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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy rain mixed with Snow tonight and Friday the High Point Enterprise vol 56�?no. I Mem bar associated press High Point n. Pm thursday afternoon january 4. 19to Complete Nea service elicit Poi ii i tile Center of do verified manufacturing enterprises Price five cent Roosevelt asks for huge defense fund a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a finnish troops push deep into Russia red division sent to he p beaten Force is surrounded captured Soldier said to have been in terrible plight open Hao in Jan. 4.-Ja a finnish troops chasing the scattered remnant in of russians crushed 163rd division were reported today to have pushed ten Miles into soviet territory and to have surrounded a second red army division which had been sent to assist the beaten 163rd. The reports on the encirclement of the Relief division which were not confirmed immediately by military authorities in Helsinki said the finns surrounded them Between Lake k inn to and the russian Border. The lied troops were said to be in desperate plight with food and Araj munition supplies Cut off. Borders raided Copenhagen press dispatches said that finnish bombers had raided and partly destroyed the new russian air bases on the j islands of Dago and Yoesel off tile coast of Estonia near the Southern end of the Entrance to the Lull of Finland. Russia won from Estonia the right to fortify these islands last fall. The newspaper Aften Avis ape j ciliated that the finns used new English and italian planes for i the raids. The finns who were reported j to have pushed into soviet territory were those who last week end Defeated the russian 163rd division on i Ake Kinta. This was the fourth Point on the Eastern front at which finnish counter offensives have carried into Russia reach Lake Kokki unconfirmed reports placed the finns in the latest penetration As far As the Western shores of Lake Kokki. Which h is about to i Miles inside soviet territory and said they were advancing Northeast in Pursuit of retreating red army Fortes. The finns crossed the Border last month East of licks in j the Inari sector about 140 Miles North of Lake Ladoga and in j the Klov Vaara sector further j Nort beast. Ski patrols operating from continued on Cage two goer my assumes supreme Congress goes commando German army into disputes Over defense Berlin Jan. 4.�?</p a Field a marshal Hermann Wilhelm goer. Ing has decided to take supreme direction of the entire War in Dusty into his own hands it was announced today. The avowed purpose is to bring about the greatest concentration and unification of everything that concerns Germany a economic policy during the War leering no. 2 nazi thus be j comes the a supreme War economic Hea do Council All chief offices of the nation having to do with War economic j policy Are United in a general Council under Goering a a presidency. By this measure it was stated the a a absolutely essential Cooper j action is to be insured.1 Goering s right hand Man. States Secretary Paul Koerner of the prussian state ministry has been appointed his Deputy. Writing in a the four year Koerner Points out that transition of the highly developed German Economy from peace to War was accomplished without friction. To meet the British blockade by Superior moves on the a headboard of War German economic policy must. Be appointed to new Pons i by i ties Koerner wrote. Preconditions three pre conditions must be fulfilled Koerner held Quot first Clear authority to give orders and the most rigid author Ity for the direction of the entire War Economy. Quot second closest cooperation of All offices having to do with i questions of War Economy. Quot third discipline and understanding cooperation of the entire Koerner said Goering would continued on pass two Farnam Elmurphy to supreme court attorney general succeed late Justice Butler Jackson head Justice dept. Washington Jan. 4.�?wp a president Roosevelt nominated attorney general Frank Murphy today to he an associate 7 Buhion Munct Fth hous Justice of the supreme court and solicitor general Robert h. Ways and Means com mince 81 Democrat warm in Praise of chief address by d. Hanold Oliver Washington Jan i up a amid general Congro Tsiona i applause for president Boose veltus pleas for peace Ami autonomy Sharp disputes broke out today Over his Reco Marenda tons for special deform tales i and continuance of the reciprocal Trade program. While awaiting resell i Hon the curtailed 1940-4 1 budget party leaders scanned inn chief executives annual in Ltd a a for issues to be fought our in the j coming presidential Ca Indian. Democrats were warm to their Praise of the tone of the address especially its re decl a i Jet that the United states must of War while trying in i peace. Many Republica in lauding this Stater though some termed la discussion of foreign be tic policies too indefinite bipartisan Ain Lai there was bipartisan too for the Promise of ment but or. Roosevelt by retorted to the these ter Day a joint session hand to eat your cake aa4 Iii the next by t led of higher taxation. Just As both parties Over extending the reciprocal Trade program beyond next june 112. So Are they divided Over the president s advocacy of sufficient additional taxes to pay for emergency defense speeding. One or two Cong res am in privately pre dieted that no special tax would be passed at this session. I both tax and Tariff Bills oru in att in the House Charma Raecia i amp. # it Fen a mitts a at feels4-1 Quot you i Nave it i he to i fears split for before Congress president Roosevelt at microphone addresses the opening of the third session of the 76th Congress calling for National Unity to safeguard american democracy j easting tax and proposing new taxes for Omer speaker William Bankhead eyes closet Nance Garner eyes open but also supporting head in hand. Budget Calls for decrease in deficit slashes made suggests everything but defense fund suffer big cuts Washington Jan. 4.�?of a president Roosevelt urged Congress today to slash farm Relief and Public works spending in a budget message asking $460,000,000 of special de lense taxes Aud proposing one of the smallest deficits in a decade. If All his recommendations Are followed he forecast a net deficit for the fiscal year beginning july i of $1,716,000,000. Compared with an estimated $3,-933,000,000 for the current year. Cutting nearly everything in the budget except defense funds the president estimated expenditures for the next fiscal year at j $8,424,000,000, which he said would be $675,000,000 less than i this year. Net receipts a from not counting social Security levies would in nay defense. Directly behind the president is housecrea8�?z t182 too Ann i. A cd head resting in hand. At right is vice president John because soviet Hopes for crushing Winter drive believed dead of better business. Leal Lenks legislators or. Roosevelt bluntly told the legislators intent on making election Eer records that Quot those who Call for further cuts should have the courage and honesty to specify where they should be for himself he said he was satisfied that no lower figures could be attained without impairing the administration of Laws Jackson to succeed him As head highlights from 1941 budget talk Washington. Jeu. 4. Ltd a pertinent phrases from president Roosevelt a message transmitting the 1941 budget estimated expenditures at $8,-424,060.000 Are Down $675,000,-Ouo from Tho fiscal year 1040. Estimated Normal receipts at $�,-648.000.0000 Ara up $382,000,-000 from the fiscal year 1940. A a tile new deficit is estimated it 2,? As compared with an estimated 8,988,000,-Tmhi Iii the fiscal year Huo. Of the tax recommendations totalling a , Mhz herein made Ace adopted tile deficit Xxiii to further decreased to ,7 i of i too. Government most have the Wisdom to use its credit to sustain economic activity in pried of economic recession and the courage to withhold it and retire debt in periods of economic Prosperity. We must x x avoid the danger of t i drastic or too sudden a curtailment of government support. We should x x thus ii och to secure for the Over All picture a gradual tapering off. Rattler hum an abrupt cessation of the deficit. A they the people want to strengthen our National defences and Are prepared to pay addition Al taxes for ibis purpose. They wish to attain of possible an Over All decrease in expenditures. They would like to see a reduction in the deficit hut not of a magnitude that would imperil the Progress of recovery. A i constantly Marvel at the glib general it in to the effect that if one has bul tile xviii to do so any body can reduce government expenditure by vast sums sufficient immediately to Quot balance tiny continued on i age Tvete of the Justice department. The president also sent to the Senate the nomination of judge Francis Biddle of the third circuit court of appeals to be solicitor general. Held High posts the 46-year-old Murphy who had said he thought others were much better qualified than he for a seat on the High court Bench has been attorney general since january 2, 1939. Formerly he was High commissioner to the Philippines and governor of Michigan for two years. Providence r. I., Jan. 4. Jackson has been with the up a fire form several Hundred Justice department since 1936. Pupils to leave the Point Street he headed the anti Trust division grammar school Here today. The i prior to moving up to the Job of solicitor general when Stanley pupils escape in school fire four Hundred reach safety after Blaze envelopes building upper floors of the Structure were quickly consumed by the Fin Hies and firemen were being driven out of the lower floors As they searched for possible vie j tints. All 4oo pupils however is j caped some by fire escapes from the third floor. They were forced to flee without overcoats j into the frigid Winter atmosphere but were giver temporary shelter in a parochial school across the Street. Principal burned principal George Thompson i who sounded the first of three alarms was slightly burned about the neck when he went to the third floor to make certain All his charges had reached safety. Five Young girls in the Shower room in the basement had time Only to drape a few garments about themselves before fleeing rep. Pierce Quot nyx stricken third member in three Days Washington Jan. 4.�? up a rep. Wallace e. Piercer by died of a heart attack in the Capitol yesterday to. Third member of the House to die in As Many Days. Or. Benjamin Sledd Dies awake Fores College Wake Forest Jan. 4.�? a it a or. Benjamin Sledd 75, who became professor emeritus of English at Wake Forest College in 1938 after teaching English at the institution 50 years died of a heart attack at 3 of clock this morning. Doctor Sledd was widely known As a teacher and author. He was head of the English department when he retired. He wrote two books of poetry Quot from Cliff to Scaur Quot and Quot the watchers of the he taught at the University of Virginia summer schools for Many years. Fineral tomorrow funeral services will be held in the Wake Forest Baptist Aid a measure to extend Tho reciprocal Trade act would he introduced in a week with Public hearings following shortly thereafter. A defense tax Bill he said will come up after the Trade measure is debated. Barkley speak senator Barkley of Kentucky the democratic floor Leader said he thought the country would approve of the tax suggestion in lieu of increasing the deficit to pay for extra defense needs. There Are Many ways of levying the tax he said such As lowering income tax exemptions or continued on Page two Highway deaths in 1939 Climp upward Venty five More lives taken in 1939 Over year of 1938 special to the Enterprise Greensboro Jan. 4.�?the Highway death toll in District of 20 counties supervised by troop c of the Highway patrol for the year just ended revealed a Sharp increase according to it. D. T. Lambert. It. Lambert released official figures from the Highway patrol this morning revealing that 93 were killed in Road accidents in 1939 As compared with 68 in 1938, a gain of 25. Injuries showed an increase said. In 1938 the injured list was 386 in 580 accidents while 674 were Hurt in 896 accidents in 1939. The increase of accidents and injuries the officer said could probably he attributed to the increased efficiency of the enlarged patrol staff which investigated More accidents during 1939 than any other previous year. November was the worst month for deaths in this District 15 being killed and 84 Hurt in 123 accidents. March was the safest with Only three deaths and 43 injuries in 53 Accident. Arrests totalled 7.686 convictions numbered 7,165, against 182 acquittals. Sentences aggregating 224 years six months and i Reb at 3 o clock tomorrow Days Weie handed Down and afternoon and burial will Fol ?.moun,t no f0 $104,183 Low in the cemetery Here. Or. Were collected. One Hundred and j. A. Easley and or. A. R. Cul stolen cars. Valued at $62, Lom will be in charge of the a 7.80, were recovered. Persons funeral service. Nabbed for driving drunk num three children survive or. Llred 777. Patrolmen drove an Arthur p. Sledd of the faculty aggregate of 1.418.216 Miles a of Judson College in Alabama i trolling the District. Reed went to the supreme court. Biddle a pennsylvanian once was chairman of the National labor relations Board and last year served As counsel for the congressional committee which investigated the Tennessee Valley authority. The vacancy on the supreme court which Murphy will a if the Senate confirms him. Was created by the death november 16 of associate Justice Pierce Butler. Fifth Iio ick the appointment was president Roosevelt a fifth to the nine Man tribunal. Thus the chief executive has personally picked a majority of the members. Although Murphy was named to succeed Butler regarded by the administration As a Quot conservative Quot the change was not expected to have any material effect on the nature of the courts opinions. In general they have been favourable to the administration since shortly before president Roosevelt submitted his court reorganization plan to Congress in february. 1937. Only one member of the court continued on Page Itsvo Edison s name intense nazi sent to Senate activity seen rout of 163rd army few Slu division climate serie of defeat Quot i refuse to accept the responsibility of adopting either alternative Quot he added. The message read to the Senate and the House by clerks said that the government was Quot prepared to move Forward on appointment of Navy Secretary to be approved a Bell s name up Washington Jan. 4.�?<tf> a president Roosevelt sent to the Senate today the nomination of Charles Edison who had been Given a recess appointment to be Secretary of the Navy. Edison was appointed Only a few Days ago after having been acting Secretary for months following the death of Secretary Claude Swanson. Or. Roosevelt sent to the Senate nominations for six vacancies in the diplomatic corps and state department. George s. Messersmith now assistant Secretary of state was selected As ambassador to Cuba and Breckinridge Long. One time ambassador to Italy now on special duty in the state department was nominated As assistant Secretary of state. I Day to Belgium John Cudahy now minister to Eire Ireland was appointed ambassador to Belgium and minister to Luxemburg in place of Joseph e. Davies who resigned recently continued on Page two patrols shift scouting from night raids Daylight i o Paris Jan. 4.�? a a a German patrols shifted their military strategy from night scouting to Daylight raids today French military dispatches reported and launched intense activity extending All the Way from the Moselle River to the Rhine. The French replied to the German thrusts with their own patrol forays. One of the French i units West of the Saar River military sources said penetrated nearly Tsvor Miles into enemy territory and brought Back much valuable information. Another French patrol in the Vosges mountains engaged two i Meigu observers German detachments totalling finns defences about 200 men. Although the French were outnumbered they were reported to have surprised miss Elva Douglas Quot Ledd of Wake Forest and miss Gladys Sledd of Murfreesboro. The beloved professor was a native of Virginia and received degrees at Washington and. Lee University and Johns Hopkins. Students described doctor Sledd As a teacher Quot with the instinctive qualities of a gentle continued on Page two Lehi were were than were during the year 95,382 Oles were inspected 1,328 weighed of which 5 42 found overweight. More fifty two thousand lights corrected. Following Are the number or citations and ticket issued citations. 8,517 equipment tickets 816 warning ticker 1,360 Light tickets 617, Unity Freeman Mitford on ust leg of journey Home Folkestone eng. Jan. 4 a a a her face Pale and drawn Unity Valkyrie Freeman Mitford started today on the last leg of her Stretcher journey Home from Germany. She was described by her father As Quot very til a but the exact nature of her ailment still was a mystery. By Thomas Hawkins with the finnish forces near Lake i Anta Jan. 4.�? to a russian Hopes for a decisive blow against finnish land defences were believed today to have been crushed for the Winter by the rout of the red army a 163rd division. Losers in the greatest single Battle of the War 2.000 remnants of the division of 17,000 men wandering hungry and half Frozen in thick finnish fir forests were easy picking for the Hardy defenders Lumberjacks who Are at Home in the snowy Woods. Inter defences Good Torr although the soviet command azi Hind through the i mfr St fir stir j was reported massing seven Divi Uin Iai Fon tinned on pane two hungarian nazi band broken six members charged w Iii planning extinction plot arrested Budapest Jan. 4. Up _ police said today they had broken up what they termed a continued i to i bulletin russian air Force bomb naval base Helsinki Jan. up a russian planes bombed the southwestern finnish naval base of Hanko today two bombers inflicting slight damage in the morning and a larger number of raiders dropping Between to and to incendiary bomb in the afternoon officials Here said. No loss of life was reported and damage was comparatively Small. Tonight s general staff Cornin unique reported i inn a russian attempt to recapture a Strong position Northeast of Lake Ladoga yesterday was repulsed. The Day was a d to have passed Quot quietly Quot on the isthmus of Karelia. Pathologist Dis in Philadelphia Philadelphia Jan. 4.�? up a or. Baxter l. Crawford 53, assistant professor of pathology Ai the Jefferson medical College died last night in the White Haven Sanitorium White Haven. Pa., colleagues Here were advised. A graduate of the University College of Medicine Richmond va., or. Crawford was a director of clinical laboratories at Jefferson Hospital and a member of numerous medical societies. Burial will be in Chester s f., bus former Home tomorrow. He is survived by his wife Ami two children. Sions for an attempt to break through the Mannerheim line for considered the impregnable As Long As Winter lasts. The vanquished russian division entered Finland under comparatively favourable conditions before heavy snows fell and finnish arrest of six members charged with plotting the Quot extinction of unreliable members Quot of the hungarian nazi party. The arrests followed an attack on two nazi members of parliament by armed men. Police announced that from documents seized they Learned the band planned Quot Crimea of All varieties a with one member of the squad chosen to list nazis officers said it would take months now to replace it because of in-1 to be Quot put on the creasing hardships and the Dlf i cover up crimes cult terrain. J according to the police the this column had tried to Cut documents said that Quot our Leader across the narrow Waist of Central j Ca not occupy himself with the Finland in an attempt to separate j 1, meant a so a a leaning up the North and South. The High command announced that a soviet infantry attack on the karelian isthmus had been repulsed Quot with heavy widespread finnish successes on the Eastern front also were reported. New troops arrive unofficial but reliable reports in Moscow said Large reinforcements of red army troops from Siberia were reaching russian troop locations in Finland. In the vein of the last few Days the rus foul limed on Page two Irish Dail cracks Down on illegal republicans Dublin Jan. 4.�? up a parliament convened today for speedy anal action on an emergency Powers Bill giving authority for a nation wide Roundup of members of the illegal Irish Republican army. The Bill which gives the government of Ireland Eire the Power to intern without trial persons menacing me safety of the state wus passed 82 to 9. In the lower House daid Eire Ann last night and sent to the Senate. Legislators marked sped by predictions that legislators were marked for assassination and rumours of an Ira Quot school for bomb throwers Quot Tho the party so we must do the Job ourselves. We must kill out the weeds. The dead will make no counter one document explaining a plan to cover up the deaths said Quot after All anyone May be killed by a motor police recalled that Kalman Hubay Leader of the Arrow and Cross organization made a speech Jan. I calling for a elimination of discordant elements from the Athen stewardess gets sentence for fairy tales Glasgow Jan. 4. Up a Marion Campbell who was a stewardess on the torpedoed liner Athenia was sentenced to six months in prison today for fraud. The prosecution charged she told a a Fine fairy tale Quot of her experiences to gain sympathy from Gullible listeners. Dail voted in a special session. While the measure was debated detective John Roche was shot to death in Cork when he and another detective challenged -a.nj, a group of men. Police arrested Dies committee Extension the group which included Thorn House opponents predict As Maccurtain son of the late lord mayor of Cork who was shot during the Irish rebellion in 1921. Justice minister Gerald Boland urging enactment of the legislation said several packets of a american dollars destined for the Ira Natl Peen seized by authorities. My e to carry on he said Quot officers of the army continued on Page two Washington Jan. 4.�? pm congressional critics of the Dies committee joined its proponent today in predicting that the House would soon authorize it to investigate in american activities for a third year. House members who have been outspoken against the committees procedure said they could Hope Only to write into the new legislation certain restrictions on committee policy

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