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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Shower colder Friday More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 13 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 112-1719 High Point n. A thursday afternoon january 13, 1972 36 pages classified ads 115-2177 All other departments 885-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Pre school info q. Where could i find out which school my child should attend for first Grade this coming year. Also i would like to know what vaccinations Are required. Can they be done this Winter instead of during the summer and do you have to have a written statement from the doctor As to what vaccinations have been Given when you go to Register and when do you Register we live in Randolph county. Anon. A. You can Call the school principal in your particular Community or the county superintendent of schools office and they will provide the information on which school and when to Register. Immunizations required Are smallpox polio Dpt. And Rubeola measles recently added As a requirement by state Law. Rubella German measles vaccinations Are not required but recommended by doctors the shots can be Given during the Winter and it is preferable sons superintendent Lawrence to waiting until hot weather. A form signed by the family doctor showing the vaccinations is required before a child can enter school. A High Cost of eating o. I am a poor housewife and Why have the prices gone up on food and other things because i have children in school and they need Good food. Anon. A. According to a bulletin prepared by the Extension foods and nutrition department of Nusu entitled a buying food a the percentage of family income spent for food has declined Over the years. Families in the . Spent in j967 an average of nearly 18 per cent of their disposable income for food. But statistics done to help stretch the budget. To help you economize without sacrificing nutrition the bulletin has suggestions plan meals in Advance shop with a list flexible enough so you can take advantage of specials compare weight and Price and also brands. Don t Over buy. See if the convenience foods could t be prepared More cheaply yourself total the Price of what the ingredients would Cost you. Avoid impulse buying and shopping with Young children a those treats they want add up. Familiarize yourself with nutritional values of foods and but the less expensive when the food values Are similar. This mimeographed bulletin and another Booklet a nutrition a food at work for you can be obtained from the county Extension office. . Box 20428. Greensboro. N c 27420. At no Cost the latter contains a daily food guide tips on meal planning. Information on Servings and pounds smart buying proper storing and much More to help housewives budget their food dollars wisely. A a a i a Aitch 0. How do you join the 4-h club . A. You can Contact the 4-h office at the agricultural Center in Greensboro and they will put you in touch with local leaders. A direct line to that of Fie is 888-9919. A a a police escort service 0. I would like for you to ask chief Pritchett if it would be possible to have a policeman at the bigger Banks after closing time. It is not Safo to carry your Deposit bag now for fear of someone grabbing it. Anon. A. Persons making deposits for businesses after closing hours can Call the police department at 885-0101 or 885-5033 and a patrolman will serve As escort. Many Avail themselves of this Protection a a gop wet ears q. I am a Young lady 20 years old and married and would be interested in campaigning for the Republican party for Randolph county. I would like some information As to whom i could get in touch with. Thank you. Anon. A. The president of the Young republicans club of Randolph is Harold Brubaker of Asheboro you May reach Bim at 629-2952. A a a party switching o. How could you change to go to a full Democrat or a Republican from an Independent who would you Contact j r. A. For a party change in registration or re registering from an Independent to either party you la have to appear before your registrar or go to the elections Board office in the cite county building and take an oath. It can to be done Over the Telephone. The elections office is open monday through Friday from 8 to 5. A Alabama Tornado kills 4 Ozark Ala. Apr a Tornado smashed through two trailer Parks near the huge army base at it. Rucker in Spring like weather today killing four persons and injuring More than to state troopers and a spokesman for the state civil defense office said four were known dead. Eighteen of the injured were admitted to hospitals at it. Rucker and nearby Enterprise. The others were treated Abr minor injuries and discharged. The twister also struck an army Airfield at Rucker destroying eight ii helicopters on the ground and heavily damaging two others. No one was reported injured at the Airfield. The civil defense spokesman said 50 House trailers were wrecked and another 50 damaged the twister struck first the Pine Brook and Dogwood acres trailer Parks Between Ozark and Enterprise occupied mostly by military personnel then hit again at lower army air Field on the it. Rucker reservation. Fifteen of the injured were admitted to an army Hospital the Rucker Public information office said. And �?o50 to 65 others a were treated for minor injuries and discharged. Eighteen of the injured two of them in critical condition. Were admitted to the Hospital the Rucker Public information office said some �?o50 to 65 others Quot were treated for minor injuries and discharged the office said state troopers set up a command Post at one of the trailer Parks in a building once used As an automatic laundry. Heavy rain which began again shortly before 9 a in made Rescue operations difficult. Bulldozers and heavy tractors were moved in to pry the twisted Metal trailer frames apart to see if anyone was trapped in the debris. Army ousts Ghana prime minister lome Togo apr army officers overthrew the civilian government of Ghana wednesday night and in a broadcast on Ghana radio accused prime minister Kofi Busia of Mal prac to i c e and economic mismanagement. A broadcast from Accra the ghanaian capital said the coup was led by col. Ayatey Acheam Pong a senior career officer who had been a regional administrator after the previous coup six years ago. Busia. Who was one of mrs. Richard Nixon s hosts last week during her tour of West Africa is in London for treatment of an eve ailment. 70,000 to return reduction to 69,000 Gas by May i pledged George a. Wallace Wallace announces candidacy Tallahassee fir apr George c. Wallace formally announced his preside dial candidacy today and said he wanted to win Florida s March 14 democratic primary against opponents who be a snickered looked Down their noses and voted against the average floridian a a crowd of some 350 persons including red jacketed Campaign workers crowded into the state Capitol s Senate chamber As the 52-yea�?T�-old Alabama governor said it would be a me and the people a a the 19h8 third party candidate said Florida voters had a unique Opportunity to Start a the grass roots movement Quot that will wrest the democratic party from a the hands of the intellectual but Wallace accompanied by his Raven haired wife. Cornelia and a Host of Alabama officials said nothing which would preclude another third party Campaign if he does t win the democratic nomination. It in do w hat s Good for t of american he said Wallace a chartered dc9 jct arrived some 20 minutes schedule because c e of voc nor paused in Montgomery to make Calls to in Fern be. Ala. Where a Tornado killed several persons earlier today. He said he might visit the town later in the Day. Wallace repeatedly struck two familiar chords in the Flo Quot Ida Capi Al tax Reform and the rejection of supreme court nominee g Harrold Carswell. Who lives Here Wallace emphasized his Calls Ivor Reform of the i s. Income tax to ease the Burden on individuals and businessmen and for taxes to be levied on now exempt foundations commercial Church property and a special interests Quot Wallace said every one of the senator candidates running or president voted against the confirmation of judge Carswell who was not in the audience. A they say he was a mediocre judge but look what you got on the supreme court now they re no Good at All. I d rather have a Good mediocre judge than one no Good at a i would be satisfied to Lead the ticket in Florida Quot Wallace said Quot it s hard to see How any one could win a majority of the vote with 12 Washington a president Nixon announced today further plans to withdraw american forces from South Vietnam cutting the number to 69,000 by May i Nixon Reading a Brief statement to newsmen said an additional 70. He men will be brought Home in the next three months. This would represent Only a very slight increase in the average withdrawal rate that has prevailed in i Deemler and january. Under Nixon s new directive approximately 23,300 troops will be brought Home Between feb. I and May i. The december january average was 22.500 Nixon said there will he a further withdrawal announcement prior to May i he said today a announcement has the approval of Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and the South vietnamese government Laird held a news conference at the White House and declared. A i assure you we will meet or heat the May i goal asked if is Airpower would continue bombing missions in Southeast Asia gird replied a we will continue to use american Airpower to protect remaining forces of course however he said the air Force will share in the Force reductions called for by Nixon use of air Power in South Vietnam has been reduced by 67 per cent since the president took office he said and announced that by May i the number of airmen remaining in the South will be Down to 16.ooo As compared with about 60.ooo three years ago. There were 540,000 american fighting men and women in South Vietnam when Nixon was inaugurated in 1969 he launched his gradual withdrawal program some four months later starting at an average monthly rate of 10,000. Kur a six i by enter Heads Edrae Roe Edt plane at Kennedy Airport he is surrounded by . And a it Parent soviet Security personnel a m photo us. Allows russian to leave Lanier will not run again Raleigh. No. A insurance commissioner Edwin Lanier sad today he will not seek re election for Amit her four year term in the Oil ice he has held since 1962 the 70-year-old Lanier said. A i want to Complete the term of of ice i am now serving after which i want to and will two l democrats have already announced they will seek the Post in the May primary. Russell Secrest resigned his Post with the insurance department recently and filed with the state Board of elections commission ers race. State Hep John Ingram of Randolph county announced monday that he would run for the office. Linier said the Job has been Quot a mental and emotional struggle Between what in my heart. I would like to do and what in my judgment i should at by William Tow associated press writer nem Vork a a russian Exchange Biden who slashed his Throat and wrists. Kennedy Airport last sunday flew Home today a Quot or a six hour diplomatic tug of War ended with i s. Officials convinced that he was leaving of his own Accord a it is my judgment that he is going of his own free will Quot Slid Samuel Zutty. Investigator or the i s immigration service after he and other . Officials interviewed Merab Kuras Vily .36, at the Airport Early m y the us authorities had delayed the scheduled 8 30 p m departure of the soviet Aeroflot Airliner for six hours while insisting they be allowed to t ilk to Kuras Vily. Soviet officials said the plane would not depart without the student. Minutes after the interview was completed. Kuras Vily a tall Man wearing a Brown sheepskin pile lined coat with a Brown Scarf pulled High to cover a Bandage on his Throat walked to the departure Gate by a number o Security personnel. With his hands thrust deep in his pocket and his head Down. Kuras Vily made no reply to the shout j questions from a crowd of newsmen As he moved toward the plane the Airliner departed at 2 37 a in. After he slashed himself on sunday Kuras Vily was taken to Jamaica Hospital in Queens by port authority police he reportedly told them he did not want Asylum but had slashed himself a because i did not like myself at the Kuras Vily and another russian student had left Berkeley calif., where they were attending the University of California after a food store manager accused them of shoplifting the charges were later dropped but they said they were humiliated. Soviet officials picked up Kuras Vily after he was treated at the Hospital and took him to the soviet Mission to the United nations. When . Officials set up a hearing tuesday to determine if Kuras Vily wanted to go Home the soviets said he was too ill to attend. Diplomatic sources in Mashington re it sorted wednesday that the soviets had accused the United states of harassing Kuras Vily but the administration denied the charges. The reasons for the delay in the interview at the Airport wednesday night were not immediately determined but officials stressed that if Kuras Vily had Quot not wanted to go. We would have moved in and grabbed a a a a a a few used but they re accurate Crew escapes Young gunman to camera steering gear guide . Smart bomb yes it s illegal q. Is it illegal for a person under 16 to ride a minibike or motorcycle on the shoulder of a Road boy. A. Yes. Minibike and motorcycles fall in the category of motor vehicles the shoulder of a Road is considered a part of the Highway. If you have no Driver s License tag or insurance says the Highway patrol you cannot drive them on Public roads or shoulders. Dallas. Tex it a a Young gunman who told a fellow passenger a i work for the Devil and i in going straight to hell and take everyone with me Quot commandeered a jetliner in a dramatic hijacking Effort that ended with the Crew making a mad scramble for Freedom. The Hijacker had demanded $1 million and two parachutes and indicated he wanted to go Fly to South America where he planned to bail out into the Jungle. A we got a Chance to run and we ran like hell Quot said capt. Tom Hill who along with six other Crew members escaped from the Braniff 727 jetliner following nearly seven hours of Captivity on a Remote runway at the Dallas Airport. An Fri spokesman said Federal charges would be lodged against Billy Eugene Hurst 22. Of Houston and formerly from the Dallas suburb of Mesquite. He was arrested aboard the plane about 30 minutes after the Crew fled. Police in Houston said their records show Hurst was taken into custody nov. 8, 1970, in a rape Case and then underwent psychiatric treatment. The Hijacker armed with a .22-caliber pistol an i carrying a Small travel bag which he said contained dynamite took control of the plane and its 94 passengers on a flight from Houston to Minneapolis. Only clothing and ammunition for the pistol were found later. Billy Eugene Hurst the Hijacker allowed the passengers to Debar after the plane landed at Dallas but the Crew was held in the plane. Donald Roberts of Mission ran., a sales manager for the Remington electric Shaver company was sitting by the Hijacker during the flight. Roberts said the Hijacker had asked him who he worked for and when he replied the Young Man said Quot i work for the Devil and in a going to go straight to hell and take everybody with stewardess Pat Hampton said the Hijacker took pills throughout the six hours and 50 minutes the jetliner sat at the Airport. He later told authorities he used marijuana and had a tried heroin Hill the Pilot said another stewardess brought him a note from the Hijacker while the plane was in route to Dallas from Houston. The Hijacker in addition to the Money and parachutes demanded that a Jungle survival kit. Maps and a ,357 magnum pistol be brought to the Airliner. Washington a with a television camera in its nose and a steering system in its Tail the air Force s Quot smart bomb Quot strikes its target in in Dochman to times More often than a conventional bomb. That judgment was offered by pilots experience with the two types of smart bombs first introduced in Southeast Asia our years ago. The other Type relies on a laser beam to lock the bomb onto its target. Pilots say the tenfold increase in accuracy curtails the number of repeat sorties to bomb targets missed the first time around and thus reduces the risk to Pilot and plane. Specific figures Are classified. But reports after the laser guided bombs were first introduced in Vietnam said More than 70 per cent of nearly dropped found their Mark. Contrary to some reports smart bombs Are unable to zoom around hilltops or crawl around Corners but they Are Able to Knock out such difficult targets As narrow Road intersections Bridges dams tunnels and Supply caches which often defy destruction with conventional bombs or air to ground missiles. Essentially smart bombs Are conventional Iron bombs of 750, 1.000 or 2,000 pounds equipped with either a laser guidance kit or electro optical to kit. They differ from missiles i that they have no propulsion system other than Gravity and the Speed of release. With the laser guided bomb the Forward air controller spots the target with a laser beam. An intense narrow Cone of Light. Reflected radar radiation off the target is picked up by a second plane which dives into what s inside amusements 9b Bridge. Classified ads 3-9d comics in crossword editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 3d sports television 6a women s news 1-6b weather. Attack locks onto the target electronically and pitches its bomb onto the laser beam. A guidance seeker on the bomb nose rides the beam Home. Pilots armed with the electro optical or to guided bomb pick up the target on a five Inch television screen in their cockpit. Similar to a Standard to camera the optical seeker in the bombs nose locks onto the target and automatically guides the weapon to Impact steered on the Way by a guidance control system which Maneu vers the Tail fins much like the Tail Assembly on an air plane. Although reported to be highly accurate the smart bombs can be used Only in Good weather when the target can be sighted visually by pilots. Smart bombs Are not intended As a replacement for conventional bombs which still see heavy usage in nighttime raids. In bad weather and against larger targets where pinpoint accuracy is unnecessary. Air Force officials estimated that smart bombs accounted for less than one per cent of the 8 h too tons of Aerial munitions dropped in ind Khina in 1971

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