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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Informer for narcotic squad tells his Story of this whole Nightmare can serve. One kid by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer Many Community minded people would like to solve the problems of their City but often end up Only making a lot of noise while skirting around the problem without definite results. Not so with h. Don Stewart. He singled out a definite problem and took an Active and somewhat unusual step toward a solution not seeking or even hoping for a Complete Resolution but some measure of improvement. An advertising executive with the firm of Behrends Harwell and Henderson the 32-year-old Stewart decided to devote some of his spare time As a Volunteer on the High Point police Reserve. He has spent two of his three years in High Point As a reservist dividing his time Between his advertising Job. Personal life and other interests among them being work with Young people. Stewarts work with the police department especially the narcotics squad received notoriety about two weeks ago when he testified concerning his undercover work in the cases of eight defendants tried on marijuana charges in District court. When Stewart had completed his testimony for the state the defense took the anticipated route and attempted to impeach the character of the witness alleging that in the cases of the five Young women charged with Selling marijuana they had been entrapped by the undercover officer. Through questions the defense alleged that Stewart had be come emotionally involved with the Young women and by preying on their sympathy had lured them into the illegal act of Selling marijuana. The procedure was not a personal vendetta against Stewart but was the action of a skilled defender of his client doing what the ethics of his profession dictated. To decide which Side was right would be to undertake the Job of the court. Stewart said he had Many reasons for becoming a police reservist. A i have a different viewpoint about Law enforcement and its relationship to the individual explained Stewart. A a you see Law enforcement starts at Home and its everybody a Job when an officer in uniform makes an arrest that a not Law enforcement working. That s Law enforcement breaking Down. The officer is Patching a break in the dam he a trying to repair a fault in the system. He a called into action when the first Law enforcers the individual failed to do their according to Stewart an individuals own moral fiber and conscience is the first line of defense against crime. He said he decided to accept the Challenge of undercover work because it alarmed him when a Large segment of the population violated the Law in this instance specifically the drug Laws. Also he said he based his decision on the knowledge that there was no ready Supply of undercover officers and no funds set aside to hire them. Also probably passing through his mind was the thought of what Impact his being involved in undercover work might have on his Job and his personal life. Also what ideas might come to the Public mind when his every move As an undercover officer was scrutinized on the witness stand. In most cases an undercover Man is single and unknown in the area he is assigned. But in stewarts Case his assignment was his present Hometown where he and his family lives and work and where his friends and associates live. He said the assignment was discussed with and approved by his wife and his employers. In his undercover work he was to portray a a swinger Quot and try to work his Way into groups of suspected drug users and vendors. Stewart said it sometimes became hard to keep up the pretence of a swinger since being a physical fitness Buff he did not smoke or drink. To partially cover his non drinking he said he pretended to be an alcoholic and to put More emphasis on his need for drugs saying that marijuana helped keep him from drinking. He said his undercover work was the a a worst experience of my life a Stewart said a i worried myself sick Over the Young people i met. I developed insomnia headaches the whole bit. I jeopardized my a cover on at least one occasion trying to rehabilitate one however he added. A a if this whole Nightmare can serve As a deterrent for one kid i guess it was Worth he expressed the opinion that marijuana should not be legalized. He said however that it might be. Stewart said few people have thought about the consequences of legalization. A a for instance if marijuana is Legal what do you do about hashish0 hash is a derivative and to times stronger. Its also possible to chemically process marijuana isolating the hallucinogenic agent the. What a going to be done with that a he said that As a result of his undercover work he has lost some friends and some new friends have shown up. A to probably generally regarded As some kind of idealistic Freak and that May be right a said Stewart. A a my Job did no to suffer because i just recently got another As for the effectiveness of the Job he did for the police and Community there is no Way of measuring completely As yet. However police chief Laurie Pritchett said he commended Stewart for a Job Well done and for his Devotion to his Community. For the most part. Stewart is satisfied with the results of his undercover work. He said his greatest disappointment will come if other citizens fail to take up the Challenge As individuals and do not make a steadfast Effort to help combat the problems of the Community instead of passing the Buck by saying it s a police Job that a what they get paid for. President telephones Graham Vero Beach Fla. 1ap1 a president Nixon seeking some spiritual strength in his peace efforts in China telephoned evangelist Billy Graham from peking Friday night. Quot i suppose it was the first time the words a god and prayer had been used in a communication Between China and America in Many said Graham from his Motel hideaway near Cape Kennedy. The president made his intercontinental Call at i pm est just before he left peking for hang How a a or. Nixon said he was thinking about my wife Ruth and the fact that she was born and reared in Graham said. A the president often Calls me but to have him Call me from peking was unexpected it was a thrill i shall never Graham who is the Clergyman president Nixon most frequently Calls upon to preach for the services in the White House is in Florida preparing sermons for a Georgia prayer breakfast in Atlanta wednesday and three evangelistic crusades to be nationally televised soon from Charlotte. Nc., Birmingham ala., and Cleveland. Ohio. The High Point Enterprise sunday morning february 27. 1972. Page 2a this n that society pages full of traps there Are several things that a Man should have absolutely nothing to do with. The maternity Ward in a Hospital is one of them the society pages in a newspaper is another. A Guy can get in a lot of Trout e Reading the society pages. For one thing there is an awful lot about meetings and cake cuttings and card games in the society Section. A Man who does t know any better might get the wrong notion that women done to d o anything hut go to meetings cake cuttings and Bridge games. A Man who does no to know any better might also expound that theory out loud and run up a big Hospital Bill. Another thing there is a lot about in the society Section is marriage. It is definitely not recommended Reading for bachelors. All the stories Are one sided As Heck in favor of Matrimony. In keeping with the society editors general policy of favouring marriage brides gel a lot of space in the society Section. You see All types shapes and sizes of brides but one a. A f a thing. In be noticed they hive in common. They re All smiling Reading Hie some y pages ran also be disillusioning too for the male who is trying to raise his cout Ness level above that of an african in Bangi. I read one Little article on etiquette and had to give up Fried Chicken for life. Somebody Bigmouth wrote Iii asking if it is All right to eat Fried Chicken with your fingers. The etiquette expert said no pm Jedi at barbecues and places like that. I have a question for that smart Alec etiquette expert. If you re not supposed to eat Chicken with your fingers How come a1 the pieces have handles anyway she said its a1 right to break crackers into soup which ainu to nearly As South As eating Chicken with your fingers if you ask me one headline said a a new bras have a not that sounds like a lot of fun but there Isnit in Tough Good sexy stuff like that in the society pages to offset All the meetings cake cuttings and weddings Etc. It always has seemed a Hhd unfair to me that women have a whole Section of the newspaper to themselves i think men should have their own Section too we could Call it the unsocial Section or something and report such meaningful events As orgies list fights and poker games. Homecoming has an All male cast Northeast sets session Shakespeare production set at pc the Tower players of High Point College will present William Shakespeare so a a Midsummer night dream March 23-25 in memorial auditorium at 8 15 pm the production will be under the direction of Sandra Epperson. Who directed the Tower players fall production of Robert Messick of High Point is cast in the role of by Sandor. While Nancy Crocket of West Simsbury Conn. Will play the role of Hermia Wiley Garrett of Charlotte will play Siberon and Richard Moore of Camp Springs. My. Is cast As Bottom Kati Kropp of Gettysburg and Lacni Selvaggi of Allison Park pa., Are cast As puck who has a split personality. Helena will be played by Linda Nauman of Wilmington. De while titania will be played by Debby Stamper Ai Raleigh. Jaycee Steve Nixon Waits at Lyles Chevrolet saturday As registration was held for the annual soap Box Derby to be held Here later in the Spring. On display were awards and equipment for the speedsters. At 11 30 . Saturday the registration traffic was less than brisk but this does not mean the High Point s racing clan won t show up As the Start of the Derby draws nearer stiff photo by Art Richardson staff photo by Arf Richardson Vigil for peace in Vietnam is now in third year Here if i were a women a lib activist id carry a protest sign Over to the news Bureau of High Point College my Alma mater and protest. I might even Burn something in front of the alumni office. But since i m not a women a lib Type and like High Point College. In a just going to write my protest. Okay All you women graduates Ai High Point College did t it make you just a Little mad that the big Story last weekend about successful pc graduates sent out by the news Bureau featured about 80,000 men Well give or take a few and three that a one two three women also pictures of male graduates Only were plastered across the Page of the sunday Enterprise. Not even the girl who a making it sort of big As a Singer of country Western music was pictured. A so of of. I discussed this with my husband and got no satisfaction there he laughingly i think said a women just done to make it so i wish it weren t too late to file for the governor s race. I would just run Down to Raleigh and Shaw him that women do make it big. But Back to the pc graduates. How about the women graduates wh0 have become principals the Interior decorator those who have proven themselves outstanding in other Fields How about adding All the children of women hic graduates. At least and giving a Little credit for helping increase the population0 really in a helping the news Bureau out there by warning them of a potential uprising. I guess they know that women form caucuses now blast male chauvinists and stick is. Before their name because its nobody a business whether Rey re married or not. Anyway Here is a postscript for the alumnae office i around graduated from High Point College. I am of the female gender and i have two children in the years since i graduated from High Point College. I have cooked approximately 10,950 meals have washed four plates four sets of silverware. Glasses and numerous pots for each of those meals i ironed about a ton of clothing before Perma Prest clothes became so popular and i have kept the life and limb of two boys intact in spite of an age difference of three and a half years a temperament Span of several Light years and a plan of theirs to conquer each other before adulthood. Show me one of those male graduates who can match that record and i will see that he gets to the Centrefold in a leading women a lib Magazine. The Nort of ast Junior High school is extending the regu a session monday night to discuss the recent Board of education decision to Chase Leonard Street elementary school and to teach grades i through 6 at All elementary schools next year. A spokesman said that Board members Are being invited to attend the extended session which is expected to get underway about 9 . It could not be immediately determined whether school Board members Are going to accept the invitation. Parents from other schools also Are being invited to the session in the school auditorium. By Robert Marks Enterprise staff w iter ki2h� men and women stood along the Edge of the sidewalk at the main Street Entrance of a he High Point Post office lost thursday during the noon hour. Their presence marked the beginning of the third ver n High Point of the silent Vigil for peace in Vietnam. Since late february in Hemen and women Young people and children have stood during the noon hour each thursday and saturday in a silent plea for an end to the War in Southeast Asia. Their purpose is proclaim a by several placards. They will hand out leaflets to receptive raisers by. Otherwise Thev make no attempt to plead their Case with those who pass or Stop to stare. In the beginning there was some harassment of those who participated in the Vigil. This has ceased for the most part however although someone will Stop to comment he is in disagreement with the Vigil. A Many people appear surprised that we Are still conducting the said the Rev. Bill Jeffries a especially since the speech by president Nixon in january outlining his proposals for obviously however Jeffries and the others participating in the peace Vigil feel the War is a Long Way from coming to an end. One of the first leaflets participants passed out stated their determination to continue the Vigil As Long As americans a Are killing and being killed in the leaflet which was being ted out last week Calls attention to the air War in Southeast Asia and implies that rather than a winding Down the War the administration of president Nixon is shifting from a g found to an accelerated air War. The leaflet also contains a letter to president Nixon raising questions about his a peace the leaflet asks american citizens to a join us in the Effort to get Congress to Force a real withdrawal of troops military and economic Aid. Advisors and air and naval bombardment from Southeast Asia. Jeffries is peace education Secretary for the american friends service committees regional office in High Point. Participants in the Vigil Are Given suggestions on remaining Calm dignified and disciplined before any possible harassment. This composure was maintained even during one instance when a participant was struck in the face a what we Hope to Jeffries explained Quot is to raise Public awareness about the moral issues so that citizens will look into the facts and become actively engaged in working for peaceful the Vigil in High Point is one of several of Long duration in North Carolina. A Vigil at the Post office in Chapel Hill passed its fifth year in january. A Vigil in Greensboro will observe its fifth in july. Other vigils have been held in Greenville Raleigh Durham Charlotte Winston Salem and Fayetteville. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every Atter noon end sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point n c. 27261 member of the associated press rates by Mah in Yoble in Advance i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. 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