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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather warmer tuesday Mere data on Page 3-a the High Point Enterprise 88th year no. 17 High Point n. A monday afternoon january 17, 1972 20 pages Call us circulation .8121719 classified ads 185-2177 All other departments 8852161 daily 10c, sunday 25c equals part q. Of the Bank gives you five per cent interest on your savings for twelve months How would you figure what the percentage would be for one month please Don t Tell me to ask my math teacher because i am fifty years old. Over the Hill math student. You Are asking an Over the Hill writer which is. Come to think of it. At least preferable to being under the Hills we asked a banker to Lead us both through the mathematical Maze of interest computing. He says interest on a five per cent daily interest compounded quarterly savings account would be figured similarly to the following example of 81,000.00 deposited on january i. Date paid March 31 amount $12.50 5 per cent interest on $1,000 for 3 months. Date paid june 30 amount $12.65 5 per cent interest on $1,012.50 for 3 months. Date paid sept. 30 amount $12.81 5 per cent interest on $1,025.15 for 3 months. Date paid dec. 31 amount. $12.97 5 per cent interest on $1,037.96 for 3 months. Interest is usually added to the account at the end of each Calendar Quarter As in the example above. The percentage for one month would be one twelfth of 5 per cent or .4167 per cent. Bankers he says Are rapidly becoming dependent on interest charts and machines for doing the interest figuring. Young Bankers need to know Only which Chart to use. Those of us he adds who Are Over the Hill can remember when interest was figured manually. Figuring interest is a confusing process due to the fact that there Are so Many different methods used. A a Busy signal o. How Long does it take to get in touch with Contact As i have dialled it three or four times tonight and let it ring 20 times and if i was going to commit suicide i would have already done it and can you help me please anon. A. There is a problem on night Calls in that one person is on duty with two phones to answer of it rings and no one answers it Means the Contact Volunteer is speaking to someone else on the other phone if you la keep trying at intervals you la get an answer. A a a disabled widows q. I was wondering after my husband passes away and i am disabled would there be any checks that i would get As a widow s pension from the social Security or from the veterans. He is in a veterans Hospital now and he has cancer. B. A. The disabled widow of a worker who worked Long enough under social Security May be Able to get monthly benefits As Early As age 50. To be considered disabled for social Security purposes the widow must have a condition so severe that it would prevent work and it is expected to last at least 12 months. A widow May qualify for benefits at age 60 even if she is not disabled or at any age if she has in her care a child entitled to benefits on her husband s record. The child must be under age 18 or disabled. For More social Security information Call the High Point office 883-4166, or for veterans information Call 888-6478. Before High court death penalty is challenged for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. The pot problem q. I would like to know the Correct procedure in the interest of All concerned in the event Mart iguana is found in the room of your son or daughter. What would be the proper action to take to be of the Best interest of everybody thank you. Or. A. A. The first action should be a Call for help and the Best Contact is Contact the Telephone ministry. You can describe the situation and ask to talk with someone in the drug action Council. The latter will then get Back in touch with you. This is the recommendation of Tom Watson of youth unlimited who also adds that it is Wise not to confront the person with the drug without some counselling first. Too often in a panic the Parent jumps the gun and the wrong words May close off communication or drive the marijuana smoker away from Home or push him into using harder stuff in Defiance. Anyone says Watson who finds any kind of drugs or who knows of someone having difficulty with heroin who would like help should Call Contact 882-8121. Washington a the supreme court was asked today to abolish the death penalty on grounds that it is cruel and unusual punishment. It was the first time the court has heard arguments on a constitutional Challenge to capital punishment. The lives of 694 men and women awaiting execution in 34 states May depend on the courts decision to be handed Down before the term ends in june. The death penalty is virtually repudiated and condemned by the conscience of contemporary society attorney Anthony cd. Amsterdam argued in one of the four cases that served As a vehicle to bring the Issue before the court. Amsterdam represents a Man condemned for murder in California. The challenges came under the eighth amendment which bars cruel and unusual punishment. But Ronald m. George Deputy attorney general of California. Said that the Basic Issue is a whether there Are specific provisions in the Federal Constitution barring the people of California through their elected representatives from making the death penalty he called the penalty a a form of punishment old As Man a fall punishment is cruel Quot Northern school Case to be heard Washington f apr the supreme court for the first time agreed today to hear argument on claims of segregation in a Northern Public school system. The Case accepted for review. Is from Denver where a group of Black and Spanish sur named school children contend they were segregated by school Board planning and policy rather than by segregation Laws. George said. A putting a Man behind bars is cruel. The test is whether it is unnecessarily the question posed through All four appeals is a simple but far reaching one a a does the imposition and carrying out of the death penalty in this Case constitute cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the 8th and 14th amendments a a it is the first time the court has allowed a Challenge to capital punishment itself As a constitutional Issue. Previous cases have dealt with individuals and procedural matters. Quot today the death penalty i any form is inconsistent with the self respect of a civilized attorney Anthony g. Amsterdam argued in a Brief Amsterdam a professor of Law at Stanford University represented Earnest James Aikens jr., condemned for murder in California and William Henry Furman sentenced to die for murder in Georgia. Making a contribution two Yea Roto Hasley Owen slips a piece of litter into the Mouth of this huge Frog which is nothing More than a litter bin in disguise. The folks of Brent Wood. England Are trying to lick the litter problem by making trash cans shaped like animals so children can identify them readily. Cap states try desperately to Stem tide welfare costs continue headlong Rush by g. C. Thelen or. Associated press writer Washington apr despite desperate attempts by half the states to rein in runaway Relief costs the welfare Stampede is thundering into a new year All the cold statistics of the welfare crisis after a Brief downturn Are again headed upward $10 billion spent in the year ended last june on 14.3 million recipients. That a twice the people and three times the expenditures of 1960 costs could reach $13 billion by 1975. Say government forecasts and possibly could top $25 billion by 1980 at the present rate of growth. It also could mean As gov. Ronald Reagan of California has said a a tax increase next year the year after and the year after that and on into the future As far As we can see a a fact not lost on taxpayers already angry and resentful at swollen welfare costs. Evidence of widespread unrest among taxpayers is seen in efforts by All Levels of government to reduce the costs of welfare. President Nixon has proposed a total reorganization of the system based on a guaranteed annual income his plan set off howls of protest from liberals and conservatives alike with one Liberal food stamp rules Are restored editors not every month the Cost of welfare in this country rises another $1.4 million. It has been going up for years with Little or no sign that it s going to Stop. The following report first of a series of five by the a special assignment team examines the welfare crisis its causes its effect Ard its alternatives. Side saying it would Cut benefits for the poor and the other claiming it would add $5 billion a year to the Bill. Congress responded last month by giving Nixon part of his proposal a stiffer work requirement for Relief recipients but the rest of the plan remains tied up in the legislative Mil at the state Lee attempts to Reform the system Are underway in California and new York but the response in most other states has been to either Cut benefits or the Rolls. A the Cost and the size of welfare have eroded Confidence in the sem and created consternation and doubt among the people As to the Worth and Validity of Public assistance a says George k. Wyman new Yorkus welfare director others however believe Public anger transcends the tax Issue one of them is Nicholas Kisburg. A teamsters Union official in new York City. Quot one reason Why Blue Collar Guys hate welfare so much is that they feel psychologically that it threatens them a said Kisburg. Quot working bringing Home the Check each week is one Way of establishing their supremacy to themselves and their families Quot work is one thing they have. When they see a Guy getting a Check for doing nothing they go crazy a mothers with dependent children make up the bulk of welfare Rolls one american family in to is headed by a woman and welfare specialists calculate that 60 per cent of them land on welfare. Now a sagging Economy is adding new faces alongside the welfare Mother. Unemployed Blue Collar workers line up in Chicago for welfare checks. In California jobless executives who once enjoyed Salines of $30,000 a year Are pm Relief. Few states can match Maryland s meteoric seven fold welfare Lump from $35 million in 1960 to $231 million this year or Pennsylvania s 600-per-cent increase from $180 million to $1.1 billion. But 26 states have Felt pinched enough this year to try to chop Rolls benefits or both Washington a bowing to Public pressure the Nixon administration has revised its new food stamp regulations to assure that All eligible families receive at least As much under the new guidelines As they did under the old ones. Agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz announced sunday that he has ordered modification of the new regulations Quot so that the benefits available to each household Are As High or higher than they were under the old the new regulations adopted last year along guidelines set by Congress will increase the benefits to people with the lowest incomes. But before sundays announcement some persons at the upper end of the eligibility scale would have had to pay for the Stamps thus benefiting less from the program. An estimated two million persons would have received reduced benefits 65,000 would have been forced out of the program. Administration officials argued originally that reducing the benefits for those at the upper end of the scale would reduce their incentive for remaining in the program and make them think harder about taking jobs. About 109 million persons Are enrolled in the program. Under which they pay Cash for food Stamps which Are redeemable at grocery stores for food Worth much More. On a National average a user pays $4 50 for Stamps to buy $10 Worth of groceries. Under the provision revoked sunday a family of four with income at the higher end of the poverty scale would have had to pay $99 a month for $108 Worth of Stamps. The Rollback Means such a family will pay $84 for $108 in coupons. West coast Dock strike is resumed san Francisco a longshoremen resumed a strike at 24 West coast ports today after negotiators failed to reach a settlement. Negotiation sessions broke off but the Union said they would be resumed later. The first orders to resume picketing came at san Francisco and los Angeles Long Beach harbours after an 8 a in Post deadline expired. Harry Bridges president of the International longshoremen a and warehousemen a Union emerged from bargaining sessions that had run through the night to announce Quot the strike officially resumed at 8 a m. This morning although we exerted All efforts we could at this time to try to Settle Bridges said the talks had been broken off but would be resumed later. He did not say when that might be big businesses must Post prices Washington a today is the last Day the nations big shopkeepers can get by without posting freeze level prices where customers can see them. The internal Revenue service begins a crackdown tuesday to enforce a Legal requirement technically in Force since Jan. 2. That retailers Post such prices conspicuously. The Law provides fines of up to $5,000, and possibly consumer damage suits for anyone found in violation. However Over the weekend the Price commission lifted the requirement from the nation s smallest shopkeepers it said it did so because of their Lack of manpower and the stated intent of Congress to give Small businesses All feasible Breaks. Under the new ruling announced saturday the posting requirement no longer applies to retailers with under $200,000 a year in revenues. All other Price regulations still apply. Pakistanis killed 3 million Mujib sound off q from a number of Calls the High Point arts Council has received it seems some people Are under the impression Only members of the arts Council can attend the Ball. We would like to make it known that membership is not required. The event at the top of the Mart on january 29 is open to the Public and reservations can be made by calling the arts Council office at 882-0710. Thank Jou. Mrs. N. H. By the associated press Sheik Mujibur Rahman the prime minister of Bangladesh charged sunday night that Quot merciless West pakistani troops slaughtered three million people during his country a fight for Independence and destroyed everything they could. Sheik Mujib interviewed in Dacca by David Frost for British television said former president Agha Mohammed Yahya Khan a killed three Mil lion of my people children women peasants workers and students a and burned and looted 25,000 to 30,000 houses. It was the Quot greatest massacre of people in history a he declared. A daughters were raped in front of their fathers and mothers and mothers were raped in front of their sons a he said. Quot i cannot Stop my tears when i think of Mujib called on the United nations to try Yahya Khan and his associates a the Way the German fascist War criminals were tried. A this was genocide of my people a he charged. Mujib said he calculated the number of deaths from reports his Swami league is sending to Dacca from towns and villages throughout Bangladesh. He said the toll could go higher. He charged West pakistani troops with Quot destroying my communications my railway my industries. They destroyed everything humanly possible in the time they Mujib estimated that 85 per cent of Bangladesh s 75 million people today face starvation. While imprisoned in West Pakistan Mujib said he expected to be killed and during Hie India Pakistan War Quot prisoners in my cell were mobilized and i knew they were told to attack and kill me. Then a Jailer took me out of the prison and hid me in his Bungalow for two Days and saved me a Small firms generally employing no More than three per. On account for 87 per cent of the n it Ion a shopkeepers but Only 24 per cent of its retail sales dollars a Price commis Ion spokesman said. He said he based that on 1967 internal Kev Emie service figures government agents will begin enforcing the posting requirement stringently tuesday for All firms with More than $200.-000 a year in revenues officials said including virtually All supermarkets retail Chain stores big drug stores and department t Tores. These stores must Post the prices conspicuously where customers can see them without having to ask an employee what must be listed Are Quot base prices a the highest prices that could be charged for the items in question during the aug. 15-nov. 13 Price freeze. All food products must have base prices posted. For other kinds of goods Only the to Selling 40 items in each department must be listed or the items which accounted for half of last years sales dollars in the department whichever is less. The economic stabilization act signed into Law last dec. 22, provides fines of up to $5,000 for each violation of the posting provision furthermore no retailer May legally have raised any of his prices at any time since nov. 14 without meeting the posting requirement. However under the Law merchants May avoid at least the lawsuits if they refund the overcharge. Arabs kill nurse wound missionary Tel Aviv api a israeli Security men combed a refugee Imp in the Gaza strip today for the Arab guerrillas who killed an american nurse and wounded an american Mif sinary and ins daughter in an ambush in the Camp. The dead woman was Mavis Pate 46. Of Ringgold la. Tie Rev Edward Nicholas 49, of Austin. Tex., was shot in the thigh and stomach and his 17-Vear-old daughter. Carol was Cut by flying Glass Nicholas was pastor and business manager at the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza strip. Which Israel occupied in the 1967 War. When miss Pate was a nurse there. The pastor was taken to a Hospital in Beersheba for removal of the bullets and a spokesman at the Baptist Hospital said he would be released soon. The gunmen opened fire As Nicholas his daughter and miss Pate were driving past the Camp to return Carol to the american school near Tel ayin. Miss Pate was shot in the head what s inside amusements 7b Bridge it classified ads mib comics 6b crossword 7b editorials 4a financial. 2a obituaries 2b sports 3-5b television 3a women news 4-7a weather a

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