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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, High Point, North Carolina 4 a editorial Page High Point Enterprise sunday january 8, 1967 daily meditation cast your bread upon the Waters for you will find it after Many Days. A Eccl. Ill a a a no person was Ever honoured for what he received. Honor has been the Reward for what he gave. A Calvin Coolidge 30th . President. The Powell Case a new Opportunity for leadership again the convening of the 90th Congress this week offers president Johnson the Opportunity to reassert his leadership Over the nation. The Start of the new year has seen the country in the remarkable situation of almost being without a president. At his ranch in Texas president Johnson has kept himself out of the Public Eye to the extent that it appeared he wanted to be if it were possible out of the Public mind also. For both Johnson and the country. 1966 was not a particularly Good year. That in itself is a Paradox. For most americans 1966 was a Good year. They were working and earning More Money than they Ever had. But there were worries about inflation about tight Money about civil rights about the War on poverty and about the War in Vietnam. Johnson will surely touch upon All these problems in his state of the Union message to Congress. It will be a Congress noticeably different from the 89th. The massive democratic majorities in the last Congress have been eroded by Republican gains in the elections last november. The possibility of a revival of the Republican Southern Democrat coalition is real. In any Case the new sunday Sermon Congress is not Likely to be openly receptive to president Johnson a leadership. It will be Johnson however setting Forth the nations goals for the next year. Before Congress can act it must listen. The Only inkling Johnson has Given of the tone of his state of the Union address came last week. He said he saw no reason Why the nation cannot support the War in Vietnam As Well As the War on poverty. Whether this Means that what Johnson will propose is Only More of the same remains to be seen. Some reports indicate the president is planning an overhaul of the anti poverty program to coordinate planning and responsibility. There will be particular interest in what Johnson has to say about the War in Vietnam. Is the military Effort to be pushed even further or is there to be a new approach toward peace talks with the Viet Cong and North Vietnam Many will disagree with what the president May propose in his message. That is the Way in which we govern ourselves. It will be enough if the president Speaks with a Strong voice and a new sense of urgency in his role As a Leader. A new difficult word a have we not All one father. Hath not god created Osall a Malad 2, la. Cume nicety. This word has become one of the big words in modern Church life and thought a what does it mean a a lady asked me some time ago. Well it is an old word which originated with the indent greeks Twenty five Hundred years ago and has come directly into our English meaning a the whole inhabited thus the Church has taken this word into its vocabulary and in these later Days has emphasized its meaning certainly by the protestants As never before. In our religious thinking it May mean a Universal worldwide and All now some people have limited their Outlook in excluding others Many others from their consideration and love. In gathering clothing and shoes for the germans following the late War a woman said to me a you will never get a rag from me nor a Nickel for those on the other hand a Man whose son had been killed in japanese area of the same War said to me a i plan to take my songs insurance Money and help support a missionary in Japan when the War is this Man had the ecumenical mind. All of us Are ecumenical in the material things of life. We sit at the dining table and drink the Coffee from far away Brazil and enjoy it to our satisfaction. The Young lady engaged to her Lover wears a Brilliant Stone on her Finger from the toil of South africans. Yellow faced men Are Labouring in the hemp Fields of the Philippines for the ropes and cables of yonder ship sailing for Europe. That gorgeous dress of silk worn by the Bride to the altar comes from the Mills of Distant Japan. Those tiny Little Platinum Points that labor unseen in the distributor of your automobile came from the mines of Colombia in South America. Rubber from Sumatra pineapples from Hawaii gasoline from Arabia fish from the Waters of Newfoundland furs from Alaska and a Hundred other commodities from afar bring material blessings to our doors. Yes we Are All ecumenical in a material Way. But we forget that immortal stanza from the hymn a in Christ there is no East or West in him no South or North but one wide Fellowship of love throughout the whole wide there is but one totalitarianism in which the Christian ought to believe and that is the totalitarianism of the lord Jesus the one who took the whole wide world into his arms and said the noblest expositor of the Christian message declared that in Christ a there is neither greek nor jew circumcision nor uncircumcision barbarian scythian Bond nor free but Christ is All and in All. What a wide Universal sweep of the gospel for All the world. The love of god in Christ reaches for the least and the lowest of Earth a people. One of the Baptist pastors in Washington was receiving into the membership of his Church Charles Evans Hughes governor Cabinet member Justice of the supreme court by his Side stood a chinese laundry Man and the pastor said to him a emr. Chang always remember that at the foot of the Cross the ground is level. We All Are equal that is the ecumenical spirit. Why then should some Church members look Down their noses at others less fortunate Why do people carrying the name of Jesus think less of others who live a across the trades Christ Means that we All Are Brothers and Sisters together in one Large Universal family of love. May our hearts reach out this year and take More and More people into our wide Fellowship. Why confine your love to those who love you Why run with Only those who go your Way do not even the publicans the same protestants and catholics presbyterians and episcopalians methodists and lutherans quakers and baptists and All the others belong to Christ. May we All this year come closer together in our cume nicety. May we stand up like old Walt Whitman and say a i Salute All the inhabitants of the cer the High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every attention and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise inc. 308307 North main Street High Point n. C., 27281 d. A. Rawley. President mrs. H. Lockwood. Vice president Randall b. Terry or. Treasurer Joseph p. Rawley. Secretary Holt Mcpherson. Editor Joe Brown. Executive editor c. W. Patterson or. Advertising director v. W. Idol or. Business manager Charles s. Loflin. Circulation manager by Capus Waynick what should Congress do in the Case of Adam Clayton Powell the answer to that question is made More difficult by the vociferous rally of negro Christian ministers to his Side. Some of these Are talking menacingly of a a explosions of race resentment if Congress does anything against Powell. This unfortunate development should not affect congressional action. That body should decide its course totally without respect for it the Congress should penalize or fail to penalize the congressman from Harlem without regard to the new a a pressure group. Powell a behaviour clearly is reprehensible. He has ignored court orders displaying an intolerable contempt for Law and its processes which he has sworn As a legislator to support the alleged abuses he is said to have committed in exercising his Power Over Public funds if True seem enough to convict him of malfeasance that should make him undesirable As a member of Congress. But even if that reasoning is Correct and just the answer to the question with which this article opens is unclear. The Constitution makes Congress the sole judge of the eligibility of its members but i have never been certain that this Power imposes on that body a duty to scrutinize the character of the candidate elected to a seat before seating him and to determine that his character is Good. Powell was elected by his District and his credentials seem to be unquestioned. If the seat be denied film the Congress would be taking on itself the privilege and the High responsibility of denying to the voters of a District the right to choose their own representative. It is conceivable that Congress might hold Powell or any other person elected to membership As eligible even though he be in prison on criminal charges. But if Congress does decide that its constitutional Power does not entail properly disqualification of Harlem a Man there would remain a duty in Congress to guard against assigning authority Over an important committee to any member who would not handle the responsibility with due regard to Law. The Powell Case is not a race problem and the negro leaders who Are calling for a better Deal for their people in this country should reflect deeply before joining a demand that the congressman be licensed to do what he pleases about Law he is sworn to uphold. There is very Little negro blood in the veins of Powell and he is not so constituted As to make a very impressive Martyr for the negro race As its members strive for a first class a so eve and i switched a few Lousy apples but if you throw me out you re anti grop Drew Pearson Holt of Heman a Good morning Good morning is glad he Hasni to any part in judging this time the Winner of the Young Man of the year award to be made by the Jaycees at their annual Bosses night event thursday evening in the sky room. For the past year produced quite a plethora of Youthful leadership that renders difficult a selection while maintaining the tradition of civic consciousness on the part of High Points younger generation. Indeed this is the Only City in Tho stale which has twice had its Young Man of the year go on to become the states Young Man of the year Bob Latta and John Crowder having accomplished that in the years they won Here ii and s 131 a wide Robert a. Culler was last years Winner and Robert Brown made history by winning it the year before. Too quite a number of still Young leaders crossed the 36-year-old Barrier before this years selection but a colourful lot continues pressing within the age limitation to distinguish Tho Community As Well As themselves. The Jaycees dedicated president Tom Chandler himself is one who has to have consideration for he has furnished inspired leadership to set the stage for a second All America City bid by that group this year. _ if the distaff Side were included the Competition would a even Keener for a number of Gal children and there Are few who confess to being Over 36 these Days when Milady works so hard at keeping Young have wrought Well in avenues of Community service. One is mrs. Frances Redding who would Wear the Honor prettily for her musical contributions which have been outstanding As have been civic contributions of her banker husband Don who directed the most successful Sale yet of season tickets for the Panther basketball games and who teaches in the colleges evening school another who rates consideration is attorney de Hardin whose leadership of the symphony society the Community concert association the co chairmanship of budget for United Community services and also for the successful rotary Barbe Cue auction As Well have caused him to appear to give More time to civic work than his Law practice. Irving Silver successful in furniture manufacturing a sparked As head High Points burgeoning arts Council is one teetering on the age line but entitled to Strong consideration for the Honor. David a. Rawley jr., whose far Flung business interests did no to prevent his twice making trips to Bolivia in the state departments a partners of the alliances program a segment of the a Dalliance for Progress project which stirred considerable support Here and Over the state rendered a Public service that Speaks eloquently in his behalf. Attorney Frank Wyatt whose series of addresses on the guilt or innocence of Christ made quite a contribution to club programs. David dowdy jr., As president of the High Point merchants association is another whose qualifications commend him. He works so quietly that few know it but his sculpturing Hobby is in itself outstanding As is his work with his Church the pharmaceutical foundation and other civic matters. He is too Busy As an Active rotarian to be a Jaycee but that membership is not a requirement. A Jaycee who has to be counted among the eligible is Bob l. Parrish whose great work with the House of prayer the Bloodmobile and the High Point College Golden decade Campaign distinguishes him in any company of younger men. Amos r. Keams or. Did outstanding work with the United Community services last year. Banker Bill Wright who Heads they a menus club has furnished excellent work in that groups several projects including Camp Cheerio which they a men sparked from its inception. And or. James Johnson neurosurgeon big game Hunter real estate Developer and Many other things is the kind of rare medic whose professional career rounds into Community service that distinguishes. Or. Thomas Haggai who won the Young Man of the year Honor in Rock Hill s. C., before he came Here to serve and develop Emerywood Baptist Church is eligible of course although his major contribution is As ambassador of Good will for High Point As he Speaks to audiences All Over this country. His contributions locally through the american Humanick foundation and otherwise keep him a continuing possibility. Reverend Sam Hope the personable pastor of Forest Hills presbyterian Church would have been a possibility had his Call to Vietnam not taken him there. Indeed sight should not be lost of the fact that perhaps in Vietnam or elsewhere in the nations military service May be the rightful Winner of the accolade. Warren Day director of youth ministry for Wesley memorial methodist Church has contributed a youth service and influence reaching far beyond the limitations of his churches membership. And Donald Drapeau assistant professor of Fine arts at High Point College has made quite a contribution through his work with the Tower players and with the Fine arts projects of the Community. A newcomer whose residence Hasni to been of sufficient length to warrant his selection this time is Richard Edmunson newly installed manager of Sears and who will be in charge of that store opening next month. He will be a Force in More than just merchandising and at 33 could be a potential Winner in years to come. Benny Phillips sports co editor of the Enterprise is another whose contributions Are distinguishing he lives in Thomasville but works Here while Stacy Johnson who has done great work with youth Here works in Greensboro but his civic contribution is Here. Wire tapping main Issue in Baker trial member or the associated a Ress rates by mail payable in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. Dally and sunday. $20.60 $10.30 $5.15 $1.90 sunday Only. $10.40 $ 5.20 $2.60 $ .90 by Carrier. Weekly .45 year $23.40 mall subscript Lona in . Subject to 3% Galea tax the associated Presa la entitled to the use tor reproduction of eur local news printed in this newspaper As Well As eur a news dispatches. Entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point n. C., under act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point n. A carriers dealers and distributors Are inde pendent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc. Is not responsible for Advance sub script Lon payments made to them or their representatives. For Home delivery rate Contact your local Carrier. Ward girl filth company National advertising representatives Washington a the most sensational political trial in recent Washington history opens monday when Bobby Baker former Senate Secretary goes on trial for income tax evasion. Involved will be not merely the future of a Young Man who was the Friend of senators and presidents but also 1. The ramifications of illegal wire tapping even when the evidence is not used directly to secure an indictment 2. The past operations of one of the wealthiest senators the late Bob Kerr d-okla., who took Baker of on the Mountaintop 3. The operations of a powerful Republican rep. John w. Byrnes wu., and his financial ties to Bobby Baker through the magic firm 4. The Friendship Between Baker and Lyndon Johnson who used the enterprising Young Man from Pickens s. C., As his eyes and ears in the Senate 5. The whole question of raising political Campaign funds. Of these the most important principle involved is the use of wire tapping. One revelation Likely to come out at the Baker trial is a phone Call he received from Bobby Kennedy then attorney general. A get off the phone. You be talking a warned Kennedy cryptically. In View of the Justice departments recent revelation that wire taps and electronic devices were used to Monitor some of bakery a conversations the warning is highly significant. U. S. Judge Oliver Gasch has now supported the Justice departments claim that none of the evidence used to indict Baker was taken from wire tapped conversations. But the Basic constitutional Issue is whether the Fri can listen in on a Many a conversations and pick up such clues As a Tell a a a not to say then the Fri can go to a and can Bluff him into revealing what the conversation was All about. Judge Gasch also ruled that j. Edgar Hoover did not have to testify As to whether he had supplied the Justice department with All the bugged transcripts involving Baker. Hoover did not even sign a statement on this Point. Merely an inter office memo from Hoover to Fred Vinson jr., head of the Justice departments criminal division bearing no signature was submitted in evidence. This phase of tile Baker Case is certain to be appealed to the supreme court if there is a conviction. A Cash from savings Banks a most sensational testimony in the Baker trial will concern sen. Bob Kerr the big Oil Man from Oklahoma who dominated the Senate finance committee when in 1962 it was writing tougher taxes on the Federal savings and loan institutions. Many savings and loan executives were anxious to avoid this increased tax but their overtures to both the late sen Harry Byrd d-va., and Kerr had been unsuccessful. However Bobby Baker suggested to Kerr that some of the savings executives were willing to put up $200,000 if their taxes were not appreciably increased. At first Kerr was uninterested then he recalled that the democratic party faced a Tough election fight in Oklahoma. The testimony will bring out that he agreed to receive the Money in cold Cash. On nov. 9, 1s62 Bobby Baker brought in the first instalment $100,000 in greenbacks and Laid it on sen. Kerry a desk. Of this $33,000 came from Sidney Taber chairman of first financial in Beverly Hills $50,000 came from Stewart Davis and $17-000 from John f. Marten officers of the great Western financial corporation in los Angeles. Kerr counted out the Money and stacked it in three piles on his desk. He put $50,000 in one pile to go to the Oklahoma Campaign. He put $10,000 in another pile to go for contingent expenses. And he put $40,000 in another pile which he gave to Bobby Baker. He told Baker at the time that he should begin looking out for himself and that this was a gift. The second instalment of $100,000 never was paid by the savings executives. They got their tax increase killed without coughing up the rest. When this occurred in november 1962, Lyndon Johnson had been two years absent from the Senate. Significantly All of the indictments brought against Baker were based on facts occurring Well after Johnson a term in the Senate expired. The Baker trial will probably last two months

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