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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good morning Trust restoration is a human problem 4a sunday january 6,1974 . Called on to surrender the economic War in which the United states is engaged with the Arab world and the Oil hungry nations which have fled to that Side has come to an expected Milestone. The arabs have sent a message demanding unconditional surrender. The government of saudi Arabia purchased a full Page and in thursdays Christian science Monitor signed by its foreign affairs minister Omar Sakkas. In oily smooth diplomatic language he lays out the terms of peace which when boiled to their essence Compromise a total reversal of this nations position of support for Israel. A fall we pipes Sakkas is the right to live in peace. Life would be so simple both in the Middle East and throughout the world if those words had any basis for belief. The United states would we believe instantly support a pullback from israelis captured territories if there were any Way of guaranteeing that the unpredictable arabs a the nations themselves not just the uncontrollable terrorist factions a would not push their advantage and drive the Little nation from the shores of the Mediterranean. The obvious problems Are however. That without Golan Heights control and without the buffering Sands of Sinai Little Israel would be instantly vulnerable to the Long standing enemies Well armed by the Kremlin who surround it on every Side. There must be Compromise As there must be in virtually every International confrontation. But acceding to such demands would be the signing of a death warrant for Israel in Exchange for the Price of restored pumping of Middle Eastern Oil. America can live without arabian Oil. It is far less easy to say the same for Western Europe and Japan among others. Short of the taking of world threatening measures the . Must acknowledge whether that whip hand be labelled International blackmail As we Are wont to do. Or As sheikh Sakkas prefers to put it a a demand for the implementation of u. S. Policy in the Middle East a it is still not sufficient to Force this nation to abandon the state of Israel or either slow strangulation or sudden death. Safeguard kept in Holster the commander of the North Carolina state Highway patrol owes the people of this state and its elected leadership More than he has thus far Given on the subject of Roadside tests of suspected drunk Drivers. Stories out of Raleigh this week to the effect that col. E. W. Jones has largely ignored a general Assembly mandate have been disheartening to those who have waged campaigns Over the years to Clear the highways of one of their greatest menaces. As part of the package of Laws put together in 1973 to make it tougher on the. Drunk Driver the Assembly authorized the Roadside test program. This test involves use of a device which when a drinking Driver breathes into it causes a change in color of a chemical substance. With this screening a patrolman is presumably aided in the decision As to whether a charge should be brought. Col. Jones now says that he has declined to implement it. First he doubts Validity of the equipment a stance that was noticeably absent when the general Assembly was considering recommendations. Secondly he offers the Point that a Driver who flunks the Roadside test can later pass a More definitive breathalyzer test because of delay in getting him to the station. His Points May be Well taken although there is a natural suspicion that there May be More to his reluctance than what has been reported. After too Many years of unwillingness to take Stern measures against drunk Drivers North Carolina has in the past two years shown More of a resolve to Weed out of its heavy traffic those who insist upon operating on their own rules rather than those Best for society. The mandatory breathalyzer test Law was Only one part of that new approach. The less complicated Roadside test was another. In stepping Between the legislature and the lawbreaker col. Jones must be prepared to give some definitive answers later this month when the Assembly convenes again. Sermon Christ Prince amp Pioneer a you have killed the Prince of King James version. Acts 3, 15. A you have killed the Pioneer of Moffat. Here Are two translations of the same passage from our new testament the first from the authorized version of the popular King James Bible and the second from the modern pen of or. James Moffat of Scotland. The King James translation came from the minds of sixty or seventy Learned men of Oxford and Cambridge universities of England from the Date of 1611, More than three Hundred and sixty years ago. Or. Moffat who lived in our own time one of the worlds most outstanding Bible scholars was one of the few men who translated the entire Bible with his own pen from genesis to Malachi and from Matthew to the Book of revelation. Each version tries to bring out a phase of Christ a Mission in the world one looking into the past the other gazing into the future. The Prince of life Jesus of Royal lineage what a title to give unto him. When we think of a Prince our minds go backward to Kings and Queens whose blood comes flowing from the past into the veins and arteries of their sons giving them High rank in Palace and court the Prince at birth becomes the heir to the throne of the kingdom even As Prince Charles today in London has a heritage Back tar Back to William the conqueror and even beyond that for hundreds of years. The meaning Here is the verse of the inspired writer is that the Christ of Galilee has a lineage stretching far into the past to Kings like Solomon and David yes and on Back to immortal patriarchs Uke Abraham and Isaac and Jacob yes and on Back to the father creator of the heavens and the Earth. What a Long Long line of hebrew greats gave life and mind to the blessed galilean of the new testament. All jewish history tradition greatness and the Benevolence of god almighty were wrapped up in the life and labors of the son of Man As he walked this Earth. In his every feature we can behold the elements of Royalty and Imperial bearing. Even Pontius Pilate before whom the Christ stood on trial could behold in his face and form the King like features of his prisoner. A behold the Many was the term they used that Day when he appeared before his enemies in perfect composure and with a spirit like no other Man possessed besides ail this Jesus could use the scriptures of old both Law and prophets As though he had known them every one from earliest princely childhood. Yes he was Able to see Back far Back to the very beginning. He was the heir of heaven s throne and would at last sit at the father s Good right hand in glory. Pioneer of life what a term is used by or. Moffat of Jesus. It is a title that looks Forward into the future. There is a statue in Kansas City of a Mother holding her Arm around her son. Pointing toward the great West. A look a she seems to be saying into the future with All your enthusiasm and courage a it belongs to that is a Symbol of something that belongs to Christ As he gazes into the future today a Pioneer of a greater tomorrow. Just remember his final command to those about him a go be into All the world and preach the Good news to All what a ringing injunction to you to me to All men everywhere. The Duke of Wellington conqueror of the great Napoleon was once asked if he thought the world would be won to Christ. A what Are your marching orders a the Duke asked. A they Are to go into All the world a the Friend replied. A then obey your marching orders and you will succeed a exclaimed the Noble britishers. Yes a Pioneer is forever looking Forward into the coming years with vision and expectancy with imaginative creativeness and with Christ As the supreme Pioneer of All time the future is not one of gloom and discouragement. It is All Hope and optimism. So under the unstained Banner of Prince and Pioneer let the churches of Christendom drive Forward with the vigor and Christlike fortitude. Cer senator soaper when a Man comes Home from a hard Day of holding his own in the game of life the least his family can do is give a standing ovation for the defense. Ordinarily you a think that 1973 would be an easy act to follow but the critics Aren t giving 1974 much in the Way of rave previews. Railroads used to put out the Best calendars and maybe changing patterns of transportation will bring them Back to their old time glory. A Friend who goes to a lot of big parties says head rather Call everybody a Chi there than ruin his eyes squinting at their name tags. The main function of a doctor is to disabuse nou of the notion that you re too Young to feel the Way you do. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus a recently released Louis Harris poll has disturbing overtones for our society. The poll commissioned by the . Senate gauges the depth of citizen distrust of american without doubt that distrust runs deep. Out of 22 institutions named. Only two a the medical profession and trash collection a enjoy Confidence of a majority of americans. Perhaps not surprisingly the White House rates Low est with 22, with three times As Many citizens expressing More Confidence in their local garbage men than in the men in the White House. If there is any saving Factor in such a situation As Harris pointed out in recent congressional testimony it is that while americans Are distrustful of most institutions they retain a great Deal of Faith in the Basic Structure of our society and believe it can be made to work better. What is needed people appear to be saying is not new institutions but rather new men to run the old ones. Men possessed of vision and integrity. The heartening response of our citizens to the Energy crisis is ample evidence that we Are willing to close ranks and to sacrifice personal Comfort and convenience for the Good of the nation. While there Are pockets of grumbling and profiteering it appears that the great majority of americans have put on sweaters and put off excess travelling to help insure there is enough fuel to go around additional restraints will doubtless be forthcoming As americans tighten their belts and adjust to a Way of life marked by shortages of Energy As Well As other commodities we have for so Long taken for granted. Again however they Are confident that our citizenry will meet fully these challenges. Meanwhile americans adjustment to change continues to be complicated by the distrust our army of citizens has for its military establishment. The respect for our Public and private institutions that has been eroded can be reclaimed but not without considerable Effort. William e. Stevens in chronicling the Impact of Broyhill on the development of Western North Carolina and its burgeoning furniture Industry said in a Anvil of adversity the times require a men to match our now More than at any time since the birth of this Republic the nation needs such men. There was a nostalgic note when the High Point Board of realtors found present to of the 12 members who had been in real estate More than 25 years. E. C. Cridlebaugh who entered the business in 1923, claimed his was the Only real estate office in the town until Blake Thompson opened his five years later. De Mendenhall came in �?T31 Taylor m. Simpson in �?T32 and Curtis Smithdeal in �?T33. When going was rough Don Conrad opened in �?T36, followed by James Conrad and Charles Mendenhall in �?T37 Jack Green entered the Field in �?T44, Alton Stanford and Bill Hylton in �?T46 and Dorothy Elliott in �?T47. There a a world of realty experience in that group. Onward to hic peace table trudged the jewish Kotlier. A near crisis shortage in Flowers Over the holidays developed when air freight shipments from South America California and Hawaii whence come most of the exotic Flowers were bumped off planes to allow space priority for passengers and their Luggage. One leading Florist had to Cut Flowers for two Days before Christmas. Most florists were unable to fill All their orders particularly for orchids which arrived Frozen for Lack of Protection. Most shops ran Short of Poinsettia plants for the Christmas Trade although some Cut raters by strange coincidence were unable to move All their Supply. It was t until the latter part of the past week that standing orders for Flowers from Distant Points were arriving by air. Growers complain too that Lack of Sunshine now is holding Back their buds to extend the Flower shortage. Ralph e. Miller first president of the High Point chapter of the american association of retired people tops the nominee list for the 1974 annual convention at san Johnson is getting commendation for his work As chairman of the salvation army advisory year end gift listed the Thomas j. Finch memorial fund to $45,000 when or. And mrs. George d. Finch who in 1945 established that fund As an instrument of their ongoing interest in publication of the North Carolina Christian advocate.. Furniture industries is establishing a new Chatham county of Ohio division in the mid Ohio Industrial Park at Heath Ohio with Tom Grace Phillips Jurji Soban and Ljubomir Dobras going from Here to promotions to key positions in the newest sufi Sherrill director of the adult program for the Owca is lining up a Caribbean vacation Spring tour april 27-May i for Bona fide members of the of the Public Library heartened by the popularity outgrowing present facilities have librarian Neal Austin working on plans for expansion of the building to accommodate customers pouring Over the place Byron Haworth after holding 8 months court in Greensboro has won assignment some Call it promotion a to the Bench in High Point. Washington merry go round Oil men show their Power in Senate Washington while some senators in weighed against president Nixon for repaying Campaign contributors with government benefits other senators blithely adopted his watergate ways last month to save the Oil Industry from an excess profits tax. The senators who fought hardest to protect the Windfall profits of the Oil companies according to our investigation had been showered with Oil contributions. The balance sheets of most Oil companies show their profits have shot up since the Oil shortage. Only their customers have been Hurt. To Stop the profiteering and to raise revenues for developing other sources of Energy the Senate tried to slap an excess profits tax on the Oil companies. But a few senators talked the measure to death during the closing hours of Congress. Their filibuster dragged on late into the night not Only killing the excess profits tax but stalling the emergency Energy legislation in the process. Kerry a shoes the filibuster was led by freshman sen. Dewey Bartlett r-okla., who held the Senate floor tenaciously. He was As blatant if not ask Blunt As the late sen. Bob Kerr also from Oklahoma who used to Champion the Oil interests in the Senate with the finesse of a Bulldozer. Still a newcomer Bartlett does t loom As massively in the Senate As did Kerr. But apparently Bartlett has been selected by the Oil Barons to try on Kerry a shoes. On the eve of adjournment after the Senate corridors had emptied and the visitors had gone Home and the reporters had become too bleary to pay attention Bartlett stayed on the Senate floor faithfully tending the Oil companies Cash registers. The Oil Barons it now develops invested heavily in his 1972 Campaign. We have traced contributions from 72 oilmen whose names read like a who a who of the Oil Industry. Bartlett backers he collected $3,000 donations each from w. Crocker Pew. A director of Sun Oil . Keeler former chairman of Phillips Petroleum and Richard Mellon Scaife an heir to the Gulf Oil Fortune. Independent Oil producer Peter Mcmahon gave Bartlett $2,000. Ashland Oil veep Robert Gordon donated $1,500. Oilmen Arthur Olson and Herman Kaiser put up $1,000 each Bartlett also raked in $1,000 apiece from two Skelly Oil officials a Beard Oil executive and a Basin Petroleum representative. Executives of the Trigg drilling company raised a total of $1,250 for his Campaign. The list of Oil contribution letters to the editor goes on and on. We counted almost $50,000 which could be traced to oilmen. Bartlett collected an additional $71,615.74 in unlisted funds before the april 7 disclosure deadline. We have been told a and a spokesman for Bartlett has admitted a that some of this Money also came from Oil sources. Bartlett a efforts to tie up the Senate thereby preventing a vote on the excess profits tax was supported by a handful of senators. Probably the most helpful was sen. Clifford Hansen r-wyo., who droned on when Bartlett ran out of wind. Best Way a there Are no cheaper ways in which we could Shore up our flagging Energy Supply a filibustered Hansen a than to give the Industry encouragement an increased Price position would the Oil lobbyists who maintained an Active Vigil outside the Senate chamber nodded approvingly. Hansen a Campaign was also heavily financed by the Oil crowd. Among those who contributed were Sun oils w. Crocker Pew $2,000 Arco chairman Robert o. Anderson $1,000 . Bunce of a Casper wyo., Oil servicing firm $700 Jane Harper operator of a Denver Oil Well Supply firm $500 . Finley affiliated with a Long Beach calif., Oil Well servicing company $500 Harry Hech a Phillips employee $500 Arthur Belfer a Belco Petroleum executive $300 and the Dallas based association of Oil Well contractors $264. Hansen received a lot of unlisted Oil Money too As part of the $96,772.14 he took in before the disclosure Law went into effect. Senator James Mcclure a Idaho also joined in the filibuster. He did no to openly oppose an excess profits tax but merely argued for a delay. His participation in the Tal Kathon however effectively helped to kill the tax. Teaching of evolution rapped it is indeed encouraging to know we have enough folks with conviction in our City to defeat the liquor Bill. However let us remember that this was Only a Battle won and not the War. There Are other things which Are destroying our country May i ask our parents when they last looked inside the science books of their children did you know that nearly every text Book for Public school usage in our state teaches or infers the theory of evolution of the species yet does not give serious consideration to the creation Story of the Bible also did you know that in most books the Case for evolution is mentioned As a a a theory but then is taught As a fact at the risk of being labelled unscientific and old fashioned i would like to assert that i believe in instantaneous creation of the universe and All life by god. Furthermore i believe that the evolutionary concept As presented in our schools books is very in scientific. Though not a Book of science the Bible is scientifically accurate and in Harmony with All True science. In textbooks and also on to a primal Many Etc life is depicted As having begun in this universe on this planet in or near the sea. We ask from where did the universe world and sea come then we Are told that non living matter suddenly started living we ask again where did the matter come from and also was any scientist there to witness such any scientist knows that observation is a Basic Rule of True science it is very unscientific to argue that life came from the non living. It however is scientific to argue that life comes from previous life a because this is an undeniable Law of nature by which i can also prove the existence of god evolutionists not Only claim life sprang from matter but that evolution continues. Yet no one has observed evolution slow change from one species to another. Evolutionists have yet to produce a missing link not to mention the thousands of missing links Between each species of animals. The Fossil record reveals not an orderly progression from the minute to the Complex animal but that All living things appeared on the Earth at approximately the same time. These Are just a few questions the evolutionist cannot answer. But the genesis account does reasonably answer such now it is important that parents understand How evolutionary teaching is affecting our society. My Friend if i conceive of myself As being merely the product of change rather than having been created by god then Why should i care if i kill steal or commit any crime however when i realize i am the ultimate of All living things made in the image of god a a product of divine Handiwork then i View life differently. I am concerned about my behaviour. I know i must treat my Fellowman not As an animal but rather As a person. I further recognize i must stand before my creator and give an account for All things i have done in this life. No wonder we have so much crime a the survival of the fittest idea that Darwin taught Fosters the Devilish do your own thing attitude no wonder we have racism a evolutionists must accept the concept of exalting any race showing superiority no wonder we have trouble deciding if abortion and mercy killings Are All right if we Are just animals Why not these and a Host of other problems Are a by product of evolutionary teaching. The Bible says we reap what we sow and our world has been sowing evolution for sometime and now we Are reaping a Harvest of War crime and racism permissiveness and misery. However All is not gloomy Many scientists do not believe in organic evolution. A textbook has been produced by the creation society for High school and College use entitled a biology a search for order in it proves the falseness of evolution and How scientifically accurate is the genesis account of creation. This Book is not yet on the accepted Book list for our state. The recently appointed textbook commission is to consider new science textbooks in 1975. Between now and then let your teachers principals and fat know of this Book and the falseness of present evolutionary books. I leave you with this thought a a in a not a monkeys Uncle i believe in creation. Jim Stutts minister Eastchester Church of Christ

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