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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 10, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Sunda the sunday Enterprise january to 1926 experts now test medical men trying to find answer to question a when is a Man drunk London Jan. 9.�? apr tile establishment of Standard Solen Tifis test for drunkenness has been brought a step nearer by a decision of the British medical association to investigate the question in the most scientific manner. It is announced that a commit tee of medical experts in co opera j lion with judicial experts will try to find an answer to the question j which has been puzzling police courts for years when is a Man j drunk the committee will have 18 i members representing the medical association the metropolitan police j and stipendiary magistrates. This question has been agitating the authorities for so Long causing j endless court debates and appeals and leading to endless misunderstandings that the medical association has decided to go into the matter in the most thorough possible manner to determine the merits and demerits of existing tests and if necessary work out a new test which will he infallible. Piety of styles mostly Short like a Man s tuxedos and made of taffeta lined with velvet. Others Are somewhat longer in Bright coloured Chiffon velvets the Cut being straight with Long wide sleeves and Belt opening at the wrists. This is radio season now is the time to really enjoy the radio programs. We sell the follow ing Well known radios Zenith freed Eiseman Atwater Kent and Stewart Cartier. We install them and guarantee their performance. Come Iii and talk it Over with or. Atkins the radio Man. Terms to suit. Hart drug co. The Post office is next to us. Fourteen Little sons and daughters of famous actresses and actors Are to participate in a production of sir James m. Barrie s a admirable Crichton to be Given in London in a matinee performance this month. Gladys Cooper. Marie Lohr Sybil Thorndyke Viola tree Nigel Playfair and several other Well known stage parents Brough their children to the first r hearsay. Little Mary Casson Tho 11-year-old daughter of Sybil Thorndyke the actress who has greatly augmented her Fame by her interpretation of the title role in shawls Saint Joan a was the heroine of the rehearsal. She came without her part and when someone asked her if she had left her lines at Home the Little lady indignantly replied it have Learned my lines and do not need any and she really had. She was letter perfect and spoke her lines with a Low Well modulated voice which showed she had been coached by England a pre eminent actress. She plays the role of tween. Marie to lira a Little daughter Jane Prinsen. Is cast for the role of lady Agatha and Gladys Cooper s son. Master John , is cast for the honorable Ernest. By appearing in one of the latest a a dinner Coats Quot for ladies Princess Mary has set the Seal of Royal approval on another of society a fads. The a a dinner coat was designed and worn during the recent cold spell and has proved so popular that it is being used now that the weather is Milder. There Are a a Totic lenses a with the right kind of mount Ings Are As attractive in appearance As they Are easy on the Eye. It is a part of my service to make your glasses neat As Well As right. Or. Nat Walker i 7>pt0m�tkistn of vow i Over Hart drug co. Next to Post office i q for a happier new year determine to get ahead by the close of 192 it through a savings account with Wachovia Cank and Trust co. Resolve As hard a von can to make an initial Deposit then follow ii methodically by Small amounts each and every pay Bank amp Trust co. Dainty frock Are not injured by our t Oddry cleaning Quot dres Well and succeed Send it to Sartino phone Martin titled Folk Are making Strong efforts to get into Trade and trades j men Are trying just As hard to get titles such seems to he the trend of social change in London. Every Daja some lady Baroness countess or even Duchess announces that she la opening a gown shop on Bond Street or a Tea shop or even hotel. The whole social fabric has been twisted and sadly torn since the War. It is no longer a full time Job to be merely a lady or gentleman of social distinction. Society As it was once known in London does not seem to exist any More. Would be leaders cannot round up enough important followers to attract attention. A few Days ago the aged founder of the Bachelor s club died. He had been for several decades one of the most popular men in London society. No dinner or dance was Complete without him in victorian Days. But newspapers generally commented on the elderly Bachelor As a Type which inns passed. He had gone the Way of Ward Mccallester and Harry Lehrha Tho world Over. Heavy taxes growing out of the War have hastened the deterioration of formal society in great Britain. Land is now a Burden and those who had Little but big estates must go to work to maintain their families. Fortunately the it War trained i most Voung men and women How i to look after themselves and the titled land poor Are digging into Trade and Commerce with great Energy. London debutantes have read with hopeful anticipation the announcement that the King and Queen Are to hold three courts at Buckingham Palace next summer instead of the customary two. A fourth court May also be held in Edinburgh liter in the year. A in the event of their majesties engagements permitting a visit to Scotland a says the lord chamberlains announcement a a a further Curt will he held at Holyrood Palace Edinburgh and scottish ladies desirous of being summoned to attend courts Are therefore requested to indicate their wishes because of prospects of four courts All told society leaders predict an exceptionally Gay summer with More than the usual number of presentations which will include from to to 120, and possibly More women from the United states. Rays of a a sold play havoc with Snow official thermometer record shows maximum temperature of 35 degrees the rays of old sol beamed Down on High Point yesterday changing the soft White Mantle that covered the Earth Friday to a chocolate coloured mass of rapidly melting slush. Pedestrians waded and splattered through the slush that melted so rapidly that rivulets were formed along the curbs and Eves of houses. The official thermometer record showed a rising temperature with a maximum of 3 5 degrees recorded at noon. Indications were that the Mercury would continue to Rise until Nightfall when it would take a slight fall. The minimum temperature recorded Early yesterday was 22 degrees according to a. B. Homey local Meteorol Logist. British claim that British toys outstripped All other country a toys this year. Nifty attraction at orpheus this week the Large crowds which have been attending the orpheus since the inauguration of their new policy of bigger and better shows is conclusive proof that the efforts of the management in bringing to High Point these attractions Are appreciated. For the week beginning tomorrow the attraction will he a a fad and fancies a featuring red a a smoke Walters the Ace of blackface comics Ruby Davis in songs and dances Jack Pate eccentric comedian Gladys fancies singing ingenue Teddy Witzgall Southlands Best Buck Aud Wing dancer Smith Sisters a duo of dancing artists and a Host of others including the a Sweet sixteen Beauty chorus of singers and dancers. A Complete change of program will be Given on monday. Wednesday Friday and saturday with ladies admitted to tile matinees daily at the special Price of Loc. He a no Diplomat. A a hello mrs. Smith. Mom s out a a a of that a too bad. I just came to borrow some Johnny shouting up the stairs mom did you mean you were out of sugar a laughter. Odd designs of Snake skins have been adopted for tile latest London Novelty in men s attire. The Mark Ings of Boas pythons and copperheads Are particularly popular. A Menife Wear a a Trade Magazine refers to the idea As a a a daring and original series of v printed effects which stimulate the dazzling color of reptile further describing the new neckwear the Trade journal says thongs Bor a the Beautiful markings of pythons. Boas Copper Heads lizards and chameleons Are reproduced with living Fidelity even the characteristic reptilian scaling of the skin being closely imitated. Sales Are demand for poetry increased markedly during the past ear Chicago Jan. 7.�? i Aln a this age of jazz and rhythm with its d As j Aud Rush its movies radio dancing and cabarets has not diminished the demand for books the last six months of 1925 smashed Book Sale records. The consensus of leading Chicago Book Sellers summing tip a years Bifid Ness with the close of the holidays v As that Sale for tile latter half of 1925 showed Iii increase of 15 to 20 per cent Over Cue last six months of 1924, and were greater than for any similar period. The demand for poetry was almost tripled in 1925. Persons who had not dreamed of such a thing came in and bought books. The Chicago Public Library supplemented the dealers figures with he statement that its circulation increased by a half million copies last year. Merchants observed a marked change in the Quality As Well As the Quantity of books sold. They smiled As they pointed out a a curious trends in juvenile sales highly imaginative tales and illustrated books of verse written with a kick them by authors who have previously made an Appeal to adult readers. Tho you a of the land dealers j said showed a wild desire for Pep i and a bit of wit in its books and i refused to he put off with the j Goody Goody things of a generation ago. Parents who must read aloud to Kheit youngsters want something they themselves can that kind you like so Well free burning the kind that giver the most heat units prompt deliveries. Prices rights. A. Davis ice and Coal phone 2141 Sloppy weather it this is just the kind of weather that makes an automobile desirable. Get one of our guaranteed used cars. Prices As Low As $50. Wilson motor co. High Point Randleman save the Man who anticipates the future needs of himself and family is the Man who really gets All cad. Flop a moment. Think have you taken inventory of what you have done during the past few years you Are a business. You Are the head of that business. Take Stock of yourself. Review your accomplishments then decide if you Are on the right track. Perpetual building Aud loan shares is the safest and Hest Means of saving Money. \ on not univ sat a Btu you also help to build your City l r the Money you invest is in turn invested in High Point real estate which in turn invests in better citizens for the Home owner is the Best citizen a cite can have think it Over the High Point perpetual building and loan association at the commercial National Hank v. A. J. Idol. It h. Klus vice dreg and Tress. Secretary Christmas savings club the commercial National Bank announces the opening of its Christmas savings club for the coming year 15 different classes to select from we Are glad to offer this service again to the people of High Point and invite you to Avail yourselves of the Opportunity offered. The following Are the classes offered and you May open an account at the savings department of the Bank at any time. The account is dated the last week in december this year and runs for fifty weeks ending the first week in december next year when checks will be mailed to All having accounts. Class i a payment of .01 the first week .0 a the second week and increasing of each week will pay at the end of the year $12.7 5 and interest. I 7, a total of $12.02. Class i a a payment of .50 the first week. .49 the second week. And decreasing ,01c each week will pay at the end of the year $12.75, and interest .33 total of $13.08. Class 2 a payment of .02 the first week .04 the second week and increasing .02 each week will pay at the end of the year $25. 50 and interest .3 4 a total of $23.84 class 2-a a payment of $1.00 the first week .98the second week and decreasing .02 each week will pay at the end of the year $25,50 and interest .67 a total of $26.17, class 5 a payment of .05 the first week .10 the second week and increasing .05 each week will pay at the end of the year $63.75, and interest .86 a total of $64.61, a class 5a a payment of $2.50 the first week $2.45 the second week decreasing .05 each week will pay at the end of the year $63.73, and interest $1.67 a total of $65.42. Class to a payment of .10 the first week .20 the second week and increasing. I 0 each week Wilt pay at the end of the year $12 7.50, and $1.72 interest a total of $129.22. Class 10-a a payment of $5.00 the first week $4.90 the second week and decreasing .10 each. Week will pay at end of the year $127.50, and interest $3.34 a total of $130.84. Class 10-s a payment of 0 each week will pay at the crc1, of the year $5.00, and interest .10 a total of $5.1 0. Class 25 a payment of .25 each week will pay at the end of the year. $12.50 and interest .25 a total of $12.75. A class 200 a payment of $2.00 each week pay at the end of the year $100.00. And interest $1.98 a total of $101.98. Class too a payment of $1.00 each week will pay at the end of the year $50.00. And interest ,99 a total of $50.99.class 50 int of to each week will i 1$25.00 and interest a c. D cd the year i of ah30.class 500 a payment of $5.00 each week will pay at the end of the year $250.00, and interest $4.97 a total of $254.9 7. Class 1000 a payment of $10.00 each week will pay at the end of the year $500.00, and , $9.94 a total of $509.94. From the foregoing you observe that there is a class for everyone from the youngest to the oldest members of t tire family and for the one who can Only spare a few pennies each week or the one who can save a Large amount. You will be very Happy when your Check comes to you next december if you open an account the Coria tres a National la Auk Nich Point. Cali Tel and surplus North Carolina Etal resources $9,000,000.00

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