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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 8, 1926, High Point, North Carolina \ Hage 8high Point Enterprise Friday. January 8, 1926 hails discovery of great Forest lands i Parks Gregg says the people can have the National Parks if they want them if the old spirit of it exploration to Iii he led Columbus and Balboa to i or discoveries wore not or Iii Ltd i Ranf the men who located the croat Smoky mountains and the Shenandoah Valley As Sites for new National Parks the first in the Eastern United states would never have succeeded in their quest. Ruch is th1 conclusion of William c. Gregg one of the members of the. Southern appalachian National bark commission which at the Behest of Secretary of Interior work undertook the task of locating Sites for a National Park in the East. In a lie current number of the or. Gregg tells of the search for these Parks and presents a vivid picture of the necessity for the Early creation of these great playgrounds. The article which has a prominent position in this Issue of the a outlooks a is entitled a a two new National Parks and beneath this caption is a map showing the relative location of these proposed Parks and the following Legent a von ran Hay them if you want them As the map on this Page shows. The proposed Parks lie dose to the thickly populated sections of the East the South and the Middle West. One lies close to the National Capitol itself. Ask your congressman if he will six illustrations accompanying i or. Gregg a article show the beauties of the great it Poky mountains Section and the devastation done by the Lumberman a axe fire and the consequent erosion. In introduction of his subject or. Gregg writes Quot under the Shadow of a great Telescope a Man with a Microscope May be unfolding new worlds. A thousands of discoverers followed Columbus and Balboa. When did the first White Man see Niagara Falls the big Trees of California the Yellowstone Geyser and also ble chasm a has everything been fully discovered in the United states i guess not. A commission of five men appointed by the Secretary of Tho inferior last year with Powers to Hunt for a National Park in the Southeast found two which were unknown and might have remained a unheralded and Unsung if the old spirit of exploration had not spurred them on. A Timber cutters cruised the areas but their views were commercial. A Good Many Hunters had pursued Gam in both areas but the impelling adventure was evidently the Chase and the kill for they did not pay much More attention to the remarkable scenery than did the dogs they were following. A this commission composed of five National Park a experts were of All men most sceptical before they put on their Canvas clot lies and started to examine a few suggested a we americans Hunt Oil because we want Oil and by George we find it we want one or two places worthy to be called National Parks in the East and we find Secretary of the Interior work is according to or. Gregg the first to set about to find National Park Sites in Tho East in a scientific manner. And he has been a persistent advisor to the Park commission in their efforts. Or. Gregg in his article pays High tribute to Secretary work and Stephen t. Mather the re the National Park service. Of and their work to Mother Fletcher a Astoria is a pleasant harmless substitute for Castor Oil Paregori teething drops and soothing syrups especially prepared for infants in arms and children All Ages. To avoid imitations always look for the signature of proven directions on each package. Physicians everywhere recommend it. Everyone who visits this great mid Winter Sale makes Money for himself Hart Schaffner amp Marx Kuppen Heimer and Griffon Fine suits and overcoats at great Price reductions a off y2 off you need we need room. You want to save Money we want to Cave time in disposing of these clothes hence these big reductions. It s a Good thing for you it s Good business for us. N. H. Silver co. These men writes a if you Ever get the blues and think our government is corrupt and Miff client just take a look at Tho National Park service under work and Mather. You will find a hard working economical Crew with a High average interest in serving the Public. They Are protecting our property that we Aud our descendants May enjoy a if we can save these two Eastern areas and turn them Over to the National Park service it will make them accessible by roads to scenery and by paths to the Virgin forests a or. Gregg writer. A it will restock them with native game so that Elk her and Buffalo can again be seen in herds in the East. It will protect the wonderful flowering shrubs and tile great j est collection of rare plan life in am Erie a. A Vou say a wily not leave them alone Why make roads because i forty million american people who live within a twelve hour journey j of those High and Cool areas need i the outdoor ii they can give and because the lumbermen Are cutting the remaining Trees in these Small areas of Virgin Forest. A the almighty makes Beautiful forms combined with Beautiful facts and we Marvel and Admire. If either the form or the face is tamp Rui with we lose interest. God makes the Mountain form and cover Clit. With a face of Beautiful Plant life. Most of the forests have been Cut Down by Man but Here we find several places win a the face of splendid mountains still Blossom in All their Virgin Beauty. A we Are a up and thrill nation hut not a wholly idiotic people to sacrifice Scenic gems to the axe of the woodsman who himself makes Little if any profit. He is Only cutting because it is his business to Cut so Long As there Are Trees As an illustration of the disastrous effects of erosion. Or. Gregg Points in his article to the experience of India and China. On this Point he writes Quot one reason that China is a decadent famine stricken country is because individual interest has gradually consumed the Trees and left the surface Barren. One reason that India has hundreds of abandoned dams and water reservoirs is because the mud has washed Down from deforested areas Aud Lilied them full of Earth. Our own great water reservoirs of the West Are slowly filling up with mud largely because our talk about reforestation is so far principally a it May be admitted a he says a that they Are secondary to the West in rugged grandeur but they Are first in Beauty of Woods in thrilling fairyland Glens and in the warmth of Mother natures Welcome. When Park roads enable you to motor to the highest Points which our commission Only reached on foot when you can get an unobstructed View where we had to climb Trees to see you May argue that the vistas from these tops Arr finer than those of the West. A Cdr. Work being a physician As Well As an administrator thinks of these Parks in terms of outdoor health of Eastern America. Our commission being composed of practical men thinks with him also of the business social and political advantages of the mingling of the North with the South of the West with the East. Quot surely democracy can have no better schoolroom than a National Park where All meet As equals to learn and change of balls both sides of the water discussing the question of alteration Chicago Jan. 7.�? apr declaration by w. Norman Boase of St. Andrews that the discussion Over changing the size of Golf balls was still open Between american and British golfers today brought i up for comment the subject among delegates to the annual meeting of j the american Golf association to i be held tomorrow and saturday in Chicago. The British last year refused to j agree to a Standard Ball 1.68 inches in diameter and weighing 1.55 ounces As compared with the present Hall which must not weigh More than 1.62 ounces and must not he smaller than 1.62 inches in diam Mer. The present Hall May be lighter and larger so that the proposed Hall could be used without any agreement but it was sought to eliminate the heavier and smaller Pellet now allowed. Tile subject will come up for discussion at least informally at the it. S. G. A. Meeting As the president to be of the organization William fownes. Jr., of Pittsburgh who is chairman of the committee that went to St. Andrews to obtain the new limitation on Golf balls. The object sought is to limit the flight of the Ball so that Golf courses will not become too Short and to have to be rebuilt at great expense. This reconstruction was fore d Soma 20 years ago by the introduction of rubber cored pellets and some changes have been made since then to keep Pace with the Ever increasing resiliency of Tho rubber i tubules. Robert a. Gardner who had been in line for the presidency of the u. S. G. A. Until he gave Way As first vice president to Charles Pfeil of Memphis Titre times head of the Western Golf association said that he had player with the new Ball and found Little difference in the distance obtainable. Gardener who is one of the Long est Drivers in the world and was twice National Amateur Champion said the idea was not to Lessen the distance but to prevent increasing it. Harr Vardon formerly British Premier is quoted As favouring a slightly larger Ball asserting that it is easier to lift it from a close lie and also to get hold of with an Iron. Chess is affected by russian revolution revolution and counter revolution. In the White set the conventional and time honoured figures of King Queen Knight Bishop and Castle Are retained but in the opposing set the King is replaced by a worker the Queen by a peasant woman the knights by red army soldiers the Bishops by bolshevik commissars the castles by factories and the pawns by a Young pioneers a who Are scouts of the land of the soviet. _ _ another retirement of chinese general second chinese military Leader reported to have retired in the past few Days. Marshal Fengyu Hsiang whose recent victories made him master of peking tientsin and All of Chihli province announced his retirement monday. Chang s reported retire i comes after a decline Victory of his former ally general Kun Suhaj Ling whose army Las Defeated j att in december near Mukden. It a Tokyo Jan. 7.�? apr vernacular advices from Mukden capital of Manchuria say that marshal Chang Tso Lin manchurian War lord has announced his retirement. The foreign office has received no confirmation of the announcement but the spokesman for the office said the report was believed probable. Marshal Chang Tso Lin is the Moscow Jan. 6.�? apr the revolution has affected chess the most cosmopolitan of All games am a pastime so ancient that its Origi is lost in Antiquity. The recent International tournament held hoi has stimulated the game and a Obi Sheviki chess men Are being main fractured in Large quantities. The new sets Are red and White thus representing the forces of no cold Otvar headache or Grippe colds break in a Day for the millions who use Hills. Headache and fever Stop. La Grippe is checked. Allrn a Way so reliable that druggists guarantee results. Colds Are too important to treat in lesser ways. All druggists a if pries 30c Cascara get red bom with portrait it hits the smokers spot Henry a fourth a it s in the taste made in Tampa of Havana tobacco by the hands of spaniard artists. You la enjoy this wonder smoke ask foist today favourites 2 for 25c aristocrats Queens exceptional 10c 15c 3 for 50c Barbee Hayes Ca distributors Corner Market and Forbis its. Phone 1962 Bond of millions in Illinois murder cases Chicago Jan. 7.�? apr Bonds of nearly $2, each wore fixed by judge l. P. Harris. For Edward Bresnahan confessed participant in a killing and John Murphy admitted Confederate of Bresnahan in a score of robberies. The action of judge harms Imre temporarily from do Quoin 111., came after the Transfer to a civil court Bench of judge John Lyle whose fixing of High Bonds brought him the title of a the Sloop oooo Hail his Transfer was greeted with objection from Morgan a. Collins police chief. Who said the High Bonds were an Aid to the police in checking crime. How doctors treat colds and flu to break up a cold overnight or to Cut Short an attack of Grippe influenza sore Throat or tonsillitis physicians and druggists Are now recommending Cal tabs the purified Aud refined Calomel compound Tablet that gives you the effects of Calomel and salts combined without the unpleasant effects of either. One or two Cal tabs at bad time with a Swallow of All. No salts no nausea nor the slightest interference with your Cating work or pleasure. Next in ring your cold has vanished your system is thoroughly purified and you arc feeling Fine with a Hearty appetite for breakfast. Eat what you please a no danger. Get a family package containing full directions Only j5 cents. At a drug store. Adv Bryant electric co. Electric contractors motor repairing and rewinding. Phone Wmk 338 n. Or Ami 8 in w it i i 1 it % i i i a i Viz w in in w in v to cd w Khz w of Khz w beginning wednesday january 6 and continuing fifteen Days a first annual clearance Sale t flannel dresses $1.00 Palace department store 110 South main Street High Point n. C. Re mrs. Earle Brooks manager children a silk dresses $1-98 i we wish to announce to the people of this Community our first $ i annual clearance Sale 6n All merchandise in our store. 8 Palace department store Coats in All the newest styles and colors $395 $1695 $1995 $25�� $39 50 children Scoats $5.00 $5.95 $0.75 $1 j25 Palace department store dresses an a optional Chance to buy a new garment at a great saving in Price during our annual clearance Sale. Cloth dresses in All the latest styles and colors. $3� $095 $1.9s silk dresses a dress for any form of Street sports or informal Wear. $3.95 $7.95 $1295 $14.95 $19.95 one of the outstanding features of this Sale is the great variety of styles colors materials and prices from w hich to make your selections. 25off j on All evening dresses stouts and regular sizes. Extraordinary values at millinery ladies and children a hats at clearance Sale prices $1.49 to 14 .95 to 25 i silk a underwear 8 silk 8 Bath Robes 8 silk 8 Negligee h i a boost High Point and the Palace department store 111 f i there Are in this group some heavily beaded gowns that were made to sell for much More. J

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