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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Good afternoon individual resolve key to a Good 1974 Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a tuesday january 1,1974 our Man of the year de Mendenhall is an exceptional addition to the list of those who have been tapped As Man of the year in High Point. The selectors a those who have borne the title in years past a brightened the Shine on their own honors by singling out a Man who has found the magic formula of eminent Success in his own career still having the time and Energy to contribute a multiple measure of service to Good works in his Community. Those who have been singled out since the series was begun at the end of 1966 Are p. Hunter Dalton jr., selected for that year James h. Millis for 1967 Leo j. Heer for 1968 t. Lynwood Smith for 1969 George a. Covington for 1970 Holt Mcpherson for 1971 and Henry a. Foscue for 1972. Each year the group begins consideration of potential nominees during november and meets in december to discuss and vote upon the past years top civic contributor. De Mendenhall a Impact upon his City in the Many areas in which he provides leadership and expertise is enumerated in the Story on Page one of today a Enterprise and needs no repeating Here. Quite beyond that list however and of major importance in the minds of those who singled him out from an impressive list of potential winners is the spirit of selflessness with which he imbues that service. Along with his Fine leadership he maintains an unfailing Good humor that encourages others to match his own Energy and enthusiasm. His wide ranging contributions to the improvement of the real estate profession at every level made him a world traveler and an ambassador Par excellence for his Home City. The Enterprise is indeed proud to Salute its 1973 Man of the year Edward e. Mendenhall. Beliefs of a statesman his recent announcement that he will retire at the end of his present term in the . Senate gives Sam Ervin an embellished status. Starting Friday he will begin his final full year of service looking Forward to going Home to Morganton on july 3. 1975. His new status is that of a Man who can do for his country what he thinks Best without the worry that constantly besets legislators that of re election requirements. As the nations leading defender of the Constitution he can enhance that position without concern for offending any potential political Block. The senators current newsletter is devoted for the most part to a recitation of his Basic beliefs about lawmaking and his nation and is introduced As a something in the nature of an accounting of my stewardship As their senator to the people of North Carolina. Here is the principal portion of that statement a i have endeavoured to practice on All occasions the concept that a Public office is a Public Trust. I have sought to make life More abundant for the farm families of North Carolina who produce the food fiber and agricultural crops essential to our existence and Comfort to support the free Enterprise system and promote the economic interests of those who invest and labor in North Carolinas industries to promote the development of worthwhile projects in North Carolinas River basins and harbours to preserve constitutional government and the blessings of Liberty for All americans to secure to those who labor Freedom to join or to refrain from joining unions in conformity with their own desires to compel the Federal government to balance its budget Stop deficit financing and terminate its wasteful foreign Aid programs to maintain armed forces sufficient to insure our National survival in a precarious world to further education medical research and the Public health to conserve our natural resources reduce pollution in our atmosphere and Waters and make our highways parkways and Parks toll free to All our people to secure reasonable benefits to disabled veterans and their dependents projecting the news and to the aging and handicapped to obtain the enactment of Laws to protect Federal employees against tyrannical treatment by their government and to obtain the enactment of Laws establishing procedures for constitutional conventions called on the petition of two thirds of the states. At the same time i have fought As sinful and tyrannical proposals that americans be taxed to support religious institutions in violation of the first amendment As incompatible with Freedom proposals that state right to work Laws be repealed and that compulsory unionism be forced upon those who do not wish to join unions As inimical to Justice proposals to enact a no Knock and preventive detention Laws As inconsistent with our system of government the use of the military to spy on civilians exercising their first amendment rights of free speech Assembly and petition As intolerable governmental efforts to intimidate individuals newsmen and broadcasters for exercising their rights of free speech and a free press in a manner displeasing to government As rank tyranny unnecessary governmental invasions of the privacy of our people and governmental collection and computerization of data concerning their political and religious thoughts beliefs and activities and As unwise welfare proposals calculated to convert Able bodied americans into in this capsule commentary sen. Ervin has Given a lesson Worth the time of any Federal office seeker and containing enough Wisdom to be worthy of every americans attention. Between its lines Are his unflagging Devotion to the Bill of rights and his belief in the supremacy of the individual in a government of Laws. A slow Burn the reigning wit of the triad Winston Salem journalist Roy Thompson tried driving 55 Miles an hour on an interstate Highway and mourned a this nation has been raised on the that if god had meant for us to creep about the Earth head have Given us legs instead of an cruel and unusual punishment a new state Law making the death penalty mandatory for la types of murder takes effect in California today. Mixing morality and politics makes for As potent a combination a Gin and vermouth. Consider the unceasing uproar Over legalized abortion and prohibition of prayer in Public schools. A More venerable but equally volatile Issue is capital punishment. Is it proper for the state to take a Many a life because he has committed a heinous crime and does the threat of execution act As a deterrent to those who commit such crimes Well reasoned persuasive arguments can be found on both sides of these and other questions. That is one reason Why the death penalty remains an enduring source of controversy. Another reason according to the legendary criminal lawyer Clarence Barrow is that questions like capital punishment a Are not settled by reason they Are settled by prejudices and sentiments or emotions. When they Are settled they do not stay settled for the emotions change As new stimuli Are the most recent stimulus came in a ruling handed Down by the supreme court on june 29,1972. In a 5-to-4 opinion the court held that capital punishment As it was imposed in this country violated the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. Civil libertarians hailed the decision. The trouble was that the ruling was rendered along narrow lines. Each Justice wrote a separate opinion and Only two William j. Brennanjr. And Thurgood Marshall appeared to take the absolute position that the death penalty was Quot cruel and unusual punishment per be. In a prescient dissenting opinion chief Justice Warren Burger wrote Quot since the two Pivotal concurring opinions those of justices Byron t. White and Potter Stewart turn on the Assumption that the punishment of death is now meted out in a random and unpredictable manner legislative bodies May seek to bring their Laws into compliance with the court s ruling by providing standards for juries and judges to follow in determining the sentence in capital cases or by narrowly defining the crimes for which the penalty is to be that amounted virtually to an invitation and Legislatures in almost a score of states have responded. For example a Law that takes effect in California today makes the death penalty mandatory for la specified classes of murderer including hired assassins police killers and train saboteurs. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus new years Day is the traditional time for reviewing the past and planning the future. This is a Day when millions of people will be anticipating a Bright and prosperous and improved year to come a or a final fling in Case there May not be another Opportunity for Celebration. There is some speculation As Man learns new ways to condense and release Energy that it might be Able to throw the Earth off Axis or unbalance it sufficiently that it might come apart like a faulty Flywheel. Doubtless however this planet will Complete another circuit around the Sun during the next 365 Days. And yet there is Little doubt that Many changes will occur across the whole surface of this Globe in 1974. Is it possible that the underlying basis of our nations trouble and insecurity is founded on softness a both physical and moral has there been such decay of America s Fibre that our National strength and integrity Are slowly being eaten away just As an insidious virus can destroy the healthy cells of our vital blood Stream As a nation we find ourselves no longer debating whether Federal bureaus should take jurisdiction in areas of our private lives a but we do question the extend such invasion should be allowed. We have lost the first Battle of personal character dignity and Freedom versus bureaucracy a it is an area that will be difficult to regain. If it is True that we have lost ground through exploitation of personal weakness is it not obvious that we must regain our National character by revival of personal strength and dedication when we accept the Possession of conscience and soul it becomes inconceivable to our intelligence As Well As our Pride that we Are placed Here without purpose. When we achieve perspective of ourselves As in Washington merry go round Divi duals we can realize that government is no More than the accumulated strength or bartered weakness of millions like us. We can regain our individual strength by resolving to do our own thinking though such May at times seem tedious. And once we know Freedom at Home we can teach Freedom elsewhere. If enough of us raise our voices As individuals these voices will be heard. If enough of us Are willing to build new tone and strength into our mental and physical Muscles this strength will revive National vigor. When we have become decisive As individuals we can create a government with purpose plan and Clear conviction. No better resolve for 1974 could be embraced than to say Quot i will make my own strength and my own knowledge a matter of daily concern a and i shall become an essential part of a revitalized the new year is gods open door into the future. We can walk through it with Faith and make it an exciting year or we can crawl through it with fear and make it an exhausting year. From Quot in a nutshell birth of a new year May seem a it to Many people a Little reason for celebrating. As you tot up the Christmas Bills worry about mounting fuel and gasoline expenses and Ponder the troubled world situation you May reflect that if 1974 is going to be like 1973, who needs it but there Are plenty of other reasons for welcoming enthusiastically this Date of Jan. I 1974. Birthdays Are where to begin always occasion for a party. Many famous people were born on Jan. I. Among them were Lorenzo de Medici Patron of the arts and ruler of Florence on this Date in 1449 revolutionary Patriot Paul Revere called Jan. I 1735 his birthday while that revolutionary hero a mad Anthony Wayne was born on the same Date to years later. It May be a chivalrous to mention a lady Sage but Flag maker Betsy Ross came into the world Jan. I 1752. There Are other reasons for celebrating this Date Haiti proclaimed its Independence from France Jan. I 1804 Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation Jan. I 1863 the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed Jan. I 1901 and the . Parcel Post service began Jan. I 1913. New year the heart of a Friend never wonders or doubts no matter if years intervene. The old Faith is there and nought can compare with the comforts it gives those unseen. Yes the heart of a Friend is a thing i prize As life lengthens and Twilight descends it is the last Boon i will ask when i have finished my task that i live in the hearts of my friends. Contributed by a Friend a new years prayer dear lord please give me a few friends who understand me and yet remain my friends. A work to do which has real value without which the world would feel poorer. A mind unafraid to travel even though the Trail be not blazed. An understanding heart. A sense of humor. Time for quiet silent meditation. A feeling of the presence of god. And the patience to wait for the coming of these things with the Wisdom to know them when they come. W. R. Hunt in guideposts 1973 adversity has been strengthening by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the 12 months of 1973 will be remembered As the year that americans incurable optimism was cured. Up to now americans have assumed that our future was limitless that beyond each Frontier Lay Greener valleys that our abundance had no end. In recent years some untoward pricks of Fortune have let some of the helium out of our National balloon but it remained for the staggering shocks of 1973 to All but flatten it out. Who could have expected on january 20, 1973, when president Nixon and vice president Agnew took the oaths of office after their overwhelming electoral Victory that by years end Nixon would be on the verge of impeachment supported by Only a third of the people and Agnew would be a convicted Felon who had vanished into the status of a no person can to do the can do nation was in 1973 More and More dominated by a chorus of can to does from its political and business leaders. Can t Stop inflation. Can to hold Down government spending. Can to break the Arab Oil embargo. Can to develop by 1975 ant pollution devices that foreign manufacturers have already developed. Can to meet foreign Competition. Can to keep the railroads running without massive government bailouts. And so on. For the first time americans have begun to look backward. There is growing apprehension that we have reached the end of a Golden age. Nostalgia is everywhere on the Rise. This is reflected in our popular entertainment. Cults have formed around movies of the �?T30s and �?T40s, and fan clubs Are devoted to deceased movie stars like Humphrey Bogart. A yearning is displayed among Many College youths not for the Challenge of adulthood but for the Security of infancy. Buffalo Bob Host of the 1950s kids show a a Howdy Boody a was resurrected and toured campuses to rousing receptions. His audiences of 200-Pound sophomores would sing again their baby songs and often dissolve into tears. New maturity yet for All the dizzying reverses of 1973, there was no panic among our people and no collapse of our institutions. A new maturity seems to be surfacing As More and More americans realize there Are no lasting heroes and no simple solutions. The forbearance of the Public in the face of the watergate mess a its insistence on being fair to president Nixon at the same time demanding that the truth must come out and crimes must be punished a has been remarkable. While the government founders the people have gone about their business. As a Survey by one of our National magazines reported Quot there is a Strong feeling that its up to the american people to bail the country out of its difficulties because the leadership in government can to do also 1973 was a Good year for employment with 85 million at work the most in our history. The acrimony Between rednecks and longhair hard hats and students has mellowed into live and let live. The More exotic revolutionaries have All but disappeared by Mutual consent for their rights have been vindicated time and again in our courts. Racial Progress racial strife has quietly declined. Solid gains have been made by Blacks As symbolized by the election this year of Black mayors in such populous cities As los Angeles Detroit and Atlanta. Campus turmoil has abated complaints of students apathy begin to be heard again. Yet energetic idealistic youths Are enlisting by the thousands in practical Public service groups doing everything from investigating their state legislature to providing free services for the indigent. It was feared that labor pinched by inflation and emboldened by the paralysis of the Ninon administration would wreck the Economy either through intransigent strikes or inflationary wage demands. Neither happened. What 1973 adds up to for America i suppose is that Uncle Sam found out that he is not ageless shining and invincible. He is a Paunchy fellow unexpectedly overtaken by Middle age. Some of his favorite certitude have been exploded. Some of the dreams of youth he sees letters to the editor now will never be achieved. Others upon realization have turned to ashes. Aches and pains people he counted on have let him Down. Success had made him try less hard and he has become a bit Sloppy. After exertion he feels mysterious aches and pains. He sees that this once measureless strength now has its limits. Suddenly he knows that he is mortal vulnerable and the Shadow crosses his mind that he will not always win. But he is still Strong As a Bull still ahead of the Field still Walrus Tough. Comments on essay on truth. To the editor in regard to or. Gary b. Warners Quot essay on truth which appeared in your column on dec. 28 or. Warner made several statements and generalizations which in my opinion were offensive and devoid of truth. First i believe or. Warner does a great injustice to Many government leaders and preachers when he says categorically that Quot they Are some May be liars but the Many who Are not should not be Quot lumped in with the few who Are. Perhaps or. Warner would like to be a Little More specific with his accusations. Second when anyone says that Quot Christian parents Are a child a worst enemy a i do not believe they have examined the evidence and they certainly have ceased to speak Quot truth. King Solomon said in proverbs 22 6 to Quot train up a child in the Way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from this is a Quot christians parents duty and when this duty is carried out we Are guaranteed Success. I use the word Quot christians in its biblical sense i.e., a not everyone that Saith unto me lord lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that doth the will of my father which is in i would be willing to compare a Quot Christian Quot parents child to the child of whatever or. Warners alternative is any Day of the week without fear of embarrassment. I have seen the difference religious training makes in the development of a child too Many times to count a Quot Christian Quot Parent a child a worst enemy. Third or. Warner said that the purpose of the Church seemed to be a to teach conformity to ways of the world Quot some churches Are like this but perhaps has not looked far enough for those which Are not. Again he does an injustice by his Broad generalization in summary i Hope or. Warner will take greater care in his indictments in the future and if he attempts to write another a essay on truth Quot let him Quot speak As the oracles of incidentally i am not a government Leader or a preacher. Neal Essic 232 idol drive. And on the Hunter to the editor reference is made to the Quot All outdoors column of your december 27 edition. While or. Phillips gets my vote on his Good intentions for wildlife preservation he also draws my vote for ignorance because of his slanderous remarks about those of us who happen to believe it ignorant to Slaughter animals for the pleasure of watching them die. Or. Phillips makes the child who can to wait for his father to Cut a Quail open so he can seen what it eats to be the All american kid. The same child who a heart is broken because he wont get his gun for Christmas. Why can to the All american kid be a child who would rather observe the Quail to watch its eating habits than to blow its brains out he refers to those of us who May prefer some sort of gun controls As Quot selfish clowns Quot and As screwball who Are too weak to Burn a this moves my memory to a few months past when in or. Phillips column he described his obviously self stimulating Hunt for the Turkey. His journalism was quite descriptive of the Hunt. Early rising to prepare for the adventure the stalking of the Bird and the almost ecstatic elation he Felt As he squeezed the trigger and saw the Gobbler sprawled bloody on the ground. I can almost picture him gloating Over his kill armed Only with a $200 Shotgun and an expensive Turkey caller. Now brother that a no selfish Clown. That a his of the All american Man. To this observer the Only True sportsman could compete against an opponent As Well trained armed and intelligent As himself. To me this would mean the athletic Field. Perhaps to the Hunting enthusiast it could Only mean the Field of Battle. With the world situation As it is today a Good mercenary should be Able to write his own ticket. I am sure that or. Phillips will disagree with my logic which is his prerogative. But if he feels that i am a too weak to bum a flashlight perhaps the Enterprise will be Good enough to furnish him with a map of Randolph county. I am Home most nights and weekends. Reggie v. Burrow it. 3, Trinity

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