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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1926, High Point, North Carolina Page 4high Point Enterprise monday january 4, 1926 High Point Enterprise Pau Befi every afternoon Bendy. J. P. Bailey r. B. Terry publishers h. A. Cecil. Business manager c. U. Dan r. Schroder adv. Mgr. Pts month. 8.00 one month. Ltd it .58 one the Assoc lated Prees is Etc a steely entitled to the ase for republication of All news data Patybea credited to it or not otherwise credited in thu paper and also the local news published therein. Entered As second class matter at Tbs Post office at High Point n. C., under the aet of Congress of March 8, 1873. Advert Lang departments. .1725 news department.2866 business department .2812 National advertising representatives Frost Landis and Kohn Brunswick building 260 Park ava., new i York Peoples Gas building \ Michigan Boulevard. Chicago. J a jul i a i my a. A a no. I monday ant Ary 4, 1026. I Wheeler says prohibition in making Progress. That a the sub stance of the reports of Many who j urged that the constitutional t put end ment would Mark the end of i the whisk traffic. N general Andrews director of prohibition is at Miami under Eon editions which must impress him i with the feel that he is on the Mig line. F the taxable wealth of Guilford j Bounty for 1825 was 163 millions i and the reassessment year probably \ will lift its Hook talus above 200 millions. The first Dag of the year is invariably an unpleasant Day for the president of the United states As j he dedicates it to handshaking at the White House. The United states cannot evade its duty to have a party in reducing the armament of the world even of it wished to evade it. It is one of the world s problems in which All important nation must have a part. It is not Clear whether the governor of Florida tried to Stop the mock Bull fight because he was afraid it was a Sham As advertised or because he was afraid it was not. Thi decision of judge Drew the Pittsburgh judge who refused to turn Over a negro prisoner wanted in Winston Salem on a charge of violating the prohibition Law gave As his reason the conviction that a negro Quot cannot get Justice in North Carolina courts. The governor of North Carolina has no comment to make on the Quot fool decision. Perhaps the judge was covering his real reason possibly not. Pennsylvania Bas Many officers who Are not averse to violation of the prohibition Law or to protesting the violator. But to conclude that this was the judges reason is to impute an ugly motive. We prefer to believe that judge Drew is provincial and ignorant rather than vicious. Probably he believes the negro cannot get Justice in a North Carolina court. The judge acted when he was informed that the coloured Man was indicted by a grand jury of Whites and that no negro had been allowed to serve on a jury in this state in 20 years. From these facts and they Are facts the judge deduced that North Carolina is contemptuous of the Constitution and of human rights As Well. Undoubtedly this state has a great Many negro citizens competent to serve on juries when appraised for their intelligence and integrity and the coloured people know it but we have never heard of a negro complaining because the jury that tried him or bus suit was not composed wholly or in part of his own race. Regardless of what the Pittsburgh judge believes we fancy that the Man upon whose Liberty he was sitting knew better. There is no serious discrimination Between White and Black in this state in favor of the White Man when juries Render their verdicts and both races know it. If the Pittsburgh judge is to be consistent in his performance Pittsburgh should become the Refuge of every sofa Tern coloured Man who has run afoul of the Law and remains free to run away from his accusers. And of Pittsburgh can stand the result the Southern states ought to be Able to Bear it. The Lindley had a big share in it. It is pleasant to be Able to say that the present management of this interesting business seems quite As Alert to opportunities to serve and As diligent As was that of the earlier years of its career. The findings of investigators the investigation of the a common cold by the Gorgas memorial Institute was a scientific study in which millions of people had a direct personal interest. The report of it has been made by or. Isaac a. Abt but it adds Little to what in already knew. For instance there is no news in the statement incorporated in the Institute s report to the effect that More illness is caused by a a colds than any other infection. A multitude of witnesses could be found if any proof of that were needed. It is interesting and perhaps important for or. Abt to say a the luxuries with which civilized Man has surrounded himself Are not unmixed blessings and it is Safe to say that these artificial protections have diminished the resistance of human beings against of course this has been recognized by Many in Advance of the finding of the Institute. Thousands sleep in the open now even in City houses combating colds successfully. Arctic explorers found that they had no colds while they remained in the Frozen North away from their Fellows and their Fellows institutions of civilization. The Institute seems not to have made any great Progress in its investigations but everybody will wish its staff Well in the work. Everybody is concerned very intimately in the possibilities of Success for their work. Idealist or cynic who is Wiser the governor of Florida intervenes to Stop a Sham Bull fight which does its Little bit in offsetting the theory that Florida would stand for anything that amused its visitors. The information upon which the warrant charging robbery of the Efland Bank was drawn becomes a matter of greater local interest Ainee it develops that there is no basis in fact for the serious indictment of two of the local men Nam cd in the warrant. Cyril walkers arrival in North Carolina with his Panama hat and other summer weather togs for use j at Pinehurst this Winter indicates j that the englishman has about the same opinion of the North Carolina Climata that a lot of folks nearer the state entertain. The old reliable referring to. Bishop Manning a statement Thatje a sports occupy just As important a place in our lives a prayers and a Beautiful game of Polo in its place la As pleasing to god As a service in a Cathedral a says that the Phila Delphi record quoted or. Man a Nung and commented Quot to fifi veg Kajj Xyz veg Kyj pm Fwy a which certainly is getting him told. The successful typhoid warfare in no department of the work of the state Board of health have results been achieved that prove so definitely the of effectiveness of the program As in that of prevention of typhoid fever. The disease has been placed under control generally in the state. The state Board draw s attention with Pard Mable Pride to the fact that North Carolina once right near the top in a list of All the states As a loser by typhoid now is among the states with the better records and has the lowest death rate from the disease in the South. The Board attributes its Success in reducing this Scourge largely to the inoculation of Many thousands of people with the anti typhoid serum. A great Campaign to reach the people with this preventive was conducted and it succeeded. North Carolina has the distinction of being the first state to undertake vaccination of the civilian population generally against typhoid. This successful warfare against the disease has been waged for la years. It is but one of Many assaults the state health Board has made on the ills from which the state had suffered severely but it is one in which the effects Are Manifest. President Coolidge goes to Congress with a request for an appropriation to pay the expenses of an american representative at the Geneva conference on disarmament called by the league of nations the change in Van Lindley ownership the Nursery and the Cut. Flower business of the j. Yan Lindley interests is to be divided As report of a business Deal during the past few Days indicates. A. J. Sykes takes Over the Flower sales end of truth while he had been deceived by appearances into thinking it was not. In the course of time these Young men went out into the world and were As the speaker predicted disillusioned. But it was not until they had with their splendid Young enthusiasm contributed their bit to the slowly rising tide of Hope and Faith that is destined some Day to cover the spinning world. And that s always the Way. The Young men come on year after year with courage and High resolve and before we make them entirely cynical they give us some of those qualities and we learn that the Earth after All Isnit quite As bad As we t kit is a mistake an Ohio Man was sent to the workhouse at Cleveland because in driving his car through that City he managed to hit nine other cars before somebody called a halt. That was a mistake. This gentleman should have been crowned with Laurel wreaths. For he is the Beau Ideal of All those Drivers who Delight in Quot weaving in and out through a Stream of traffic. He has done that which ought to Gladden the hearts of All those motorists who like to crowd the other fellow Over to the curb and who believe that they always have the right of Way. It certainly was a shame to have to put him in jail. Italy a dowager Queen Dies after iness of weeks loved for her Charity and for her interest in the people special message of president is made to Congress continued from Page i a work which so closely concerns the peace of the world. A this is neither the time nor the place to discuss the Agenda of the preparatory commission or to assess the prospects of any con i Ference or conferences on disarmament or limitation of armament which May later be convened. It is _ i quite sufficient to note at this non no or n a i St age that the l in t e d St at is is Borok Hera. Italy Jan. 4.�? Mere a invited to part a Pate in a a mar ghei Ita helped Queen preliminary inquiry which May pre Mother of Italy died at the Royal j pare the Way for Steps of a More Castle Here at la of clock this morn a definite and formal nature. The ing after apparently having Avon a ther the conditions and Cic Mstan once upon a time a very sour minded Man who was altogether too cynical for any earthly use was by mistake invited to deliver the commencement address at a certain larger University. As he strode to the platform and looked out at the hundreds of bored Young faces in front of him he thought of the volumes of guff that had been inflicted upon graduating classes in this country during tile past Century or so. And so he said a my dear Young people i might follow precedent and Tell you the usual things about honesty and courage and perseverance and the value that they Are supposed to have in the world which you will shortly enter. I might exhort you to have vision and Faith and tolerance. I might urge you to Bend your efforts As part of the educated minority to the task of making America a better place to live in. I might even Tell you that a Clear conscience amid rags is better than the remembrance of guilt amid riches. A i say a i might a but i will not. A a in the first place a Good 50 per cent of you Are going to become Bond salesmen on the strength of your fathers connections and As such you would disregard All weak need idealism. A few of you will stay in College and become teachers or ministers or research workers and you will have far More Opportunity to discover the value of a Clear conscience amid rags than i have had. And the rest of you would forget what i said anyhow. A so i am going to Tell you that you will find this Avold very different from College life. You will find honesty and perseverance drugs on the Market. You will find the handshake and the Bluffer gaining wealth while the persevering struggle has to Wear reversible cuffs. Be tolerant and intelligent if you will but keep it dark such things Lead Auto taxes Jivis Winter might be a Fine time to simplify the taxes that Are assessed on automobiles. For instance the Auto owner pays a Federal tax when he buys the car pays a state tax for hi3 License another for a Drivers License another on gasoline in most states and another As a personal property tax. The Auto owner just about pays his share of governmental expenses the least that can be done is to find some Way whereby the whole tax could be paid at once to the elimination of red tape. Police court was a typical monday Brave fight against pleural pneumonia. Her son King Victor Emmanuel and other members of the Royal family were at the bedside it when the end came having been summoned hurriedly yesterday when the sudden turn for the worse was noted. The patient Lato last night Sank into a coma from which despite heroic efforts of her doctors she never e merged. The Zavidow of King Humbert who was assassinated at Monza july 29. 1900, Margherita celebrated her 7 4th birthday anniversary on november 20. The actual cause of death was a cerebral blood clot which developed last night but a heavily contributing cause was the serious weakening of her Powers of resistance by the attack of pleural pneumonia which began Early in november. Throughout the night the end was postponed by frequent administration of oxygen. The actual coming of death was hardly apparent to the Little group around the bed. From the beginning of the 24 hours Battle Between the Queen Ces will prove such As to make it desirable for the United states to attend any conference or conferences which May eventually take place As a result of the labors of the preparatory commission or otherwise is a question which need not now be considered. It is my judgment that so far As this preliminary inquiry is concerned we ought to give our Aid and cooperation to the fullest extent consistent with the policy which Avo have adopted. A a the general policy of this government in favor of disarmament and limitation of armament can not be emphasized too frequently or too strongly. In accordance a till that policy any measure having a reasonable tendency to bring about these results should receive our sympathy and support. The conviction that. Competitive armaments constitutes a powerful Factor in the promotion of War is More widely and justifiably held than Ever before and the necessity for lifting the Burden of taxation from the people of the world by limiting armament is becoming daily More imperative. Participation in the working of John Wright died prominent Farmer died yesterday and was buried today was Well known John la. Wright prominent and prosperous Farmer died at his Homo near Oak Hill school sunday morning at s 30 of clock. His death followed an illness with pneumonia. He aah As born in Davidson county october 30, 1847. He was 78 years and two months old at his death. Ile married Mattie e. Gray Burton lit 1891 and the widow survives. He is also survived by one son Ralph Wright one brother j. Franklin Wright of High Point two grandchildren one sister mrs. Martha h. Kennedy of Thomasville route 2. The funeral services were held this afternoon at 2 30 at the Home. Miss Cora Lee Norman pastor of the Oak Hill friends Church conducted the services. Interment was in Oakwood cemetery. Trinity. He was a Well known Man Aud was a member of the Pisgah m. E. Church of near Greensboro but he attended the Welch memorial Church and the Wesleyan methodist Church of this City. Services Are to be held for him wednesday afternoon at 3 of clock at the Welch memorial Church and will be under the direction of Rev. T. R. Pierce pastor and the Rev. Or Hardey. Interment is to be in Oakwood cemetery. O. L. W Wiliams veneer co. Increases capital Stock and its investment total mothers astonishingly Strong con u oratory commission i vol Stit ution Aud the cerebral Obstruc-1 tion it was apparent that the result was merely a question of hours and All the members of the family hurried Here. The King and Queen came from Rome Margherita s favorite grand ves no commitment with respect to attendance upon any further con Ferenee or conferences on reduction and limitation of armaments and the attitude of the s government in that regard can not be defined of the calling of such child. Crown Prince Humbert and in Advance. A her brother the Duke of Genoa i meetings. For this from t count Costa from it Uci t inc Al Unuk l. You our. _ a Burin and her nephews the advisable to ask he con a Ess of Turin and the Duke of this time Only for such approx Pisa rom Florence and Naples. Tion As May be requited o Aceta Good morning judge was said by week end Type of Law violators judge Don Mcrae faced a typical monday morning docket in court this morning. Traffic ordinances bad been violated Over the week end. Some people had been both drunk and disorderly. Others had been driving recklessly. There were no murders or other crimes of so serious a nature whih had been found out by the officers of the Law. The docket consisted of the following cases Minnie Sexton Brown had her Case for vagrancy reopened and a news of the sudden change for the worse in Margherita a condition and then the announcement of her death caused a wave of profound emotion to sweep Over the nation. She was the Best beloved Queen Italy has Ever had not Only because of her personal sweetness and Charm but because she was herself an italian being born a princes of Savoy extreme unction was administered to the dying Queen by father Sis Mondini who entered the death chamber at s of clock this morning and remained for nearly an hour. The first message of condolence to arrive at the Castle was from Premier Mussolini. It was Queen Margherita a veto that prevented the marriage of the Duke of Abruzzi to miss Katherine j Elkins now mrs. William f. R. Hill of Washington. Charity throughout her life i caused Margherita Marieta Giov Anna. Widow of King Humbert to be especially beloved. When a Bullet fired by the anarchist bread killed Humber the hearts of the world were filled with sympathy for her. She was Ever ready to organize benefits for Many philanthropic institutions under her patronage. Even in her teens she obtained work for women in want for she the expenses of our participation til the work of the preparatory commission. I therefore recommend that there be appropriated the sum of $50,000 to cover the exp3nsts of participation in the Dis motion of the executive in the Kaork of the preparatory South is Raph of forging ahead in furniture world Jennett services were held sunday Beautiful Floral offerings w Ere indication of esteem Sykes in charge services for b. Jennett wore held at 3 p. In. Sunday at the friends Church. The Rev. Tom Sykes assisted by miss Clara Cox conducted the services. Floral offerings were carried by the misses Mattie Muse Dorothy Haney Sybil Sullivan Edith Johnson and Nellie Beck. Pall bearers were f. P. Conrad j. J. Mcdowell r. F. Pierce v. D. Wall d. Al. Bondurant. A. L. Mcdowell. Interment was in Oakwood cemetery. Continued from Page i tremendous volume with a Low margin of profits. F. N. Tate president of the Continental furniture company and prominent in furniture organizations stated to the Enterprise that Quot the year just closing has proven our assertion made months ago that this would be a year of uniform steady business with manufacturers producing Quality merchandise at reasonably Low prices. We have found in our years operations t ii is to be a fact. We have not experienced one single Dull period during the entire twelve months and As stated the tendency these Days is toward High Quality furniture or for merchandise at prices did not believe in indiscriminate j reasonably Low or i might say Bas suspended sentence of 30 Days was i a lots giving. She was a regular de on actual and carefully prepared a h visitor to hospitals and asylums. It and Paul Lindley assumes full to your being an object of suspicion charge of the Nursery investment. So far As the Public is concerned the change is not particularly important. Or. Sykes a son in Law of the founder of the Lindley on to your neighbors. Have no visions or if you have say nothing of them they would Only make you unpopular a a for Vou Are entering a world no doubt the proposition will be i Pany has devoted himself for years which prizes the cheap and the sen opposed by the league Irr concil Ables since anything connected with the league or its works is abhorrent to them. Congress will do what or. Coolidge asks in the matter of course in the end because what he asks is a sane and reasonable procedure. To the end of the business he has sati Onat and the shoddy and de the Fayetteville observer Quot the supreme court justices and Superior court judges of the irate Lave been holding conferences and planning certain reforms Iii judicial procedure. The Public will be glad to know of this. There is a very general conviction that the administration of Justice can be seeded up without jeopardy to any legitimate interest it is encouraging that the judges Are considering this very matter. Their course will tend to strengthen Public Confidence in the courts. The state will be in a very bad Way if Confidence in the courts should aver beat one purchased now and or. Lindley has been interested personally at the production end. The same kind Quot of service to the Section where the Lindley company operates May be expected. Yet the Public is not without a natural interest in this change because the j. Yan Linley Nursery company has helped in the development of the resources of North Carolina. Founded by a Southern Quaker who had fought for the Union right after the civil War the business dedicated to the promotion of both Beauty and Utility grew to great proportions. It is worthy of recollection for instance that the development of the great peach Orchards of the Sand Hill country was inspired by Paul Lindley and his late fathers experiments in that Region. The redemption of a great territory from desert like waste is a tremendous spies All that requires any expenditure of mental Effort. It is a world whose politics is marked by cowardice and vanity whose economic system is featured by the t Reed of a him which has i feel somewhat sorry for you to think of the Way the world will disillusion you. Goodby and god help now this cynical old gentleman was really presenting a truthful account of the world As he had found it. And when you Stop to think it Over he Wasny to far wrong. But toe Young men laughed at him. For they were Young and youth is never cynical though it often pretends to be. And the strange part of it is that these Young men from their seclusion. Knew More about the world than the old grouch who had spent 60 years in the harness. For they with the a Ision of youth knew that at Bottom the world is after All a put in Force because she returned to this county after having been directed to stay away been tried on december 15, de. Cranford of Asheboro a fined the costs and the repair Bill caused to the car of v. A Vail As a result of his reckless driving on december 29. Fred White negro had his Case nol pressed with leave. W. Sapp paid half the costs for violating a traffic ordinance. Will Johnson charged with be j ing drunk and disorderly was fined -$5 and the costs. William Dockery charged with larceny of Money from Charles e. Hayes was bound Over to higher court probable cause having been found. Lee Gurley drunk and disorderly. Ten dollars and costs. Earl Wagner charged with larceny had his warrant withdrawn and the prosecution paid the costs. Robert Spencer negro charged Avith heating his Board Bill paid the costs and was ordered to pay the Board Bill. Wiley Spencer paid one half the costs for a violation of a traffic ordinance. Arrested for claiming to be famous player once she visited in a Hospital a she had Tot who keen badly Hurt by an omnibus and asked the Little patient what she wished More than anything else. The wish was for a doll. A very Well you shall have a Beautiful one and at once but you must Call her Margherita a said the Queen. Margherita always wore clothes of a Bright Hue in contrast to King Humbert who was noted for his simplicity of apparel. She kept in touch with the latest developments in the arts literature and science. She wrote a work on a the heroines of shake Speare a that Bas not yet been published. She also wrote poetry. She was opposed to divorce. A Bill introduced into the italian parliament in 1902 avas withdrawn at her request. An attempt was made to assassinate her in 1905 while motoring at Little St. Bernhard. Two arrests were made. While at evians Les Bains she was stoned. She loved metering so much that she was arrested and fined for speeding in Switzerland in 1905. She was born in Turin november 20, 1851, the daughter of Prince Ferdinand of Savoy Duke of Genoa and of Princess Elizabeth of Saxe. She was married at 17 to Prince Humbert of Piedmont who ten years later at the death of his father Victor Emmanuel ii became King of Italy. She had Only one Cost basis with a Small profit or. Tate also stated a i consider the Outlook for business in 19 26 As being very Bright and encouraging. Through reports gathered from representatives of the Industry throughout the country there seems to be absolutely nothing Worth speaking of detrimental to the continued Lively Sale of furniture and other several local manufacturers of Low Grade furniture support the assertion that business has been Rushing and the volume produced has been great but the profits in in comparison have been lower than were expected. All seem to think business prospects Are Good for 1926 and present orders assure them of Good business for several months. Is dead at his Home Andrew Sherman Caln died at his Home 115 Venable Street about 8 o clock this morning after an illness in which he suffered with Brights disease and heart trouble. Deceased was born in Guilford county september la 1865, and spent his life in this Community. Lie avas twice married and was a member of the trophy council.jr., o. U. A. M., of this City. He was employed for seven years by the Southern railway company and at the time of his last illness avas watchman at the Myrtle desk company Railroad crossing. Besides the widow he is survived by five daughters mesdames m. Capps of Greensboro j. A. Loman Greensboro j. Cd Belli Coy Elliott and r. Loman of this City also by one son e. D. Cain of Kernersville and a step son w. S. Cain of Raleigh Jan. 4�? apr the following certificates of incorporation were issued from the office of w. N. Everett Secretary of state today Ahoskie building supplies inc., Ahoskie with authorised capital Stock of 8100.000 and $26,000 subscribed by Claude Greene a. Browne j. Bruce Brown Abd Bruce v. Green All of Ahoskie. Smoky Mountain realty company. Walnut with authorized capital of $50,000 and $700 subscribed by m. Chesrown or. Freeborn and Hester Walton All of Asheville. Amendment to the charter of the Reed realty company Reidsville changing name to Southern realty and Bond corporation. Amendment to the charter of the o. L. Williams veneer company. High Point increasing the authorized capital Stock from $100,000 to $300,000 and increasing the outstanding capital from $75,000 to $220,000._ Marie Prevost opens at Broadhurst today a a seven sinners a a the latest Warner Bros. Classic of the screen opens today at the new Broadhurst theater for a run of two Days. Marie Prevost is the Star and the cast includes Clive Brook John Pattrick Heinie Conklin Claude Gillingwater Mathilde Brundage and Fred Kelsey. The picture was directed by Lewis Milestone who wrote the Story in collaboration with Darryl Francis Zanuck. Here is a mystery comedy that is full of thrills and laughs from Start to finish. The seven sinner Are seven Crooks who find themselves imprisoned in a big country House to which each has come for purposes of theft. They play a game of cheating cheaters that will hold any audience in suspense. Woman sleeps wonderful a night a a after taking Adl Erika the pain in my Side due to Gas is gone and i now eat and sleep signed mrs. O. Mcginnis. One spoonful Adl Erika removes Gas and often brings astonishing Relief to the stomach. Brings out a surprising amount of old waste matter you never thought was Iii your system. Stops that full bloated feeling and makes you Happy and cheerful. Excellent for chronic constipation. Matton drug co., 107 no. Main St. Contribution to statesmanship and place of decency kindliness and new Haven conn., Jan. 4.�? apr mystery aroused Here by Tho announcement that Eddie to Ron Colgate football Star had de-1 child the present King who As ended to turn professional was i ended the throne when his father cleared up Here today with the a was assassinated july 29, 1900. Rest of Jack Quot Weller of Rensselaer,1-- n. Y., accused of posing As Tyron. Football fans were mystified by the that the 1925 Colgate Captain planned to participate in a professional game at Miami fla., because he had declared he would not turn professional Quot if he were offered $10,000 a Weller As Eddie Tyron was feted and entertained. He also borrowed several Hundred dollars it is charged to keep him out of some embarrassing situations. Mrs. Tyron Eddie s Kotlier heard that Ber son was to become professional and denied it. Weller is held on a technical charge of idleness. Gordan merely bruised when struck by Auto w. W. Gordon who was struck near the Elwood hotel saturday night about 6 30 of clock by a car driven by Marvin Hutchene is reported As merely suffering from slight bruises and Shock. He was rushed to the Guilford general Hospital by the secures ambulance but was later taken to Bis Home in this cite. Flinchum carried to Pilot Mountain the William p. Flinchum Ritner Al services were held at Cedar Grove Church near Pilot Mountain sunday afternoon. The funeral party left the Home 502 Tate Street about to of clock sunday morning. The pall bearers were i. D. Venable Robert Frye avi11 Frye. W. D. Peeples Elvin sink and it. Holt a Gin. Interment was made in the Church cemetery. Enterprise Avant ads bring Quick results Chest colds apply Over Throat and Chest a cover with hot flannel cloth. Vicks a vap rub out 21 million Jam urn j Yamoty deficiency report. Washington. Jan. 4. Map a a deficiency appropriation of $2,300,000 for the current fiscal if British i year for the government muscle Shoals properties was requested Wool for today by president Coolidge in a one of the first causes overseas Trade is said to have been the Exchange of native Herrings caught in the Baltic sea. I message to the House. Colds broken in a Lay Hill a act quickly Stop colds tart4 hours. Fever and headache disappear. Grippe is conquered in j Days. Every Winter Usa ves millions danger and discomfort. Don t take chances Don t delay an hour. Get the beat help science know. All druggists pries 30s Cascara quinine get Rad bos with portrait men Are interested in the be w hats designed to Wear now 1926 styles have appeared on the style stage and Are being shown Here in the new models. The materials Are Silks some have touches of Straw. Lovely new Spring shades a ind lest we forget we must Tell you about the Lovely pastel Felts for. Quot port Wear. Popular prices prevail of course. Moffitt 217 no. Main St

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