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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page eight org. Athe High Point Enterprise Piermont Center of a High Point. North Carolina thursday. January 4. 1910 Patent is granted to High pointers for Box creasing and folding machine Washington Jan. 4�? was. After eight months of waiting. The United states Patent office finally made up its mind this week about the invention of two High Point men. For on april 24. 1939. Herbert l. Mitchell and Seldon g. Mitchell of High Point applied to the Patent office for a decision As to the originality of their Box creasing and folding machine. Since that time Patent examiners have investigated the High Point men s invention compared it with others of the same Type and this week put the official of on it the Means that the High Point menus invention is different in Twenty one was from others of the same Type previously patented. The Patent issued to the Mitchells is Good for a period of seventeen years during which time according to Patent regulations Only the two Mitchells or their assignees May manufacture use or sell it. Herbert Mitchell has assigned his share of the Patent rights to Charles t. Ingram of High Point while Seldon Mitchell holds fifty per cent of the rights. Hokum pit Hist mks Spartanburg s. C., Jan. 4 up funeral services will be held tomorrow for Gustav love Bug. 72, horticultural is in the Piedmont Carolinas for 35 years. He was a native of Ghent Bel Giu in. Leveling died yesterday at his Home at Saxon. Latest farm Market report fruits vegetables North Carolina shipping Point information and wednesdays sales on the principal wholesale markets As reported by the u. S. Agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the Range at which the bulk of the Slock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold. Us ult potatoes shipments Jan. 2, Calif. 4 ga., i la. 4 n. J. 9 North Carolina 3 s. 5 a. I total 27. Cleveland Market slightly stronger. Porto Picans u. S. No. June peas 3 prunes s uns Weet i la. Pkg. Lima Beans 3 no. 2 cans standards salad dressing Miracle whip 16-ounce Jar 19c Ilson certified steer Mier roast a 17r Lamb Lejb St pork shoulder la. 15c Schams it i meat fresh la Aam la. 25c so Bologna 15c Ken salad. Us 25c con Square sub ll1 ribs it in Vic Bacon in. 17vfec rorke1 Bucks in 17c k fish in 12v4� 1940 values White House a butter to a 15c Libby i by by foods 2 cans 15c Llis Abb club raking powder 19c Post Toa sties 2 pkg. 13c hit bedded wheat 2 pkg 19c Iii Bury flour c 52c Mori oils Salt 2 pkg. 15c Golden blend Coffee la. 13c Pullman bread 3 for. 20c drop Medari hate nut bread 2 cans 24c colonial Tomato Catsup 2i8c Southern Manor so or pm. Pineapple2 v 29c Gold modal Bisquick pkg 29c land o lakes butter 38c in i hash Fant carrots Bunch Alaska Pink 1 Salmon v red sour pitted cherries o no 2 i q l cans Ltd Standard Bartlett pears no a on by cans Standard apricots 9 no 22 97�?z amp cans amp i t Mck Niz beets Rig Hini Iii s a Broccoli Bunch 2 for Ucb ski Rions potatoes 5 lbs la Iiga firm lettuce Hinchy h l six turnips lbs for cranium crackers i North Carolina by. Baskets. 1.50 to 1.65. La. By. Baskets 1.65 to 1.70. S. By. Baskets 1.40 to 1.65 n. J. By. Hampers 1.30 to 1.35 Baltimore Market Dull. By. Baskets. North Carolina u. S. No. I. Porto Picans 75 to 90c ingred 40 to 60 a ungraded Jersey Type 50 to 65e. A Washington Market steady. My. By. Baskets. Porto Picans and Golden is to 90c. New York Market Dull. North Carolina Porto Picans u. S. No. I by. Baskets 1.00 to 1.35 by. Crates 1.35. Philadelphia Market about steady. By. Baskets medium to Large sizes a. Porto Picans some dark 60 to 75c. Collards and kale. New York Market about steady. Norfolk Secton it. Barrels 1.12% to 1.37% by. Baskets kale 40 to 50c. Strawberries new York Market slightly stronger. Fla. Crates per pint mostly 20c, few 21c. Radishes new York Market Dull. S. Eastern lettuce Prates hunched mostly 1.25 to 1.35, some 2.00 to 2.25. Birk Toli r Abe new York Market slightly weaker. S. Eastern lettuce Prates. 1,00 to 1.37%, cabbage Rochester n. A Demond Good Market firm. Carloads and truckloads. Wednesday f. O. B. Usual terms and f o b. Shipping pints based on delivered sales less All transportation charges danish Type sacked per ton 17.00 to 20.00, mostly 18.00 to 19.50. New York Market steady on old Stork Dull and weaker on Southern Stork. I % by. Hampers s. Domestic round Type 70 to 90c. Pointed Type 65c to 1.00 Savoy Type 1.25. Fla. Domestic round Type 90c to 1.25, mostly 1.00 to 1.10. A y. 50 Pound sacks danish Type 60 to 70c. Washington Market steady. S. Truck receipts 1% by. Hampers locally packed. Domestic round Ype 1.00. Snap Keans new York Market slightly stronger. Fla. By. Hampers Bountiful 1.50 to 2 25, mostly 1.57% to 2.12%. String less Black Vale Tine mostly 2.00 to 2.25, few 2.37% to 2.50. Wax Flat Type 2.00 to 2.75, mostly 2.25 to 2.50. Apples Washington Market Dull. Va., w. Va., pa., and md., by. Baskets end Eastern crates u. S. No. I 2% in. Min. Stayr nans 1.00 to 1.10 Grimes Golden 85 to 90c Yorks 75 to 85c. Black twigs 75 to 90c delicious 90c to 1.00 jonathans 85 to 90c. Pm it a to Elk Presque Isle. Aroostook county Points Maine demand fair Market about steady. Carloads tuesday f. O. B shipping Points based on delivered sales less All transportation charges Presque Isle rates. Too Pound sacks. Various varieties. U. S. No. I 2 in. Min. 1.45 to i 4 8. Green mountains. U. S. No. I size a 1.31 to 1.37. Pompano of a. Lake Okeechobee Section demand slow Market about steady. Carloads f. O. B. Cash track and truckloads Cash at packing houses tuesday. By. Crates. Bliss triumphs u. S. No. I 1.35 to 1.40. New York Market firm on old Stock Dull on new Stock too Pound Sac k s v s. No. I. Maine Green mountains 1.90 to 2.00. Long Island Green mountains i 75 to 2.10. Fla by. Crates. Bliss triumphs u. A commercials 1.25 to 1.35 Chicago Market barely steady with slightly weaker undertone on Northern Stock slightly weaker on Western Stock about steady on new Stock. 225 cars of track 70 arrived. Totals u. S. Shipments tuesday 495 cars. Carlot Trok sales sacked per Cwb. Idaho russet Burbanks u. S. No. 1, 1.60 to 1.90. I car it. 8. No. 2, 1.57%. Colorado Mcclure la. S no. I i car. 1.90. Nebraska Bliss triumphs 85 per cent or better no. I Quality washed. 2.00 to 2.10 unwashed 1.55 to 1.65. Michigan russet Rubuls i car. 2.00. North Dakota red River Valley Section. 75 to 85 per cent no. I cobblers few sales 1.20 to i 30. I car it s. No. I 1,35. Wisconsin round Whites i car unclassified late Lio. Minnesota red River Valley Section p. S. Commercial Early Ohio i a 1.15. Late sales i car 85 per cent no. I Quality 1.25. Street sales Fla. By. Crates Bliss triumphs it. S. No. I 2.10. Significant Progress made in demonstration projects for negroes special to the Enterprise Greensboro Jan 4.�?rosa j Taylor Winchester negro Home j demonstration agent in Guilford i county in an annual report to the county commissioners disused significant Progress made during 1939. She reports eight negro Hong j demonstration clubs with 203 i Letu Bers actively functioning j and 15 4-h clubs Active in Ever negro school be one. In the county. There Are 310 Active ulcers in the Girts clubs. Clothing was the major project of the work with Home improvement a minor project. Number of demonstration garments made in 1939 was 124. Produce n amount of 6.35 4 cans was put in for the use of 565 families. Various activities resulted in acting $72 profits and this Money was used to expenses of two delegates from each Home demonstration club attending the Short course held at a. And t. I College Greensboro last August. Yolk Kody too jew of us remember if we Ever Learned some of the simple physiological and anatomical facts concerning our own bodies. If we knew More about these things we might be better Able to take care of the body guard it against disease. Test yourself by underlining the Correct phrase Given in the parentheses below 1. Normal body temperature is Between 50 and 60 degrees too and 103 degrees 84.5 and 9 0 degrees 9 8 and 99.5 degrees. 2. The Auricle is the chamber of the heart that pumps out blood cartilage in the nose chamber of the heart that receives blood a Section of the lung. 3. Normal pulse beats vary Between 50 and 55, 70 and 75, 90 and 98, 30 and 50 per minute. 4. The word a a cervical pertains to the hips Bones neck ankle. 5. An artery is a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart links blood vessels from the hand to the Elbow carries blood away from the heart takes blood directly to the neck. Answers on want til Page. Succeeds elder Winders Greensboro Jan. 4.�? up a elder w. S. Lawrence of Wilmington will come Here saturday to succeed elder w. L. Winders As superintendent of the seventh Day adventist churches in the Greensboro District. W inders will be transferred to the Charlotte District after his Farewell Sermon saturday afternoon it 3 of clock. Total of 258 Gallons of whiskey seized by deputies of township special to the Enterprise Greensboro Jan. 4.�?the report of december activities of the Guilford sheriffs department in High Point township made to the county commissioners reveals that county officers in High Point seized or destroyed 258 Gallons of whisky during last month. They collected $326 in fees. The county officers in High Point served 13 warrants 121 summonses 4 7 subpoenas claim and delivery papers ejectment la executions 58 notices. Reidsville Market to re open Reidsville Jan. 4.�? up a the Reidsville tobacco Market will resume sales monday after a Christmas Holiday. Keele it tei judge Roxboro Jan. ?. A up a j judge a i. Newton has been i re elected judge of person county court. Nerve racking headaches relieved in a hurry when the quick1 acting ingredient in the a Abc Quot formula go after a headache the throbbing pain in usually relieved in Short order. Also relieves neuralgia muscular aches and functional periodic pains. Use As directed on package and always consult a physician when pains persist. 10c amp 25c sizes. 9-gallon galvanized garbage can 4-string House Broom 98c Reg. 91.10 heavy come gated hoi diet Mil Van i be d. Leak proof rust resisting has Strong bail handle. 14c Reg. A Etc a 25c value. 4 s e w e d. All rom Straw Broom. Has smooth sanded handle. V lowest Price Ever offered on a big 6-cubic foot col spot master mixed House paint in use 82-58 gallon Iii it gallon lots the finest paint you ran buy. For outside us lives a weatherproof coating that lasts for years. Oink of i a ii $94.50 $5 Down terms every Inch a cold spot known throughout America for cars greatest Nix precision built and priced to save you Money. To give you All the advantages of electric refrigeration without a Price penalty. Fri ii a d with All the Quality features that has made a old spot famous. Modern and Compart especially designed for apartments. You la find it Sun prior in every turn. Others up to $189.50 Ilia it \ -1 it it h11 roof coating folding Hardwood clothes dryer Quick efficient electric Heater 8 Pound Fulton axes 75 c gallon liquid Asbestos fiber Root coating stops roof leaks. Flash Light batteries us rec. So Shur Light Quality. Everyone tested guaranteed fresh Stock. Reg. 79c occupy Small s p a c a y e t Xiv is you plenty of room for drying clothes. Sturdy compact. Adjustable curtain Stretcher 87c Reg. Rui give plenty of Lieut quickly. Fine for these Chilly morning -. Cord and plug included. 98c Reg. 91.19 la in St to la. Forged steel ii e a d. Of of in Sharp. Genuine Hickory handle a real i Aine. 10-quart galvanized pails challenged Pound electric Iron weatherstrip 9c hair Felt weatherstrip. Keep heat in. Rold out. Easily applied. 8 Reg. 91.19 folding and Bistable no feet White Pine curl a i n Stretcher has rust a resisting brass pins. 15c Ltd a. Ioc hot a dip cd. Teak proof rust resting utilized wan. Has Strong bail handle securely riveted to pail. 98c Reg. 91.19 Complete with uni and plug. U under writers a p p r in e d. Nickel finish. Tool Wood handle. All White Kenmore regular $50.00 value $44 95 $5 Down $5 month Small carrying charge a real bargain with All these features til White naked on enamel finish automatic Drain Board famous safety sealed silent Kenmore mechanism Lon life Oil sealed motor a great big heavy duty Washer that will give you years of trouble free service. All these included at no extra Cost electric Iron padded and covered Iron Board folding clothes dryer 6 Doz. Clothes pins 50 it. Clothes line no. 2 Lialo. Wash tub food chopper 88c Fluffy dust mop Keg. Las 3 culling Blades. Heavily tinned. Wont net. Washable Cotton yarn head enamelled handle. Table Model Silvertone 6 tubes push Button tuning Reg. $34.95 $1995 $2.50 Down month Small carrying charge a 0 tube table Dodel push Hutton tuning a 2 dual purpose tubes give 8-Tuhe performance a Advance super Heterodyne circuit a new cos tic tone chamber gives console like reception Sale save now on Allstate tires guaranteed 18 months it Quot x it by11. Vow silent safety tread size 550x16 550x17 600x16 625x16 650x16 Reg. Price $14.15 14.65 15.95 17.95 19.35 Sale Price $ 9.91 10.26 11.17 12.57 13.55 non skid or rib treads size 450x21 475x19 500x19 525x18 600x16 Reg. Price $10.00 10.30 11.25 12.00 14.35 Sale Price $7.00 7.21 7.88 8.40 10.05 Duro one anti freeze prevents cracked blocks and busted radiators Sqq per gallon can. Of a 319-323 North main Street i a is Sass phone 3435 High Point n. C

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