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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile Phillip r. Dixon Phillip r. Dixon Dixon began life in 1929 in Washington county the son of or. And mrs. James t. Dixon. He spent his Early years on a farm in Beaufort county until the War years when the family moved to Elizabeth City where both his father and Mother took War production jobs. He graduated from High school in Elizabeth City in 1947. He used his spare time during his High school years to work As a a soda Jerk to earn Money towards his education. This plus some earned at College was enough to provide for one year of College at Mars Hill then a Junior College. There Dixon in e t Geraldine Hartman of Winston Salem who later became his wife. Today they have three children one in College one in the seventh Grade and one in kindergarten. Dixon started his College work planning to be a pharmacist a because that was what i had the most exposure but soon found chemistry to be a Roadblock the tests and a change of major followed. The Economy and the Rush of world events dictated Dixon s next few years. The year 1948, Dixon explained. Saw the Start of a a slight causing employers to restrict hiring to experienced people. Not wanting to work in a factory Dixon joined the u. S. Army was assigned to a finance unit and sent to Germany. While he was there the korean conflict struck effectively a blocking everyone in a Dixon said. Seeing this. Dixon undertook officer candidate school training at fort Riley kans. He received his second lieutenants bars one Day and the next Day he was married. The couple moved to fort Bliss Texas where he spent about two years in an anti aircraft training unit rising to Batter commander with the rank of first lieutenant. When 1952 brought a lessening of the conflict Dixon was Able to get out of the army and enter the University of North Carolina graduating from there with a degree in business a a ministration in 1955 Dixon said he chose High Point because he a a did t want to travel a lot and because it was t far from Winston Salem where his wife a family lived. He first worked for e. J. Gaither for a year before a seeking Greener pastures in Greensboro for 15 months. He returned to High Point in 1957, this time As a spa and As a partner with Gaither an association which lasted until Gaithers death. Bobs a Hauser joined Dixon in 1959 As a partner. The association was fortunate and the firm prospered so much so that Charles Odom became a partner in 1961. Now. Dixon said there Are nine partners and a staff of 45 his family Dixon said is a somewhat of a Haven a offering a place to a try to get Back to get the kinks out after being involved in so Many activities. His Home is of 1263 Westminster. The family he said enjoys travelling and history two elements they put together in trips to historic places such As a visit to Thomas Jefferson s Home. Dixon also enjoys Reading and he is an Active fan of the University of North Carolina a Star attending football and basketball games whenever possible. In addition he plays Quot a Little at an editor s notebook one Rah a anyway by Jenkin Lloyd Jones the College yearbook is beginning to follow the College humor Magazine into oblivion. In Many big City universities the annual has quietly died. On other campuses it Sells few copies and is in financial Straits. It Wasny to like this when attendance at College was regarded As a distinction if not an Honor. The average kid was delighted to buy the yearbook Quot there a me second from the left third Row in the Eta Bitta i a theres me in the Philo debating a a there a me in the sinfonia girls glee for you see. Those were Rah Rah Days. You belonged. You set store by a you May have laughed at the die of o r dear old \ _ Siwash stuff Jones but still there was a catch in the Throat when the stands stood up to sing the Anthem. That was a silly age certainly. Coonskin Coats. Porkpie hats. Songs like a a collegiate and a varsity beanies. Bonfires. Paddles. Hollywood extravaganzas with fraternity houses looking like Buckingham Palace. And of course always the big game won in the last to seconds by the substitute halfback with the broken ankle before 70,002 insane fans the last two being the most insane a a Sweet faced Mother and a girl who believed. The winds began to change at the end of world War ii when campuses were suddenly inundated with Cis. This was an older crowd baptised in blood and with fewer illusions. They had lost years and were in a hurry. They did no to buy the kiddy car traditions and were glad to Scalp their football tickets. College administrations inadvertently contributed to the decay of Campus spirit. They got into Empire build my. Ten thousand students were supposed to make a More glorious institution than 5.000 students. And 30,000 students were More glorious still. So the universities began to fall apart. How do you a a identify with a teeming jostling con fused and amorphous academic City Why buy a yearbook when you might recognize the pictures of maybe to per cent of your graduating class Why cheer for 50 football players of whom you be met perhaps four this led to alienation aided and abetted by some cynical faculty members who had always been jealous of prexy and who grew bolder and More vocal under the umbrella of tenure. Many College newspapers have fallen into the hands of self perpetuating marxists to whom gratitude for the College Opportunity is an unthinkable thought and who regale their student readers with unrelieved Bellyache and cries of havoc. It is no wonder that on Many campuses there is a certain degree of Divo Cement Between the students and the school and this virus has infected even the smaller institutions. Or. Miller Upton president of Beloit College last year said that Many students a enter College with the idea that education is an onerous system that you have to learn to this he added a skills the spirit of the intellect and if he had his Way All students would work a year after High school to get an idea a what its All College of course i s supposed to help a student achieve workable philosophies that will result in productive and. Hopefully a Happy life. The alienated student has not been a howling Success at this. The theory of Reform by confrontation is already in shambles. Society first stares then walks around and finally walks Over those who lie in the streets. The pot society has not produced problem solvers. Communes Are in a perpetual round of formation frustration and disintegration. When Alma mater was mater indeed and not a Distant Cousin there was a lift in the idea of loyalty to old is Wash. In the school activities now so often disposed you Learned primer lessons in the Art of the possible in the difficult business of Compromise and consensus in How to Lay out reasonable objectives and give a bit of oneself to the common weal. This was not the same As having a Tantrum on a picket line or holing up in an apartment or a doing your own even the faculty might be Wise to begin worrying about the conditions of College spirit for if the next generation of alumni preserves some of the present student attitudes the future of University teaching could be Bleak indeed. The Nile Power Aswan Egypt apr hippos Wallow in it papyrus thrives on it men ride on it and their women do the family Wash in it. Men. From Winston Churchill to carnal Abdel Nasser have dreamed of taming it. Without it most of Sudan and Egypt would be unpopulated. The Nile River a from the Start of the White Nile in Uganda and the Blue Nile in Ethiopia to their merger in Sudan and on through Egypt a sustains life on its 4.000-mile course North to the sea. Here its life giving value is dramatically illustrated As one stands amid the High Shade Trees and Brilliant red Christmas stars of the botanical Garden planted by lord Kitchener on an Island in the Nile. Through the Lush foliage one sees the opposite Bank where hot. Virtually lifeless Sand dunes rising from the River a Edge Mark the abrupt Start of the Western desert. To walk to Miles from the Nile in upper Egypt is to leave the Green Belt of carefully irrigated farm land Palm Trees and life and enter the merciless desert. In 1896. The egyptian Public works ministry began keeping records of the level of Lake Victoria in Central Africa near Jinja Uganda where the White Nile begins. A few years later a British colonial Secretary named Winston Churchill visited Jinja and said it would be a wonderful thing if a the immortal Nile were to begin its journey to the sea by plunging through hydroelectric turbines. They eventually were installed at Jinja and at the Start of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia but the greatest Nile electrical source and the second biggest Rockfall dam in the world was formally opened Only a year ago. The High dam at Aswan. Built by More than 30.000 men working around the clock at a Cost of More than $1 billion assured water and electrical Power for Egypt a development. The first anniversary of the opening was saturday a birthday of president carnal Abdel Nasser who died in september 1970. A the Story of carnal with the High dam is the Story of the revolution a observed Engineer Mohamed s i d k y Soliman. Egypt a then minister of electricity like All tremendously expensive Awe inspiring projects the dam has its critics. Egyptians note that much of the criticism comes from the West which declined t o finance the project and watched with Chagrin when the soviet Union provided interest free Loans of More than $250 million toward its construction and put More than 300 soviet factories to work producing equipment for the dam and its huge . Behind the dam. A 300-mile-Long Lake reaches across the sudanese Border. In front 650.000 acres of land once flooded annually and Able to produce Only one crop now Are irrigated and produce two or three crops yearly. Ultimately 12 million acres of other land Are to be reclaimed by irrigation. The dam offers a potential of to billion kilowatt hours yearly and already provides Power for Egypt a major cities and industries. A soviet project is to bring electricity to 5,000 villages. Fishing in Lake Nasser As the reserved is known is becoming a major Industry with soviet help Gamil Al hermil chairman of the Southern fisheries co., said deep sea fishing nets Are bringing in five tons a Day and the cooperative society of fishermen reports daily yields from the Lake of up to 15 tons. The catches far exceed the less of sardines at the Mouth of the Nile where they used to feed happily on Planton thriving on the Nile Silt now blocked by the dam. Bilharzia an Energy sapping disease carried by snails in slow moving Waters is being spread by the new irrigation schemes critics observe. But egyptians argue that the disease already is carried by most Rural egyptians and International efforts aided by new drugs Are under Way to ultimately eradicate it from Egypt. Erosion endangering Bridges and valuable Delta farm land is another worry but plans Are afoot to build a series of to Barrier dams. High Point Enterprise sunday january 16, 1972 5a the great migrations an unsettling migration of people is behind the ruling handed Down last week by United states District court judge Robert Merhige in Richmond a. In every Section of the country in almost every state the Whites Are leaving the cities for the suburbs. The movement has been going on for years. In the decade of the sixties As school integration reached a Peak the migration to the suburbs became a flood the suburban population in the metropolitan areas of the country now totals 76 million persons. This is 12 million More than the population of the cities surrounded by the suburbs. From 1960 to 1970, Detroit lost 29 per cent of its population the loss for Chicago was 18 per cent. There Are Black majorities in the populations of Washington. Atlanta. Newark. Gary. In seven other cities the population is More than 40 per cent Black. The effect of this population loss on the cities is disastrous. Neighbourhoods become slums once thriving business districts Are now nearly ghost towns victims of the sprawling shopping centers in the sprawling suburbs. In the suburbs the zoning regulations Are stringent. In the cities there Are decay poverty crime and a deterioration or government services. The schools Are affected in Nashville Houston. Norfolk and Richmond the White student enrolment has dropped the schools become All Black before by Robert Marks the cities do. That hard fact is at the heart of the decision handed Down by judge Merhige. In Richmond the enrolment in the City s schools with their 52.000 pupils. Is More than 60 per cent Black. In the schools of adjoining Henrico and Chesterfield counties which have a combined total of about 54.000 students. The enrolment is 90 per cent White. Judge Merhige found simply that segregated schools Are not As Good As integrated schools. Therefore. Judge Merhige ordered the consolidation of the county schools with the City schools to assure a Equality of to which he said. A the plaintiff class a in this Case the Blacks a constitutionally entitled a in other words the decision by judge Merhige rests finally on the 14th amendment. The decision runs to 325 pages plus exhibits. The Case itself has been in the courts for to years. As it now stands. Judge Merhige a decision applies Only to Richmond and its suburban counties. An Appeal through the circuit court to the supreme court is certain. But commentators have been unanimous in noting the phenomenally Low reversal rate of judge Merhige a decisions there have been fewer than to reversals in some 500 appeals from h decisions. The Richmond situation is not unusual for similar cases Are emerging in other cities. Some cities a Atlanta. Detroit Indianapolis grand rapids Are involved in studies for such a metropolitan merger of school systems inside the City with those in the suburbs. Even smaller cities Are feeling the Impact of the movement to the suburbs. In North Carolina the enrolment in Durhams school system is 60 per cent Black the enrolment in the schools in Goldsboro is about 50 per cent Black. The shifting is less noticeable in High Point where the school enrolment if approximately 30 per cent Black. But there is a thrust of housing and department development along High Points Eastern Boundary w hich overlaps into the Jamestown school District. As has been the Case Over and Over again in the history of relations Between Whites and Blacks in America the courts Are confronted with issues that Are Only partly Legal. Tile problem in also political economical social and yes moral and religious the Whites can keep on running from the cities to the suburbs from the suburbs to the last family farm Back up in the Mountain coves and then from there Back to the cities again the Blacks will continue right at their heels. The problem is not going away until everybody stops running and starts settling Down in the same neighbourhoods and going to the same schools and being concerned about common problems together. Until this happens we will continue to have divided schools desperate cities and fearful the Piedmont a warning sign of Snow thursday morning was one d Tho Quot a wet Rainy Days when the main thought on everyone s mind was How Nice it would have been to stay in bed. That of course was not possible for Many who braved the elements Early. As i dodged from building to building the wet weather was the Only subject of conversation i heard Thomasville City manager. Kyle Williams came up with a a a new old saying regarding weather predictions. Kyle said that he had heard since childhood that if you hear Thunder in the Winter time. There is a Strong possibility that there will be Snow within nine Days. If you recall thursday the morning part you know that there were several claps of the loud noises in the wee hours. Under these circumstances it would be Wise to get out the old boots and grease them up. Before next saturday. Shucks even if it does no to Snow on that Day. The labor wont be lost. Its a pretty Good bet that Snow will Fly sometime betwee by Braxton Younts now and june and you la be glad the in lots Are greased. Unless you Are addicted to rubber foot coverings. Grease won t help them at All. Or. Kirk Allen first presbyterian minister used a prayer in a recent marriage that i think contains some of the most useful advice a couple starting out on that joint venture could have. Here is an excerpt of the prayer bless these two. May they not expect that perfection of each other that belongs alone to thee. May they minimize each others weaknesses be Swift to Praise and magnify each others Points of comeliness and strength and see each other through a Lover s kind and patient or. Allen later said that the prayer was written by or. Louis Evans former pastor of Hollywood Calif presbyterian Church. One of those real Cool and Windy Days not too Long ago i ventured out for lunch without top coat or hat. At a table i lamented my sad misjudgment of the temperature. Overhearing this. One woman suggested that maybe i was in the boat with a Winston Salem acquaintance of hers. This Man was somewhat lacking of hirsute adornment on his head. She noted a similar Lack on my head anyhow she said this Friend arranged to Purchase a wig but. It was not for the purpose of bettering his image. He Only wore the thing my informant said during the cold weather so As to keep his head warm for those who Are interested in statistics Auto statistics that is a total of 179.880 passenger cars and 45,4% trucks buses were assembled by u. S. Automakers. This amounted to 225.376 new units which will soon be vying for space on the already crowded highways and by ways. As a comparative production in the same period a year ago amounted to 211.352 units. Davidson dateline two congressional style by Ven Carver Winston Salem when Wilmer Mizell announced his intention to retain his seat in Congress no one was really surprised. The absence of suspense however did not faze his staff. They sent out releases stating a a press conference would be held for the formal disclosure. Among the materials provided were Mizelle a prepared statement that he would read at the conference and a news Story written by his publicity Man. A legend appeared at the top of the news release commanding a a strict embargo until to am., tuesday january la 1972.�?� the time of the meeting with the press. In Mcluhan esque terms the press conference was staged to afford the candidate a maximum Media actually Mizell was concerned mostly about one medium a television. He called the conference for to a m. To give film Crews ample time to prepare footage for the All important dinner hour news programs. Before the conference began special screens and curtains were set up in one of the Benton convention Center auditoriums to effect the Best lighting conditions. Some of the screens were placed to partition the front rows of seats from the rear rows and this too was for cosmetic reasons. He invited 50-Odd supporters to the Kickoff Celebration. When the crowd Rose to cheer and applaud in unison and almost on Cubit looked much better on film with the empty seats to the rear blocked from the cameras View. By contrast the ceremony attendant to sixth District congressman l. Richardson preyers announcement in Greensboro the next Day was much less imposing. True. Preyer called the conference for to he waited patiently until the three sound on film cameras had been set up and properly lighted. No candidate can afford to ignore the formidable influence of television. On the other hand Preyer did not choose an auditorium for the scene of his announcement. Instead he made it in the much More intimate surroundings of a Small Motel room. He dispensed with other nonessential trappings including a fired up Peanut gallery. Like Mizell Preyer read from a prepared statement. Mizell however sent his out Days before the press conference. Preyer handed his of reporters just before the press conference began and by comparison Mizelle a looked As though it had been copied by an order of Benedictine scribes. During the Reading of his statement Preyer did not hesitate to depart from the text. Mizell made few digressions. When he was quizzed by newsmen Preyer fielded numerous questions. Mizell on the other hand was subjected to a Brief interrogation. This column is not intended to condemn either Man or to make polemical comparisons. It is merely designed to show some of the difference in the styles of the two candidates. Those differences aside perhaps some comment is in order on what congressman Mizell said since his views Are of interest in Davidson county. Most of his prepared statement dealt in generalities using phrases like a greater fiscal integrity and others that sound weighty but mean Little. Answering a question from the floor however he did express an opinion on a subject that obviously causes him deep concern. That Issue is school busing a to achieve a racial balance a a journalist who could think of too different ways to say that last phrase could probably take Over where Hearst and pulitzer left off Mizell was asked to name an alternative to busing to desegregate the school system. His reply was simple he told the Assembly a i have no difficulty supporting the neighbourhood school concept. This seems to me to be the reasonable approach. Then provide the Best teachers the Best educational opportunities for the children of those areas. I favor this. I think my past record will show that i support whether or not the courts support the congressman a position the people of the fifth District do. Most political pundits give any challenger Little Chance to defeat the popular Republican incumbent. Of High Point by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer when Phillip r. Dixon was attending Mars Hill College he took a Battery of tests which showed he had ability in the Fields of social work and accounting. Not knowing a lot about social work Dixon changed his major from pharmacy to accounting. That Choice made in 1947, paid off. Now 25 years later he is the senior partner in the certified Public accounting firm of Dixon. Hauser and Odom which has offices in five North Carolina cities. The tests were right about his ability in the Field of social work As Well. His Basic inclination in that direction plus a desire a to leave this place a Little bit better than i found it have led to activity in a variety of civic and religious work and to his election As the 1972 president of the High Point chamber of Commerce. His efforts include service As a Deacon at Emerywood Baptist Church and As second vice president of the High Point rotary club. He is Active in the affairs of the Maryfield nursing Home and of the High Point historical society and he served As treasurer of High Points United fund from 1967 until 1971

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