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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 4, 1926, High Point, North Carolina High Point s population v. S. Government census 1923 22,279 High Point Enterprise High Point the growing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast rain probably tonight and to Day warmer tuesday in West portion vol 34�?no. 87 full associated press. High Point n. Monday evening january 4. 1026 s pages today Price five cents Coolidge asks Congress to pay expenses of America at league of nations arms meet Specia Lessage of engagement involved a no commitment with respect a to the future e mystery is s nearer solution made to Congress police declared killing of Many members of Indian tribe result of t conspiracy circuit court of appeals confirms the cancellation of the Doheny Oil leases san Francisco Jan. 4 map a the United states circuit court of appeals today affirmed the decision of the lower court cancelling the leases of Edward l. Doheny and associates to Oil land in the Elk Hills naval Reserve California. The court reversed that portion of the lower court verdict which had allowed the Doheny company an amount in excess of $11,000,000 from the government for the building of the Oil station at Pearl Harbor. Blair s suit will not have effect on opposition he knew when he took the Job that the Case was coming up All because somebody stepped on a match Washington Jan. 4 apr a president Coolidge requested Congress today to appropriate $50,000 to cover the expense of participation by the United states in the league of nations preliminary disarmament discussions. Quot participation in the work of the preparatory commission the president said in a special message Quot involves no commitment with respect to attendance upon any future conference or conferences on reduction and limitation of armaments and the attitude of this government in that regard cannot be defined in Advance of the calling of such his wife s people la a i in in. I in i ii amount of $875,000 of the Gannon estate is involved in litigation meetings. He added that a whether the on editions and circumstances will prove such As to make it desirable for the United states to attend any conference or conferences which May eventually take place As a re suit of the labors of the preparatory commission or otherwise is a question which needs not now be a it is my judgment a a he said a that so far As this preliminary inquiry is concerned we ought to give our Aid and co operation to the fullest extent consistent with the policies which we have the message follows Quot ii flit Fol Sirmon which i had occasion recently to submit to you i called attention to the agreement recently entered into by a number of european governments under which guarantees of peace were provided and i took occasion to Point out that Tho natural Corral Ary to these treaties should further International agreements for the limitation of armaments a work that was so successfully begun at the Washington conference. A the government of the United states Bas now been invited by the Council of the league of nations to Send representatives to sit upon a preparation commission for Tho disarmament conference being a commission to prepare for a conference on the reduction and limit lion of armaments which has been set up by the Council and which is to meet in Geneva. Switzerland in february 1926. The president of this commission it is stated is to make preparations for a conference for disarmament which it is the announced purpose of the Council to All at an Early Date. A it is proposed that the deliberations of the commission shall be directed to such matters As the several factors upon which toe Power of a country in time of War depends whether limitation of the ultimatum War strength country is practical or whether disarmament should be confined to the peace strength alone the relative Adan Rand disadvantages of each of the various forms which reduction or limitation of armament May take in the Case of land sea or air forces the Standard of measurements of the armament of one country against the armament of another the possibility of ascertaining whether the armed Force of a country organized in a spirit of aggression or for purely defensive purpose the consideration of the principles upon which a scale of disarmament for various countries ran be drawn up and the factors which enter into the establishment of those principles such As communication resources geographical situation population the vulnerability of frontiers necessary delays in the transforming of peace armaments into War armaments criteria if any by which it May be possible to distinguish Between civil and military aircraft the military value of commercial fleets the relations Between regional Security and disarmament and Between regional Security and Dis armament and Between regional disarmament and general disarm rent. A the matters to be examined by the preparatory commission will it is stated touch upon All aspects of i he question of disarmament and Oklahoma City okla., Jan. 4. Map a the Osage murder mystery As dramatic As any created by a novel at a pen today seemed nearer a solution Federal and state officers working in unison were closing a net around suspected members of a murder ring that is believed to have been responsible for the deaths of nearly a score of Osage indians and White persons. Action was to be divided today Between Guthrie where a Federal grand jury is convening to consider the testimony of about 140 witnesses a and the Osage nation a a Home of the Osage indians where state officials Are expected to arrest several suspects. The Osage indians Are reputed to have the greatest per capita wealth of any group of any people in the world. It has Quot been indicated that the Federal officials will leave the prosecution of murder charges to the state confining their activities to the conspiracy aspects of the Case. The belief is that Many times the murders were the outgrowth of a conspiracy to gain Possession of the fortunes of the victims estimated to total $2,000,000. Although the most recent of the crimes was committed about three years ago none of the perpetrators has yet been brought to Justice. It appears that the solution of the Case would solve the dynamite no of the f. W. Smith Home in Fairfax three years ago. The Oklahoma City times has asserted that Dick Gregg inmate of the Federal prison at Leavenworth has confessed to knowledge of the crime. Smith his wife and Anna Brookshire a servant girl were killed by the explosion. Smith was a White Man and his wife an Indian a sister of Anna Brown whose immediate family either was killed or died under mysterious conditions. Overpaid income to Cannon heirs seek to recover that amount paid in 1017 to the Federal government on the estate total of 14 killed and 31 injured in the state during past week Atlanta Jan. 4.�? apr new years week ran Christmas week a close second for the number of traffic fatalities in the Southern states. The death toll for the week ended last night was 61, while the previous week witnesses the death of 70 persons in traffic. There were 281 injuries last week As against upward of 400 the previous week. These figures Are revealed in a Survey today by the associated press in eleven states. North Carolina led the death column with 14 killed her nearest competitors being Florida and mis Raleigh Jan. 4.�?suit of the Cannon estate in Federal courts of North Carolina in which litigation David a Blair is proceeding against his own department will not have any effect on commissioner Blair a position As head of the Revenue division local republicans say because or. Blair went into the office knowing that this Case must come up some time. The Cannon heirs seek to recover $875,000 collected in income taxes from the Cannon interests in the years 1917 and 1918. Charles a Cannon who has succeeded very largely to the position which his father held in the Cannon corporation and David h. Blair son in Law of the Cotton Mill magnate Are pressing the suit. The Wachovia Bank and Trust company which is a trustee of the Cannon estate is an interested party. The news of such a suit has been Public property for some time and found its Way to North Carolina ahead in world one fourth of furniture in u. S. Is made in Southern states f Carolina is Leader m Ore than two thirds Southern production is credit red to this state f Soeth gains faster High Grade furniture paid big profit in 1925 Low Grade volume was great with j Small profit a Quot i a Brand new House was destroyed two people were killed and five others Hurt because someone accidentally trod on a match and touched off a Gas explosion on Christmas afternoon at Topeka Kan. The Turing Center and a people were inspecting the House which was unoccupied and there was a Leaky Gas pipe. Photo shows the ruins with the damaged Wall of a neighbors House in the background. E steal wife of Virginias governor is injured seriously in heroic act under an inquiry Richmond Jan. 4.�? apr mrs. E. Ixe Trinkle wife of the governor of Virginia suffered what physicians termed a first degree Federal prohibition officers i a it or so a when tried to Rescue her Small son. E. Lee Trinkle jr., Are investigating the Sis Sippi with 8 each. Arkansas and Alabama reported Only one fatality j after considerable publicity in the new York financial papers. When High winds complicate the problems in some of the regions each Virginia led in accidents with 49. While Florida scored 42. Georgia and Louisiana followed with 35 each. Alabama had Only two. A feature of Tho weeks traffic toll w As the heavy loss in three cities Norfolk va., Greensboro n. C., and Winston Salem n. C., representing five deaths each. A tabulation by states follows dead. Injured Virginia. 5 49 North Carolina. 14 31 South Carolina. 6 3 Georgia. 3 3 5 Florida. 8 4 2 Alabama. I 2 Mississippi. 8 26 Louisiana. 3 5 Arkansas. I it it Tennessee. 7 15 Kentucky. 3 20 totals. ,. 61 279 tion of the wholesale looting of the Mcginnis government warehouse in j she had been forced to jump from Tannery four Miles from Here. A window on an upper floor of the where a band of 5b men seized i nmn Slon More than 75 barrels of whiskey i a tinkle or also was fore valued at $80,000 after Over pow j u1 2? i Quot a ring three guards and four passersby saturday night. Although Federal agents had to damage Europe a jewish Ghl has won affection of e Paris Jan. 4.�? apr Europe continues to be ravaged in a glowing degree from floods which Are complicated by gales. Central Europe is the principal sufferer. Communication is defective and the full extent of the disaster will not be known for some time. One report reaching London is the toll of dead has reached 1.000 in transylvanian. The flood Waters of Theiss River. Near the famous Tokay Vineyard Region in Eastern Hungary has caused immense floods. Thousands of villagers have been driven to the roofs of their houses. A number of persons who sought safety there have died from exposure. Regent Horthy and count Bethlen. The Premier Are visiting the most afflicted Points in a Power boat. In France and Belgium the optimism entertained has been damped by renewed rainfall. Most of the flood streams appear to have reached the Peak or Are about to do so. In Belgium the improved situation in the Meuse and Sara Bray valleys has been offset by the rising water in the districts of malines Mons and Flanders which previously had been spared. Along the Rhine in Germany the inundations Are said to be the worst experiences for More than Century. In Holland a bad situation exists in the provinces of Gelderland and Veryssel. Although the Rivers in England and Wales everywhere Are at freshet and Low lying areas Are flooded the damage done is far below that in various regions on the continent officers return Laredo tex., Jan. 4 map a Lieut. Marion t. Pharr and Lieut. Clarence s. Thorpe army officers who have been missing from the Hunting Camp of a party of of shr May by explanation of his relinquishment of the throne. ,.filers near Rodriguez Mexico re affect the interest o. All the nations Turtle j to the Camp late last night in Good health. The officers said they lost their Way. Wandering through Woods they obtained food and shelter from sheep herders. Of the world. The Council believes that the time has come for studying the practical possibility of the Resolution and limitation of armaments and expressed the Hope that St. This time when All the nations of. The world Are convinced of a common need it will be Able to count upon the cooperation of the government of the United state in i continued on Page 4 must not Cut More Washington Tan. 4 a Secretary Mellon warned the sen Ato finance committee today that the tax reduction of about $330 000,000 Roth a by the House must not be exceeded by the Senate. London Jan. 4.�? apr at least three Points in the mystery surrounding Crown Prince Carol of Rumania and Bis relinquishment of his right to ascend the throne have been cleared up. Carol is in Milan. Also there is mme. Magda Lupe so Blue eyed red haired daughter of a jewish merchant of Jassy Rumania with whom Carol is on Friendly terms. A six Lambrino. Former inorganic wife of the Prince has re married. Carol gave a dinner to his entourage at a hotel last night. Mme. Lupesco was a guest. At her place at the table was a huge bouquet of White Flowers of the same kind that she threw into his automobile enclosing a love note which brought them together in the Bonds of Friendship. Prior to Carol s abdication Carol and mrs. Lupesco motored together daily but when the storm broke these pleasure rides ceased Carol remaining in seclusion but mme. Lupesco constantly appears. To a number of written questions sent in by the correspondent of the daily express Carol replied in writing that he had determined not to make any statement with regard to his renunciation. Bucharest advices say that both the King and Queen and the Cabi net Are reassuring the people that the abdication of Carol does not indicate a dynastic or political career. A dispatch from Budapest describes a woman who has visited Paris and Milan with Carol As the wife of a major. The Prince was ordered by the rumanian government to cease attentions to her but he is declared to have replied that he would rather give up the throne than acquiesce. Other advices Are that Princess Helen shortly will Start proceedings to divorce Carol the understanding in Athens us that Helen will remain at the rumanian court and devote her attention to Ber Little Sod. Michael who is to a Ako hts father s place As he successor of King Ferdinand. It comes to action the complicated news features will be More easily explained. The taxes which the estate seeks to recover were assessed by the Bureau of internal Revenue and were collected by j. W. Bailey who was then collector. Or. Bailey is defendant in the Case but of course he has Only a nominal connection with it he receipted Lor the taxes during the last year of his office holding. The facts on which the plaintiffs proceed Are substantially of use prior to june 1916 James w. Cannon was sales agent for 41 Cotton Mills of which number he had 13. After june 30 of that year he formed a partnership with Martin p. Glenn and j. Leslie of Philadelphia and new York. Or. Cannon had five eighths of the Stock in this co partnership and the associates three eighths. Or. Cannon assigned his share of the commissions to the trading and commission company of Maine. There were 12 shares of Stock of which he owned one and mrs. Cannon and their ten children the other la each. With this capital of $1,200 the corporation cleared $95,000 in four months. Later a supplementary arrangement was made by which or. Cannon received All the commissions of three of his Mills and the Cannon Mills the commissions for handling nine of the Mills output. Of course the controversy Here arising is whether the government which Laid this tremendous additional tax on the Cannon corporation was within its right in collecting this sum when the commissions actually did not go to the organizer of the company but to his individual family members. From Concord Kannapolis and other places where Cannon interests Are important stories of the Way this partnership has been working occasionally come to Raleigh. It is rather complicated. But the first suit brought was won by the plaintiffs. Leslie and Glenn recovered in the new York Federal courts their $423,000 assessed against the Cannon Mills. They won in the District court and the circuit court affirmed the judgment but the Money has not been turned Over. Cansler and Candler of Charlotte Pou and Pou of Raleigh and the Law firm of Charles e. Hughes May appear. Hughes rounds Schu Man and Dwight represented the plaintiffs in the new York Case. When David h. Blair was nominated for commissioner of Revenue senator Hiram Johnson of California made a vigorous attack on him and declared that the commissioner of Revenue would always be embarrassed by tax issues in his own household. Senator Johnson wrote letters to North Carolina people vehemently objecting to the confirmation of commissioner Blair. From time to time officials Here and elsewhere have been expecting that private interests would become so great that commissioner Blair would eventually find it Best to give his office up and transact his affairs As a private citizen. But they see nothing new in the proceedings Here. It has been known a Long time that this recovery would be sought and in the instant Case the Cannon interests proceeded slowly to get themselves within the Protection afforded by the statute of limitations. Basil Hedgecock. Guilford Psi Oner who bad almost finished h ump of Bank offence comm Ted from the third floor of the sex oct j live mansion which caught fire this morning from a Sparkler in the i hands of another son four years old Billy. Mrs. Trinkle was taken to map a Federal operatives from Norial Hospital where physicians prohibition Headquarters in Wash said she was severely burned about in ton began today an Investiga-1 bands arts. Ant her hair also was badly singed bile was rushed to the Hospital after looting Westminster md., Jan l High Point has Long since become a great furniture Man fac nationally known furniture Market. Naturally when a review is made of the past year furniture is the first Industry thought of Here and interest centers around its welfare. It the year 1925 was a year of j great volume of production for the furniture Industry in the South and Many things Point to Good prospects for the year just started. Southern furniture is Bow sold i throughout the United states and it in noteworthy that production j is on such a basis that Southern furniture can hold its own in com Trinkles fall was broken by one of the firemen on the ladder who grabbed her by the ankle from which she was suspended for a moment until other firemen rescued her. E. Lee Trinkle jr., fell into the arms of the Batler Clayton set Gray. Later the two children Billy and e. Lee jr., were taken to the Hospital. Billy is known to be at least slightly burned. The governor was petition with that manufactured in in his office in an adjoining build-1 older centers. Ing when the flames were disco according to figures compiled by i be Southern furniture Man fac the governor rushed to the Man the Southern tuners a association j. T. Ryan. A Sion As soon As he was notified of j Creary the factories of the South blocked the main Road to the Ware-1 House the thieves drove their loaded machines through Fields around j the barriers. An Advance guard of three Arm Jed men captured and bound the j three guards As they appeared for duty separately. Four others were i seized nearby and bound with the rest. All Telephone lines in the neighbourhood were Cut. The Matador of to band then appeared in machines and trucks and worked through the night j transferring the whiskey by e a or from the seventh floor of the building to the loading platform be Low. Approaching Dawn forced them j to abandon 15 barrels after carry ing away 7 5 barrels and 3 2 cases. Police traced the machines to Mexico a Village several Miles be j Low Here. There the caravan is believed to have separated part beading for Westminster and the remainder for Baltimore. The fire and made frantic efforts to reach his son Aud wife who were trapped on the third floor. Before he got to them however they had jumped from the window of the third floor to the roof of the second Story. Governor Trinkle is thought to be suffering from Are now producing More than one fourth of All wooden household furniture made in the United states i North Carolina produces More than two thirds of the total for the so the a or. Ryan has made an analysis of figures reported to the inter lock. The fire was confined to the i state Commerce commission of the he was asleep when the fire was discovered on tile first floor of tin mansion Anil when the alarm was sounded b a negro Butler mrs. Trinkle rushed upstairs to Hisa _. Room to save him. Both Mother Ami first floor of the mansion but the number of carloads of furniture child were trapped by the fire and smoke and when a ladder raised by firemen was found to be too Short to reach them they jumped mrs. Upper rooms were badly damaged i handled by the railroads both for by smoke and water. Virtually the the South and the country ask a entire lower floor is thought to have been gutted. Complain lodged Balkan states in against Bakers a general unrest charge of violation of Tho it Dayton act denied by the defendants Washington. Jan 4.�? a troublous situation in Rumania not the Only instance of outbreak whole. These figures very vividly show the South up to a Good advantage and should be of interest to people of this City. This analysis shows that in 1921, 53.212 carloads of furniture were shipped of which 8,986 carloads or 16,9 percent were from the South. In 1924, 94,221 carloads of furniture were shipped of which 24,878 carloads or 264 per cent were from the South. The increase in the number of carloads for the country As a whole from 1921 to 1924, was 77 per cent whereas the increase for the South was 176 per cent. In other words the shipments from the South in 1924 were nearly three Coin times As much As in 1921, whereas. London Jan. 4.�? apr a new complaint alleging Viola-1 cadent with the troublous situation t for the country As a whole. Ship i on c to y to act by the e Eon j Rumania du0 to the resignation Nientsu were not quite doubled. For Tifental baking corporation in a the first six months of 192w. The i Quiring control of More than a score of Crown Prince Carol and re Railroad figures show an increase of smaller bakeries throughout the ports of a conspiracy to overthrow it Over the same period of 1924. Of country has been served by the fed j the monarchy comes the news that 23 1-2 per cent in the furniture eral Trade commission. Lied on other Balkan mates Are in shipments from the South and 9.9 december 19. It was made Public two Oiler Balkan states Are in log United a tates As a today by attorneys for the Corpora political turmoil. While this indicates that the lion in presenting its answer a de i m Greece general Pangalos. Pre-1 furniture Industry of the South is monopoly the s tag Trade a ak�?�ni8t&Quot a it t wh0 de j to in More a Tao for the c j i d r a the complaint originally issued j a Constantine and country As a whole. Swedish Princess coming loaf october and revised to include , a a Ahe be Atli 1 to 1923 there we re 109 a Stab i several bakeries whose Stock re Astrid May wed e of Wales England and May ounce engagement living George has announced that Lisments which reported an an was obtained by the Conti a will Institute a military dicta Nuat output of $41,619,896. An in London Jan. 4 a it a now it j standing recent denials it is asserted by persons close to the court that Princess Astrid of Sweden will visit London in the Spring and shortly afterwards there play come the announcement that the Prince of Wales has chosen her for Bis Bride. The Princess is 2 3 years old and a Niece of the King of Sweden. After recent denials that she would marry the Prince of Wales there were suggestions of an engagement to his brother Prince Henry i Cen Fly a rental corporation alleged that the to snip j consolidation acted to Lessen Competition. Restrain Commerce and to create a monopoly in bakery products. It riled the corporation to appear at a hearing before the commission next february s. The answer of the concern which some time ago completed a huge crease of nearly 322 per cent in due to failure to bring the Mem nine years. Or. Ryan estimates that hers of Bis Cabinet into Harmony. J t his total for 1 924 will he shown to the bulgarian Premier a thank be shout $45., and for 1925 off has handed his resignation to that it will reach $56,000,000. Thin King Boris. Audrey Liaptcheff. A last l considered a Low estimate former finance minister will in and it is based on percentage of Deavor to form a new ministry. Increase. Pangalos once said the greeks shipping this year id the South merger with the Ward and general1 went to War w Ith the Olive Branch Baa been steadily above the past baking corporations of new York j in one hand and the sword in the two years with the first six months declared it a has no monopoly in j other. In announcing his decision of each year naturally being the any product in which it deals a a to take Over the entire control of lightest of the year. March was the nor can any one obtain such a the government he said that Parlia a big month of the first six in 1925 monopoly in any Community in the Centary government was the cause and then from August co through United states. \ of adj 0f Greece a troubles the remaining months business was a it is physically impossible a it j a i am therefore preparing a. At Peak continued a for any concern to act program based solely on armed or. Rvan. Who is very close to Princess Astrid has been one of Fuire or 0b Ain. Such a monopoly Force he added. He said at a everything that Mav indicate what. I k to Twefi Tho inc Tinea wait nil 4a Nova. I a. Dinner Given in his Honor by regents is happening or Likely to happen to the few royalties eligible by religion to become the Consort of the heir apparent to the British throne. She already is Well known and is beloved by the British Royal family. The late dowager Queen Alexandria was particularly fond of her. Her last visit to London Prius to the death of Queen Alexandria coincide Ted with the return of the Prince of Wales from South a Mer Lea. The Princess who was accompanied by Lier sister met Bota the Prince of Wales Aud prime Henry a the Palace Aud at a lie London Home of Princess Mary. They met also on several other occasions. Th0 prime is 31 years old. I has been hundreds of years since the heir to tile Brit i throne reached this stage of ii w oho it having taken a Consort. Because the business relates to products that Are made from materials available in adequate quantities a reasonable prices to the thousands of going business concerns and to millions of Homes in which various people Are capable of producing such products in Case of q on unused on Page 6 governors will name delegates convention apr of the democratic guard furniture dated to the Enterprise a your Fleet in a few months will i representative that a based Ca pres be mistress of the Eastern Meriter ent conditions the Outlook is Good. Ranegan. And our army one of the i almost certainly for a few strongest in the ailed attention also to the Railroad earnings for the past few Thorpe in trouble years and noted the figures Given a ampa i la., Jan. 4 a i out by the railroads of the South. It nil air Bureau Washington. Jan. T a Bill to create a Bure in commercial i Rod to of e my was introduced a a i resent the Gorman 1111 n o i. A i rep in a o Washington Jan. 4 secret a to if War Davis Maie p i Iii ii today invitations address i to governors of All states asking them to name delegates to the second National outdoor recreation conference Here january 20-21. The letter emphasized the d of president god Edge that the function of the conference should by a not an Effort to federalize recreation a the expense of state interests. But solely of eff it co Ord Taa tion of common one of the practical cps w us a the War Secretary Aid As a possibility vees the Jim Thorpe once St athlete and c tonner Minnesota t i itch Bonds charge of Intorica the two at Hiet yesterday i form Headquarters the world s great a the net rail Way operating income the wiederqui.St.0f the Southern railway is reported As follows for 1924. $23,991,-235. For 1923. $28,202,324. This last is for the first ten months of 19 2 5. The Atlantic coast line figures show an increase of nearly five millions in the first ten months of a and returned to their to last year and the Seaboard air i the pair played against red line Hows an increase of neatly re a Grange s team a re Friday in which 12,000,000. These figures Are in in a their team t he Tampa cardinals. Pop taut because they Are figures of i to i business done by Southern transp football player.1 today of the i Loti. Is were arrested a at police gave. Bond of were de have reef iced Thorp be i .8.3 Chi a saw e in in id com in trice j recreation in each state. In Fores Rea son it nou re i oui Nick is Jurin i p Washington o Jan 4 based amp a fans who like a into v b a a or baseball now an r a an in Congo a i pm a we Alt Rock a signed his 1926 con tract. A Meas done by tat Ion systems locally business is reported As having been Good for practically Ai manufacturers with the makers of High Grade furniture reporting to Meg or holds while the mar fac i u re re of lox Grade furniture Epert continued on Page 4.j

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