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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather unseasonably warm More data on Page a 90th year a no. 16 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon january 16,1974 48 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily Ioc sunday 25c Early april target for adjournment Annua meeting of North Carolina legislature begins Raleigh a North Carolinas general Assembly convened today for its first and possibly the final session on an annual basis. One of the first orders of business was the introduction of a $50.9 million tax reduction package. The proposal was placed on thursdays House Calendar for consideration. Both Chambers adopted resolutions inviting gov. Jim Holshouser to deliver his budget message thursday. Holshouser has indicated he would oppose any immediate Cut in taxes. House speaker Jim Ramsey a person. An outspoken critic of annual sessions predicted the 1974 meeting would be the last yearly meeting for North Carolina legislators on a regular basis. A but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that la be in the 1975 session. It will not be an Issue in �?T74.�?� Ramsey said in a news conference just prior to the Start of the general Assembly. Ramsey who has ruled him flies Back to Egypt differences narrowed Kissinger declares by Barry Schweid associated press writer Aswan. Egypt apr Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger flying from Israel Back to Egypt reported today that difference Between the two sides on separating their armies a a have been substantially Kissinger after Only 32 hours of sleep tuesday night arrived in Aswan from Jerusalem with a revised israeli map on proposed military Dis engagement along the Suez canal. Defense minister Moshe Dayan of Israel delivered the map to Kissinger a plane shortly before Kissinger a departure from Jerusalem a United states official said. The egyptians had rejected an earlier israeli disengagement map. It was Kissinger s third Stop in Aswan and his second in Jerusalem on this months Mideast peace Mission. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one butterflies Are free q. What can you do about stage fright and How to overcome it and really need the answer because i have a show to do at school thursday morning and i need to know. I can t seem to sing when they want me to and please hurry As i need it by thursday in the paper. Thank you. Anon. A. We asked Patti Halo who has had quite a bit of coaching and acting experience and she says there s no overnight cure but the thing to remember is everybody else is just As scared As you Are even the great Tallulah Bankhead said if she did no to have stage fright and butterflies in her stomach she knew she would t give a Good performance. If you have another Job in the production in addition to performing a something to do with lights or pulling the curtain or other a it helps keep you occupied and makes you feel part of the show rather than a spectacle Patti said she found it helpful especially in working with children to let everybody yell and jump up and Down or do a few calisthenic before curtain time to get in another mood and ease the tension. She said this works pretty Good for adults too. So if a thursday morning audience somewhere hears some whooping and hollering before the curtain opens done to panic. They re just releasing some butterflies backstage. We can remember our first stage part As a primary student at old Ray Street school. Dressed in a fairy costume of White cheesecloth and with wings Wand and voice quivering we squeaked a a everything is ready now for the coming of you believe the hours and agony that went into those nine words. So yours is a perfect Normal state and believe it or not. You la survive and have a lot of fun besides a even if you done to get a singing contract As a result of your performance Christmas card author q. Where can i get a Christmas card published c. B. A. You can submit ideas to greeting card publishers. Some of them do not consider unsolicited material As they have their own artists but you can find names and addresses of those who do by looking in a the writers Market in the reference Section of the Public Library. Discrimination gripes q. There has been an advertisement on television about equal employment Opportunity and it said it was stated in the Telephone Book under the u. S. Government and we have searched the directory and have not found out the number. We would like it very much As everybody knew at this particular time that there is a Job shortage. There is a group of us that is employed at this particular company and we know that there is discrimination or we Are being pressured out of our Job. The work is Okay but we need someone to talk to without actually being pressured one Way or the other. We will be looking Forward to seeing this appear in your column if the state would allow you to. I wont give my name because it is not just one of us but a group and for this reason will not give my name. Thank you. Anon. A. There is a Charlotte office which investigates discriminatory employment practices when the discrimination is based on race color sex religion or National origin. The address is equal employment Opportunity commission Draper building 411 n. Tryon Street Charlotte . 28202 the Telephone number is 704 372-0711. Nights sundays and holidays you May dial 704 372-0765. Re action in your january 10th Issue you quoted a a Oil in a barrel As being us Gallons Tor Petroleum gasoline 42 Gallons is considered a barrel. Or. . A thank you and two others who set us straight. Very few problems remain Between the israelis and egyptians on agreeing to disengage their armies and the two sides a Are getting Down to a common View a said a . Official. After talks with israeli officials that lasted until 4 a m., Kissinger said the discussions were a a making Good he said he would return to Israel with egyptian president Anwar Sadat a response to Israel s latest ideas on disengagement plans and he hoped that on his return the remaining difficulties will be narrowed even More and can be a the differences which existed have been substantially narrowed and i Hope Progress will Lead to an agreement which would Mark a turning Point in the conflict in the Middle East a said Kissinger hatless despite a chill rain and carrying a Trench coat on his Arm. However. Israeli political sources said Kissinger was encountering difficulty Over guarantees for israelis Security and ways to inspect a reduction of egyptian forces and fire Power on the East Side of the Suez canal. The sources said Israel wants an egyptian pledge to the United states a and possibly to the soviet Union a to stick to the terms of a disengagement agreement. Sadat so far had refused to give any firm undertaking on any proposed terms of withdrawal they said. Israeli officials said earlier these serious obstacles to an agreement remained a israelis demand that Egypt trim its forces on the East Bank of the Suez canal by removing heavy guns and missiles. Egypt has refused so far to agree to this. A Cairo a insistence on an israeli commitment that it will continue troop withdrawals after the initial disengagement takes place. A israelis demand that Cairo officially end the state of belligerence with Israel. Egypt according to israeli officials has refused Kissinger took israelis first formal proposal for a troop Dis self out of any political races this year said this definitely a will be the last annual session ill be a part a Ramsey is considered a Likely candidate for the democratic nomination for governor in 1976. Ramsey and it. Gov. Jim Hunt have set Early april As a target Date for adjournment of this session. Some legislators say that is not enough time if the general Assembly is to Deal adequately with issues such As medical education taxes land use and insurance. Ramsey discounted the fears of a Long session at least for the House. With 40 new members in 1973, Ramsey said he a a got the idea we were like rabbits in a Briar Patch. We just did no to have the sense of Rabbit has gotten out into the Clear the first political primaries Are scheduled in May leaving the legislators the Choice of remaining in session until the finals Days moving Back the Date for the primaries or ignoring it All. Medical issues alone could be a major Factor in the length of this meeting which actually is a resumption of the 1973 session. East Carolina University a persistent bid for a four year medical school a Thorn in the Side of at least three Legislatures already has pitted the general Assembly against its own creation the state Board of governors for higher education. The governors consistently have vetoed any immediate expansion of ecu a present one year medical training program. Conversely a legislative committee with backing from key leaders has proposed an immediate expansion of ecu a program to two years and doubling its class size from 20 to 40 students. The lawmakers also Are Likely to face debate on no fault automobile insurance and other reforms being pushed by state insurance commissioner John Ingram. Controversial legislation is in the Hopper concerning land use control in North Carolinas Mountain and coastal areas. It has been the subject of Public hearings around the state since last year. One task the legislators cannot avoid is the state budget for the 1974-75 fiscal year that begins july i. Gov. Jim Holshouser will present on thursday the recommendations of his advisory budget commission. That will give legislators a starting Point. The legislature should come into this session More prepared. When the lawmakers decided last year to Experiment with annual sessions and a one year budget they set up standing committees for the first time. These committees have been at work since last Spring on continuing legislation. Sirica makes comment grand jury action on tapes considered direct Bank deposits to be used by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a the Treasury department is ready to begin a program of paying government Benefit checks by direct electronic deposits into a recipients Bank account. The program begins in March for the approximately 3.5 million recipients of the new Federal supplemental Security income payments for disabled Blind and aged. But Treasury officials envision its expansion in about a year to approximately 25 million social Security recipients and in two years to persons receiving veterans benefits and civil service retirements. Eventually perhaps in two years the government Hopes to do away with All paper checks by making electronic Bank deposits of All Federal payments including the Federal payroll. Engagement to Sadat in officials say the direct Aswan. Egypt on sunday. Deposit program which has been contemplated for some ii time has been seeded up Skint c i Cirl i because of Check cashing we Mui 5 St ilium i difficulties encountered by s Ketr pres classified ads i Quot Quot 4-90 secure Gay 1.come program comics.8c David Mosso Deputy fiscal crossword.1qb Secretary of the Treasury said editorials.4a that in March persons financial.2a receiving the supplemental obituaries .2d payments will be Given sports.9-11c instructions on How they can television .12c have the Treasury de women a news Sec. B apartment mail their payments weather .5a a a direct on 2a by Donald Rothberg associated press writer Washington a -. District judge John j. Sirica said today he intends to decide whether to recommend that the Case of the obliterated watergate tape be presented to a grand jury. Sirica made the announcement in open court shortly after a secret service agent contradicted some of the testimony Rose Mary Woods president Nixon a Secretary gave in november at a hearing called to determine what caused an i8v2 minute Gap in a subpoenaed watergate tape. The agent Louis b. Sims head of the technical Security division of the secret service said he had purchased a Uher 5000 tape recorder with a foot pedal last oct. I for use by miss Woods. Sims said he delivered the machine to Stephen Bull at about 1 15 . Miss Woods testified that she had used the machine for about 2�?~z hours that Day before she accidentally pushed the wrong Button when interrupted while listening to a tape. She said she told the president what happened about 2 15 ., Only 45 minutes after Sims said today that he left bulls office after delivering the machine. Sims also testified that the microphones installed for the White House taping system Are still in place and that the wires connecting them with the recording equipment were not Cut until some time after the recorders were removed Sirica made his comment after miss Woods lawyer Charles s. Rhyne objected to questioning by an assistant special prosecutor about whether Sims was aware last october that miss Woods had taken eight tapes to key Biscayne. Fla., on oct. 4. Sims said he had not known. After Rhyne objected the judge said he wanted to hear the answer because he will have to decide a whether or not in a going to recommend to the special prosecutor that he should seriously consider presenting this Case to a grand a let s proceed with the evidence a he said and added a Titi make that decision in due Sims testimony came the Day after technical experts told the court that a single accidental act could not have caused the 182 minute Gap in the subpoenaed tape. However the experts were prevented by objections from White House lawyers from speculating whether there was any Way the tape could have been erased accidentally. Sims told the court that the taping system was removed on july 18, 1973, and then was asked by assistant special prosecutor Richard Benveniste a were the microphones removed on july 18? a the microphones Are still in place to this Date a Sims replied. A were the wires Cut a Ben venite asked. Sims said they were but not until much later. He said that on july 18, j. Fred Buzhardt White House lawyer then handling the watergate Case told him to remove the taping equipment but to leave the microphones and wires in place. Every month or so. Sims said he would go Back to Buzhardt to ask if he still wanted the wires intact. A a in a not sure whether it was the first time or the second that he said go Sims see grand on 2a alternate Mode of transportation London accountant Noel Mcnaught 54. Wheels his kayak past a bus in downtown London tuesday evening in route to the River thames and an eight mile padded to Putney where he parked his car. Mcnaught said he face London traffic snarled by a one Day strike of most of Britain a Railroad engineers. I Al wire photo working Man would compete with Rich for Gas under plan by Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a if you need extra gasoline under the administration s proposed rationing plan the Only Way to get it a Short of qualifying As a hardship Case a would be to buy somebody s ration coupons and pay his Price. Well financed brokers could buy up available coupons and resell them at jacked up prices John Hill an assistant director of the Federal Energy office confirmed in an interview tuesday. The Rich could buy coupons at Premium prices to run limousines or yachts. And the Guy who drives for a living and needs additional gasoline to maintain or increase his income would have 3 nabbed in Getty Case or r it k a 1 % Domenico Barbino by Edward Magri associated press writer Rome a police arrested three men today and charged them with the kidnapping of j. Paul Getty Iii. A fourth Man was sought. One source said the police also recovered a Cache of banknotes that probably were part of the $2.7 million Ransom paid for the release of the 17-year-old grandson of american Oil billionaire j. Paul Getty. The police said they arrested one Man in Rome and two in Calabria at the Southern tip of the italian Peninsula. The three and the Man still at Large Are All natives of Calabria the police said. A few More people were arrested during the manhunt when weapons or drugs were found in their Possession but the police said they were not believed to be involved in the Getty Case. The Man arrested in Rome was Domenico Barbino 27, an orderly in the City a polyclinic Hospital of the sacred heart. Police said those arrested in Calabria were Vincenzo Mammoliti 43, and Antonio Man Cuso 35. Mammoliti was arrested among the Olive Groves of the Gioia Tauro Plain at Dawn police said. Mancuso was picked up in the Village of Cicala one of Getty Sears was Cut off during his Captivity and was mailed to a Rome newspaper As evidence that the kidnappers meant business. There was speculation that Barbino performed the operation. The police said Mammoliti was wanted for other crimes committed Aby the calabrian underworld but had escaped arrest for a Long time. They said his family had a Long criminal history and was also see 3 nabbed on 2a Vincenzo Mammoliti to join the bidding for coupons. But Hill said the Energy office believes there is enough flexibility in gasoline buying habits to prevent extreme prices for coupons. Hill admitted the system would allow some unfairness in the distribution. But he argued that a Complex system of priorities among users would involve arbitrary decisions that could be equally unfair and would be an administrative Nightmare. The plan was proposed tuesday by Feo administrator William e. Simon As one possible blueprint for building a standby gasoline rationing system. The system May never be used. Simon announced last dec. 27 the administrations decision to set up a standby system and to wait and see if rationing really becomes necessary essential services and other businesses that buy gasoline in bulk will get their supplies first under fuel allocation regulations put into effect late monday. Gasoline stations would see working on 2a

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