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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Friday january 10 Iolite men Point Enterprise Piedmont Cater of a High Point North Carolina Page Thriff Babson picks machinery ands dues a Toh wot by Robt. Ripley he is business machine tools business As Industry of year for 1940 world wide War preparation Ltd a chopped up Quot the in us try tanks air planes Bis artha All lean heavily on this and usury for intricate instruments and other machinery. Moreover it Are taking Over Germany s Hia South american machinery Market by default. Even if peace comes our own armament program Mill keep the machinery business humming overtime. S. The Power Industry is ending into its biggest construct Jion year since 1929. Tse of electricity is breaking All records. Additional costly generating machinery must be installed to take care of this rapidly growing Load. Nhieu let iwo m Shi hit age for these reasons i am convinced that machinery and machine tool concerns Mill a go to town in Early 1940. Only Shadow on their Outlook is the shortage of skilled tool workers. Most machine companies Are digging into the Bottom of their labor barrel right now and find done to Watte a moment if you see your child scratching prompt action bring prompt Relief. Scott treatment soothe instantly kill the tiny mites that Burrow under the skin and cause the Quot itching. Clean Quick cheap and mire a druggists 50# this dog his Day Indianapolis Jan 5�? apr from a chocolate Candy throne nightingales general Jackson jr., a Pointer dog owned by or. And mrs. Fred Erick t. Holliday of Indianapolis fashionable Sunset let Ane will a a presided Over a Birt inlay dinner in his Honor tonight at the Indianapolis country club. It is the dogs seventeenth birthday hut it in t his first party. The holidays have been giving Birt inlay parties for their pet a for years a hut mrs. Holliday said a a it a just an excuse to Hale a nightingales general Jackson will lie the Only dog at the affair the rest of the guests being friends of the holidays. They were invited to Rome dressed just As they were then they received invitations. Right now orders for these products have reached new All time highs and prospects Point to even More prosperous show Juliis year Babson Park ha., Jan. 5.�?the machinery and machine tool business wins my vote As the a Industry of the year for 1940�?� operations in this business in the first half of the year should run too per cent above the Early months of 1939. A Good times a paced by the heavy industries and armaments make the machinery business an Odds on favorite in the 1940 Prosperity Derby each january i select the Industry which i feel the most sensational Outlook for the new year. My nominations for recent years have included building aviation and chemicals. All these have Rosy outlooks for Early 1940, but i am picking machinery and machine tools for the flashiest performance. There Are eight clean Cut reasons Why i cast my vote for this a dark horse Industry Imp Stiv at new teak 1. Machine tool orders and operations Promise to reach new All time peaks in the months just ahead. Right now. The tool Branch of the Industry is smashing All records. It should continue to do so Well into 1940. 2. Demand for machinery will be broader this year than in the ill starred Booklet of 1936-3 a. Then the majority of orders came from the consumer goods industries. Today the heavy industries Are going full blast while the consumer goods businesses Are also running wide open. 3. Potential demand is tremendous. The big industries have been in the doldrums for years. Dull business and slim profits have piled up vast totals of deferred machinery orders. Expanding business. Low interest rates rising labor costs and the Ike Are now finally unleashing these Long postponed orders. swarm with tit Vity 4. Shipbuilding suddenly oms to life after years of inactivity. Every shipyard in Amer t today is sprouting the keel of a Man of War or a merchantman. Huge modern ship requires Mullens of dollars Worth of Machin by. 5. The machinery Industry is highly cyclical. In simple language this Means it is a a Prince or pauper business. It rises sen nationally when business is headed upward it plummets Spectra us Arlo when the business plug is pulled. This year it should surge head because the tides of re Overy Are running Strong. 6. The Long term trend of the Industry is sharply upward. Ris no labor costs selfish labor prac ice antagonistic labor rulings have put a forced draught under labor saving machinery. Keen business Competition and skyrocketing taxes have sent research a Inners ferreting out instances where new and modern Machenry can save manufacturing costs. World tension chg Factor 7. Ing the Supply of workers pretty Well picked Over. Only a Lack of killed machine tool men can puncture my forecast. The above remarks of course mean that All connected with this Industry can look Forward to Bright prospects for 1940. Workers employees salesmen suppliers and investors Are All Sec for this year. Investors must remember however that the Industry swings High and Low. They must also recognize that there Are Only a handful of machinery and machine tool companies whose securities have a Broad Market. The Industry is a Comer. It helps its customers Cut costs and lower costs Are a powerful sales argument. It made tremendous technological advances. The tasks performed by machinery today Are nothing Short of amazing. Machines will do everything now except say a Good morning to the Boss. Hence with the Type of business gains i expect in the first half of this year i think the Industry will break fast and finish Strong in the 1940 business sweepstakes. Chir inter cannot be mechanized however i want to add to this conclusion a word of warning to parents and school officials do not think you can beat the machine by copying the machine. One reason for so much unemployment today among Young people is that research Labort Torles Are making machines almost human while Public schools Are making graduates almost mechanical. Machines can Supply accuracy and Speed but not ideas. Initiative and inspiration. These latter Are what we need in order to get our people Back to work to balance our budget to save our free institutions. Hence parents must insist upon training for their children rather than diplomas and upon spiritual a a oomph rather than empty educational honors. If they do not our wonderful machines like Frankenstein a monster will finally destroy the material civilization which they have so ably helped to create. Or Quot w Rock House boil of rocks picked up one by one during a period of 40 years by Bert Dalee Denton Texas c. for fresh eggs a sign Ofa grocer in w Knightstown a. Ralph Kennedy . Has played /p67 different Gole courses radish 7 it. Long grown in Lowarl Japan a off of ?. Kinf Forit inc. World serial Story blackout by Ruth Ayers copyright. I�39. Nea service. Inc. Big liquor shipment taken by Tennessee state cops Knoxville tenn., Jan. 5�? to a state Highway patrolmen yesterday seized two Large trucks and an automobile loaded with 121 cases of bonded unstamped Udiskey. The liquor Load was consigned fora a Middlesboro ky., dealer to Points in Georgia and North Carolina but Highway patrol chief Lynn Bomar said it was not a Legal interstate shipment and therefore the patrol authority to make the seizure a the shipments were being made in private carriers and were not consigned to a bonded warehouse a Bomar said. Japan is malting elaborate preparations for the 2.600th anniversary of the founding of the Empire this year. Mary finds a Home cast of characters Mary Carroll a american Fasti Ion Exi it Ert in i Indoo during wartime. Vincent Ike Chi a Soldier of Fortune in love with Mary. Carla Marchetta a mysterious Lindon socialite. Or. Gilbert Lenox a surgeon serving with British army. Yesterday Mary accepts her Fate and resigns herself to being Anna Winters until her facial in jury is cured. Or. Lenox is sympathetic tries to help. Mary recognize him As the doctor who Mary Drew Back. Up. Who been a fashion Styli Che who worn Only the my pensive clothes Clad in Calt. It then everything f Tad happened came Back to and listlessly she donned the coarse garment. Lady Ponce Tow a looked on approvingly. A the very thing a she said animatedly. A you la do Mary started to laugh at the High born woman a obvious patronizing. In her ears a familiar ring own old laugh something helped her during the air raid face the paralysis alarm. She is soon Well enough to leave the Hospital. Chapter i a Square yellow ticket bore the word it was Mary Carrolls permit to leave the Hospital. A a lot of Good it will do she mused bitterly. A live no place to go. And no two Pound notes and a single sixpence in Anna Winters pocket Book was her entire capital. A about $10 in american Money a she thought. She resolved to begin life anew under the severe Handicap of an altered appearance and a muffled halting speech. And How she would begin her strange new existence As Anna Winters a former English governess she not the slight idea in the world. A a you re looking better already the Busy floor nurse said briskly. A just the thought of being released seems to have helped a thanks a Mary murmured hut there was no bravado in her spirit. Shed been sheltered and shut off from the world in the nursing Home. Or. Lenox buoyed her up with his kindness and Hope. In a Short while this would be All gone. Mary realized that she become dependent on Gilbert Lenox. She wondered where he was this morning Why he not come to old her Goodby. An efficient British Matron approached her with an armful of Well worn Tweedy clothes. A there my dear Are some things you can Wear to tide you Over a she was saying. Mary knew the woman lady Ponce Townsend been in the Ward repeatedly doing her a a bit for the refugees. A a you la find this dress very serviceable and this coat will do nicely for a w Ute Chi. Kle ii was her Ted to her St kept a flexible As see town made a the out looked at to a. M. To 6 p. Of. Sensational offer saturday Only this Coupon and Only. Entitles bearer to one of our new Gamar simulated Diamond or one Beautiful 14-Kf. Gold finish c,�?o\tvc7l�?o�?~ manufacturer s guarantee these Neh Gamar simulated diamonds have practically the same Blue White color the same perfect cutting and practically the same dazzling brilliance As genuine diamonds costing Hundred times As much. These new Qamar simulated diamonds represent the utmost skill of modern science social leaders millionaires and our finest people Wear these and keep their High priced diamonds in safety vaults. Subject them to acid fire and water tests. You will be amazed. Guarantee covers tarnish of mountings loss of Stone or brilliance. All rings 14-kt. Finish Only by direct cooperation with manufacturer is it possible to offer these High Quality jewelry items at this sensationally Low Price. Choice of White or yellow. Get yours now locket opens holds 2 pictures limit two rings or two lockets to a customer please have Correct change to avoid Rush Efird s dept. Store a High Point n. C floor her right Cheek As Iron relented a Mere Quot thank you lady the words we Dible Only with Effort fit will do nicely in the English aristos Mary critically. It w a a detected a possible hint of disdain in Mary a attitude. Bin there were hundreds of survivors of the Moravia to clothe and score of them would be discharged from that very Hospital that Day. She work to do. She walked away from Mary with a nod Mary went up to the nurse to say Goodby a Good Luck a the a sure Gaid it when Mary preferred her thanks. A and Cheerio a Mary blinked to keep Hack her tears when she returned to say Goodby to mrs. Tull a generous soul withal Mary would miss her kindliness when she gone a a you be been a mighty Brave girl. Spies hoping things will to brighter for you from now on. Wipe away Ali us tears and powder your nose no you la look real cheerful when you say Goodby to that Nice Iii in Iron doctor. He s been so devoted to you a but As Mary Ion the Ward there was no sight of Gilbert Lenox. She could not understand her own disappointment at his failure to see her Quot of. But you Are too Good. I a but they re no use to me. The lease is taken until Spring and they re already paid up. You could use them at least until you be found a Mary tried hard to keep the tears from falling. A you think that id bother you a he spoke eagerly. A i never go there at All. So you might As Well be using them. Here s the from his pocket he produced a Large old fashioned brass key. A a key like this Means business a he tried to speak lightly. A you English done to fool with Flimsy Patent a we English a Mary started to say. But she remembered in time that she was Gtna Winters a and English As far As or. Lenox knew. She was grateful that he seemed not to note the interrogation in her voice. A and Here a the address All written he handed her a slip of paper designating an address in Soho. A mrs. Simmons my Landlady will take Good care of you. Shell even Char for you of you without waiting for Mary to refuse he walked away. She stood i resolutely twirling the key in her hand. Should she go there should she take advantage of the doctors kind offer to use the rooms he no longer required she wondered. To be continued this Index compiled by the publishers financial Bureau is a composite of five recognized business indexes cranium crackers business slides off again by David l. Babson for the second consecutive week business was tossed for a substantial loss by Holiday and year end influences. The composite Index was set Back to 2.6 per cent above Normal making the week s net loss 1.5 Pointe last year at this time the the Index was 12.4 per cent below Normal or 17 per cent lower than currently. Actually the composite Index is opening 194 0 at the highest level for any new year season since 1929 led off at 11.5 per cent Normal. Last week nearly All barometers chalked up losses. This week the trend a mixed with three major industries leading the downturn. Railroad car loadings sagged As the Holiday shut Downs held Back freight movement. Textile schedules were slowed Down As the usual year end inventory taking occupied the Mills attention. Lumber Camps began to coast a Little after a considerable period during which the Cut exceeded orders. Steel operations rallied briskly after the drastic Christmas week break and hustled Back 12 Points to 85.7 per cent of capacity still shy however of the pre Holiday rate. Electric Power consumption continued its record Guilford county realty transfers breaking performance by grinding its Way to another Ned All time High. Automobile plants contributed to the let Down with Assembly lines slowing Down last week. On the other hand a Sharp pick up in motor output developed this week. Biggest and Best news came from retail channels. Final tallies of Christmas Trade results showed big gains compared with 1938. Reports for last week also filtered through telling the same Story in terms of increase Over the year ago level. In the Broad and difficult to measure Field of business sentiment perennial new year optimism Cut through some of the fog like gloom a but despite All the Good news both main Street and Wall Street still have the to be got to to shown attitude. Worlds Progress in what manner the world advanced in what chronology were some of the worlds most important inventions offered to the world rearrange the following list of inventions so that the earliest will come first the others follow in chronological order Telegraph steel sewing machine electro Magnet photography television typewriter lightning Rod. Printing Telephone incandescent lamp cot ii Gin motion picture machine Steamboat wireless Telegraph. Answers on classified age James Roosevelt Sticks to movies Hollywood Jan. 5�? # James Roosevelt son of president Roosevelt is in the movies to stay. Signing a contract As an Independent motion picture producer financing and creating his own films in the newly organized Globe productions the 32-year-old Roosevelt said a i want to make motion picture with a fresh and modern method of Vite it to bin Hijack Ade Guayaquil Ecuador Jan. 5 up a two German freighters the 615-ton Quito and the 613-ton Bogota sailed from this port at Midnight and were reported ready to try to run the British blockade to reach a German port. High Point township Horny owners loan corporation to Frank t. Green and wife plat on West Lexington Avenue. John o. Brown and others to metropolitan life insurance company. Iota in t. Y. Hamilton plat. Bruce township t. R Priddle and wife to h. L. Lin Volle and wife. Iota adjoining methodist Church property and lands of l. R. Casey Gilmer township Guilford county to Lonnie r Poole and wife Iota of o. 8. Harris subdivision. Friendship township trustees of Guilford College to Claudius c. Dockery and wife. Tracts adjoining lands of Mary m. Hobbs. Morehead township Elizabeth v. Fogleman it a1 to o. 8 Moore and wife plat on Glenwood Avenue. Sunset dairies to j. Keith Harrison and wife lot in Forest Park property. Two men freeze to death in Auto in new York state Malone. N. A a a Jan. 5�? up a state police attributed to subzero weather today the deaths of Richard Boyes 19. And Ulysses Paquin 26, both of chasm Falls found Frozen in their parked automobile in a sparsely settled Section nine Miles South of Here. Boy scouts Are helping redecorate the Plaza fronting the Royal Palace in Tokyo Japan. Many High Point residents put Gly Cas to test off. Was it because shed grow to depend the Gly Cas Man is kept Busy at the Betts drug company Way a patients 1,norej1y Lee explaining the menu of this herbal remedy read Uay All patients fell towards the r no a. A. In ads the doctor who brought the through dark hours # she walked slowly toward the outside door. Here she was at last leaving the Hospital on a be own. What Lay ahead the Gray Winter world of we a me Lon. Don. Of miss Winter a someone ailed a you done to think id let you go without say ionic Goodby a she looked up into the serious face of the red a Rod american doctor. A i done to know Quot she began miserably. A you weren to walking out on me were you after All. I meant every word i Sui. About helping you. When or. 0�?Tconoll returns from the front ill t0 get i in touch with you a a i did want to my Goodby to i you and i looked to y0l, a it hj1p answered. Quot but i realize Only too Well How Busy you a what Are your plans j where Are you going Mary looked Down the yellow card in her hand with its single a a in a not. Sure be the hesitated. A i really t place to a you mean Home and any you Haven to a friends batting for or you a a a that a right but look Ive a thinking of something that May Mary loved i forthright american Way of of Jug right to the Point. A a in be a rooms in Soho the using. Since the a in be to live in a they re doing in i m quite of pie of in a not a Roke out Hospital to Good at what North Carolina Man to say High Point men and women by the score Are now calling to see the Gly Cus Man at his Headquarters at the Betts drug co., where he is meeting the Public and introducing and explaining the Merit of this medical treatment. My. K. It. Ellis numbers of local people have Learned of the surprising Efficacy of Gly Cas and Are coining to get full sized boxes of it while others inquire As to How Gly Cas acts in a solid mass specifically on the intestinal tract eliminating poisonous impurities which cause such misery and suffering. Read what or. K. R. Ellis Rome i Bahama n. A. Just North of Durham popular to help i Bacco Farmer of this Section said a recently in talking with the Gly Cas Man who is daily meeting the local Public at the Betts drug co. A for so Many years poor digestion and faulty Bowel elimination caused me seemingly endless suffering a said or. Ellis. A i would have indigestion soon after eating any food my stomach would Burn Gas would form in excess and i was always bloated and Short of breath. Then i began to develop Back pains which gradually extended Down into my hips and legs. At times it was difficult for me to do my daily work i lacked my usual Pep and Energy and it was with a great Effort that i did anything at All. I tried Many different kinds of medicines some that seemed to be popular at the time. But always with the same results. None that were at All satisfactory. I continued to grow steadily worse until i began the use of Gly Cas a today my Only regret is that i did not learn of Gly Cas years ago a continued or. Ellis a i been terribly worried Over my health condition but now that gone since Gly Cas began its work. I am now getting proper Bowel elimination and my digestion distress been relieved. I eat and enjoy the foods i want without any fear of suffering afterwards. Those Back and leg pains have left me now i Slee it a Good get my rest and arise each morning rested and refreshed and ready for my daily tasks ahead of me. No wonder Gly Cas become so popular Here in Durham. It is truly a Medicine worthy of its the special Gly Cas representative is daily meeting crowds of local people at the Betts drug co., 109 n. Main St., where he is introducing and explaining the action of this valuable medical compound. Trial packages Given away to All who Call to see him. 712 English Street a Hio South main Street 111 West Washington St. Fancy Florida Grapefruit 4 for 10c firm Ripe Tomat Oes la. 10c firm Large Lettu e head 5c new Green Cabb a be 3 lbs. 10c hiked breakfast Bacon 2 lbs. 33c leg of Lamb la. A 25c fresh pork shoulder roast la. A 15c Small lean pork c hops la. 19c our make pork sausage la. A 10c Gold medal milk Small or pfc j o 24c medium size prunes 3 lbs. 17c Campbell so with exceptions soups 3 cans a 25c Tomato 2 cans 15c Mayfield Corn 2 no. 2 cans 15c 10c Rio Coffee la. Eagle flour 48 la. Bag si.49 Miller cornflakes pkg. 6c Alaska Salmon cans 25c hand packed Toma toes 4 Chi a o cans 23c every Day Coffee 3 la. 1�?~kr. Crane Calif. Peaches 2 Quaker Oats Quick or regular 39c 23c Ige. Pkg. 19c age. So can new Low Price grape nuts pkg 12k

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