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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 18, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Too Many Are interested n looks and nothing else High Point Enterprise Friday january 18,1974 7a improvements should add pleasure dear Ann please do me and perhaps thousands of others a big favor. I want to say something to that 37-year-old Man who owns his own garbage company and never had a real Date in his life. Dear or. Lonesome i understand your problem better than you think. You say you Are average looking. I know several Guys who describe themselves that Way. Let me Tell you Friend Are not a a average looking Are downright homely. I am not being critical. Homely Guys can be Good company. Some Are Brilliant. I just want you to face facts. When is last time you asked a Plain looking or homely Dame out in this age of Girlie magazines too Many men set their standards by what see in Centrefolds. Most of those Dillies Are pumped so full of silicone can barely sit up. They Are also Money runners empty headed and Lousy company. I know several homely girls who Are interesting and smart and have real integrity qualities that count for Long haul. But you Are so Busy gawking at Platinum blonde in mini skirt that you look right past Gal who has class. Have courage not to care what your friends say when see you with a Plain looking lady. Live by a new motto a take a dog to she could turn out to be your dream girl. I was one myself dear one that letter might have been written by a member of either sex. Plenty of females Are so preoccupied with Good looks that Are Blind to that wonderful Guy who would make a marvelous husband. Thank you for writing. Dear Ann your response to a Aioo per cent american a fellow who wanted to get married but resented governments insistence that he and his intended have a blood test was Way out in left Field. You said a state is trying to prevent tragedy of Blind retarded and dead babies which is what can happen if a Parent has a veneral you Are wrong. The blood tests required for those who want to marry has nothing to do with . They Are done to learn whether or not re Factor is present. If this condition is determined in Advance baby can be transfused at birth and Lead a Normal and healthy life. Please get facts straight before you leap into advice Ann. People depend on you. A r. N. In Baltimore by Carlton Smith this is not time to fertilize azaleas q. Our azaleas look sickly and we think it is due to a Lack of water last fall. Can we fertilize now t.e., Elliott a. Done to fertilize azaleas now. Fertilizer could Force growth that could crowd Flower buds causing to drop. When new growth develops later you May notice that Flower buds Are drying up and falling off. This is especially evident when plants grow quickly. The Best treatment for this condition is to Pinch out some of new growth which appears at Side of Flower buds. Pinching prevents excessive Flower drop. Henry j. Smith Extension landscape Horticulturist q. What kinds of Garden seed can be safely saved from one season to next and How is Best Way to handle c.c., Roseboro a. Most unused vegetable seed can be carried Over for one year with exceptions of onion Leek and Corn. The Best Way to assure least loss in germination is to get seed completely dry put in a sealed Container and place in Home Freezer. George Hughes Extension Horticulturist q. We have Many flowering shrubs in Yard of an old Home that we recently purchased. Should any of these shrubs be pruned now . Jr., Ashley Heights a. Among flowering shrubs that can be pruned in january and Early february Are crepe Myrtle Vitex Althea ele Agnus and Buddleia Butterfly Bush. Buddleia ban be Cut Back within a few inches of ground if Plant is badly overgrown. Henry j. Smith Extension landscape Horticulturist rent a Wurlitzer piano immediate delivery per month Pearson Fly music co. It 224 North Elm Greensboro him Raleigh ii Durham phone 885-5323 dear my straight yours Are fouled up. The blood test required before a couple can be married has nothing whatever to do with re blood Factor. It is solely for purpose of determining whether or not either person has . Your apologies Are accepted. For q. Can Cherry tomatoes be grown inside House in pots in Winter mrs. H.b., Raleigh a. Yes if you have a sunny window. I d use one of Dwarf varieties like Patio. To insure pollination shake or thump Flowers daily when plants begin to Bloom. Pollination is most successful if plants Are shaken around noon on sunny Days. Pollination in tomatoes is very poor on Cloudy Days. If pollination does not occur blooms will fall off and you la get no fruit. . Banadyga Extension Horticulturist dear Ann Here a a solution professional people who Are pestered at social affairs for free advice after fourth person at a new years eve party pumped my physician husband for advice on a medical problem he turned to an attorney Friend and asked Quot what in world can i do about this sort of thing a attorney said a Send Mem a Bill tomorrow. The word will get around and people will leave you my husband replied a thanks i two Days later my husband received a Bill from attorney. He paid it and took his advice. Indoctrinated dear in thanks for word. Nothing succeeds like Success. A no nonsense approach to How to Deal with life s most difficult and most rewarding arrangement. Ann Landers Booklet a marriage a what to expect a will prepare you for better or for worse. Send your request to Ann Landers . Box 3346, Chicago 111. 60654, enclosing 50c in Coin and Long stamped self addressed envelope. Do you know Correct answer to this multiple Choice question if you do you have a higher a Home improvement i than most Home owners a because most will get it wrong. Q. When a Home owner makes a major improvement to his House he will most Likely increase resale value of House by More than Cost of improvement come out about even recovering Cost of improvement by adding equivalent in resale value get Back around 50 per cent Quot of his costs resale value of House increasing by about half of amount spent on improvements. With possible exception of a couple of improvements no. 3 above is about Best a Homeowner can expect according to a Homeowner loan expert. For most projects a a return of 50 per cent of expenses is considered average a a says William r. Hobson vice president of Gac finance inc. Most householders believe will at least get Back All their costs and Many believe come out ahead financially a a measure of How financial rewards of Home improvements have been oversold. Improvement projects a should be undertaken As an investment in family Comfort and enjoyment not As a profit making venture a Hobson cautions. While ifs True that right kinds of improvements Are Likely to make a House More scalable says Gac finance executive most important consideration for Home owners should be added convenience and pleasure an improvement will provide. Any calculations of costs versus benefits should be made on basis of whether family feels it wants to invest that much in added Comfort convenience or enjoyment a not whether an improvement will a pay for itself in added resale value. Only two improvements in Hobsons experience generally result in a full return of costs if and when a House is sold. They Are Central air conditioning and converting a porch or breezeway into an added room. Some so called improvements can actually diminish resale value of a House or make it More difficult to sell. Keep these important Points in mind Hobson counsels to protect value of a residence i. Don t Over expand of you live in a neighbourhood of three bedroom Homes and feel need for two More bedrooms and a swimming Pool move. One of most common mistakes of Home owners is a love improvement a sinking so much Money into deluxe features or enlargement that investment in House is out of line with property values in immediate neighbourhood. A Market prices of Homes Are determined largely by neighbourhood not individual House a Hobson observes. 2. Don t create an oddity. Remodelling with unusual materials May suit your fancy but turn away buyers. Also make sure that project fits logically into existing floor plan. 3. Keep in scale. Improvements should be in balance with present living space. Done to for example create a Kitchen that belongs in a far More expensive House. 4. Done to violate architecture. All visible additions should follow original style of House. 5. Do a Quality Job. This is essential both in do it yourself projects and in contracted work. For Flowers you Send with Pride let Nelsons be your guide serving customers since 1940 with artistic designing and Quality Flowers. Funeral 4 memorial arrange Mentse special party arrangements for entertaining Helen amp Francis Nelson Nelson Florist amp Decora Tor 311 n. Main St. A nigh Point a 883-1265 a 886-4901 use new Gia custom Mark v Gem Olite Gem scope when choosing Quality Diamond you re sure to want. M d diamonds Maka a gift of love letters 131 s. Main St. Phone 885-2251 come in soon invt to Juja Gia Gem Olite Gem scope see Quot a exciting new0 Wall covering patterns a Scenic a Burlap a grass cloth us Vinyl a Uffman a ,762 n. Main St. Re Tel. 887-8147 sub 7 saturday january 19 from i til 5 i medically authorized personnel Here to Pierce ears v. When you Purchase Gold earrings. Both for $0 i off entire earring Stock while piercing saturday saturday join us in Rug making. 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