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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 6, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The weather More drizzle today and monday 90th year no. 6the High Point High Point n. C., sunday morning january 6,1974 112 pages Call us circulation. 8821719 classified ads.885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c . Goes on St today by the associated press most of the nations clocks move ahead an hour on sunday for 22 straight months of Daylight saving time. The switch the first time the nation has gone on year round Daylight saving since world War ii was proposed by president Nixon and approved by Congress to help ease the Energy crisis. Clocks were to be moved ahead one hour at 2 a m. Local time sunday. However several states Are exempt. Congress said Hawaii the Virgin islands puerto Rico and most of Indiana Are exempt. Arizona parts of Kentucky and the Mountain time zone areas of Idaho and Oregon were exempted by Secretary of transportation Claude s. Brinegar acting for Nixon. Cows it seems Are unofficially exempt. A when a cow gets on a schedule you done to fool around with it. They Don t like that said mrs. Hillard 0. Durham whose husband is owner of a Tennessee Dairy farm. A emr. Durham will milk by the Sun and not the British troops guard Airport from attacks by Julie Flint associated press writer London apr armoured cars and Light tanks ringed Heathrow Airport on saturday in an apparent attempt to guard against terrorists reported planning a missile attack on an american or israeli plane. The troops and tanks withdrew soon after Nightfall but a police spokesman said they would be Back at Dawn. Police remained on full Alert overnight when Airport traffic is Light and Only a few planes arrive or depart. While soldiers patrolled the Airport bombs believed planted by Irish guerrillas blasted the annual London boat show and Madame Tussaud a waxworks. Damage was heavy but both were cleared of thousands of visitors just minutes before the explosions and no casualties were reported. Police said however there was no connection Between the bombs and the big Alert at Heathrow unprecedented in Britain in peacetime. Troops in scorpion tanks sur rounded Heathrow Early in the Day amid reports that Arab terrorists were planning to attack possibly with soviet made ground to air missiles. Soldiers dressed in combat gear and toting sub machine guns patrolled the perimeter of the Airfield. Troops erected Road blocks and searched motorists entering the area. Police with tracker dogs patrolled outside the Airport along the flight paths of arriving and departing planes. Passenger areas at Heathrow were kept free of troops to avoid creating panic police said and Many passengers appeared unaware of the Wall of steel protecting them. The Alert came As three members of a student extremist group opposed to the pro Western moroccan government appeared in a magistrates court. The three were charged with conspiracy relating to the Possession of firearms. The group they belong to is one of four or five terrorist groups thought to be in Britain now. Armed guards surrounded the Dock As 18-year-old waitress Allison Thompson of Santa Barbara calif., Abdelk Hir Al Akkaoui 25, of Morocco and Athar Naseem 21, of Pakistan were continued without bail until Jan. 14. A second american girl detained at Heathrow on Friday As a a known associated in the California connection was still being questioned at a police station. Scotland Yard refused to identity her. At Travis air Force base in California Fri agents arrested Theodore d. Brown 31, a Navy Veteran and charged him with helping miss Thompson smuggle firearms and ammunition into Britain. Brown was charged with violation of the neutrality act and the firearms control assistance act and was held in lieu of $25,000 bail. Fri agents said he had been employed at an Art gallery in Santa Barbara calif., not far from Goleta where he lived with his wife and two children. They said he had been on medical retirement from the Navy since 1966. The Alert at Heathrow was ordered after top level talks among police Home Secretary see British on 3a two Day week possible More troubles threaten Britain for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Paramedic training q. Is there going to be a paramedic program in High Point and could a nurse become a paramedic anon. A. High Point memorial is presently engaged in a paramedic program in conjunction with the Guilford county emergency transportation service. The program is strictly for emergency transportation attendants. Training is scheduled at hospitals in Greensboro As Well As High Point. The Bowman Gray school of Medicine has a physicians assistant training program which begins in september and is a 2 year course. All applications for the september class must be completed no later than March i. Applicants Are considered without regard to race Creed sex National origin or marital status. For application forms you May write to the registrar division of Allied health programs 1990 Beach Street. Winston Salem 27103. Entrance requirements state that applicants should be former Medican corpsmen with High school education and a minimum of two years of patient care experience preference being Given to sex corpsmen who have earned College credit. Other applicants with at least two years of College education and who have six months or 1,000 hours of patient care experience will be considered. Nurses interested in this role Are advised to investigate the nurse practitioner programs of six to nine months duration. Students May qualify for the Bachelor of science degree in the physicians assistant training program by completion of three years in College with a minimum average Grade of c and by completion of the full two year course for physician s assistants. Applicants interested in this baccalaureate degree program May request further information from the admissions office Wake Forest University Winston Salem 27109. Tuition for the class to enter in september 1974 is $500 per Quarter $2,000 for each of the two years of training. Which Way did he go q. How can you Tell which direction a Rabbit is running in from the tracks in the Snow r. S. A. Usually animals that run with a bounding gait leave Hind feet tracks ahead of the front ones. The rabbits Small front feet touch the ground close together and then the two Large Hind feet spaced a Well apart strike the ground far ahead of the front ones. So the two widely separated tracks made by the Hind feet form the base of the Triangle the front Paw prints Are the Point of it and the triangular tracks Point in the opposite direction in which Bunny is running. Next time it snows you might get Down on All fours in it try to imitate the rabbits gait and see what kind of tracks you leave. By Fred Coleman associated press writer London a the first three Day work week in Britain a National emergency ended saturday with predictions that the Energy crisis will become even More serious. They included threats of a two Day week and shortages of a wide Range of goods from bread to steel. Prime minister Edward heaths conservative government which put Industry on Short time dec. 31 to save electricity supplies served notice it plans no concessions to Coal miners when pay talks resume next week. The miners have banned overtime work since november cutting by a third the Coal stocks that Supply 70 per cent of Britain a electricity. Their pay demands have been resisted on grounds that they would leave government inflation controls in ruins. Mine Union officials were considering further pressure to Back their pay demands possibly an All out strike that could mean National Power blackouts before the end of the Winter $456,000 season leaving millions of Homes cold and dark. The continuing deadlock raised press speculation that Heath May Call a snap election on the Issue of who runs the country a the elected govern ment or militant Trade unions. Perhaps the Grimes news came from or. Monty Winiston chairman of the state run British steel corp. He announced that steel output could be Cut by two thirds if coking Coal supplies continue to deteriorate. Winiston said the miners overtime ban had Cut coking Coal supplies by two thirds. Industrialists saw the potential steel shortage As an ominous sign which could Force them on to a two Day week or out of business altogether. Many smaller firms operating on credit have already run into deep financial trouble because their output and profits have been Cut by the three Day week. In Birmingham in the Industrial midlands an employers association spokesman said a if the reports of a steel shortage Are Correct it could get a lot worse. Democrats Okay budget give Sugg their backing it belongs to him q. Sometimes the words a Patent applied for or a Patent pending appear on an item. Does this protect the inventor until the Patent is granted or. T. A. The words Are Only notices to the Public that an application has been filed but it offers no Legal Protection except for establishing a claim of priority in Case of Legal action concerning the Patent. Until a Patent is actually granted others can to be excluded from making using or Selling the invention. New spark for plugs q. A Friend and i were discussing if there such a thing As having spark plugs sandblasted and if is would you Tell me How much it is and where you could get it done thank you. A. There is such a thing. J. Welch motor co. Is one place and they say it does a Good Job As Long As All the Sand is removed. They feel sure there Are other Auto service companies that do it too. By Melvin Lang associated press writer Raleigh apr North Carolinas democratic executive committee approved a $456,000 state party budget saturday giving a vote of Confidence to party chairman James r. Sugg and his plan for the party to assume control of the 1974 statewide political Campaign. Suggs Victory came despite a series of challenges to his leadership during the Early hours of the six hour state meeting which was the first by executive committee in 17 months. The Campaign plan would allow expansion of party Headquarters in Raleigh to include coordinators and staff personnel to direct the democratic Campaign for next Falls general election. The new budget included provisions for at least $223,700 to finance the party Campaign. Sugg came under pressure within moments after he convened the committee mostly from members of the Orange and Durham county delegations but also from scattered groups throughout the meeting room. In rapid succession challenges were made to his Agenda the method of appointing commutes the selection of speakers for major party functions and other items. Roger b. Foushee of Orange county one of the Sugg opponents said after the meeting was adjourned that an Effort had been planned to oust Sugg As party chairman. The plan was dropped Well after the meeting started he said. A the announced at the Start of the meeting and abide by it faithfully that it would be an open meeting. Most people decided to give him a Chance. After All he Only has six months left a Foushee said. Foushee said the opposition to Sugg was based on a a Lack of bomb damage at London waxworks a wire photo old Hickory fades into history Raleigh apr National guardsmen from four Southern states ceremoniously retired the colors of the a old Hickory 30th infantry division saturday. The ceremony officially ended a glittering 56-year history for the division which was deactivated dec. I in reorganization ordered by the National guard. Members of the division were honoured for their conduct during world War i and two decades later spearheaded several successful campaigns against Adolph hitlers troops. Some military historians described the division As the a most outstanding division in the european theater during world War ii when its troopers fought at Normandy Mortain the Siegried line the Battle of the bulge and the Rhine. Veterans attending the ceremony saturday coming from South Carolina Georgia North Carolina and Tennessee recalled that the 30th helped re Pell two of Hitler s elite is Panzer divisions and another armoured division at the Vire River in Normandy. Talks set at Geneva Dayan is optimistic on disengagement communication a Lack of consultation by party leaders. Foushee and another spokesman for the dissident democrats a. J. Howard Clements Iii of Durham have expressed publicly dissatisfaction with Suggs drive to maintain a subdued image for the state party. Sugg has described his method As one of being in the Middle of the political Road so that the party can rebuild from its losses in 1972. By Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan says he thinks the israeli Cabinet now will be ready to make a formal presentation in Geneva for the disengagement of israeli and egyptian forces near the Suez priceless Boston Bug is stolen by John Mcallister associated press writer Boston a robbers who stole an 80-Pound Copper Grasshopper weather vane that for 232 years sat atop Bostons historic Faneuil Hall probably used a helicopter police said saturday. Police and City officials said the missing four foot Long Grasshopper gilded with Gold Leaf is priceless. An expert said it would probably sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The superintendent of the old Hall located in the Haymarket Square area discovered the Grasshopper was missing when he went on the roof to raise the Flag Friday. The last time he remembered noticing it was a month before but several persons said they saw it around Christmas police said. Police det. Paul r. Carroll discounted the possibility that the thieves could have climbed up inside or outside the building to take the Grasshopper. He doubted that they could climb up to the top of the buildings cupola lift the heavy weather vane off its Perch and climb Down with the Bulky piece. Carroll said a Crane would need a 100-foot Boom to reach the top of the 80-foot High building. Canal. A i m going Home and i do Hope that the Cabinet will be in the position to form something Concrete a Dayan reported after a four hour meeting saturday with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. It was their second meeting at the slate department re a o a ivs. Kissinger called the talks a very constructive and very useful and said he remains hopeful about the prospects for an agreement in Geneva Between Egypt and Israel. The Secretary indicated that differences Between the . And israeli positions have narrowed. A was far As the . Government is concerned a he said a we consider the talks extremely helpful and we Are hopeful that Progress will be Able to be made in in discussing disengagement Dayan was principally concerned with the a Mutual commitments that could be expected from Egypt in return for a sizable israeli withdrawal from the canal. Neither he nor Kissinger disclosed to newsmen the sub stance of their conversation on this and related Points although Kissinger said he understood the egyptian position on disengagement a very Well and attempted to present it a was fairly As i Herman facts the . Am amp a Sador to Cairo participated in the talks along with other . And israeli aides. Kissinger first met with Dayan alone for about an hour in his seventh floor office. Their first session on Friday lasted three hours. Asked when Israel would be ready to make its proposal at Geneva Dayan replied a i done to know. I done to think it will take a Long time. By now we Are already in a position to make up our the Geneva talks have been largely in an exploratory phase awaiting the outcome of the israeli elections held dec. 31 and Dayan s Mission to Washington. Now the conference apparently will move into a stage of Concrete bargaining beginning with a specific israeli proposal to separate egyptian and israeli forces along the canal. Inside Reading Jamestown schools. Page id Cates saves Energy Clown at choir City classified. Editorial. Women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries. Gas available in Small towns by Louise Cook associated press writer the Long lines of cars at fuel pumps in the big cities Haven to spread to the country yet but station operators in some Small towns say they Are rationing Gas or closing earlier to avoid a shortage. A i Haven to much to complain about a said Jim Dickinson who operates a service station in Centertown mo., population 277, Dickinson says he Hasni to had Long lines of customers crowding around the pumps. A Check now i have to go out and Chase them in a he said although he added that he did run out of Gas for a Brief period on Friday. Robert Daniel the owner of a station in Henderson n.c., said he Hasni to had much of a problem with lines either. Asked if cars were piled up at the station he said a not any More than could get in the Daniel added however that he is limiting sales to $2 per customer. A i sold about 3,000 Gallons less than i was supposed to have had last month a he said. A the delivery Wasny to a station operator in a Rural areas of Massachusetts said he had no problem at All getting gasoline. He said there were be lines at his station Friday although he did have some crowds just before the new years Holiday a i can get on the phone right now and they gasoline suppliers bring me a Load tomorrow morning a said John w. Kemp the owner of a Cit go station in East Pepperell mass. Bill Jeffries a Mobil station operator in Eugene to. A population 163 a said he Hadnot asked for any extra gasoline but thought he might be Able to get it if necessary. Jeffries said he Hadnot noticed any lines at his station but noted that he had Cut Back his hours of operation from More than 15 hours a Day to less than 12. The operator of a Texaco station in Altair tex., said he had no trouble obtaining gasoline although he could sell More if he could get it. A a in a getting my allocation. That a it a said Lee Miller. A i could stay open a few More hours with More gasoline. I open up a Little late and close a Little Ralph Henderson a Texaco dealer in Mulvane kan., about 20 Miles from Wichita Wasny to so Lucky. He said he ran out of Gas on dec. 29 and had to close until he got More on dec. 31. A the shortage of Gas is a real problem for commuters Down Here a he said. A a it a hard to keep people Thomas Osborn the manager of a service station in Beanblossom ind., said he is limiting gasoline sales to to Gallons per person and Sells Only to regular customers a a in a getting four per cent less Gas from my distributor than last month when i ran out of Gas three Days before the month ended a Osborn said. Some Industry spokesmen say the crowds at stations in Urban areas Are the result of panic buying by people whose fuel tanks Arentt Low but who fear they won t be Able to get Gas if they wait. A if the Only people in line were the ones who really needed to buy gasoline we have Long lines a said Harold p. Murphy jr., the president of the Bay state gasoline retailers association and Allied trades and a dealer in Springfield mass. The american Petroleum Institute reported Friday that stocks of gasoline Rose slightly at the end of december although the amount on hand was still below that in previous years. The Institute figures for the week ended dec. 28 showed that . Auto gasoline stocks were 207 million barrels up four million barrels from the previous week. In the last week of december 1972, the Institute said there were 210 million barrels of gasoline on hand. The nations 117 million vehicles use about 6.7 million barrels of gasoline a Day

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