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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The Harris Survey Muskie pulls even with Nixon in january poll by Louis Harris sen. P Dmund Muskie of Maine has pulled even in a january trial heat against president Nixon 42-42 per cent with gov. George Wallace at la per cent. Last november Muskie trailed the incumbent by four Points 43 to 39 per cent. In the same poll among a National Cross Section of 1,699 Likely voters president Nixon holds a 46-37 per cent Lead Over sen. Hubert Humphrey his opponent in 1968. With Wallace at 12 per cent As an Independent candidate. This nine Point spread Between Nixon and Humphrey is identical to that recorded in the november Harris Survey. Thus after losing a temporary Lead last summer. Sen. Muskie has picked up ground on president Nixon while sen. Humphrey who official a declared his candidacy last week has not. Muskier recent gains have been recorded chiefly among Young voters under 30 years of age and voters with incomes of $15,000 a year or Over. At this Point roughly la months before the election the Young and affluent could be Pivotal in determining the outcome. Regionally Muskie has gained in the Middle West and has drawn within a Point of he president there. Here is the trend in the Muskie Nixon Wallace trial heats conducted regularly by the Harris Survey Over the past three years and again Between dec. 28 and Jan. 4. In answer to these questions a suppose the 1972 election for president were being held to Day and you had to choose right now would you vote for Richard Nixon the Republican sen. Edmund Muskie the Democrat or George Walace the Independent a and a a if a not sure i Well if you had to say would you lean toward Nixon the Republican Muskie the Democrat or Wallace the Independent a Nixon Muskie Wallace race by key groups Nixon Muskie Wallace not sure nationwide january 1972 november 1971 Harris trend in Nixon Muskie Wallace race by age Nixon Muskie Wallace not sure 18-20 pct. Pct. Pct. Pct. January january of >72 42 42 la 5 november november 1971 43 39 la 7 21-29 september 47 35 la 7 january August. 43 41 12 4 november june. 40 42 13 5 30 49 May. 40 42 la 7 january april 39 47 la 3 november february 39 44 12 5 so and Over january 40 43 la 6 january november 1970 40 46 to 4 november september 43 43 to 4 by income May. 42 38 12 8 under $5000 april 47 36 to 7 january february 49 35 la 5 november november. 1969 49 35 la 5 $5000-9999 october 5 35 9 5 january May 51 35 la 3 november these latest results Mark a steady comeback or sen. Muskie a declared candidate now for the nomination. He slipped 12 Points behind Nixon last september but has closed the Gap in each poll taken since now he has once again drawn even. Decisive shifts have taken place in the Nixon Muskie standing by age and income since the last Harris Survey in nov 10th in a series Don t forget the miscellaneous line by Ray de Crane unfortunately Many taxpayers quickly pass Over the 4 4 m miscellaneous a deduction category on their tax return. This is a tragic oversight. There is a treasure House of deductions Here. Consider them carefully. Here Are some possibilities for you to consider child care or invalid care payments. Storm fire Auto Accident and theft losses. 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Uninsured casualty losses Are deductible to the extent they exceed $100 in other words the first $100 of loss is you after that it is deductible. Newspaper Enterprise Assn next the Market and taxes. High rom i Only full strict car Vath twin Oaks car Wash 2013 n. Main Street Delta is ready when you Are to Miami catch Delta a 11 27am thru Jet and enjoy a delicious lunch. Return on Delta a afternoon thin Jet leaving Miami at 3 20pm. Fly Delta the airline run by professionals. $57. Call Delta at 883-6187 or see you travel agent. Fare include 6% . Transportation tax. Captain Dana Jones. Another Delta air lines professional. $10000 14999 january november si5000 and Over january november pct. 42 43 38 30 33 43 42 49 50 42 39 39 40 47 45 45 53 pct. 42 39 53 38 54 47 42 40 35 34 43 36 44 40 40 40 42 37 pct. Lull 13 13 12 13 11 12 la to 11 15 12 13 to porn i 6 pct. 7 la 4 to total Likely to turn out based on Pas performance and with he $15,000 and Over group moving from la to 19 per cent of the electorate. Nixon Humphrey Wallace trend Nixon Humphrey Wallace not sure pct. January 1972 november september May april november. 1970 april november. 1969 at no Point has Humphrey been ahead o Nixon in trial Hents since losing the elect n of 1968 the difference Between the Muskie and Humphrey showings among the same voters surveyed pm to found in th1 results among independents the highest income voters Ani those 21-29 years of age. While Muskie wins the independents by 42-40 per cent. Humphrey loses them 28-49 per cent. Muskie wins the 21-29 year old vote by a decisive 54-30 per cent but Humphrey Only squeaks by with a 42-39 Edge Muskie trails the president by a slim 42-45 per cent with the $15,000 and Over group but Humphrey is far behind among the same affluent voters by 29-56 per cent. Pct pct. Pct. Pct. 46 37 12 5 45 36 12 7 45 36 12 7 44 39 to 7 42 41 13 4 46 39 la 4 50 36 la 3 48 37 12 3 Stop <3s in it basically the electorate Over 30 has not undergone much shift since november. But the under-30 age group has moved rather dramatically away from president Nixon and Over to sen Muskie. Similarly by income the under $15,000 groups have moved Only marginally but the highest income group has shifted rom giving the president a 53-37 per cent Edge in november to Only a narrow three Point Lead today. Both the Young and the affluent have shown tendencies Over the past year to he among the most volatile and inde Penden voting segments of the electorate As 1972 approaches. They Are also the fastest growing parts of the electorate with the under-30 voc moving from 19 o 24 per cent of the Winter drafts transparent plastic storm kits r easy to install Foj Quot Inrid or outside i storm window kit 39?,. Kit consists of 36 x 72 Tough plastic Sheet. 18 it. Fibre moulding and nails. 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And experience shows that governments Are not adept at running railroads profitably. Then there a the Cost Over $60 billion just to acquire and modernize facilities and equipment. Plus More billions for operating deficits. Nationalized railroads pay tax dollars they a probably consume them. Surface transportation act railroads can work out their problems and fill their role As a vital part of a balanced transportation system. That a one aim of the proposed surface transportation act now before Congress. Who supports it the trucking Railroad and regulated water Carrier industries among others. We Hope you will too. Railroads want to remain tax payers. Not become tax burdens. C in Itu e pm Chi railway system that gives a Green Light to innovations i

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