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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina J weather r fair and cooler Moro data on Pogo 3a 88th year a no. 58 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning february 27, 1972 92 pages Call us circulation. 182-171? classified ads iis-2177 All other departments 115-2111 daily 10c, sunday 25cchopper shopper q. Where could i find a place that Sells government surplus items As i would like to buy an old army helicopter or parts off one for a project that i am working on. Is there no place locally in High Point or Thomasville where can i get a Catalon telling me where i could order such items thank you. Anon. A. You can write the defense surplus sales office naval Supply Center building Sda-224, South Annex. Norfolk Virginia 23511 and ask for a brochure a How to buy surplus surplus army property is sold on competitive bid sales conducted by their office. The Norfolk office serves North Carolina South Carolina and Virginia and is responsible for conducting the Sale of surplus property held by the military installations within this geographical area. A a Hrold mags for Sale q. Is Thara any place in High Point or surrounding area that buys magazines our Church group has been having paper drives and we have a terrific amount of magazines and we cannot find anyone in this area that buys them. Anon. A. Southern waste paper co. In Greensboro 503 e. Washington tells us that they Purchase magazines at the rate of 30 cents per one Hundred pounds. It is not necessary to Call in Advance of bringing them. They Are open monday through Friday from 8 to 5. The same 30 cents per cwt. Is paid by Piedmont paper Stock co., inc. 3909 Riverdale drive Greensboro. They reopen from 7 30 to 5 00 monday through q. It should be added in reference to the question about a n. Driver being charged with a traffic violation in another state that although Points May not be added to his n. License the department has the authority to suspend the License of an operator when he a has committed an offence in another state which if committed in this state would be grounds for suspension or state Highway off q. Is there a club or organization in High Point or Thomasville that would be for matters concerning twins if not and if anyone is interested please Contact me at my phone number 475-1573. Differences appear to be soluble Nixon trip offers Hope for future for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or Writa action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a von acknowledge every problem q. Right now there Ere quite e few fully trained men out of the armed forces who would like to get Back in. I be put my three years in and went to the army Recruiter and to said i could t get in. Tho Only previous service men that can Are the ones with a critical mos. My question is Why should the government draft a Man who probably does t oven want in to begin with when they already have a $50,000-trained Man who does want in but can t. There Are quite a few veterans who deserve the Chance. . A. According to the fact Sheet on a prior service enlistment policy a As a result of the rapid phase Down of the army now occurring the Active duty career Content of the army is sufficient to meet current requirements and recruiting efforts Are directed toward no prior service personnel needed to meet lower Grade enlisted requirements. Prior service enlistment objectives and ceilings Are established to provide the army with trained personnel who possess needed grades and skills not available from other sources. The army recruiters say they try to explain in detail to every Veteran who wishes to re enlist which military occupation specialities Are critical. Prior service men entitled to enlist under the provisions of current statutes will be included in the ceiling the fact Sheet states but will not be denied enlistment when the ceiling is reached. Personnel in these categories Are those who have been removed from the temporarily disabled retired list and desire to reenter the service and individuals who received a commission while serving on Active duty As an enlisted Man and were subsequently discharged and desire to reenter. There Are additional policies established in support of the prior service enlistment ceiling and if you do not qualify for enlistment under these criteria you May submit a request for exception to the policy. The evaluations of these requests Are based on the needs of the s of commitment q. Would you pleas print Tho lows on having Somoano committed that is an alcoholic and you can t got him to do anything for himself and what would you Havo to go through legally without hurting anyone thank you. Anon. A. Ben gamer of the Jamestown alcohol education Center 454-2794 suggests you get in touch with them first to talk it Over. If commitment is found to be the Only answer they can help you with that too. By William l. Ryan a special correspondent smiles and amiability flowed out of China last week like a flood on the yellow River. The tide threatened to drown policies built up Over a whole generation of hostility. It seems that the United states has upset policies constructed through four previous . Administrations. A new Era May indeed he at hand but the landscape is littered with uncertainties. As president Nixon Heads Home americans and others have a Chance to recover from the Glamour of it All and Ponder some provocative postulates. Americans have been handed a new Way to look at China after 22 years of hearing it described As one of their most fearsome enemies. There is now talk of a real if somewhat Distant possibility for full diplomatic relations and of imminent ties on other Levels. With All that what happens to the Keystone of . Asian policy americans for a Long time were told that a red China threat was the main reason for . Military involvement in Vietnam. Is a policy of military involvement developed Over 20 years now declared invalid0 few doubt that Premier Chou in Lai has resisted any Nixon attempt to discuss a chinese role in pacifying Vietnam and he hardly could have retreated in his condemnation of . Support for the nationalist regime of Chiang Kai Shek on Taiwan. But now the impression is that neither of these formidable looking issues needs to impede a process of .-chinese dialogue. The hint is that Lon term. Such issues Are in fact soluble. It seems inconceivable that the peking Summit won t have an important Impact both in Vietnam and Taiwan however. The fact that the ally of North Vietnam could have become so cozy for a week with the ally of South Vietnam is enough in itself to exert indirect pressure on both Hanoi and Saigon. Thus it May even have an effect on chances for ending the War. In the Case of Taiwan the picture of the president and chinese leaders pledging Mutual efforts for Normal relations can profoundly influence chinese nationalists to think in terms of their own approach someday to peking for a possible chinese solution. The . Move on the China front was in a Way revolutionary. And it met with what would appear to have been a revolutionary response in peking. But at the same time neither Nixon nor Chou could surrender on Basic principles. Americans will remember that Chou never suggested chinese approval of the . Government or system. All his toasts and pronouncements mentioned the a a american people a and communists see a big distinction. Similarly Nixon spoke of the a chinese people a never once implying any approval for the chinese system of government. Chou did not publicly show any inclination to Back away from China a championship of world revolution. Even while Nixon was on his Way to China peking s propaganda broadcasts were As vehement As Ever against the . even with the talk of fewer Walls Many Basic differences remain Between Washington and peking. Still both sides conceded much considering the background Chou found the Nixon move toward China he spoke publicly of a possibly of a a normalization of relations. He announced that Gates were opened. He let the chinese people in on the Story by permitting the chinese Media to publicize it amply. This was going a Long Way. On his part Nixon suggested that it was unnecessary for China and the United states to be enemies thus implying without specifically saying so that policy had been mistaken this was a bold approach All the More startling because an earlier Nixon was firm about a chinese threat. If the China week suggested a diplomacy conducted by Nixon As a one Man show it prob see Nixon Page 3a president spending a last Day in China chinese group in hang How watches As Nixon passes a wire photo a a a a a a 36 known dead West Virginia flood toll May reach As High As 90 Shanghai a president Nixon and Premier Chou in Lai having forged some areas of agreement in five Days of talks arrived Here sunday morning in Cloudy weather for the last Day in China a Strong wind was blowing and the temperature was in the Low 30s. They flew in a soviet built chinese Airliner from the Garden City of hang How to this la bled port City through which the president entered China last week for his historic visit. Us. And chinese flags fluttered Side by Side and huge signboards in English a White letters on a red background decorated the sides of the terminal building at Hung Chiao Airport. One of the signs which have been up for some time and were not erected especially for the presidential visit reads a the just struggles of the people of All countries support each in hang How Nixon added a word of caution on the extent of his Accord with Chou. A note that i said some areas of agreement he told newsmen after a tour of the City a picturesque West Lake a surrounding Park and a honeymoon Island. A joint communique on the results of the talks was to be issued in by late afternoon Shanghai time which is 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard. It was expected to be couched in general terms. The Nixon party and Chou in Lai were met at Shanghai Airport by chinese officials and went directly to the Shanghai exhibition Hall to View an Industrial show. President and mrs. Nixon Are to be lodged at Ching Kiang guest House in the former neighbourly thing to do Lincoln neb. Api next door neighbors in Lincoln staked out adjoining sections of a local Hospital s maternity Ward this week. The two couples became parents within 19 minutes of each other. Or. And mrs. Rick Lutz got a boy. Seth Andrew and their next door neighbors or. And mrs. Richard Bemey now have a daughter Christina Marie a be sure and invite us to the wedding a one of the delivering physicians told the couples Logan. W. A. A at least three dozen persons died saturday when water that had backed up behind a slate dump broke through and inundated Remote coals Camps in Logan county. Unconfirmed reports put the death toll As High As 90. Early saturday night authorities were still trying to reach the isolated area. Because Normal Access was blocked National guardsmen and state troopers were proceeding by foot Over a Mountain in an Effort to reach the Smau towns of Pardee and Lindale. Private helicopters did reach another Village Lorado and brought out 12 of the most seriously injured. Widespread flooding brought on by three Days of rain caused damage in numerous spots around Southern West Virginia. The deaths occurred when water of Elk lick a Small tributary of Buffalo Creek broke through a slate dump at a Coal mine at Lorado. Slate a waste product of Coal mining is often discarded in dumps near the Mouths of mines. The water cascaded Down a hollow destroying houses cars and Bridges reports from the area said. A a 20-foot Wall of water gushed out of there a said it. K. H. Ellis of the state police. In Charleston gov. Arch a. Moore or. Said he had received unconfirmed reports that up to 90 persons had perished a i am advised by an official of Amherst Coal co. That the town of Lorado May have been completely wiped out a Moore said after he made an unsuccessful attempt to Fly into the stricken area. Bad weather prevented planes from going into the area and flooding had blocked most roads into Logan county. Brig. Warren Fulton state disaster coordinator for the salvation army said his organization had received reports of 90 persons missing the governor s office said 400 refugees were being housed at three schools in the area. State police confirmed that 24 bodies had been recovered and taken to a temporary morgue at the Man elementary school 15 Miles Down Buffalo Creek from Lorado. Ellis said Bridges and roads in the area were out and that the Only Contact Between a police command Post at Man and the stricken area was by radio. Earlier in the Day the governor had declared All of Logan county a flood disaster area and said he would seek Federal Aid for flood victims. State Road officials said All roads leading to Logan county arid most roads leading into adjoining Mingo county were in accessible. A spokesman for the governor said state police reported a at least six major Bridges in the area were washed completely away. Roads Are in horrible efforts to reach the hardest hit area with bulldozers and other heavy equipment got Rescue Crews no closer than six Miles. Ellis said National guard helicopters had brought out at least 20 persons. A Miner who said he had walked five Miles out of the area told a newsman that there was a no More a woman was quoted As saying she saw houses a being slammed up against each the Small towns which were struck Are about 30 Miles Southeast of Logan in mountainous mining country. Inside heading Bonds for Power Page 1-d chauvinistic Homecoming a a Page 2-a undercover Nightmare Page 2-a editorial. Women a news. Sports. Television. Entertainment. Obituaries Page 16-1 classified pages 4161 French Concession during their 24 hours in Shanghai. It was through Shanghai that westerners made their first penetration of China centuries ago. The Nixon will attend a banquet and cultural show at the exhibition Hall sunday night. They will leave Shanghai at to a in monday 9 p m. Sunday est for Anchorage Alaska aboard the presidential Jet the spirit of �?~76. Mrs. Nixon was scheduled to visit the Shanghai municipal children s Palace sunday afternoon to see gymnastics table Tennis Ballet and a puppet and variety show performed by students. The communique was expected to Promise cultural and journalistic exchanges some expansion of Trade an easing of tourist restrictions and procedures for continuing contacts Between Washington and peking. Nixon told newsmen a the communique will speak for in announcing last summer that he would visit China the president said one of the purposes would be the normalizing of relations with peking. Word that Nixon and Chou had come to some form of agreement came first from Ronald l. Ziegler the White Houe press seer to Ary. He Sjuk a be of a a Basic Ziegler a announcement was made after Nixon Chou and mrs. Nixon had left peking for hang How a favorite vacation spot for chinese on an Inlet from the East China sea about 10 0 Miles Southwest of Shanghai later in hang How Nixon summoned newsmen accompanying him to a Lakeside Guesthouse and there mentioned a some areas of agreement with Chou. He declined to discuss the negotiations in any detail adding Quot if we had yielded to the pressure for hard news it would have jeopardized what we have accomplished and you of course will be the judge of what we have he said this policy of secrecy was a necessary part of a nurturing this new relationship with China. Nation agonies Over busing Washington a just wait said the Southern senator. Wait until the courts Start ordering school children bused in other parts of the country. Then something will be done about it. The prediction of sen. John Stennis d-miss., repeated often during those years when the courts concentrated on the South has come resoundingly True in 1972. President Nixon has promised a solution for this a National the various democrats trying to replace him in the White House Are scrambling for positions on busing. Congress is considering Laws against it and May even try to Amend the Constitution to prevent it. Busing has become the no. I Issue in the Florida primary now just two weeks away and there is every indication it will be a dominant Domestic Issue in this year s presidential election. The Rise of busing As a National political Issue can be traced to three court decisions the supreme courts ruling in a Charlotte n.c., Case last april upholding busing As a Means of de segregating the schools a Federal District court ruling last september that schools in Detroit were unconstitutionally segregated and a Federal District court ruling last month ordering a consolidation of the 70 per cent Black school system in Richmond va., with the 90 per cent White systems of its two suburban counties. Each decision sent its Shock Waves a Little further until now the tremors have been Felt by political leaders in every Section of the country. Most of All they have been Felt in the White House. President Nixon strongly indebted to Southern political leaders for both his nomination and election in 1968, has been performing a delicate balancing act on the busing Issue Ever since. He has spoken out repeatedly against busing threatened to fire any government who seeks More than the minimum busing required by Lawand at the same time proclaimed the Success of desegregation under his administration by pointing out that nearly All Southern school districts Are now legally desegregated. Nixon a repudiation of his administration s own desegregation plan for Austin Tex last August spotlighted both the precariousness of his Perch and the political Impact of busing with Texas 25 electoral votes considered crucial for Nixon s re election and overwhelming sentiment in the state against busing Nixon faced a dilemma. A Federal judge had approved a school desegregation plan for Austin that was clearly not in compliance with the supreme courts Charlotte decision. Texas republicans strongly urged Nixon not to Appeal the decision. Atty. Gen. John m. Mitchell said the government had no alternative but to Appeal in View of the Charlotte decision. Nixon s solution was to proceed with the Appeal while at the same time issuing a Strong anti using statement and disavowing a plan drawn up for Austin by the department of health education and welfare to comply with the Charlotte ruling. The result made no one Happy. By permitting the Appeal Nixon antagonized texans. By opposing busing and the hew plan he outraged civil rights advocates. And he gave George Wallace an opening. Whether by coincidence or not the Alabama governor chose that week to announce he would run for president again. Nixon he said a keeps saying he s against busing and our children just keep on getting Congress began feeling the heat of the busing Issue with the Start of the school year last september when a number of Northern and Western cities were faced with extensive bus see nation Page 3a

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