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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 2a High Point Enterprise tuesday january 15,1974 business and financial news Stock Market report by Josh Fitzhugh a business writer new York a the Stock Market moved higher today in Active trading bolstered by yearned earnings reports and Hopes that Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger might help achieve peace in the Mideast. The noon Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was up 7 68 at 847 86. Advances led declines 615 to 487 among 1.479 issues traded on the new York Stock Exchange. Trading was brisk Quot there Are a lot of eyes on the said Alan Poole of Laidlaw Coggeshall. Inc. Quot theres some feeling that Kissinger May be Able to work out something viable Quot in economic news the Federal Energy office said it had dropped plans to order a 5 per cent cutback in first Quarter gasoline production. On the american Stock Exchange. The Market value Index was up .34 at 93.78. Champion Homes led trading up 3 at 4. While Bowmar instrument lost i7# to 19v giant Yellowstone a Gold Stock advanced to 19sa. Big Board trading was helped by earnings. Ism whose 1973 net Rose 23 per cent picked up 4�?~a to 241�?~a. First National City Down earlier in the Day. Was unchanged at 397# after a reported 1993 profit of $2.11 a share versus $1 78. 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U us. 4h i 3#u # n 20 a 1. 4 in n a n 7n#-lh 21. 26 a in u Joh u 47 in up u 107.#2 57up2 in a a 74up1 i ii j4hp a i if j ious n ii f 1 6 p. 27v Tov 41 27 0 St cd in a 54 stat Btl 4 St to i so soap Jcj so wry of sop Al m so metro i a Pipit 42 sir Uiti so ctn ii s0 a do m s 40>t0i i p a a Obj us of a su�t"ip2 in Aff i j sgt in t to Btl m to tart Quot 21 to tax Quot m t Tabb Cir 44 t to it of t it to Taco i 2 of to of i i of a Titi la topv.4 Ste #4 of i to of i to sch 9 tip Terr u to a i re 7�4<l�y to Quot Aff Tamra i tf�c#m2 it try it 1 the rec tit Ual in ump of 0 u#cr�2 of in Etc ii a Quot of to l a col of a Quot a re h us a it of u"b"4� us a tin us v a i us Gyp i 40 us Abr Al usher it m a no it a in up a Quot m in Abr i Vry a a tit it mrs cd 49 of Ttoe a a to pm a to us fat of to Al tit a by 40 a Quot 40 a car or a to a of a 40 in a a a vat of a a a a win rms or a "�0t a a Quot Morad a to my i i sff4icpt mat ctr time a tar copy a 1�? or b#l�0#p 7$ la Ronco i 12 5 r#p>0am i 3 Rye to Quot to to the High Point Enterprise l of it a i cd 1884 pub tier a every after room and Sun Doy morning an Independent newspaper by the High Point Enterprise inc. 210 Chun i avenge High porn. N c 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mau payable Advance i or 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily of so Day s36 40 Sis 20 $9 10 s3.os a done p 11 Ufa 8.j to Mic i to Imp Pam n act of Ingarr j i let Quot of i 2# Ner i i i i by 4 44 Law a i Voln Mif 52 inn a i to snipe pm to in tat 40 ism beep imps a 44 it corp Jef c i 44 Jorv a 20 Job Nib so to log to Jenna of 0 Joi of to Joy my go 40 a Val to 1-1 a 10 4 to n ii 2 0 3 shall a to a 24 24 204 247. 6 i ish i 42 14 72 i 144 a 240 3ih 35h v4. 27. In ii 14 Jou 17. 2iu in 35 ill a 30 24 234 a 25. Jih 35 sch 24u a a 2 35 4 220 in 41 102 104 4 3 ish 4 Jou 4 la us 20 1 7 47u k a a -13 57 2 u 2 h 35. 17 a to a in 4 to us 47 John. 1 to n 21 h 4 in i 35 h ii u 30 a h4 v a 241 #4 25. P h Jim 35 a 54 .#-2 27 of n 20. Pc. 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Transportation. Utility. Finance. Noon new York #21 cents so 48 #0 4j 54 40 to v4 34 43 Poji 35 09 to it 44 30 poo . Stock a averages Stock averages compiled by the associated brass Dow Jones net change noon tues prey. Day ate ago. Month ago yer ago 1173-74 High 532 / 197 3 74 Low. 405 9 u72 High.5218 u72 Low 471 0 30 my #20 4j7 7 435 i Sai 7 4216 5h 6 a Ono aver Agu is is 40 re in Utu. Stack. #7 up 104 i 134 i 101 6 to 7 >42 5 144 3 07 1 152 i 12� 7 7 167 6 166 9 168 6 Isi 9 174 2 184 7 125 5 203 4 169 7 us 34h la 3. 23h 47. Iou 47 1 j3�?T. 0 to is 24 1 Roll i join 442 to ii u la 1 Ujj Ito 103 24 4 juju 7 i us 25 iou j 4. To Ishio juju us 14 of 23. Ii. Us s i a 4 i i j in 7 72 it a Joi 6 it 16 36 us jul 23 46 27 u 47v. 32h ooh 23 us iou 6>� us 33 Vijh us 9u 23�?T a Lush us to is s 17 7 it 4 Jim Joi w 7 5 43 i la 0 s 2 4 3 t 10 3 2 7 344 it 77 to 5 it us ii juju 14�?T. 45 a Sih it 23�?T. 7h full. 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His % up a a a 25�?Ta#-press 1974 american Exchange or do Carr rams Cree try in leu Robirt 0l�?~#�dv 40 0rr4y�sc�f. 0#ir<i teas i Etc of be Drevas fro a Lofs t our a 01 id inst go is to. A by Jemssy Iff a it Kim Lor kill Are a d a srli49 la my or i log the Tut co Rupert 3u 2u 3h in 4 a a Jhu a 26-up v4 Vijh h Olluf n 4hp n 16 h 24%. The 1 u ii a a in. Uhf h luf i. 4vhf h 3h. 3u the 3h. 4 pm sh., iof of 3 us v4 22. H % 3h in in a. 37>if h 30up h 34%if i 34. P h 35 a 37u-2h �?�4. Of. She up a 32vip a 22.�? u �?�2 p h 61 a u 34up a 2 he la 36�?4 to p 4 24hp 4 Usu h Noa Vora Ori a american Stock a Quot fese cd Quot to apr Cei Sale. Of of is High Law last chg. A a a re it Joll i juju Jyh a kegs to 0 20 77 2u Asam a to 24 4 2 us >2 i bub is Quot it to a a 4 it a 7 4 4 b a. Al 4 54 u. I in Les go 2 Aso 24 7s�?T i i 7 i>i4 7u i i i 1 3 us us 0-0 i in in i i tru us 4 in a to 0 4 1-1 i ii 2h j 2 3% of -23 3% 4 j aug go in 2 g a Quot v 0 Tisu a j5 g is Quot re x 47 3 3 in a a my Reg 84 7 a >7 a is la 0 72�?T 1-1 i St Xuxa Xuy f u j 10 ii it a 1%. J 2 Jih j1# 77x4 a a 3 to Juke a 44 the i Al to 4 i 17 4u 5 so x Jhu pm a med enc la 9 3 7u to 25 0 jul m do # Jao 4 7 10 in a Newsom i 3 Ner k is 14 12 3h n Rurac Jve to 41 i Nordho v u j 0-0 o mend i Quot a i 7 it 4 or a aint. 17 34 Rio Perm Quot a j #0#b.�sii a 3h_ re rec is j a a Rasar fog >0 Quot Scurry re #1 7 7 77 4 7j 4 Statham i #4 i 7 a Jill 519 49u to us 4 in in 4 in in a a t i jul 4 4 4h we u 3 a Uro of is j j a a a "i1 copy ugh Iby the associated press u74 us 4u so Juth 3h in Iava j�?T4 i suit j t 4h jul aha a is 4up i 5h3uu a thu n 3hf h in v4 uhf i. I f-l-16 Jap v. In h so. in jul u a he in 3h�? n transport for pupils ordered Danville a. A a Federal judge has ordered Danville school officials to reorganize the City schools and provide transportation at Public expense of some 1.500 children from kindergarten through the ninth Grade. The order issued monday by . District court judge h. Emory Widener jr., Calls for establishment of a 65-35 ratio of Whites to Blacks in each school. But school officials said the judge would accept some difference in the Ideal ratio. Under the plan about 1,500 of Danville a 10,000 Public school children More or less divided racially by the Dan River would ride to schools outside their neighbourhoods on buses to be provided by the school system. Danville operates no school buses and school officials indicating their continuing opposition to busing said they hoped to reach an agreement with a privately owned bus company to transport children to classes next fall. School Board chairman w. Townes Lea said the court ordered plan Quot is workable. If the citizens will give it a Chance it will school officials reportedly asked the . Supreme court to hear an Appeal of the decision and Are awaiting for the court to decide whether or not it will hear the Case. Officials said they were pleased that Widener had not ordered immediate implementation of the plan giving the school Board until next fall to prepare for implementation of the order Ehrlichman mom Page i a in watergate prosecutions. Ehrlichman said he still expects the White House tapes which he stressed he has not heard will vindicate him of charges in the Ellsberg Case. Ellsberg was acquitted in the Pentagon papers trial. Ehrlichman 48, lived Here before joining the Nixon Campaign in 1968 and serving a subsequent four year White House hitch Ehrlichman was More subdued than in a news conference last August on the subject of president Nixon a prospects for fully recovering from the effects of the scandals. Ehrlichman said in August. Just after testifying before the Senate watergate committee that the administration would recover any lost Quot Force and vitality Quot within weeks. Asked if he thinks the administration can still recover he said. Quot i think it could have at that time. I think there have been some intervening and superseding events that have made it now More difficult but i still think it can be Quot Public support is a very fickle thing it has its and Downs congressional reaction is very volatile. The moods of the City of Washington Are subject to extreme swings from one to the other and i see them i be seen it swing both ways very fast. Quot so i really done to think that in a being unrealistically optimistic in saying that it could syne 40 us Quot a us Fumo v it to inc Vancorp a it a Rel 4h a i i a by i la. Sipl in. In 2�?T/a. 4h a. Court revives fight Over Church property Richmond a. A a Legal determination must be made before a congregation of the presbyterian Church . Souther can unilaterally sell or Transfer its Church s property the Virginia supreme court has ruled. The ruling monday could ultimately have a bearing on the rift within the presbyterian Church ., which last year led to the withdrawal of scores of conservative congregations and creation of a new conservative Quot continuing presbyterian the decision by Virginia a highest court reversed the ruling of a lower court judge that an individual congregation has the right to dispose of its property without the consent of the Parent denomination. The court returned to Hampton circuit court for further proceedings the Case of Hamp u 14 3h-p 207 s 216 i in 9 275 0 337 3 344 9 241 0 349 9 311 9 a j to 19 19 19 it Stock remit ind. Util. A a. L. Or. In it just. 847 164.7 6 net Cheng 2 i 20tr#ipo noon t a i 52 7 �?�0 2 1/ 5 to 5 727 15 util. Pro Day 52 5 �?�02 �?�7 5 98 5 77 65 Stock. 271 50-f2 to wee ago 52 5 809 17 4 98 7 77 6 Bonos month ago 51 9 109 �?�7 2 986 770 40bcnd� 73 14-4-0 12 year ago 52 j �?�5 2 �?�9 i to 5 �?�2 1 to higher Grade rail. 1973 74 High 53 9 �?�5 4 89 j 99# �?�2 2 . 67 is Uch 19/374 to 51 710 �?�5 2 94 j 74 2 to Public utilities. A 90 84 of 08 1972 High 53 2 15 8 19 5 984 in . 79 94 Urich 19/2 Low is 8 5 86 7 91 5 80 i see t Gure re unom.c#. A it a of 1 no de rate of d, Ltd Lort go Wadle Are Nuat 0 Sag tie end#0o#he ult quarterly or Lem. Annul declaration special or #. A for payments not designed is regular a identity in the toi Ioa no footnotes 4 also extra or extras annul rate 1 is Stock Derid a liquidating diet. Den e declared or in precede 12 Quot out # declared or pad Atter Stock dead or split up a declared or paid s year an accumulative Issue with addenda in arrears a new Issue year. Dividend omitted deterred or no action taken at last dividend meeting a decia Redor paid in preceding 12 months plus Stock dividend. n Sloe k in Prat Edig i months estimated Cash value one or Edu Tryby Hon Date i use is in full j _ Cid caned Elt a red a Eland and sates in full. X is sex Dis Rex rights War. Rants by Aith warrants we when dts. To outed 1�?ahn issued and next Day delivery. Via in bankruptcy or receivership or being reorganise under the bankruptcy act or securities assumed by such com. F Ames Tny foreign Issue subset to in bid ask Amer. Furn. 6 a 6 a Anheuser Busch 32 32 is Atlantic Pepsie 61 4 7 i Bassett furn. 1834 1934 Bluefield sup. Ii 11 is Camerson Fin. Corp. 18 18 is Chatham mfg 14vi 15 is coca cola Btl. Cons. 8 a 9 Daniel int. Com. 45 v4 46 Dmn did corp. 7v4 8 v4 Henredon 19 21 Hickory furn. 4 is 5 B Ivey 7 is 8 Lane 14 a 15�?~/s life of Caro. 2 v4 2v� a cab corp. 35 35 a n. C. Nat. Gas to io3/ inv. Com. 14vi 15 v4 Phillips Foscue i a i is Piedmont Avia. 4 a a 4v. Publ serv. Of . 9 is iov4 Rex plastics 5v 6 v4 Royal scots. Inns 23/� 2 a soot. Film extrude. 2 3 West knitting 6 a 7 a tones Grace covenant Church which in 1972 voted to withdraw from the presbyterian Church . The congregation had gained circuit court Sanction for the Transfer of its property to an incorporated private school operated by the congregation. Norfolk presbytery to which the 280-member Grace covenant Church belonged had appealed the ruling of Hampton circuit court judge Nelson t. Overton to the state supreme court. The Parent denomination holds that under the churches Constitution unilateral withdrawal is illegal and that ownership of the property of the withdrawing Church remains vested in members who opposed withdrawal and in the presbytery itself. Overton approved in september 1972 the Transfer of Grace covenant s property to the Church operated Mary Atkins Christian Day school on grounds the Transfer was Quot the wish of the congregation Quot which the judge held Quot was the governing body Quot of the Church. But the supreme court said the trial court should have taken into account Quot the organizational Structure Quot of the presbyterian Church ., including Norfolk presbytery a claim to Quot proprietary interest Quot in the Grace covenant property. The presbytery the High court held Quot made sufficient allegations Quot to warrant a Legal determination of Quot whether it had proprietary interest in the property of Grace covenant which could not be eliminated by unilateral action of the congregation witnesses describe situation during Kent state shootings Cleveland. Ohio a a Kent state University graduate says a grand jury apparently is trying to pinpoint the activities of four students when they were shot to death in a Campus confrontation with Ohio National guard troops. James g. Dawson. 28. Of mount Vernon ind., made the comment to newsmen monday after spending about 15 minutes before the 23-member Federal panel Dawson said he was with William k. Schroeder 19, of Elyria. Ohio when Schroeder was killed he said Schroeder was about 380 feet from the guardsmen and was not taking part in the student demonstration nine students were also wounded in the May 4, 1970. Confrontation Between guard troops and students demonstrating against United states involvement in Cambodia. Another witness Ellis Burns 24, said he spent about 40 minutes before the jury but would not comment on his testimony. He told newsmen he was walking with Sandra Lee Scheuer 20. Of Boardman Ohio when was shot in the neck by a Bullet. He said was in route to a class when was killed he said miss Scheuer was nearly 400 feet from the guardsmen. Two of the wounded students also were among the witnesses monday. They were Dean Rall Ier. 23. A Kent state Junior and one of those who had urged the Federal grand jury investigation. And Joseph Lewis jr., 22, of Massillon Ohio a former Kent state student. Kahler who said he spent 5i months in a Hospital was paralysed from the Waist Down by a Bullet in the Back that fractured three vertebrae. He said he was shot from a distance of about Joo feet he said the jurors Are Quot doing a Good Job and doing what they have to do if part of that process Means there Are no indictments i will take it and leave it As it Kahler said in response to a question from newsmen he would not be bitter if there were no indictments Henley s Mother h�fvardu., til acc i John Wayne tells of sickness to tilt Over the counter a bid asked quotations from the Nash Are representative meter dealer prices As of approximately la a in. Inter dealer markets change throughout the Day. Prices do not include retail markup markdown or commissions. These quotations Are provided through the High Point office of e. F. Hutton co. Inc. By Jim Barlow associated pres writer Houston Tex. A the Mother of a teen Ager charged with one count of murder in the sex torture slayings of 27 youths says her son was hallucinating during the time police took his statements. Mary Pauline Henley told a pretrial hearing on monday her son Elmer Wayne Henley was Quot sick. Incoherent Quot when visited him in jail last aug. 9, one Day after his arrest. Henley a defense lawyers contend officers denied the 17-year-old a Chance to obtain Legal advice before he made statements. Henley is to stand trial on a charge of murder in the death of Charles Ray cobble. 17. The hearing resumes today with the defense expected to continue efforts to Block admission in the upcoming trial of Henley a statements to police. Prosecution lawyers have said Henley a statements taken aug. 9, Are crucial to their Case their contents have not been released. District court judge William Hatten said the pretrial hearing could take As Long As two weeks. Jury selection will begin after the hearing. In testimony monday mrs. Henley said her son was a hallucinating a seeing people who weren to there and doors opening from the wrong Side. He would see people standing at the open door standing there Bank chief predicts slowdown Charlotte a Thomas i. Storrs chairman of the a cab corporation predicts an economic slowdown this year but thinks the country can avoid a recession. In a speech monday before the Charlotte textile club Storrs said he is looking at 1974 Quot with More optimism than i can really make a Case . Storrs called inflation the Economy a primary problem. Quot at this time the apparent cure appears to be a period of slow growth in the Money Supply and in the Storrs said he does not believe the Energy crisis will be As serious a problem for the Economy than Quot we be sometimes been led to laughing at him and then the door would close again a mrs. Henley said received a Telephone Call from her son last aug 8 telling her he had killed Dean Arnold Corll 33, and was being held by police. Henley called officers in suburban Pasadena on aug 8 and told them he shot Corll during a sex and paint sniffing party at Corll a Home police said Henley and David Owen Brooks. 18, officers to the bodies buried at three different Sites Brooks is charged in four of the slayings. Brooks and Henley allegedly procured teen agers for Corll. Bomb scare results in arrest Greensboro no. Apr the Fri has announced the arrest of James Boyd Clarke 19, a student at the school of the arts in Winston Salem on charges stemming from a bomb scare on an Airliner last week Clarke formerly of Lenoir was charged monday with conveying false information to an airline Crew the Fri reported. He was held in the Guilford county jail pending release to his parents agents said. According to the Fri a United air lines Crew received a note Jan. 6 warning that a bomb would explode. The flight which originated in Newark n j., was detained in Huntsville a awhile a search was conducted. Fire causes shifting of workers Spruce Pine . Apr fire has damaged the number one Plant of the feldspar corp forcing a temporary Transfer of some 80 workers to another company factory. Company officials said the workers would be shifted to the adjacent number two Plant for about a month until repairs can be completed. A spokesman blamed a Short in an electrical panel for the fire which he said caused some $100,000 damage. Los Angeles a actor John Wayne has always been known As a two listed Cowboy who does no to Back Down from a showdown. But he might meet his match at Harvard University Quot i done to know a damned thing about it except they challenged me to come to Harvard a Wayne said monday before leaving for Boston and a meeting arranged by the staff of the Harvard Lampoon Lampoon president Jim Downey said Quot angry groups of both Wayne supporters and Wayne detractors Are planning to come and be heard Quot Wayne said Quot i figured the Harvard boys and i Are at opposite ends of the political spectrum. They suggested that i did i have the courage to go Quot Wayne a political conservative told newsmen he expected some Tough questions. Quot they la probably take on a few of my weaknesses Quot he said. Quot but it la be Home from Page i a wholesale level Cost about four times As much in december As it did in june 1973. There have been similar Price increases in heating Oil refined in the United states from imported crude Oil. The Sharp Rise is due principally to big increases in the taxes and royalties collected by the governments of Oil producing countries. Domestic crude Oil also has risen in Price but not nearly As much. That Means wide variations in Price. In some areas one household a using Domestic Oil a can pay 40 per cent less for heating Oil than the consumer next door who is supplied with foreign Oil. And it makes it almost impossible to come up with a nationwide average Cost. A spokesman Tor the National fuel Oil Institute said Domestic Oil should average about 24 cents a gallon but Consumers getting foreign Oil May pay 40 cents a gallon. Violin donated Mexico City a Henry Sze Ryng world famous pol ish mexican violinist has Given a $40,000 violin to the National symphony orchestra r i

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