclamation of Surprise 31 Plant Par. 33 peruvian Indian 35 noun Sutlin 39 dejected 41 mister up i 43 absent 12 a 44 civil service commission t a. I 45 on top of 46 Back of neck 47 elected of i Itta is Coll. I 48 units it Energy 49 unruly assemble 50 River islets 52 owing 53 possessive South 4 a k 5 4 2 v q 1062 a 85 a 72 East West vulnerable West North East South int. Pass 24 pass 2 a pass 34 pass 44 pass pass pass opening Lead-q4 family Steak House presents i. Monday All Day. No. I Bone in sirloin Reg. $2.69 for $2.49 2. Tuesday All Day no. 2 rib Eye Steak Reg. $1.99 for $1.49 3. Wednesday All Day no. 7 Boneless sirloin strip Reg. $2.89 for $2.19 thursday treats for the kids. Sunday All Day. No. 6 t. Bone Reg. $3.99 for $2.99 Quot bring dad out for a treat Quot 55 pronoun 5odd number newspaper Enterprise Assn i i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 ii 14 15 16. A 17 18 j 19 a 20 j a 21 22 23 24 j a i 26 ill 28 29 30 t a 32 33 34 35 i i 37 a 38. Ssi in a 41 a 42 43 44 45 46 m s r 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 in Flowers for Alt occasions High Point loading Florist Grace Flower shop Neah or in is tit Moss a Mem k v buckaroo Steak ranch i High Point a 1711 North main St. Black african heritage this week a a Tho Bend of Tho niger a narrated by Ottie Davis. V exp if a a a tonight 7 30. V a my Toji defendants held not negligent a Guilford county Superior court jury has ruled in favor of the defendants in two civil actions brought As the result of a car truck collision oct. I 1970 on Highway 72 in Wadesboro. Rebecca e. Curtis had sought $100,450 damage from Home h. Privette and Murrow Transfer inc. And Cheryl Curtis Meachum had sought $15,000 from the same defendants. According to the action filed by the two plaintiffs is. Curtis was a passenger in the car driven by is. Meachum and Privette was driving the truck owned by Murrow Transfer. The jury found that is. Meachum and not the defendants were negligent. In a Case settled during trial Willie e. Morgan received medical expenses plus a sum not released from defendant Paul Douglas Price. The action involved a traffic Accident. Settled out of court but on this weeks docket was a building damage action brought by Eddie Coleman against Oliver Quick. The action was settled for a sum not released. Of the All new Burger chef Frida y a saturday y a Sunda y Wong s chinese restaurant 2872 n. Main Tel. 869-3915 closed mondays open tues. Thru Sun. 11 30 to 2 00 5 00 to 10 00 serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 869-3915 wt-3 hem so a cd special while they last. Your Choice Coke Glass or sir cars with each $1. Purchase strip Speed racers a a Quot pc re Oil. All new equipment All new dining room newly paved parking lot bring a Bunch for lunch Quot where Quality is close to our hearts Burger chef 1912 South main Street High Point Enterprise Friday january 18,1974 9a a television log press junkets get close scrutiny by Jay Sharbutt a television writer new York apr cd so award winning �?o60 minutes a this sunday has a segment that la probably spark a new Media dialogue a or Range War a Over the propriety of what is known As a press junket. You ought to see the show. But if such things done to concern you Well the program also explores the serious Side of comedian Woody Allen. The junket study by Mike Wallace Isnit All that thorough. But Given the limitations of time a it runs about 17 minutes a it does a Good Job of spotlighting a subject that does need More illumination. What makes it of particular interest and a bit worrisome to network press agents is that Wallace goes and briefly Points out that even the three major television networks hold press junkets. They pick up the hotel and plane tabs for certain but not All newspaper to writers who come Here or go to los Angeles to inspect new shows interview to figures and write about same. Right now in los Angeles there Are. By cd so count 56 such writers a lbs says to Are paying their own expenses a interviewing folks working on current or new shows and talking with other to figures. Its the first of a twice a year mass press visit there a the next one is in late Spring a in which lbs Abc and Abc pay All or part of the hotel or travel costs for those making the trips Al cuff. The general criteria for those invited at network expense is the circulation of their publications. Such invitees emphasize the trips mean hard work. Their City room colleagues always agree. Honest. But junkets Arentt restricted to to As Wallace and his research staff amply note. They re offered by the Auto Industry by foreign countries by sports teams and by the fashion and travel industries. The major defense of these and other expeditions is that those paying for journalists trips neither influence what the scribes write nor have the Assurance anything will be written at All. The major argument against the voyages is that even if the free trippers journalist integrity is without question such trips still cast lingering shadows Over the free tripper specifically and journalists generally. Wallace inspects both Camps and cites a recent a managing editors Survey on the subject. But he does t really get into whether press junkets a and other things like new car a a discounts for some newsmen a Are rampant increasing decreasing or just fluctuating from moral mood to moral mood. A Well maybe another time. Its a Good Start at least. I i Sioss Isuf .1 wht4.4 Hiir Louif m us Wmk harlot ii 12 6 04 . 2 news. Weather. Sports .1 news 4 observing Eye 8 Abc news 8 eyewitness news 10 6 of clock news 12 news 0 30 , 2 lbs news i zoom 8 anything you can do 9 to 12 Abc news 7 . 2 beat the clock 3 news t you the deaf 9 to Tell the truth imm 8 to truth or consequences 12 what s my line 7 30 . 2 Black african heritage 3 Ozzie s girls i n c. People 8 Lassie 9 Sanford amp son 10 12 to Tell the truth 8 00 . 3 dirty Sally 1 Washington week 8 the Brady Bunch 9 Hee Haw Fox 12 Sanford amp son 8 30 pm. 2 3 movie i no this week 8 six million Dollar Man 10 lots Luck 12 Hollywood squares 9 00 . 1 wild Turkey 8 room222 9 to girl with something 12 girl with something 9 30 . 8 the Odd couple 9 Dean Martin special 10 12 brain Keith to . 8 Toma 9 to 12 Dean Martin 11 00 . 2 3 news 8 news 9 Fox 12 news weather sports 11 30 . 2 3 late movie 8 Abc entertainment 9 to 12 tonight premiere tonight a 8 30 six million Dollar Man /3 a Gap to starring Lee majors 8 30 %.m. To now 7 00 %.m. 3 the Happy Jester 9 Popeye 10 insight 12 Arthur Smith 7 30 %.m. 2 hair Bear Bunch 3 Flintstones 8 capt. Noah 9 Stop look listen 10 Budville 12 Mchale Navy 8 00 %.m. 2 Flintstone comedy 3 whistle Stop 8 bugs Bunny 9 12 Budville 10 vision on 8 30 . 2 3 Bailey comets 8 Yogi gang 9 to 12 Adams family 9 00 . 2 3 Scrooby Doo 8 super friends 9 10 12 emergency plus 9 30 . 9 to 12 Inch High 10 00 . 2 3 my favorite Martian 8 Lassie s Rescue rangers 9 to 12 Sigmund and. 10 30 . 2 3 Jeannie 8 Goober 9 to 12 Pink Panther 11 00 . 2 3 Speed buggy 8 the Brady kids 9 to 12 Star trek 11 30 . 2 3 Josie ii the pussycats 8 Mission magic 9 to 12 botch Cassidy 12 noon 2 3 everything s Archie 8 soul train 9 to 12 the Jetson 12 30 . 2 3 fat Albert 9 basketball 10 12 go 1 00 . 2 3 children s film 8 basketball 9 saturday matinee 10 basketball 12 conversation 2 00 . 2 this week in Aba 3 Nashville music to basketball 12 bughouse Gaines 2 34 . 2 a4tsports 3 wrestling 12 Carl Tacy show 3 00 . 2 3 acc basketball 8 Bowling 9 award theatre 10 12 hockey 5 . 2 survival 3 gun smoke 8 wide world sports 9 Arthur Smith 12 Black on White 3 30 . 2 dirty Sally 9 to Golf 12 Golf capsule views of today s evening programs 12 7 30 pm Black african heritage a the Bend of the niger a narrated by Ossie Davis explores the grasslands in West Africa South of the Sahara and the people who inhabit the area. 8 . The Brady Bunch with guest Start astronaut James Mcdivitt who saw one in space a saw what a ufos. Sanford and son a Fred gets into a dispute with his neighbor Julio Over the Boundary dividing their properties. 8 30 . Lbs Friday night movie a the undefeated a starring John Wayne and Rock Hudson. Two Calvary officers who led opposing forces in the civil War become embroiled in a mexican w3r. 8 six million Dollar Man a Steve Austin investigates the annihilation of a Small town where life just stopped suddenly. 9 30 . 8 the Odd couple Oscar tries to cure Felix of his flying phobia. To . 8 a Toma a posing As a priest detective Dave Toma obtains information from female victims about an attacker whose trademark is a ski mask. 11 30 . 2 lbs late movie a a genesis ii a starring Alex Cord and Mariette Hartley. A 20th-Century space scientist conducting an Experiment in suspended animation is buried alive by a natural disaster and discovered by other scientists in the 22nd Century. 8 world of enter. Tain ment in concert starring Jerry Lee Lewis Little Anthony and the imperials and Del Shannon. Read the Enterprise classified ads

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