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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, High Point, North Carolina The weather mostly Cloudy today and turning colder 83rd year no. 8 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning january 8, 1967 64 poet sunday Puzzle test your skin see Page 9-c daily 10c, sunday 20c urged Kennedy not to go William Manchester reports in his Book a the death of a president a being serialized in look Magazine that five prominent democrats urged president Kennedy not to go to Dallas in november 1963. From left senators Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and j. William Fulbright of Arkansas Texas democratic chairman Byron Skelton rep. Hale Boggs of Louisiana and . Ambassador Adlai Stevenson. Below presidential car immediately after fatal shots were fired. Tap wire photo Dallas tour vexed Juk new York a president John f. Kennedy was trying to Patch up what he considered a Petty dispute Between Texas politicians when he met his death in Dallas William Manchester reports in his Book a the death of a president a itself a subject of dispute. The feud indirectly involved vice president Lyndon b. Johnson Manchester asserts. Describing Kennedy a feelings about the three a v tour of Tex As in november 1963, Manchester writes a the Prospect was unappetizing and vexing to the chief executive. It appeared to him that Johnson ought to be Able to resolve this Petty dispute himself the trip seemed to be an Manchester also writes that five highly placed democrats advised Kennedy a some in strongly worded warnings a not to go to Dallas on the tour. A the atmosphere in Dallas had become highly charged with inflammatory statements against Kennedy the Book asserts. Manchester quotes one of the five sen. J. W. Fulbright of Arkansas As saying to Kennedy a Dallas is a very dangerous place. I go there. Done to you the others who urged Kennedy to bypass Dallas the Book says were sen. Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota House whip Hale Boggs of Louisiana ambassador Adlai e. Stevenson and Texas National committeeman Byron Skelton. Look Magazine is serializing a the death of a president and these reports appear in the first of four instalments totalling 60,-000 words. The Magazine is scheduled to reach news stands next tuesday morning. Mrs. John f. Kennedy withdrew her objections to publication by look after editors made some revisions. She has not however authorized the passages that appear in the Magazine. A spokesman for Gardner Cowles editorial chairman quoted him As saying the revisions involved Only 1,-600 words and a in no Way affected the historical accuracy or completeness of the the first instalment reports that an altercation of some kind flared bet Wen Kennedy and Johnson in san Antonio. It took place in a hotel room adjoining mrs. Kennedy a and she heard a raised voices a Manchester writes. A the Johnson did not define the nature of the discussion a the Book says. A precisely what was said is unknown. Johnson controlled his celebrated temper in his chiefs presence but in the words of one Man on duty outside a he left that suite like a another described Johnson a expression As mrs. Kennedy the report of the episode continues remarked that the vice president a sounded made and she asked her husband what the discussion had been about. . Marines push wrong Campaign in Delta kills patients Saigon South Vietnam apr u. S. Marines struggled through Waist deep vehicle mining swamps saturday in the so petting phase of an american Campaign in the Mekong River Delta that could make this the bloodiest year of the vietnamese War. The heavily populated Delta with mangrove thickets and Rice paddies laced by 25.000 navigable Miles of Waterways has been out of the martial main the Mekong Delta Region a wire photo Stream because of the Prospect that Sharp action against indigenous Viet Cong bands would mean heavy civilian casualties. Its hard for even a native to distinguish guerrillas from peaceful Panama Clad peasants. But the Delta has been a heartland of the communists for 20 years and now americans Are joining vietnamese troops in an Effort to crush guerrilla bands estimated to total 100,000 men. Vietnamese efforts Over the years had led but to a stalemate negating hard won gains farther North. The Viet congas extensive Delta organization feeds Large quantities of men supplies and Money to red units in other saris of the country. The Rice Arvest is on now in the Delta and Viet Cong tax agents Are levying Grain from the peasants in areas the communists control. Swamp mud and water initially proved a greater obstacle than the Viet Cong for the american marines who in company with vietnamese marines Are making the first big american thrust into the Delta. Eight vehicles had to be towed out. Enemy resistance to the 4,000-Man task Force which stormed ashore by Landing Craft and helicopters on White Beach Friday from a flotilla of 12 . Navy ships was reported limited to scattered sniper fire. The operation called dec House five centers 55 Miles South of Saigon. From the air the Delta looks like a picture postcard land. But vietnamese troops regularly assigned there have found campaigning ugly business. It was with reluctance that . Military planners decided american units with the fantastic firepower of heavy artillery and fighter bombers should move in to help. Charleroi Belgium apr a heart drug mistakenly administered to cancer sufferers in a Charleroi Hospital has caused patient deaths the Hospital announced saturday. It did not say How Many deaths there were but the belgian news Agency Belga said a the number of victims appears to be rather High and the Brussels newspaper derriere Here quoted unofficial reports As saying there were 20 dead. A communique of the Arthur gaily med Cochi surgical Institute in Charleroi said the drug digitalis was mistakenly labelled by a belgian pharmaceutical firm and doctors used it on their patients in the belief it was a drug containing hormone for treatment of prostate cancer. It normally is used As a tonic for cardiac patients. Normal dosage of digitalis is one to three milligrams a Day. The hormone preparation is administered at the rate of up to to milligrams three times a Day. Red guard irate workers Battle Tokyo a anti red guard forces have taken Over the Eastern chinese City of banking after bloody Battles with communist China a red guards dispatches from peking reported sunday. They said the City 530 Miles Southeast of peking is in the grip of terror. Japanese correspondents reported that army and Public Security forces Loyal to propaganda chief Tao Chu denounced As a counter revolutionary by the red guards have arrested 6.000 persons according to Wall posters in peking. Japan a Kyodo news service said red guard Wall posters in peking reported 54 persons killed 900 wounded and 6.000 arrested in clashes tuesday thursday and Friday. One correspondent representing the newspaper yom Iuri said Defeated supporters of chairman Mao tse Tung had called for help from other parts of the nation. The correspondents said word of the fighting and the Appeal for help appeared on posters pasted on peking Walls saturday. The posters were signed by the peking Branch of the banking proletariat revolutionists organization which said it received an emergency Telephone Cau from a member who escaped from the City. The Telephone caller was reported to have said a we Revo explosion seen As suicidal Las vegas. Nev. A a three Story Motel was virtually destroyed saturday by an apparently suicidal blast that killed six persons and injured eight. The downtown area was rocked at 1 25 . By an explosion police believe was touched off by someone firing a Bullet into dynamite. Police said the blast entered in room 24 of the orbit inn registered to a or. And mrs. R. J. Paris of Hollywood Calif. They were driving a car with Florida License plates. Dist. Atty. George Franklin or. Said a charred .25 Caliper automatic pistol was found in the Alley behind the Motel close to a severed human hand. He said a Bullet from this gun was found in the debris. Franklin said it appeared someone had fired the gun into dynamite taken to the Motel room. Police found wires in the Back seat of the Florida car which they could not explain. Franklin said this was an indication someone had planned a suicide a probably right in the Middle of downtown a then decided to detonate the dynamite in the Motel. If True this would be the most spectacular suicide yet in this famed gambling resort. The 73-unit Motel virtually demolished by the blast is four blocks from a Cluster of downtown casinos and two Miles from the lavish Las vegas strip of gambling resorts. The dead were not identified immediately. Lution Aries were surrounded and our Headquarters has been an estimated 400,000 supporters of the criticized propaganda chief were reported to be marching to banking from Shanghai and other nearby districts. A czechoslovak dispatch told of 60,000 captives on both sides in the fighting who underwent torture. A their fingers noses and ears were chopped off their tongues Cut out a said a report of the news Agency ctr to Prague. A correspondent for Tokyo Shimun said the posters reported that some of those arrested had a their fingers and noses chopped off while girl students had their clothes ripped Tao was accused wednesday by red guards of siding with president Liu Shao Chi main target of a purge being conducted by Mao and his acclaimed heir defense minister Lin Piao. Tao 60, emerged As the f o u r t a ranking communist chinese in a party shakeup which demoted Liu from second to eighth place last August. Only Mao Lin and Premier Chou in Lai precede Tao in the Hierarchy listing. Soviet policy shift reflects uneasiness Moscow a an important shift in soviet policy has occurred. Signs indicate it Means an increasingly serious View of possible danger from China. Secrecy so far veils the new policy line. But things Here and there a newspaper articles and words from communist sources a show that China is preying on Kremlin minds As a potential threat. And As China gets More attention Vietnam gets less. Vietnam is a relatively Static problem some distance away China an explosively turbid problem along the soviet unions longest Border. The fact of Sui important shift in policy by the soviet communist party which sets the governments policies was published saturday in the party newspaper pravda in an indirect Way. Pravda reported that in recent Days seven party leaders had briefed regional party officials across european Russia and into Siberia and a China Border Region of soviet Central men Leonid i. Brezhnev and Mikhail a. Suslov gave briefings in Moscow and Leningrad. The subject was the dec. 12-13 secret meetings of the party scentral committee and the speech Brezhnev made to it. The speech was not made Public after the meeting meaning it was a hot item politically. The committee Resolution following it however said the great Power a anti soviet policy of Mao tse Tung and his group ha3 entered a new dangerous it said the meeting had found it necessary to expose the wayward course a of the present chinese leaders to step up the struggle in defense of details of the danger of How to expose and to step up the struggle were to Given publicly. They Are the underlying policy. In fact non communist analysts Here say a shift on China became apparent in a pravda editorial nov. 27. It was the strongest denunciation of Mao a group in years. It held out for the first time the suggestion that the soviet Union was backing Mao a opponents in the chinese Power struggle. About the same time informed sources said sem Public meetings were being held to spread the party word about tensions on the China Border. The meetings were intended to Alert the Public to the existence of a possible futu5e enemy. On dec. 29 the defense ministry newspaper red Star revealed the other Side of this Coin. It published a Long editorial saying the chinese army was being taught that the soviet Union was the enemy. Chinese propaganda is trying a to cultivate hatred for the soviet Union among servicemen a the editorial said. Inside heading Texas feud bothers 10-a Community theatre prepares play. Page i d Hussein balances on shaky throne Page 2-d classified. 3-10-d women a world. Sec. B sports. Sec. C editorials. 4-a crossword. 9-c amusements. 8-9-c books. 3-d obituaries. 10-c Turlington still Teet Taler z. V. Turlington Mooresville n. A you can go to Zebulon Vance Turlington a House sunday shake his hand and say Happy birthday but straight punch is the strongest drink hell give you. Turlington who introduced the legislative act that made North Carolina legally dry in 1923, will be 90 years old. Clean living and hard work he said probably helped him get that old. He is just As confirmed a tee to Taler As Ever and still works every Day. Reared on a tobacco farm in Johnston county turn ton moved to Moo Reviue in 1900 and opened a Law office. He was a member of the North Carolina general Assembly Dur ing seven sessions. In 1928, turn ton was renominated for his House seat by the Iredell county democrats. But he said presidential candidate Al Smith a was so determined to do away with All the prohibition Laws that i go along with the ticket and in Mooresville Turlington continued his Law practice became attorney for the City county and school system and was Active in presbyterian Church affairs. But last year his name appeared again on front pages of newspapers throughout the state. Enforcing the turn ton act of 1923, recorders court judge William grist of Charlotte convicted a woman of operating a club in which liquor was drunk. The turn ton act made the consumption of liquor outside ones Home As by a Brown bagging a Legal. The North Carolina supreme court ruled nov. 30 that the old Turlington act should still be enforced and the u. S. Supreme court overthrow the decision. Members of the 1967 general As sem Bably say the turn ton act will probably be drastically changed this year to conform with the habits of the people. Turn ton says it be. A i just done to think that a the answer to the whisky problem toting it around in Little bags a the White haired lawyer said

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