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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Ask Andy Legal notices High Point Enterprise tuesday january 4, 1972 14. Remodelling a painting Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Donna Gonzales age 14, of Albany new York for her question what is meant by the lithosphere the Litho part of this word Means a a Stone and the sphere refers to the shape of our Globe. We know of course that our planet is built in layers. Somewhat like neatly enfolded onion skins. The lightest sphere is the gaseous atmosphere above the solid planet. The hydrosphere is the liquid Sheath of water that fills the oceans permeates the land and links the surface with the Weathery atmosphere. The lithosphere is the solid Rocky layer that underlies the oceans and humps up to form the land. Most people refer to the lithosphere As the Earth s crust a the special study of geologists geographers and other Earth scientists. It so happens that recently this entire study was shaken by some startling new theories. For several generations Earth scientists probed the restless upheavals of the crust. They were certain of some of the causes and almost certain of others. Then a team of researchers discarded these previous theories suggested different ones and supported them with masses of new evidence. These new theories do not Challenge the size of the Earth a crust or its geological ingredients. We still May say that the lithosphere is made rom about 2,000 different Stony and metallic minerals. Nobody will contradict us if we say that the average thickness of the lithosphere ranges from about 20 to 40 Miles. But lets wait for More proof before we explain the dynamic forces that cause crustal upheavals. The new theory suggests that continents and Ocean floors Are numerous Mobile Rocky plates pushing and shoving each other in various directions. On the continents masses apart. This could provide the final proof that the land masses separated from an ancient single con not be of proposed amendment to the code of ordinances of the City of High Point North Carolina no Jicy a a Reby 1x1 he Ceramic til. Inlaid linoleum Wall to Al i w la k he h i Quot ik1 Alt Carpel discount Price. Fife a bloc i to in in �?�$k��8 Call Sam. 88-30530 Council of the City of High Point North Carolina in the Council chamber in the Carpenter work ?0 year experience City county building on the following pro door window room addition pane posed amendment to the code of ordinal ing Etc. Larry Proctor 431-5222 c Section i. That Section 22-9 5 of the we install Alcoa aluminium apts., houses a unfurnished Gilwood North apts. Houses unfurnished 27. Apts., houses unfurnished a prestige apartment residential Community property enter Cawood North and relax in luxury Uco Adam 4 pm duplex oui. Spacious apartment. Wander onto 305 b Lindsay 3 pm Apt the Patio and enjoy the View of wooded Sunset or i pm duplex and caped surroundings Tinnent. The spreading seabed cows Sidi a a. Avs k so c Quot to to cracked them and shoved Point nor he Roli Quot a a Vised 5, window and door i Sij them apart. Dancing available. Huffman paint 4 wallpaper 742 n. Main St. 182 8147 Legal notices Small ones connect major earthquake numerous of form faults. The restless rafts Are mane Vered by weather from above and planetary forces rom below. All the plates of the lithosphere float so to by order of the City Council Thi the 14h Day of december 1971. Catherine w. Haring to n 12 21 1-4 administer matrix s notice to creditors ii. U 4 Ai. Having qualified at the adminis Gratrix int for the hearing a he cracks Between the plates the state of Hal h Bowden deceased Are unstable faults Ann 01 Guil,0fd county it to notify an a a ii u person having claims against the estate to present same duly proven to the under signed on or before the 14th Day of june 1972,otherwise this notice will be plead in bar of recover All person indebted to that a a e will please make prompt settlement with the administer matrix. Virginia p. Bowden administer matrix of hat h. Bowden deceased i. Announcements George a Saint no attorney a a i a a. P o Box 1136 speak on or partly submerged Thomas ii n c. 2730 a a a a 12-14, 21, 28 i 4 hereby amended to read As follows 5 offices professional clerical and governmental provided no activity be 0, carried on catering to retail Trade and no r his i Stock of goods a maintained for Sale i St i ii a. Ati v to Perjons wishing to be heard either for estimates 882-3. Or against the proposed amendment to the for 1st class painting 4 Wal covering. Code of ordinances Are asked to be pres i b Richardson 3 pm duplex 704 Sherwood 5 pm. Hog 307-a steel 3 pm. Fun Apt. 917 Redding 5 pm. House 1st class painting Call Herman Shrader 4 son 885 5984 o 475-4312. City clerk announcements featuring prove by fully sound conditioned. Private Brick enclosed patios. I. In a 4 2�?Tj Vinyl Wail paned Bath i j?0 featuring Marble vanities Gold Decora 5�?T 3 a five fixture and fiberglas tub and Onuf 3 pm Apt. Shower a Plush Gold sculptured carpeting a color coordinated Kitchen including a it i g e appliance a fro to fre rear Gator Freezer food disposal automatic dish Home building 4 remodelling we Washer Range w vent Hood specialise in room addition Carport individually controlled electric heating a a a 4 of Quot a up tax panelling floor covering cabinets and Cooling for year round Comfort e j pm duplex d s appear ing Fairway a air Conn t Tor private club with swimming Pool 2j-c Forsyth to 4 pm House Hole Cut. All work guaranteed. 20 yrs Launderette Wood panelled and climate 3 pm experience r. V. Proctor 881106. Controlled children equipped pie area painting a Ftp a or amp exterior Freeman a to Antenna system Estir rites priced very reasonable. Can resident manager 88 3-0947. _ 845-1212 custom built in cabinets year cd 0 6 weekday 1-dark weekend Isis Courtesy re 3 pm. Apt. 23�?Ti w. Green 4 pm. Dup Iso wend14 pm. Duplex 915�?T Redding 3 pm. Al. 51 Grayson. 3 pm Dup sex Spring Valley 5 pm. Apt. Notice of r to posed amendment to the zoning ordinance of the City of he of Foint North Carolina notice is hereby Given that on the 17th Day of january 1972 at 8 30 a m., a Public hearing will be held before the Council of the City of High Point no to Carol a in the Council chamber in the c to county building on the following in the More pliable Mantle that is subject to goodness knows what dynamic forces Tom deeper within the planet. But the real surface action is in the sea Beds. There we Are told Mantle material constantly oozes up through a Omen a a the cracks spreads the crus ordinance Zee up Tum up Quot seams. The theory suggests Tai plates apart and seals the that the seabed Are spreading and have been spreading perhaps since the infant Earth formed its first solid crust a lot of evidence has been gathered to support this new theory and it explains several mysteries of the past. For example it explains How a spreading seabed can Widen cracks Between con mental plates and push the land Well kept carpets show the results of regular Blue Lustre spot meaning. Rent electric Shampooer la. Huffman paint ii Wall mar 2. Card of thanks experience reasonable prices free estimates. Call 18-54408. Start the new year off right add a room or Den architecturally designed to fit every style Home 20 years experience modern construction 4 paint co. Call 476 4111. We. At Lamb s nursing Home wish to express our thanks and appreciator for All the Many wonderful thing you painting roofing 4 porch repair Small carpentry work phone 115-13 Glenn Mabe fluid 4 of guaranteed did Tor us during the hoi Days end o her occasion signed the personnel of Lamb s Nus of h gift a a i. I Ost amp found Kirkwood and Northport avenues High Point now leasing Woodlake luxury townhouses 885 Sho 840 $40 lost front of w. Green Flash Market. Black Billfold contain no Drivers 1 Cense return no questions asked. Re Ward 431-748 male White 4 an or to Quot Rover Chapel re re Ward. Apricot pekingese. A Vicinity Vicke y Call 454 a ii. I. Personals Home that the zoning ordinance map is he Eby amended to a Tatish the to Ewing described area As a 4. Rezoning Casc 71 79 a mind no at a a d Point Baing la a fixated on the infer action 01 the Gull Ford Davidson county line and English Road thence in a northerly direction a Tong the county line Tor a distance of 440 it. More or less to a Point and place of beginning thence in a northerly direction air to the county line for a distance of 400 of. More or less to a Point thence in an Easterly a rec i n or a Dot stifle of too it. More or lets to a Point thence in a southerly direction Tor a distance of 30 it More or it to a Point thence in a southerly direction for a distance of 240 it. More or less to a Point thence in a Westerly direction for a distance of 130 it More or less to a Point thence in a norther y a re for a 1 stance o ?c0 marriage arrangements compute w the. It Mer or less to a per am place of in 2 or i a in to 5 0 in v Noay a or i 00 through Friday. Cai foe appt Namer persons wishing of be heard either for to k. Free estimates. Call anytime 489. 7401 or 49-3321 masonry work til kinds Chimney tops foundations under Pinn to 4 walks Woodlake brings to High Point i 3, and 3 poured 431-1525 Day 431-4235 night. Boone % paint Interior 4 exterior free estimates phone 445-3400 will do Small Carpenter work cd 145-5397. _ 15. Septic tank service 507 Lindsay 7 pm Hows 610 e. Green i room Nae. R0l North or. 5 j pm. House Oakwood ct., 3 pm. Turn. Apt Chandler St. 4 pm Apt. 700 e Wash Nifon 2 pm Apt. 437-a skeet club re4 pm. Apt. Mendenhall-m00re realtors 20 Church ave. Put 48 31456 Afier hours 142-449 11 7547 he a Campbell 4 pm. Apt 850 Moum b Campbell 4 pm Apt 87$ to u wharf re4 pm Apt 850 to s a Chestnut Chur apis 4 pm 8�?T5 to 1224 o s s5 in he 870 to Odell Johnson realtors 415 2 s3 hoi Centennial 4 bedroom in Bath full Basaman. 8175. Watson Wall realty co. 65 111 Church Ava. Pm. 445-9105 145 306 b Lindsay 4 rms. 4 Bath carpeted 123 stove 4 refrigerator Twat. Clean. 2nd i floor Apt. Sho. A 440 1006-a Pershing 3 rms. 4 Bath 840 840 4j j English 3 rms. 4 Bath water furn widows Only. No children. 835 837 50 Oak new St ton 4 pm Apt. New prick j40 stove 4 refer Ger Ator dishwasher. 8150 4 w. Green St. 3 rms 4 Bath Haat 4 water furnished. Widow Only no by children Tao lie 410 Amo it rooms 4 Bath. No Deposit Quot Reg 835 u Atlantic ins. Amp realty co. 835 400 n main phone 842-4145. Sec $135 $100 $150 bedroom townhouse apartment with All Oom f�0#, 417 old Winston re 1100 Security Deposit 21702 convenience shag carpet sound conditioning Wather dryer connections resident manager private it of Pool. 0 a areas and private club for residents now leasing. Call resident manager a Academy of 845-0700, to till 4 weekdays i till dark 2415 c Hon on weekends. Lake Crest 4 Johnson St High Point. Us to. Call 88 install 4 repair ankh dig too no 4 hauling can Gerald Leonard 431 4414 or 454-140. 5 room House a a Council Thomatz in $75 to in put 113-2903 a new years Resolution avoid malicious gossip about p e 0 p la encourage be ter education to retarded children 4 adults to Lova country More than aver to help criminal our. _ drug problem to love neighbor a a Ltd re a King repair no custom d Felting Oft Archdale septic tank service installation 4 repair Cummo ditching Call 431 1471 in Elf to Tell wife Shes the greatest 4 to sell you the Bast value in town in 1972 yours truly were not to veg. Old boy Jake Ham 1971 was from Page i b Carolinas program is one example and plans for package Tours a weekender specials and a stretch weekends Are also on the drawing Board. The rapid growth in recreational vehicle vacations prompts a need for More study in that area. At the moment there Are 24 million recreation vehicles in America and Over 400.000 More being produced each year. North Carolina we re sorry t o report is sorely lacking in facilities to accommodate these vehicles. New development of Parks campgrounds and recreational areas must be Given prime consideration by future sessions of the legislature if we Are to stay abreast of our sister states. Without new areas and More Park space we Are going to eliminate a Fertile Field of untapped income. There is a great need and demand for More and better travel resorts. Sure. North Carolina is blessed with Many. But we need More. Caro winds. A theme Park to be opened in 1973 in Charlotte is the Type of attraction now drawing the travelling Public. Recently on a sunday afternoon. Cars were backed up 30 Miles waiting to get into Disney world. North Carlina can and will get some of that traffic once car winds opens to the Public. We Hope for the Day when we can claim a Chain of the finest travel resorts in America right Here in our great state. We have a Start but we must do More. Establishing resorts within the grandeur of the Beautiful mountains of North Carolina or along our historical coastline. We think of people seeking a place to relax in the a go Onliest land where there Are luxurious accommodations but natures Beauty has not been spoiled by Many Slack of thought for ecology. The nation is beginning to demand it. Fun Comfort and happiness. The people right Here at Home want it. And if we can to provide it somebody else will. A Egri ref the propose amendment to the zoning cup inane a asked to be p Eert to a a Hearl a by Othef of to get City Council to Ltd 4tn do of december to Catherine w Harrington City clerk i 21 i 4 notice of Public hearing notice i hereby Given that on the Lith i a of jan19 i of i to am., a pub it hear no win be held before the Council of the City of High Point North Carolina to the Council chamber in the to county building on the following proposed Street dosing Gavin court located South o Loanda e drive a renamed to Gavin or. By planning 4 Jon no comm to May 1971, West of Brentwood St at shown on the subdivision from Page 1-b vacancy rate for rental increased from 4 6 per cent in i960 to 5.1 per cent in 1970 Overall Guin Ford county had 75.947 single family housing in 1970 and 15,105 multifamily . This compared to the 1960 figures which showed 64.440 single family and 8,286 Multi family . Virtanen said his study showed that 80 per cent of the by so Quot Quot Quot housing available in 1960 was in the form of a single family 8l454ctu�hfidall#�furn 5. Instructions private guitar lessons phone 43 3359 after 4pm tractor trailer trainees needed you can now Tram to become an Over the Road Driver or City Driver excellent earning after Short training on our tuck Wun our Driver to brio you or application end inter a Charlie s Radlo to service Sij no Zee r no fun d cd o and Plant 431 lit j homa 431-4724 septic tanks installed 4 Rand Ca Robert Beeson 475-341 or it 7-413 septic tanks cleaned and Ocic 4 gravel t 11 a i Reese i 431-6304 peptic tanks cleaned Banks septic tank service 4j1 497 or 411-4371 16. To radio repair Archdale to Cinter Rad i to service next to Archdale school of 431 7315 do 431-1743 Ralph s radio and to service 502 i Washington expert service on to r to pm 182 1422 or 182 6022 1208 Franklin St 5 rooms full carpet Bath. Gas Haat Washer dryer Conn 3 to old $120 to5100 Security Deposit couple Only la 24371 morn available Jan to j bedroom by irk. 2 year old 2 Baths built in oven 4 1 no room 4 Toyer carpet fireplace in family room doubt Carport i mile o Side on paved treet no Childre $17$ monthly Security Deposit i year a 84 3-9050 2 bedroom townhouse almost new i bams Alec neat Central air it Ond a ice fully carpeted Washer dryer con Central to Antenna frigid air Ovra a Aerator a Shwa Sner. Disposal Large of 4 c nets no pet. 135 475 325 apartments Vanor j bedroom $135 Apt. 185 4rm duplex $75 410-b Hawthorne 3 rms. $78 Craven-j0hns0n-p0ll0ck �?~71 n main i �?T492 we manage Oxford House apts Williamsburg Garden apts Village Square apts. Dubrovin Manor apts. Rosewood apts colonial court apts Willis apts Grimes apts. Plus hundreds of mouses and duplexes Ca 117jit for your ran Ai needs Atlantic ins. Amp realty co 278 Dublin 4 room House with garage. Sac Urty Doo f required 895 to 3204 Forest View dr., 4 bedrooms 2 Baths air Cynd. 4 to. It 8225 ., plus Deposit. Mabe amp co. Realtors Call 84-59117. For lease a luxury two bedroom apartment at Robinhood Manor with Kitchen App lances. Aji Hectric heat and a r conditioning fully carpeted. Master to Antenna and swimming Pool Wright amp co., realtors 147 Church a is 8114 1-6 rooms 4 Bam 2 with 4 rooms 4 Bath. 1-4 room noun has new refrigerator. Rang Wash dryer Hollywood bed w in apr no 4 mattress. E keep Lone by Secor Deposit required. Adult Only phone 475-4734. Wanted Christian lady will accept on c id to share 4 room Apt 4 expense apply of a Richland St. 4 room House with Bath. Located in country on Hwy 44 850 per to. Pm. �?�85-8742 Quoter 5 p in 4 room House 337 Stratford re 845 month Call 48-3740 28. Mobile Homes a spaces 2 bedroom most Home Tor rent no children quiet locator 2 Miles from inn to High school. 88-j989. 2 bedroom trailer be 4 clean 13 a so n drinking phone 431-3723 7 of Droom trailer for rent in restricts Parx located 1&Quot n a n St coup Only 845-4414, Small trailer of of of water 4 electricity furnished phone 14 5 4 5 72. English re f up it service of reasonable Price pm 185 8914 Day 4 431-5378 n uht can 9i9 44 3976. Or writ so boo safety division. Untied system at Indiana. My32s May Street. Fayetteville North Ca. It 78302 approved for v a erne. Tit pm Camurri assistance syllabic i a a to a Sporta n compare rive 17 i Pont Fang a it pairing hired our graduates dwellings. He said this figure had declined to 84 per cent in 1970. On the other hand he said Multi family housing expanded from la per cent of the total available in 1960 to More than 16 per cent in 1970. The total number of housing of All types stood at 72,726 in 1960 by 1970, this had increased by 25 per cent to 91,056, Virtanen reported. His figures showed the number of individually owned in High Point increased by eight per cent from 1960 to 1970. The High Point figure compared to the 30 per cent increase recorded for the same Type housing in Greensboro and to the 50 per cent increase in Rural areas the number of rental in High Point in 1970 was 14 per cent greater than in 1960. However Greensboro reported a growth of this Type housing of 27.5 per cent while Rural areas showed a 16 per cent increase. Tile total number of housing located in High Point Rose by nine per cent Over the to years from 18.615, to 20,402 Virtanen reported. Fee son w tiling to be hear either Tor of against the propose Street closing a a yes to a present Tor the bearing by orate of it City Council this the loth Day of dec. 1971 came r one w Harrington City Clark 12-21, 21. 14. La the Enterprise want and Index dial 885-2177 to place your adv. Announcement. I article a miscellaneous. 62 Antiqua. 45 appliances.43 apts., houses furnished26 Apt., houses unfurnished27 90 40 94 91 too 92 career Opportunity men amp women Advance in 1972 let s get together no experience required. No High school diploma. No age limit. Yes sincere training for ism key punch operation it Call i 885-0118 key punch Academy rep of stering. Many patterns n a a Lect from free to mat also new sofas in men 4 so vet g Bretn a up Bontery Hwy 42 4j1 212 re upholster now Quality fibres a Low interface fabric outlet 202 w Green d lower level phone 845-0424 craftsman furniture co complot re unt Wist no or custom by it furniture. Free estimate of years it per it enc e c. M Teague 885 0/23 or 887 244v 1216 n. A n a a 18. Bookkeeping a income lax Nice 3 room apartment located 717 n e Cal 881-1791 or 85-223 Thomasville apartments furnished or unfurl no hot 4 cold water furnished no children or pets. Re. 882-4902 or 443 909 ror rent 5 room House h04 carte a Nee 1192 50 monthly Deport required shown by appointment Rhone ii 1174 after i p in 3 room of portent recently pointed. Good location Ald w Willis $18 75 per week Tim Moss 454-3442 Day or 454-20-24 night. Southside 3 room apartment modern Bath extra clean easy to heat. 609 Longford 517 per week furnished All furniture 3 bedroom clean i Block to downtown $25 per week. 321 s Hamilton 5 room House room Rouse scientific $10 we 4 room Quot Noie Rob a av#., $1? 50 we Jem now old boy Jake Herr town House apartment bedroom. A a Baths. Carpeted throughout fully furnished Kitchen e rear c heat 4 a credit on private a i Pool. A a recut a Park apart Menett. Also. Bed of urn he 4 in trn shed a nth in other buld nos commercial othes w the heat 4 air cond t on an it it Uff titled 1 03 n a n St j bedroom in Home no drinking Sec Deposit Call 443-5471 or n3-j9/i after depot. 4pm weekdays. Idol Green co too n. F in at Broad realtors re -7 41 bookkeeping problems cell Larry or n in once to you be pain Sqq arg houses 241 Bede no on re 4 rms so apis. It main j pm 4 James s. Conrad inc. 512 n Hamilton 186 att Glenoth a j pm he3 Bdrm. 2 Bath. A Lect. Heal Carport. Ii to. I Avail f#6 72 hoi f Geen. Furnished 3 pm Apt upset 835 a 2 we 7217 h coddle 3 map 26 Ca j we 604 w a. 2 pm furnished apr $30 a 7 we Malpass realty co. % Rock Spring re. 112 9017 Foxfire i no charge for consultation. Part Al or complot account no service Busine a personal taxes filed Call 442-9805 Tor appointment Alt Mist cell Docous Auto accessories auctions real Eliot Auto Loans. Auto repair. Automobile for Sal automobile wonted boots�?frailer97 bookkeeping a Tot bldg Materiel supplies. Is business opportune.4 comoro�?jewelry.49 apply now for Complete training to re 9? in Day or evening classes a card of thanks. .2 \. 77.t be it a. 8 cemetery flat.37 ranged for the unemployed Pacu a a part or full time workers key punch Academy 164 s. Moin St. Suite 702 a ferry s Concrete finishing basements carports drives Waits and floor Cal 182 20�?T8 Maxies Asphalt paving driveway parking tot431 5005 Wood for Sale Rhone 8/1749 tree service Topp a pruning Etc lot Ciao no. Free As mates a seawall or. 431 5537. 43 Lite aft a $ household moving furniture hauled 4 stored. Low rates. Call 46-55414 of ii 23224 heating repairs on All makes 4 Model 24 hour 7 Day Terv or West Chaster heating 4 a condition r 4 service re im-4777. Plumbing trouble Curt the aggravate guck Romp Ming service. Guaranteed 8 j 44v woman hit from Page 1-b drives intersection. Drivers were Douglas Lonnie Baker 16. Of Wynn Wood and Joy Dansby Watkins 18, o f Sherbrook. There were no injuries nor charges police said. A charge of failing to Stop and yield the right of Way was entered monday at 10 15 . Against Ronald Wayne Winslow 17, of Westchester drive. According to police Winslow pulled into Fairfield Road from a driveway and was hit from behind by a car operated by Kenny Richard land 18, of the Liberty Road. The Winslow car damages were estimated at $150, and to the other $300. Lunchroom from Page i by september. Mrs. Dillard is exploring the idea of conducting a Bakers school at one of the cafeterias on a night schedule As a possible solution to the shortage of trained personnel and at the same time to provide a Central source of bakery products. A one of the big problems when you Are Short of workers is that you Don t have time to train new mrs. Dillard said. Utility workers in the cafeteria Start at a minimum of $1 60 an hour and a head Cook May get As much As $2 30 an hour. The average wage is about $185 an hour. Mrs. Dillard said. These Scales do not include managers. The average work week is about 35 hours. County from Page 1-b million to Complete. Planning also Calls for a possible heliport to be placed on the roof of the administrative portion of the building and for a Tunnel to connect the jail with the courthouse. The new jail will be placed on a site now occupied by the former offices of the Guilford county agricultural services. The Structure is now used by court related functions and county officials must ind space for these before the building can be removed. Child car#.76 clothing .4 7 Cammor Cial pro Portye tent. So commercial pro Portye sol. 39 farm Gordon equipment. 46 female or Mel help.64 female help furniture. 70 fool help�?hosiery.71 Fontal help�?solos72 female help miscellaneous. 73 Flowers seeds. 54 food4 garage sales.s3 Gordon a farm equipment. 46 Homos for sat34 household furnishings.44 houses apts furnished. 26 houses apts. Unfurnished.21 instructions. J insurance.86 jewelry�?comoros.49 jobs wanted.77 land for sal.33 landscaping Yard work. 13 lost it found. 3 lots residential. A 35 Mal or fool holp64 mole help �?furniture.6s male help�?hosiery66 male help�?sales.67 male help miscellaneous. 61 Mobile Homes space rent. 28 Mobile Homes space Sale. 36 Money i loan.7 mortgage Loans motorcycles�?scooters.98 musical fainting a remodelling personals. Pots livestock. ,. Pot supplies. Poultry feeds. Property wanted .41 radios to repair radios to sole Remote Ling painting. 14 residential lots�?sal.35 Losi Montial Homos Solo. 34 resort�?rant29 raser�?sal.38 room a Board.24 rooms�?rent.25 soot a flowers54 septic tank service. Is sporting goods52 Tai bookkeeping travel opportunities7 trucks a campers.99 tv�?radio�?repair16 to a radio�?sales.56 upholstering a repairing. 17 wanted to buy .63 service tree service Dempster dumpster service we Supply containers. Quick Brothers service 888-7945, 7 30 so its 5 30 nights 454-3289, 882 6789 Villm a for e draperies 4 rein Griper i or in at Ion Cah to Johs. Expert sew no Home 32 yrs Michael leg Mochin serv be wit linger j. Ii 4119. Radio to course prepares you Tor a broadcasting career announcing control Borg production writing sates station operation taught by professional broadcasters practical Topor Lance at Char Loh or Hometown stations. Era placement serve Cia a saturday Onty commute to classes. Putt or oort to on the Fob training Alto available. For details and to literature Contact Carol a school o Broaca Ting Ila Panton place Charlotte poor 704 17-119 or 333 7523 collect a approved Rov Board sex Netiam be son 24. Room and Board Charlotte soc at Security i Den space. Convenient location near e Green 1107 Brentwood $25 per week partly furnished 4 rooms Gas heat Cook stove amp refrigerator. Conveniently located near downtown clean modern both 519 w. Green Dallas furniture store 215 n Centennial 88-22654. Houses ii Tabor $ rms $140 toes i Nosay. Pm s85 10 Graves. 4 rms to Apar t vent Clarendon court i Bedr ism unit $1 711a Chestnut i pm Dup to 401 r r Handset. Pm 85 2 a her Barf 4 pm duplex $0 Bill Hylton realtor is n. Vagt a St. Phone 88? Ohi houses 410 c l it de j in $12 50 we 417 offence. 4 pm $15 we 417 Spring 4 pm a i Beth $17 50 we 4 rms to 60 we Quot tit 85 . Apartments lit a toy i or. J pm $12 50 we 21 i Taylor 2 pm Jio we h b tartar. J rms $12 50 we a a i Kis tar a s 3 pm \ 7 50 we 54 a a 60 b Vail 3 pm $12 50 we 11 a Tat it. Rms St 7 50 we 71 h Llop 4 pm rot water $12 so we 3�?Tj Cedar j rms turn. $20 we ?04 a Morgan i rms Lull both $40 is 2 aril i too b s Elm 4 rms stove 4 re Fri Tyro. 25 pc Horton realty co Call is 31794 now taking Appl cation Tor one bedroom Apa ment Call George Clements realty 431-1131 a 9. 7 t barroom Garden a Toft no Beautiful shag Cap it 4 draperies separate a n no urea poet 4 p a t dub fairer 4 dryer connections ind Vidal patios Ste a age room fenced n play areas. Call re Dent manager a 88-51117 to til 6 weekdays. I til dark weekends deep River re amp Suffolk or High Point. 3 room Apt Large room electric stove 4 v her 4 dryer Conn 2a a Roy ave i 57150 Hou Sii 505 a of car St., Frame 5 pm $7$ 240k b c Litten St. Brck Dup 4 pm. Hillcrest Manor apts. A enjoy the convenience of renting on apartment at Hillcrest Manor. 120 �?~135 one bed room two bedroom. Rent includes is right heat hot a cold water master to Antenna dishwasher disposal carpet refrigerator electric Range amp air conditioning unit. Craven Johi Tsoui Pollock inc. Realtors 521 n. Main St. Pm. 883-1492 $15 rms $725 $95 90 Carrick ave 2- Ory Brck 9 a 4 basement t0 commercial property it Westwood Brck. Doctors of it 1.100 so. Of. A ii. Tor in Meg ate 131 occupancy i �?T7 s a n St Tor irate $475 119 Albertson re. 3 300 so h. 85 114 English re. 80 305 be n so Smithdeal realtors 35 n. Main St pm ns-5011 rooms 16 56 13. Landscaping a Yard work Sandrock Topton 4 travel install Sec c tanks. Phone of 6309. Landscaping driveways Complete Yard maintenance Garden 4 no vacant in. Call a Bert Hunt $13-6341 cab tree service tree t miming removal cavity fill landscaping 4 shrubbery work insured 15 yrs. Experience firewood. 4il-?4 tractor work turning d thing Bush hog work driveways scraped Buck Brown �8-35313 Atter 4 p Gallimore landscaping tract or Backhoe loader ditch no footing septic tank Tendrock gravel a of sowing grass Cement drives. 4723148 Rock 4 Sandrock fill dirt Johnson Iron works. 431 7718 Call Robert Beeson for grading Sang Ryk Graval fill dirt. Call 475-34�?T� a 7-i in. For grading and Lawn lading. Also Tan Rock or gravel. Call Branson Holland 431-154. Tringale landscaping Yard Tow ing tractor loader work lot cleared foundations 4 drives Cut. Sandrock 4 store 431-2624 or 431 -254 14. Remodelling a painting Johnson Iron works custom built wrought Iron basement Post 4 Nee Steps Rock 4 Sandrock. 4317210 Hove building remodel no Audi Tori Kitchen cabinets Cabinet of rooting repair work painting. J. J. White 113 2204, Mike White $89 755. Wonted to rent Yard work a landscaping.3 lines is words 8 Days oidy�?3.36 charge it 31 13 vill do Brick 4 Block work ail a nov fix Chimney tops sagging floors Stap Walls 4 underpinning Fri estimates 185-5740 332-8321 or 187 7449. Raynor paint amp aluminium 3512 s. Main St., Archdale dealer 0f Alcoa 4 Reynolds aluminium siding storm doors storm doors windows 4 awnings Call 431-510. Nice furnished bedroom dose to town gentleman Only. Phona $14-440 a Oom for rent by month reason j a rat air conditioned Sheraton hotel -2s11. Close in la be heated room i or 2 gentlemen twin Beds living room Kitchen 4 phone privileges $824042. Furnished bedroom Down fairs Pri vat Bath 4 a trance. 207 Phillip $30 monthly. No Chi dram phone 885-9 09 private 4 Semi private rooms Ven Only 30 steel St phone is 2-3846 gentleman Quot clean quiet private room Shower. Parking. 26. Adin. Hounds a furnished furnished apartments to King Cou p is Onty Clos in Locut on phone 882 384 Nice 3 room furnished Apt with Dinette in Brick Home front 4 Back Entrance driveway in Back. $23 we. 401 Albertson i re. Luxury one bedroom Apt. Carpeted. Electric k Chan Tram c Bath attached Carport. No children or pet. Call 882-9700 $165 per to. Furnished 2 room Apt. Ups air private Bath 4 Entrance Gas heat 110 Dalton. $ 3 week. No children 18 84666 or 88 22339. Completely furnished 4 room House. Good location 212 Spencer a. Phone �?�82-1012, _ 4 room furnished House. Nice 4 clean. No drinking. Phone 431-3723 2 room efficiency Apt. I for lady. On bus line. Call 83-5704 furnished 2 rooms. Nice Tor lady. Heat conveniences furnished close to it rec. In i. Tim. 887-5117. 3 room furnished apartment 500 Prospect St Call 88 9113. Very attract be 3 room furnished Apt private Bath Entrance off Street perking All utilities furnished. Couple i Only. 88 29576 after 5 . Place a want and today tractor Traile wide a open re co. The Lorgest resident school in mid atlant c area will Tram you on Oil makes Ond models of equipment both Gas end Oiesel tractors 35 Ond 40 it. Von Type trailers. Tram full or port time Day or night. Weekend losses also Avo a Able. Job placement assistance guaranteed upon completion of 4 to 6 week training program. For complot information of hmm Cali Winston Salem 722-5284 train now an eligible institution under the federally insured student loan program no monthly payments until after you Are out of school career courses a secretarial a stenographic a accounting Day and night classes forming now a courses approved for Veteran training e free placement assistance for graduates Ashmore business College p. O. Box 333, Thomasville Call 476-6145 or write for free Catalon. Street address . No. May the new year bring world peace it s All new. And it s All ours let s make h a Good year one to remember. Clyde Vaughn realtor not Harrison or. Realtor Bob Vaughn realtor Vaughn Harrison 140 Church Street 883-1940 i ?

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