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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina It a a the weather-1 higher parole rate saves state Money High Point Enterprise monday january 17, 1972 3a i thaw sets in warmer weather was on its Way to North Carolina today following a weekend of record Low temperatures that found thermometers dropping t o sub Zero at some Points. The . Weather service forecast North Carolina mostly cear and not As cold through tonight becoming partly Cloudy and warmer tuesday. Highs today mostly in the 30s. Lows tonight mostly in the 20s. Except for the Low 30s on the coast. Highs tuesday in the 50s. Said this morning that the mass of cold Polar air had moved just East of Raleigh before Dawn and would continue moving eastward throughout the Day. The forecast for the High Point area is for Clear skies and not As cold temperatures today and tonight. Highs today Are expected to reach into the mid to upper 30s. Lows tonight will drop Only into the mid 20s. Tuesday will see the warming trend really take hold. With highs reaching into the 50s, enabling most High pointers to thaw out somewhat. Chance of precipitation through tuesday is Zero. An a new special by Yvonne Baskin associated press writer Raleigh a paroles Are at an All time High under the administration of gov. Bob Scott. The governors office says paroles saved North Carolina $12.5 million in custody costs in 1971. A report compiled at Scott a request by the Board of paroles shows that 7.593 men have been paroled during the first three years of Scott a term. This includes 2.839 in 1971. As Many As 3.000 More paroles May be granted during his final year in office. That tops the record of 7.384 during gov. Dan Moore a four year term. Some 6.659 were granted under gov. Terry Sanford and 5.067 under gov. Luther Hodges. Fred Morrison. Scott Slegal affairs assistant said the increase in paroles stems largely from the increase in supervisory personnel and the late parole program initiated under Scott. The parole program started in the Spring of 1969, is designed to get As Many prisoners As possible out on parole 30 to 90 Days before their sentences end. The beneficiaries of the program Are men who would not normally be considered for paroles. Six special parole officers hired with a Federal Grant of $53,433. Supervise the late parolees. Help them find jobs and Homes and generally Aid them in easing Back into free society. These officers work closely with the jobs for sex offenders four pedestrians die in accidents temperatures South Carolina mostly Clear Inland partly Cloudy along the coast and not As cold by the associated press today and tonight. Increasing cloudiness and warmer tues hours ending at 7 . Est Day. Highs today in the upper station 30s to around 40. Lows tonight Asheville Clear mostly in the 20s Inland to the Augusta Clear Low 30s along the South coast. Charleston p c highs tuesday in the 50s. Four dead to missing Charlotte Clear Columbia Clear Greensboro Clear Greenville. S c. Clear Raleigh Clear Savannah Clear Wilmington pc. H l or 28 to 32 15 36 17 20 la 31 12 17 9 23 la 17 6 34 20 31 15 three Day forecast in hotel fire Chance of showers thursday and Friday. Warm except turning a Little cooler in the West by David s. Dillon pm sections on Friday. Daytime associated press writer highs in the 60s, except for the 50s in the West portion Friday. Tyrone a. Apr i our nighttime lows will average in persons Are known dead and to the 30s and warm to the 40s others Are missing in the after East of the mountains thursday math of an explosion and fire and riday. That destroyed the old Pennsylvania hotel in this Central Pennsylvania Community. Temperatures below Zero hampered firemen As they fought to control the Blaze sunday. Because of the weather. Fire chief Robert m. Wilson delayed efforts to recover the bodies of the victims until today. A a they re dead we know that a Wilson said of the miss Pembroke rally set tonight Pembroke no. Api a ing. A a its a problem now of find 8roup opposing the destruction ing them a a one a oldest buildings on firemen located the bodies of a Campus of Pembroke state the first four known victims University has scheduled a ral sunday afternoon but heavy to a Pembroke tonight ice buildups prevented their a spokesman said at least 7,-ldentification and removal. Too signatures have been Gath mayor James w. Hoover said ered on petitions opposing the the figure of to missing in Addi planned destruction of old Tion to the four bodies sighted main a two Story Brick build sunday was based on accounts eng constructed in 1923. From two hotel employees. A a the owner is one of those Jhc up Esman. A Haroid missing and we can to find the a Maxton. Its one of Sev registry Quot Hoover said. A this is e leaders within the Indian the big problem we re having Community in Robeson county in figuring out How Many Whu have joined to support pre people were in there Quot Serrations of the building. Proprietor Dominick Turiano Deese a graduate of his wife Joan and their five broke said a we Don t intend to children All Are missing Hoo see it old main torn ver said the children ranged a predominantly lumber in age from 14 years to 7 in it Jan group claims demolish months. Ing the building would erase James w. Peters a hotel pm the Jast Vij Ible reminder to Stu love who escaped the Blaze. Dents 0f the schools Indian said an explosion Shook the Herita a. Four Story Structure just before c. ,. ,. R j i it. Pembroke state founded in the fire and Wilson said therb. Mav have Pant Propri through an annual state blast May have been entered appr0priation d $500 had an lament Quot Furnace in the All Indian student body and fac thirty one firemen and two uj7 u?ntl1 la. When a whte other persons were treated for s in Enro frostbite and smoke inhalation the school now has about 2,-during the Blaze authorities students about 200 of them said. Indian Wilson said the temperature my by the associated press four pedestrians including a 12-year-old boy were among la persons killed in North Carolina traffic accidents Over the weekend. The deaths brought the 1972 toll to 74, five More than at the same time last year. Don Jeffry Russell. 12, of Albemarle was killed when he stepped into the path of a car on n. C. 73 near his Home. Mckenzie Ballard. 27, of Norwood was killed when struck by a car on a Rural Road four Miles North of his Home. Leonard w. Allen 69. Of Arlington mass., was killed when he stepped in front of a car on u. S. 301 near Fayetteville. The fourth pedestrian fatality was Hugh a. Hendricks 51. Of Maiden. He was struck by a car while walking across u. S. 321 in Lincoln county. Two persons were killed when a car ran off a Rural Road three Miles from Asheboro. The victims were Charles d. Hill 20, and Emet w Cox 19, both of Asheboro. The Highway patrol said the other victims All were killed in one car accidents in which the vehicles ran off the Road. James a. Guyton 44, of it. I Castalia died in one of the one car accidents on a Rural Road to Miles East of Louisburg in Franklin county. Freddie Moore. 52. Of win now. Was the victim of an Accident on n. C. 133 near Brunswick. A one car wreck on a Rural Road in Robeson county killed Charles e Franklin 20, of Fairmont. John e. Morgan 21, of Midland was killed when his car ran off a Rural Road South of Concord. A Pope air Force base airman. George Easley Dye. 23, was killed when his car ran off a Rural paved Road 15 Miles South of Lillington in Harnett county. A fatality not included in the North Carolina toll was James d. Hollar of Lenoir. Who died in a Tennessee Accident. He was driving a tractor trailer involved in a collision with another Large truck on 1-40, just East of Cuba Landing. Program in the department of correction. A before they just gave them $15 or $25 and an old suit of clothes and let them out the Gate with no supervision when it came time for their release Quot Morrison said. The rate of recidivism or return to prison is about 70 per cent among inmates who Are released without supervision. He said. Among parolees however the recidivism rate is Only about 20 per cent. Many of them Are returned to prison for parole Rule violations and not for additional crimes. Morrison said another Federal Grant for the late parole program has been approved through the governors Law and order committee and six More special parole officers will begin working with the program feb. I. He said besides helping a convicts to readjust to society and keep from returning to prison the parole program also saves the state Money. The Board of paroles figures show that it Cost 91 cents a Day for each parolee they had under supervision in 1971. This ranged from 4.094 on Jan. I to 4,556 by dec. 31. The Cost to the department of correction for keeping these men in custody would have been $9 02 per Day each so the Board figured that it saved the state $8 la a Day for each of an average of 4,210 convicts a savings of $12 46 million for 1971. More Security with false Teeth while eating talking afraid fab Tuth will ump at the wrong Tim a a Dotur adhesive can help. Kast kith powder Given denture longer firmer steadier hold. Why lie embarrassed for More Security and Comfort. A it a fas i Kkt if i ensure adhesive powder. Iten Tures that fit Are essential to health. Be your dentist regularly. Television log first sports. Then Blob by Cynthia Lowry a television radio writer new York apr after the superbowl and the sudden death Victory by Jack Nick Laus in the Bing Crosby Golf tournament the rest of the sunday night television schedule had to be Anticlimactic cd so so the funny papers a had Racquel Welch in a blonde wig crying a leaping lizards and Carroll o Connor playing daddy warbucks. Altogether it was a Short ill conceived bore. No cd so the mysterious Spring africans my Imam a was shot in Kenya at a watering Hole attracting everything from hippos to snakes. There were some unusual closeups of beasts and Birds and the usual lecture on ecology and the Chain of life. A quartet of new series moved into position Over the weekend. On saturday there was a two hour Pilot of a a emergency which no will bring in next saturday As a one hour show this Jack Webb product is about a paramedic team working through the los Angeles fire department it was. In the Pilot a Long series of Accident cases shown in closeup followed by treatment. Viewers conditioned to the evening doctor shows and daytime soap opera May find it fascinating. Webb treated the Pilot As a vehicle to plug paramedical teams. This was a worthy cause no doubt but soap boxes fit awkwardly into action shows. And even action shows must be discreet in showing blood Gore and death if the viewer is expected to keep coming around. This show had casualties that started with an electrocution and ended with a Tunnel Cave in. The Accident scenes were painfully realistic the characters were like cardboard figures. A a die sixth sense on Abc saturday is dedicated to the theory that there is something to extrasensory perception. In the initial program a professor of parapsychology and his friends kept glimpsing a ghostly figure. It turned out to be the mind of a prisoner of War in Vietnam who wanted to find a Way to escape from his communist captors. It was not Only a bore and far fetched it was a Little on the shoddy Side. The kindest Way to comment on no cd a Quot Sanford and son a which had its premiere Friday is to say that it is not even a Pale Carbon copy of a fall in the family a made by the same producers. 7 30 let s make a Deal 8 00 monday night special Robinson Crusoe ice spectacle a Gap tvs a j a my Greensboro i we to Charlotte go Wunch University station a a Wols Roanoke go a Gap High Point q Wujs Winston Salem j soc Charlotte 4. Everyday excellence. Is our goal. Let us prove to you that there really is a difference in dry cleaning. Oren monday-1-Day service John Crowder s Star cleaners open Mon. Thru sat 723 s. Main St. 6 . 2 news. Sport. Weather 3 the scene tonight 4 electric company 8 evening news j eyewitness news to 6 of cock news 6 30 2 lbs news 14 zoom 18 to Tell the truth ski 12 Abc news . 3 Walter Cronkite 2 9 a by Griffith 4 evening edition 8 to truth or consequences s news 7 30 . J Buck Owens 3 Best of Hollywood 4 n c. News conference r83 make a Deal 93 flying nun to to Tell the truth 12 Green acres 1 00 . 2 gun smoke 4 special of week 8 monday night special 9, to 12 Jack Lemmon 9 00 . I Here a Lucy a monday movies 9 30 . 2 3 Doris Day 5 to i Bob Hope 10 00 . 2 3 Sonny and Lier 4 political perspective 11 00 . 2 night beat news 3j the scene tonight 8 news 1 10 3 news 11 30 . 2 Merv Griffin 3 movie 8 Dick Cavett �10 tonight show the Bob Hope Christmas show 9 30 . Jack Lemmon in is wonderful is marvelous is Gershwin was to when he reached the scene and that initially fire hydrants froze almost As quickly As they were opened. A it took us 45 minutes just to get the water Hoover said. Flowers a for All occasions High Point loading Flewitt Crace Hower shop nor of a a a phone 88-4015 and 882-1617 Fco p a them a amp Best steaks a i anywhere Best salads too see Yerow pages a Quot restaurants your hostess and Host Linda and Wyle Moore a ice Bridler it Feak mouse 130 e. Parris ave. Tel. 883-2412 a beside Kmart High Point ,2 a a tuesday 6 00 . 1 Sunrise semester 6 30 . 2 Good morning show 39 today on the farm 7 00 . Cd lbs morning news of u. Of Michigan series Bio la today 7 30 . 23 lbs news 3 the morning scene 8, triad in perspective 8 00 2, Good morning show j capt. Kangaroo 1 30 i old rebel show 8 romper room 32 the today show 9 00 . 2 capt. Kangaroo % Hazel 4 math b dealing for dollars movie a Mike Douglas show 32 Virginia Graham 12 today at Home 9 30 . 3 Comer Pyle 4 learn to think ii f Amous jury trials 10 00 23 33 Lucy show go sesame Street to 12 Dinah a place 10 30 . 2 3 my three sons 9 to 12 concentration 11 00 . 2 31 family affair 4 cultures 8 bewitched j loll Sale of the Century 11 30 . 2 33 love of life 18 that girl j to 12 Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 2j where the heart is 3 the scene at noon 8j news at noon 9 midday news 10 12 jeopardy 12 30 . 2 3 search for tomorrow go electric company 8j password j David Frost to news 32 who what where 1 00 . 2 today a woman 33 Betty Feezor show 4 ready set go cd All my children Roll another world Somerset 1 30 . Cd 3 As the Wir d turns 8 i Etc a make a Deal 5 to i three on a match 2 00 . 2 3 Many Spiers red thing 33 Ripples 6 newlywed game �30 12 Days of our lives 2 30 p. M. 2 3 guiding Light 4 cultures 8 dating game 5333 32 doctors 3 00 . 2. 33 secret storm d film i Jenera Hospital 1032 Somerset 3 30 . 23 33 Edge of night s3 images and things by one life to live 5 Lassie to i2j Bright promises 4 00 . 23 Gomer Pyle 3 to Daniel Boone do movie 5 Flintstones 32 Virginia Graham 4 30 . A Flintstones 4 Mist Erogers 53 Gilligan a Island 1 00 . Rel to big Valley 33 Green acres 4 sesame Street 5 Petticoat Junction 12. Gilligan a Island 5 30 . 33 truth or consequences to news 3 Dick Van Duke n wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs Fred Astaire Leslie Uggams Peter Nero 117 dancing singing playing 51 Gershwin hits on the Bell system fam i by theatre. 8-9 30 tonight. Abc to Channel 12. 7 p. M. 2 Andy Griffith Opie finds himself an unwilling principal in a betrothal involving a Mountaineer i2 woman a new baby. 7 30 p. M. 12 Green acres Oliver a plans to repair his Rural House fall through when or. Kimball Falls through the porch and injuries his foot. 8 p. M. 2 gun smoke newly of Brien is attracted to a vivacious Young woman in 2 aware she has a Crimson past. 8 monday special Crusoe ice 8 the Wembley ice show re enacts the Story of Robinson Crusoe with Andy Griffith the Story Teller. Jack Lemmon a a s wonderful s marvelous is Lemmon stars in the Salute to the lyrics and music of George and Ira Gershwin. Others include Fred Astaire Leslie Uggams Ethel Merman Larry Kert Peter Nero Linda Bennett and Robert Guillaume. 9 . Here s Lucy Lucy a inefficiency gets her fired and her replacement is expo Iii a fantastic computer. Monday movie a in harms Way a with John w Ayne Kirk Douglas and Patricia Neal. This is the concluding half of the movie. 9 30 p. M. 2 Doris Day Doris excitedly organizes a Surprise baby Shower for her girl Friend not realizing that what is expected is a litter of pups not a baby. 12 Bod Hope highlights of the comedians 1971 Christmas trip to entertain american servicemen in various stations Over the Globe. The troupe includes Jim Nabors sundays child. Charley Pride Vida Blue Brucene Smith the Blue streaks and los Brown and his band

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