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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Sunday january i 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont con Tor of a High Point North Carolina Page five Sec showing America How to Cut traffic death toll in half Cleveland makes great record of safety thru 1938 by Paul fkjggex8 aka service staff correspondent Cleveland dec. 31. A the United states has Cut its traffic death toil greatly during 1938, Aud showing the Way is the City that had the second worst traffic record in the nation a couple of years ago. Cleveland is in line to win the title of Quot safest big City in american when the National safety Council hands out its awards for the past year. The big Ohio town has Cut its car deaths almost Iii half the greatest reduction for any City Over 500,000 population. Behind that achievement is a a tory carrying significance for every american Community Large and Small. A year ago Cleveland police counted a staggering traffic toll for 1937 236 dead 4117 injured. The figure Flung out an unmistakable Challenge. So safety director Eliot Ness launched a sweeping program based on the Quot three eds Quot of a safety a enforcement engineering and education. He began by sending a hand picked police squad to school at the Northwestern University traffic Institute. Next he named a traffic Engineer whose sole duty was to determine what was wrong with the City s safety work where the real traffic danger spots were what could he done to Correct them. At the same time newspapers and radio began to focus attention on the problem. In a few weeks the first Cleveland Quot manslaughter squads were patrolling the City. But no Ordinary squads were these. Their cars carried two Way radios Cam w.ii-, i my a Quot sep a Jafek a a pm my a a i a a a Yaja we x a. In a Cleveland attacks its traffic problem with spectacular measures Point out the menace of the Jaywalker. Formally approved safety huh this dramatic Accident is faked to courses were launched in All Clveland schools safety lessons inserted in textbooks. Churches gave safety sermons. Cleveland clubs offered prizes for meritorious driving. Cleveland s four radio stations broadcast safety programs direct from the Street from court from police Headquarters. The three major newspapers waged a constant safety drive. Once the Community wide program got underway the City was a Forest of unique signs such As Quot too Are alive today and Quot Cleveland values your life a protect police stopped Jaywalker at eras typewriters University i me so called Quot danger trained men handed them a card listing the before Long negligent Drivers 1937 death toll frown this Ciula were learning that the Quot Man Slaughter squads were Able to use skid Marks to determine the Speed of an automobile that they were trained in records and in Weidem e. Yeti id present a fool proof to the judge. Drivers Learned too that police could co operate. On certain Days each week hundreds of Motorist were stopped at random so that their Breaks and lights could be tested. The Driver was Given his report and warned in Advance against Accident. Working with these squad was a he safety Engineer. Detailed report. Of the patrol squads showed that the majority of accidents took place at Ertain Corners on specific streets and mostly Between 4 p. In. And Midnight. So patrols St these Point and hours were increased physical obstructions to safety if any removed curbs rounded. Raised safety islands substituted for the old Post Type 24-Inch studded octagonal red lights used instead of the 12-Inch round plate Type. Tion. In Cleveland Public Square Hung a sign with a red Flag attached. The sign said that if you must Jay walk take the red Flag with you. In the downtown District recently Cleveland police mayor Harold h. Burton and families of several traffic victims held a memorial service dedicating a Monument to those killed in 1938. Not a Day passes without a new safety stunt the latest of which is a dramatically staged Accident. A Jaywalker Falls is if he were hit a woman screams a crowd pathos faces the Cle Velander Dally in graphic posters and traffic signs. This one is used on every taxicab in the City. Gathers the police ambulance the result of All this reduce roars to the scene. Then the potion of just about 5u per cent in lice take to the radio to preach Cleveland a traffic toll Over last safety. Year. Maxy agencies i of Ope stating Cleveland traffic toll showed an almost immediate decrease. Under stricter enforcement a 96 per cent record of conviction was achieved Over a period of several weeks. Motorists generally were showing a new traffic consciousness. But the real Public interest was drawn through the City s Broad educational program linking a tools. Church civic organizations and individuals. Gains made in Highway safety program in n. C. As impetus Given to plans for coining year safety director Lio cutt Quot says tremendous upsurge in interest of program i editor note safer driving and Saf r walking permitted 165 North carolinians to read this that would not have been Able to if 193s Hadnot been a better Highway safety year than 1937. Make North Carolina the safest state is the ambition. Read the Story in this new year message by Ronald hex tit director Highway safety division written for the associated press Raleigh n. Cd dec. 31.�? a it a a new a a the year 1938 has witnessed a tremendous upsurge of interest in the subject of Highway safety. His excellency Clyde r. Hoey governor of this great state set the Page for this encouraging interest in i inaugural address when he emphasized safety As being one of the most pressing problems facing the state. Again in March 1938, the governor further attested his interest when he issued a proclamation in behalf of safety. Added to these two utterances Are Many other Public addresses which the governor has made in giving evidence of his leadership in this vital Field. In his proclamation the governor called on a very Agency Aud every individual in the state to give of their time and interest in bringing about a reduction of i death and injury on North Caro a Lins streets and highways. And the you la be amazed at the Way that triple action Manitone cleaning restores the look and feel of newness. Manitone cleans so thoroughly because this patented process penetrates to the heart of the fabric and removes All types of soils. Send us a suit for Sani toning today. Sartin dry cleaning co. A i it hued master cleaners and dyers Quot new location phone Ino i response has been Gratifying. The i subject of safety is being Dis i cussed and publicized in the state a it never a been before. Newspaper space i being Given generously radio programs Are carrying the menage of safety to the i remotest parts of the state. Safety j councils forums driving classes speeches before clubs and other i organizations All of these have j combined to make our people aware that the subject of safety is one of immediate interest to every person in the state whether i he he walking or driving. Decrease in accidents the results of this Awakening interest have been evidenced by a decrease in accidents and hence in fatalities. It is heartening to know that for the first la months of 1938, 165 More people Are living than last year. This Means that 165 Heads of families women Young boys and girls and children have been saved from death on the highways. As Gratifying As this reduction May seem it is quite easy for us All to see that we must reduce our fatality and Accident figures a great Deal More before we shall Cut into the grim Harvest which death is reaping on our highways. So. With 193 8 now behind us let us look Forward to this year into which we Are just entering. Our aim must be to make the year 1939 Tho safest year Ever experienced in this state. The Highway safety division has alway pledged itself and All of the assistance which it can get to help realize the objective of a Broad and continuous safety program. Achieving safety is peculiarly a task for every person who drives and for every person who walks. The Golden Rule of Safe driving which is Quot drive As you would want another person to drive Quot must be translated into Good driving practices which will assure every Driver of a Safe journey whether it be two blocks within a City or 2.000 Miles across the country. Pir i Kim so we Are planning with you and for you this year the greatest j conce Tive Effort Ever made to achieve safety. To do this first let me urge All City and county official All ministerial groups All local clubs and All civic organizations to it up a permanent program on safety to be carried out throughout the year 1939. Secondly we Are going to stress a Broad program of education. The Public schools Are lending an increasing amount of support to this part of the program and it is to he hoped that great strides will be made during 1939 until we May look Forward to the Day when safety instruction will he a Normal part of a child training from the elementary school through College. For that great army of Drivers which will never again attend any formal educational institution efforts Are being made to provide driving schools which will assist poor Drivers to become Good Drivers and Good Driver to become better Drivers. We must make careful driving a part of the Good sportsmanship and part of the politeness of every Day living. Do this so intensively that the poor Driver the reckless and careless Driver is ill become so safety conscious that a Deairy to drive safely at All times will be uppermost in his mind. We urge the pedestrian to recognize and accept their responsibility for their own safety Iii traffic. Pedestrians often take for granted that they Are seen by motorists at night when the headlights of Tho automobile Are to a used on them and in this Way they walk confidently into the path of the motor vehicle unseen by the Driver until it is too late to avoid an Accident. The pedestrian should use every safety precaution possible to avoid being involved in an Accident and the Driver who operates at night should voluntarily lower his Speed in order to keep his sat stopping distance within a Range of Clear visibility. Demonstration As a further port of the educational Effort it is hoped during the year to Tarry into every Community Safe driving demonstrations and forums and other types of discussions. Some time ago in a speech. Commissioner of Revenue a. J. Maxwell alluded to a striking analogy Between the steady decrease and occurrence of preventable diseases and automobile accidents Llu stressed the fact that Only by patient study of the cases Aud patient attention to the effects w Ere such dread scourges As diphtheria tuberculosis and typhoid diseases banished As causes of deaths. He went on to say thai we must treat automobile accidents As diseases and we must study their causes and strive to eliminate them Jurt As strenuously As doctors have done with contagious diseases we Hope that the radio facilities by w Hose use we have so in a Rousky benefited will be used even More during the coining year and it is further hoped that our people will listen to these pro Grants As a serious Effort which is being made to help them. We Trust further use. Will be made of newspaper Aud it is hoped that they White goods prices Are Down but they re so Low they can to last. 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