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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Mixture Attaar to or Avion fuzz i across i one who entertains s night Bird 8 face disguise 12 above 13 god latin 14 against 15 Rabbit 16 doctor of science a 17 Pickle seasoning 18 oleic acid Salt 20 Newfoundland Peninsula 22 Rocky Hill 23 boys nickname 24 carved Indian Post 27 inorganic substance 31 toward the Mouth 32 Long for 33 historical period 34 Shade tree 35 Bolike Sleigh 36 one who suffix 37 remove feathers 39 favorite Cut of beef 40 matterhorn for instance 41 term of respect 42 not packaged 2 words 45 Idle 49 conduct 50 acknowledged indebtedness a 52 Louse eggs 53 she for 54 Convent worker 55 Mountain Valley 56 one who gives Spanish cheer 57 Standard a 58 Auld Lang in we i laughter sound 2 egg shaped 3 withered 4 handled 5 More unusual 6 masculine nickname 7 finding 8 French married lady 9 Dye 10 French City 2 words 11 oven 19 male cat 21 Twining Plant 24 having toes 25 shield bearing 26 Pound Down 27 excavation 28 Anatomy network 29 space 30 Good time Slang 32 Gourd like it fruit pm 35 tug 36 cords 38 scottish Singer 39 take a seat 41 water Channel 42 of ileum comb form 43 feminine name 44 Large bundle 46 Greasy 47 British gun 48 Domestic slave 51 not in i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 i 20 21 i a i 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 31 i 12 j b 33 34 a 35 d h 36 37 38 a a 39 i i 41 i 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 to i. Jacoby on Bridge a a Lead deceives opponent by Oswald a Jamas Jacoby Oswald a a let stalk about 10s and Jim a you done to count any Points for them but you use their presence or absence to decide whether or not to bid in a close situation. I assume your remark is the prelude to some hand played before i was Oswald a close. You were two or three years old when the late Albert Morehead played a hand very similar to this Jim a a it a easy to see what he did. He decided to open a Trump and was careful to Lead the nine. Obviously. South was second semester to Start tuesday the second semester of studies for Piedmont Bible evening school will begin in mount Calvary Baptist Church on tuesday. Registration will be held this evening at the Church. Classes will be held each tuesday from 6 45 until 9 25 . Courses to be offered include dispensational truth. Child evangelism. Genesis sunday school Success understanding children and youth and ephesians. The local evening school is an Extension of Piedmont Bible colleges evening school which began in Winston Salem in 1946. The Rev. Newell c. Mcmahan mount Calvary pastor said the local program is designed to help those who cannot attend formal College classes and is open to the Public. Center q mocking Chaim that i Haldo Vai thru a Hindoy Clint Eastwood Quot dirty Harry Quot rated r a adult 1.50 North a j65 �63 a kq964 732 West 10 9 4 a a q to 5 2 i j95 19 Kast q 3 a k j 9 4 87 a1086 4 Soith d a aki72 �87 a a105 2 a k q East West vulnerable West North East South i a a 2 a pass 4 a pass pass pass opening Lead a 9 a Good player and he fell into the Oswald a that is just what happened. South studied awhile and decided that Al had led from nine Small. This marked East with Queen ten Small and gave Declarer a Chance to avoid the loss of a Trump trick against that combination. So South covered the nine with Dummy a Jack. East s Queen fell to the King. South entered Dummy with a Diamond and finessed against East a theatrical to of Trumps. Al took the trick and led the Ace of hearts and a second heart to East s King. East cashed his Ace of clubs to set the Jim a the Lead is old hat now in top flight circles. With any other opening Declarer would bang Down the Ace and King of Trumps to drop the Queen and make his ask Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Jimmy Arnhart age la of Chamblee Georgia for his question can swamps be useful the answer to this question is changing with the times thank goodness. A generation ago the question was can swamps be converted to be useful to people real estate developers loved to Drain swampy land and erect buildings upon it. That notion is going out of style As people realize that swamps play a vital role in the ecology. They Are indirectly useful to us because they help nature to maintain a world Worth living in. In the past people decided that useful things were the ones that could be put to work in some Way a right then and there. It seemed silly to decide that a Forest or a swamp could be useful just As it is. Nowadays thank goodness we Are taking a wider View of the global scene. We know that nature intended to make room for Many very different scenes in the planetary picture. They depend upon each other in a multitude of mysterious ways. They work together in the balanced systems of ecology that support All life on this luxurious planet a including the life of Mankind. Obviously the lands and oceans mountains and valleys Are parts of the geographical picture. Each is populated with suitable plants and animals adapted to life in the locality. Every species needs oxygen and water. This is served free All Over the world either dissolved in water or mingled in air. Streams and swamps Are the geographical features that distribute the water Between the Earth and its living things. True the swamps stagnant Waters attract and Breed mosquitoes. They also attract and Breed frogs that devour mosquitoes a both the infants and adults. Parts of the swamp Are clogged with water weeds and provide oxygen for fishes tadpoles Ani other gilled creatures. Around the edges fringes of Reeds and rushes grow ankle deep in the mud. They provide camouflage and shelter for Coots and kingfishers. Grebes and bitterns ducks and various other wild water Birds Migrate there to nest and educate their Chicks. The soggy Brink of swamp seems like a risky drinking Hole. But wild creatures Are careful and cautious in their ways. This May be the Only to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a a not letters a to ask Andy care of Tho High Point Enterprise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable prizes Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column. Water within their limited Range. Chances Are there Are a few solid shores a few boulders or fallen trunks to Bridge the soggy mud. Badgers and porcupines Field mice and dozens of others carefully test out their Safe spots. Racoons slosh around rinsing their food. All return to the swamp for their daily w Ater a or perish from thirst. So the swamps Are useful and indeed necessary to the survival of countless species. If we wish to preserve our luxurious world As nature intended. Then swamps must be included in the scene. Indirectly they Are useful and indeed downright necessary to our Long term survival. Though a swamp teems with life. Many of its tenants Are transients. Migrating Birds depend upon it to nest and rear their Young. Without it the next generation of grebes and such could not return. The swamp also provides permanent habitats for countless other species who could not possibly survive in drier or Wetter higher or lower surroundings this explains Why so Many swamps Are set aside As wildlife sanctuaries big eaters Grain and Hay for a corps of 10.000 u. S. Army cavalry horses in the 19th Century weighed As much As the food for 50.000 men according to encyclopaedia Britannica. To. Baskin last 7 nights ? toe hits in color. A outdoor run at 7 06 cat Low Quot Yui Wynne a at9 05 a Thi out of tonnes Jack Lemmon a Sandy Dennis the bar sinner theatre with hew York cast it a the magic stage now playing. A a my 3 Angels 7. Delightful comedy restaurant country supper wednesday night 5 30 pm 10 00 pm country Ham from Wilkes county homemade pork sausage scrambled eggs buttered apples waffles pancakes with hot syrup amp butter country molasses children 1.75 adults 2.00 including Coffee amp i St run pm Vtha sins of the i daughter a also a a miss Poi fax spy my v a a a a a do a e Vrh to m ladies. Nite All ladies admitted free with this add in Martin twin ie2 1801 Westchester drive/88 5-009 7 Moyie matings for parents Aro yours people the Fri a 1 it a a a a it Yii to in Orr a a a it a 6u�?T fit a Uit pc Fly i Mitt text it til i a it to by to Bill Ibishi up Alt Ages admitted g 4u#iim� o All Ages admitted or a it Al 0w�4��� swyft>�4 625 r restricted under 17 get Uirt it it my it taif to or nor a Walt o no oni Noii i i Omittie a limit May by in Frt in it Al Mim Nimmo imm a Kom of of my Minoa the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise interviews on College scheduled College bound a group of College admission officers who Combine their efforts in exposing High school students to a variety of College opportunities. Will hold interviews for area High school students and their parents from 4 to 7 30 . On tuesday Jan. La at the Hilton inn. 830 w. Market st., Greensboro. Representatives of eight four year coeducational and women s colleges will be available for interviews with prospective applicants or any interested student or Parent. Anyone wishing to arrange for an interview should Call the College bound representative at the Hilton inn the Day before the meeting or phone the College bound office at Babson College. Wellesley Massachusetts on monday wednesday or Friday Between 9 30 a in. And 4 of . 617 237-0308 there will be an information Exchange and luncheon for area guidance Counselor and College admission representatives from 12 to 3 30 . At the Hilton inn on tuesday Jan. La. program is being coordinated by Robert Wells jr., director of admissions at High Point College. Started in 1968. College bound has 75 member colleges. Ign r info ight Cin i to fall 7o,�. Hoppi Ritj Conli a 7 700 0> today 6 pm 00 to High Point Enterprise monday january to 1972 7b to your Good health a a a handling the baby born Tongue tied by George c. Thosteson m d. Dear or. Thosteson please Tell me something about babies being Tongue tied. Why would it he necessary to wait until a child is a year old and then go to the Hospital i had three that were Tongue tied and All they did was clip it when they were three Days old. Why done to doctors find this when they examine babies now or do you think they Are too Busy this child is six months old. And it was an aunt who noticed it a mrs b m t. Well Good for the aunt. But the fact that she was the first to remark on it. And evidently nobody Cise in the family did. May have some bearing on your questions. If a child is Tongue tied it is not a particularly difficult matter to clip the tissue to permit Normal movement of the Tongue. Sometimes it has to be done a and that s that. It used to he that any time the tissue below the Tongue was a Little Short it was clipped. There Are Many things that we used to think necessary which no longer Are done routinely and this is one of them. By experience it was Learned that As a baby grows the Structure of the Mouth Oft pornography prostitution rated Usa documentary one of the Best adults Only hurry on in Barbecue 40 plate 92 bring the family a High Point a to i i presents italian night every tuesday night italian Spaghetti Orl Asanga plus Ila Iai Lwi bread fresh Garden salad Whir Choice a Orr get Vine or 2�per person 736 s mom Rill 3117 in changes so it is not necessary to do any cutting. So today there is no longer the urge to clip the Tongue tissue in Newborn babies of it has to be done later on. At the age of a year More or less it can be done then. If you Are concerned about this situation have the baby examined by a paediatrician paediatricians Are quite familiar with baby Mouths and can give you a pretty sound estimate at six months whether clipping is necessary or whether you should wait a few More months to decide. Done to be too sure that they did no to notice this baby a Tongue but decided to wait and see whether any cutting would Ever have to he done. Content was stronger than in cold water. It could perhaps have changed the flavor of the Tea in some cases. But it would t make any difference so far As health is concerned. Dear or Thosteson is it True that when boiling water for Tea one should use water from the cold tap Only if so. Why a a w. I Don t know of any reason now a for doing so. It s an old belief probably originating from the Days when people kept a Tea Kettle on the stove to provide hot water. Yen Likely in some cases in those Days the water had boiled Down so the Mineral or other How does cd Start Why Are teenagers among its most frequent victims will it cure itself9 or. Thosteson has the answers in his convenient Layman a language b o o k i Ita venereal disease How to avoid it How to cure for a copy write him in care of this newspaper enclosing 35 cents in Coin and a Long. Stamped self addressed use zip code envelope. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. On Cloud 9 in meteorology Cloud formations Are numbered from one to nine die latter being the highest storm Cloud if you Are on top of a Cloud 9.�?� you Are in the sunlight. Special tuesday Only 2 roasted Chicken dinners s1.89 Complete with French Fries or potato salad Cole Slaw and Rolls varsity drive in 2410 n. Main i 3 Quot a Ware inking fatter Quot a Waves warm 35 fast above it More and Mora shark tint cutting tha water thou Heyerdahl expeditions saw you must see Rai an astounding True life adventure for the whole family starts wednesday i week Only. Ii. 1 00 3 00 5 00 7 00 9 00 in free dollars every tuesday wednesday and thursday of each week for each $4 Worth or dry cleaning no matter what the Label says everything dry cleans better i scout id quicker than you think laundry and cleaners 209 Centennial Avenue to Quot a All you ii an fat \ 3 00-8 30 . All you can eat filet of flounder a set Golden French Fries tangy co in Slaw hush puppies a children under 12 flounder All you can eat 75 / child s portion of flounder \ \ served in dining room Only / my seafood restaurant 1718 n. Main is

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