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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 16b High Point Enterprise sunday february 27, 1972 mothers attitude most important dear Ann you re wrong again. How do you hold your Job i am infuriated by the Cavalier manner in which you state a a facts which Are not facts at All a just opinions. For example you said in a recent column a i am not against breast feeding. I support it. Recommend it and applaud it. The breast fed baby has a head Start both physically and emotionally. No one has proved although Many have tried that breastfed babies Are healthier or better grounded emotionally than bottle babies. In fact recent research at the University of Wisconsin proved that babies done to even need a Mother much less a breast. In an Experiment with monkeys they absented the Mother and put in her place a Broomstick with a mops head attached. The baby Monkey did t even know the difference. All he needed was something to hang onto. So lets not perpetuate that old wive s tale about mothers milk. The son i nursed is the most poorly adjusted of minibike program helps teens Channel energies by Pattie Sherwood Smith new York a minibike Are being used to Channel Young Peoples energies into constructive pursuits in a nationwide program aimed at the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Donation of 10,000 of the Small motor powered machines by a japanese manufacturer to the Young menus Christian association launched the plan then an american manufacturer contributed 10.000 helmets which Are required for safety in rid the program involves boys and girls la to 15 and. Though some girls do participate boys comprise by far the largest number of Young riders. A while the scope of this work is far More than a single i ounce of prevention the principle is there a a says Fred y. Hoshiyama project director appointed by the Myca National Board Here. A we were concerned about the Rise in juvenile crime and Felt we had to provide in Legal and educational ways the thrills and excitement which often Lead boys into he explains. A the project is already paving Rich dividends in character i real estate Bubble Marseilles France Wensi a Lucienne Carlotti 53, and a widow with ten Chil j Dren. Was convinced that she could be successful in the real estate business. The fact that shot had no real estate to sell did t Stop her. First she sold a building belonging to her father for $16 too but neglected to Tell him. Then she sold another building that did t belong to her and was paid $20,000. Finally she began accepting $2,000 deposits on a Villa that does t exist. Police finally arrested her at the j gambling Casino where she j had just lost All her gains. Though the procedure varies in different towns ordinarily the minibike clubs meet after school one to three afternoons a week. One fourth of the time is spent Riding in selected Safe places such As parking lots and the remainder is devoted to learning machine mechanics and to rap sessions with the Counselor. The minibike program began by Chance in 1969 when Keith Davis who had just graduated from George Williams College became program director of the Northeast Myca in los Angeles. His task was to attract More youngsters into the y. He discovered that the fact that he had a car nude him popular with the boys and Able to speak their language convinced that wheels were the key to reaching them he asked the american Branch of the japanese company for 15 minibike and obtained 15 free helmets also. The program snowballed from there. The u. S. Department of Justice through its Law a s s Istance administration has granted $422,073 to Aid the program. The Federal funds Are making possible t h e establishment of some 18 training workshops for leaders plus evaluation research. This research is being undertaken by the Public systems research Institute of the University of California. Today the Myca has District centers for its National youth program using minibike in Akron Atlanta Dallas and los Angeles. In addition it has already installed the project in some 30 is across the country and its goal is too by july 1972 and up to 500 in the following year. New shipment a polyester double knits a crepes Quot All the new r. Spring colors a a guards amp designs 8 8 cd. To cd. Remnants $199y<.�$29v new Spring designs and styles 100�o polyester whipped Creme variety of polyester amp Cotton blends 100�o polyester Amel jerseys Kettle doth Denim amp Many others at very Low prices. We Seu butterick patterns Archdale fabrics 4221 s. Main St. Pm. 431-5980 open everyday 9 30 to 5 30 later by appointment 71t Foo Fly Shipp ired celebrating our 5ih anniversary in High Point we Are delighted at this time to introduce our new manager and experienced traveler Nancy Dun for prompt professional attentive service in Domestic and International travel Call 885-2087. All airline tickets. Steamship tickets. Cruises amp Tours our three children. Sign me a no thanks for the Mam Mories dear Mammy one of the most emotionally charged Battles of the i a s t 25 years emerged from this Issue. To nurse or not to nurse that is the question. Whether tis nobler to get up at 4 00 . To provide Mother s milk or will a bottle do just As Well i consulted five paediatricians and received four different answers. Three physicians urged me to help destroy the myth that Mother s milk protects the baby against childhood diseases. They All agreed that it is not so much whether a Mother nurses her infant but hew she feels about it that counts of it s a labor of love the baby will reap Rich rewards. Of not forget it. Doctor number four asked me to toss in some additional advice which might be More than you want to know on the subject. He said a please Tell your women readers Ann that there is no truth to the old yarn that nursing mothers can t get pregnant. They can and they do. dear Ann can i get in on the Exchange Between you and the readers who were unhappy with your advice to a forgive and forget a please count me As one who believes that was the Best advice you Ever gave. It is sad How few people understand the True nature of forgiveness. To forgive does not mean that the transgressor goes free and unscathed. He often suffers More than if he had been made to do penance. Does there exist a single person among us who has never made a mistake we All know the warmth and gratitude that fills our hearts when we Are forgiven. To forgive is a Healing Balm not Only to the one who needs to be forgiven b u t to t h e person who does the forgiving. To keep a wound open and festering by holding a grudge or refusing to allow the wrongdoer to right himself is not Only punitive but self destructive. So Ann the one who forgives is being Good to himself As Well As generous to the person who needs to be forgiven. This philosophy runs through your column like a shimmering Golden thread. Thank Vou for it a a forgive and a for getter dear Friend thank you for a Beautiful letter. I have never believed in the biblical line a an Eye for an Eye and a tooth for a of everyone proc j tired this philosophy we would eventually have a world of Blind and toothless people. 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