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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1974, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, High Point, North Carolina do it every time High Point Enterprise tuesday january 1,1974 3a is nuclear Power the answer museum exhibits for Sale Paradise. Calif. A for anyone with $75,000 and a yen for a 1928 Isotta Fraschina land Aulette. Wayne Schlothauer is the Man to see the Isotta Fraschina is one of 44 luxury used cars on the lot at Schlotthauer a unique cars in this Northern California Community. Schlotthauer says the average Price is $9,000. Schlotthauer operates his used car lot As an Auto museum but it s a museum with a difference you can buy the exhibits. For the big car enthusiast Schlotthauer has a 1937 May Bach so 38 Pullman Cabriolet with a massive six Cylinder engine and an eight Speed transmission. A the instruction Book says not to put it in eighth until you re going at least 90,�?� Schlotthauer said. A it says not to go Over 120 with the tires that were on it at the time but with better tires you could drive it 160. Ifs really something to drive. It weighs 9,000 the Price is really something too $20,000. Basque guerrillas no longer amateurs a Snow White and the seven made in 1938, was the first full length animated cartoon. By Fenton Wheeler associated press writer Madrid a Eta is a Basque acronym for a Basque land and to the Spanish government the initials mean kidnappings assassinations and Bank robberies by what May be one of West Europe s most efficient guerrilla groups. Any notion that the Eta guerrillas were amateurs Content to raise havoc Only in the Basque country disappeared in the thunderous explosion that blew Premier Luis Carrero Blanco s car Over a five Story building last week. Carrero Blanco was killed along with his bodyguard and chauffeur. The assassination was the guerrillas first foray outside the Basque provinces along Spain a Northern Border in their 10-year Campaign for Independence from Generalissimo Francisco Franco s Madrid government. The government named six Basque guerrillas As the assassins but none has been arrested. Disappearance is a specially of the guerrillas and an embarrassment to a regime where the police have virtually a free hand support of the courts and what is said to be a vast intelligence apparatus. In tile last to years the police have imprisoned hundreds of Eta members and have killed nine of them but Seldom have they grabbed ringleaders who sometimes flee across the Border into France. There has never been any love Between Franco and Tho guerrillas. It was the Generalissimo who ended the Basque country a Brief taste of Independence 35 years ago. The Spanish Republican government granted autonomy to the Basque Region before the Spanish civil War erupted in 1936. When Francois revolution was successful three years later he rescinded the autonomy. Eta w As founded in 1958 As a Branch of the Basque nationalist party the remains of the autonomous Basque government. Editors note Here is the fourth in a series of articles answering the most frequently asked questions about the Energy shortage by Peter Arnett a special correspondent the awesome spectacle of unleashed atomic Energy burst upon the world 28 years ago when the United states dropped nuclear bombs on two japanese cities to end world War ii. This splitting of the atom also gave Mankind the Hope of an endless future Supply of Energy for peaceful pursuits. How near is this age of nuclear Power now that the worlds most important fuel a a Oil a is subject to the Petr politics of the Arab world its just starting. The 35 conventional nuclear fission Power plants in operation in 1972 a for the first time moved nuclear Power from a Mere Blip to a recognizable Energy statistic a commented the atomic Industrial forum. Electricity accounts for a fifth of the nation s Energy use and nuclear Power generates about 3 per cent of this electricity. Nuclear Power constitutes one per cent of the country a Over All Energy consumption. This year ten More nuclear plants went into operation. By 1985, an additional 150 nuclear plants now under construction or on order will be ready. Each takes at least five years to build. Industry and government experts estimate that of the expected 1985 demand for 600 million kilowatts of electricity nuclear Power will provide 210 million or 35 per cent. By the turn of the Century half of All electricity produced in the nation is to be from nuclear plants. Besides powering electrical generators nuclear fission could be used to heat buildings run air planes Power ships and perhaps even run cars. A few ships now have nuclear Power plants and research was conducted for a while to develop a nuclear air plane engine. But in this Century nuclear fission As a major Energy source probably will be confined to running electrical generators. The Industry has Hopes that the next 25 years will be better than the past 25. Major difficulties slowed development one problem was that Only after h>5 did the . Government make Public secret scientific data needed to construct the peacetime reactor. The first n u c i e a a powered Generator went on line in 1957 Public fear of accidents and of Long term Low level radiation was another Factor in the delay. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader has become a major critic because of the safety Factor. Nuclear Power experts see two continuing hazards. One is that no full scale emergency Core Cooling system has Ever been tested. And a foolproof system of storing radioactive waste Over the Long period Nec Essary has not been developed. A waste management remains a problem on . Government military waste reserves in the West where there Are periodic Public complaints about leakage of buried radioactive waste. A but waste can be commented one expert. A there have been successful experiments converting waste into solids similar to Ceramic pellets which contain the radioactive elements. A the radioactivity problem exists because research until now has been concerned with construction of reactors and not with safety another problem for the Industry was scaling Down the massive size of the first plants to economically manageable units. This accomplishment was made in the late 1960s, and plants with up to five times the capacity of the earlier models were erected environmentalists conduct a running War with nuclear Energy plants. They re particularly incensed by the Industry s need for Large water supplies As coolants. Environmentalists fear Adverse effects for fish and other River life. Other problems lie ahead including the need for developing an adequate Supply of nuclear fuel. But the implications of americans dependence on foreign Oil has spurred the government into pushing ahead with major research programs. The atomic Energy commission has recommended that nearly $3 billion be spent in the next seven years on the breeder reactor a device that creates slightly More fuel than it consumes. The breeder is regarded As the next generation of nuclear fission Power plants. The government is looking even further ahead toward thermonuclear fusion the process involved in the detonation of a Hydrogen bomb. Complete tune up every part checked cleaned adjusted and lubricated As needed free pick up Only Cali it plus 885-8493 7.95 parts the vacuum Center service 122 w. 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