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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina May. February 26, 1010 the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Wogh Point. North la Colina Page seven he Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family toss wore j 0 i Buzz e proverb maker a Kwon i it american f colonial times Benjamin a. I was a or author Constellation. A stage. To. Torpid. Age. 160 Square ods pm. Try. Epochs. On music liveliness measure. O redact. Unaccented it Art of foot. Of revolve. Toms noes. Steaks attempt neuter it pronoun. Portuguese Lone. Answer to previous Puzzle 41 Onward. 42 unit. 43 Railroad. 45 therefore 46 Maple Shrub. 47 Long Inlet. 49 Horny plates 51 wastes Tim 53 kind of vinegar. 56 to temper. 57 he was a of a a a or Diplomat. 58 eminent 16 he was the of a stove pm. 17 baking dish. 19 since. 20 acts of becoming surety. 22 biology term. 23 sloths. 25 to embellish. 27 mister. 28 musical note. 29 he conducted experiments with a a. 31 climbing Shrub. 34 nominal value. 36 family. 37 defacing 42 group of eight. 44 jockey. 46 Large room. 48 wings. 50 Pussy. Vertical 2 hastened 3 surface measure. 4 to Tell. 5 Pound. 6 fury. 7 water wheels. 8 plural pronoun. 9 to exasperate 52 note in 10 sailors. Guido a scale. 11 orb. 54 like. 14 South 55 Ream. America. 56 form of a serial Story $15 a week by Louise Holmes copyright. 1940. Inca 8 Ervick inc Arrison in Hollywood Chard Greene a Rise to Fame Ore amazing than Taylor a by Paci. Harrison i Beard growth or even by his att in a a t of re he Ingeni a g Hollywood. Feb 26 not in decade of talkie except for Quick Rise of Robert Taylor any leading Nio Vieman zoomed a surprisingly a the Blue fled. Cleft chinned Richard Lone. Tei Eim Pupil i it Ltd h e him the or fifth among the male de Only by mugging Mickey Joey. The ubiquitous Tyro per and the Veteran Gable and he already a passed i More remarkable because it won with romantic juvenile it in comparatively few Pic a ,.id, in lug a it it it a la in of Fini Hgt it no role he de Flea Ier Rule fur a it i too Young and Loo Han being a foreigner och Irish. By a it of Mig did no to help hint a a fir. Her. It ire cite win Only to Lien he Cattie Here Early in in fur in Fie of in a f our men a a but that not my pit by Abed he i jotted. A live been 23 for in a i two itch it Quot Studlo it acting director always sought a mature virility in Ling men. And not too Doggone h Beauty. Hob Taylor suffered ii the a pretty boy Iii name. Greene a in danger of being a led \ Avile to was a ast Orch it tors and Browne orphan daughter if n Gambler alone in ail unfriendly City. Pai l a Yuent Stock room boy with ambition. Silvi it Lay Boi Rnka wealthy Playboy. Cd aka Brooks a dime store counter girl. In Lvi Tom pm re society Dehorn ate. A Kati rim us sees the to it it across the Alley writing a letter decide lie i the Quot lamely of tin and. Dated she goes to tile enter. Completes her Drees. She i thrilled with the Prospect of meeting Quot lamely on saturday. Chapter v the following morning Ann slopped at the Post office and a handed a letter. She went to a d re Aud Slit the envelope noting that the stationery was of Nice Quality that the handwriting although a hit stilted was masculine and honest looking. Lonely had written a my dear miss Smith yours of the third inst., received and contents noted. In reply will suggest that you name a meeting place. At said meeting you will please Wear a White Flower for Means of identification i will do the same. Respectfully yours k295.�?� Ann read the letter again her excitement a Little dashed. It was so lacking in the saving Grace of humor so utterly without personality. She crushed it in her bag and More disappointed than she would admit even to herself went no to the re making of hats. Ann experienced several reactionary moods that morning. The i first was indignation at herself for having been a poor fool the second an inclination to laugh at Quot yours of the third inst.,&Quot and the last a definite let Down of spirit. It was incredible that the Little episode had meant so much in her uneventful life. On the heels of disappointment came reason. After ail what had she expected what of anything. Was wrong with the dignified letter was t it proof that the writer was a gentleman Woald not a flippant answer have been offensive at noon she obtained stationery from the Matron in a department j store lounge and wrote a letter to k295. It a a Brief and to the Point As his had been dear k295�?� if satisfactory to you i will meet you in front of the Blashfield painting in the Foy-1 or of the Public Library at 7 on a saturday evening. I will Wear a White Gardenia. Sincerely Ann oddly enough. Ann Eye were blight with tears As she mailed the letter. She blinked the team a a or i d never have been Able to keep my head out of the Cloud. A coming Here at 19, of course i was excited but not exactly away trying to laugh at herself. She would have been comforted to know that she was neither the first nor the last to be driven to desperate measures by loneliness. She Only knew that she could not go on forever battling Youthful spirits dredging through the Days communing with herself through the empty evenings. Her pretty clothes demanded a Normal us. Her cramped Little soul cried out for companionship her thoughts longed to be Ann realised that answering a personal was not the Best Way to broaden her horizon but Blank Walls surrounded her on All sides. That lonely personal was a Shaft of Light through the Walls and she went toward the Light with a Mist of tears in her eyes. In saturday came face to face with on the Calendar at last. As there would not be time to return to her room after 5 of clock Ann dressed for the great event Early in the morning. The new frock was a Triumph. The skirt a Short and flaring the Little jacket tight and Well fitting the Pancake hat was vastly becoming the Scarf and gloves added a dashing touch. Arriving at the shop Ann turned this Way and that before mrs. Or Nglen a admiring eyes. Admiring Eye had followed her on the Al and in the Street. Her Bronze hair shone the soft curls Clung lovingly to her White neck. Rich color dyed her Cheeks her Mouth was poppy red. She walked and stood with the assured Confidence of looking her Best. Quot How do you like it mrs. Pringle a she asked shining eyed. or. Pringle Dull eyes were slightly envious a she regarded Anna slim hips and stylishly Broad shoulders her Flat Little Waistline and sweetly rounded breast. Quot Well i must say you did All right she said Quot you could give that Irene Temple chs and Spades and St la win by a length. Too bad you Ain t going to a cocktail party out on the North Ann. Who had not again mentioned newspaper personals to mrs. Pringle smiled radiantly. A i think ill see a show tonight a she ribbed a just to she busied herself with a shapeless mass of Felt and the pendulum of her emotions began to swing again. As the Day advanced it swung faster and faster. By the time mrs. Pringle hurried away shortly before closing time to do her sunday marketing. Ann was a prickly bundle of nerves and thwarted impulses. At 6. Half mad with indecision she trembling by smoothed cold Cream on her fare moved it with a Sweet smelling pad. And applied powder. Ile Cheeks tinned hotly the use of a lipstick would have been sacrilege. Ann took the Gardenia from a Glass where it had reposed since noon and pinned it to her Lapel. She adjusted the smart Little hat. Suddenly she was crying. A i can to do it a she sobbed furiously. Quot darn it All what s the matter with me i m a Coward. In be put on the Brake for of Long that i can to let removing the Gardenia she threw it on the work table angrily she snatched the hat from her head Quot i wont go a step a she muttered fiercely. A i absolutely refuse to make a fool of myself Pii drop the whole crazy business and forget it. For the rest of my life Iii just just twirl my her Chin wobbled and her voice Shook. Quot for fun and excitement. Ill look across the Alley at that Young Man. When i want to he really hilarious ill go to the Center and make a dress that no one will Ever she sat Down burying her head on a Bent Arm. Quot maybe when in Mold i won t Cate a she robbed. After a while Ann lifted her head and stared about the cluttered room. This and another room not quite so cluttered hut no More Beautiful were her life. She had no one not a single person of her own. All her ufos would be like this. Again she wept. Then out of emotional chaos she remembered that another person. The family doctor honest treatment is available to All who fear they have venereal disease i ii Amk in truck to a do most stars Are made by one or two big roles in important picture. Greene was t. Usually he has been dragged in to provide the secondary love interest in non romantic pictures such As i dazzled. I had a pretty Good no Ley and Livingstone. I he lift p Tina of what it was All about and Princess and Quot hound of the Bas the studio Hadnot thought much about Richard Greene. Except a a capable youngster who never squawked and then. Trucks full of fan mail began arriving. It appeared that practically All feminine fans Between the age of 12 and 2o had developed a new crush. He tot Iii fir co mar Hilling Only a few month ago with Urmia Joyce in Quot Here i Ani a i but not until Quot Little old new York a Jhm now timing released did Greene Ever have a big sub clan int role and a real Chance to act. I studio a surprised and pleased to discover that he really can act and it expects him to win a Mort Stih Manilal fait following. Somehow. Moll y Wood had thought of Greene As a he Cin Derella. Actually he came from a prominent theatrical family and had thorough training in England. Along with some screen and considerable stage experience. Quot and a by his husky build or heavy it Good thing i did a he said flapper Fanny by Sylvia by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia. Tin health Magazine the system of suppression of venereal disease in Sweden includes free medical care for All who report to a runic or a Hospital. There is police control Over both patients Aud physicians. Making it necessary to apply for medical care when the disease has been diagnosed and to continue such care until it has been Dev lated cured. There is severe punishment for knowingly transmitting the disease and for exposing a person to the risk of infection the physician directs the Battle against the disease and he uses police assistance in Case of ignorance or stubbornness. Formerly in Sweden treatment was compulsory Only for infected women but now it is compulsory also for infected men. Today in the United states with the fund that Are available there i no longer any excuse for anyone to fall to obtain a scientific diagnosis when venereal disease is suspected or to get adequate treatment. Doctors everywhere have been inspired to lie of help in this Campaign. Through the funds made available by the individual states and by the Federal government the costly drug can lie obtained when patients Are unable to pay the rusts themselves. In Moat Large cities dispensaries in private hospitals in Community hospitals and organizations net up by the government provide competent medical attention and necessary treatment. Thus we Are Well on the Way to Complete control of the venereal diseases. But on the fringe of the Battlefield stands an army of scavengers ghouls and harpies who wish to profit from the decaying fish of Lite diseased and dying. They Don t care whether the useless remedies they purvey give to just like herself so lonely that he had Flung his desperation to the four winds would wait in front of tile Blashfield painting at the Public Library Ann again applied a scented pad to her face. She put. On fresh powder. She pulled the Little hat to just the right Angle. Examining the Gardenia for signs of Bruise she firmly pinned it to her Lapel. She had decided upon a course. She d locate herself in the Reading room where she could View the Mash Leld painting without being seen when iv295 appeared she would be Able to make a snap judgment As to his possibilities. If necessary she could dispose of the Gardenia and thus obviate a difficult situation. The plan was not exactly fair it definitely put k295 at a disadvantage but it was a protective measure and Ann prepared to act upon it. With decision her naturally Gay spirits again Carne to the fore and she giggled Ai the thong that k295 might also be in hiding recon loitering. A it were. it he funny if they caught each other in the act of peering from behind door casings Ann ordered an egg salad Sandwich there a no tax on a Lucent Sandwich a in a drug store near the shop. She noticed the waitresses and the cashier. How much did they make were they too crimping and saving within the confines of a budget perhaps some of them lived with their families. Would $15 a week go farther or less far of you had a family that she in posed we Ould depend upon the earning Power of the family. The waitresses laughed and joked among themselves and Ann envied them. Friends. Did they appreciate what it meant to have friends she heard one girl Tell another that her boy Friend had been Given a raise $18. A week now the girl spoke proudly her eyes shone dividing her happiness made it seem More real More precious. Ann remembered something she had react grief can take care of itself but happiness Mutt he j shared she wanted to Tell the waitress that she was glad about the boy Friend raise. As she left the drug store she heard a he boy whistle. he said obviously referring to her. Quot i wish someone would Tell me where Dames find the swag to dress like fortified d by the obscure compliment Ann wandered slowly along i state Street to Randolph turn tug Here she went on to Wabash her Knees Shook a she went if Ito the Library. I to in continued uni e Ray s Corner Olden lords lacked comforts of today the other Day i brought up the question of whether it would have been pleasant to be a Noble during the Middle Ages in Europe. We spoke of the danger which came when a Castle was attacked. Those inside the Castle might he a starved in Case the enemy could not clamber Over the Walls or Batter Down the Gates. If there a peace for a Long time the Nobles and their families could enjoy life in some ways. They had plenty of food obtained from crops raised by the a a serfs on farms around the castles. The serfs were people whose duty it was to plow the land sow the seed and reap the Harvest a serf family had to stay in a certain Home year after year. The children had to live where their parents had lived. If a lord sold a piece of land. He sold the serfs along with the and. They were not exactly slaves hut in some ways they were not much better off than slaves. Feasting went on inside the Castle and there was dancing As Well. Games were popular and among the games was the one ailed chess. This game is still in favor at the present Day. A mighty lord however could not enjoy things which Ordinary people have today his Castle did not have Large windows to admit Light and fresh air. It was rather dark inside even in the daytime. At night the Nobles had to get along As Well As they could with candles and Oil lamps. Little did they dream that the Day would come when electric lights would glow in millions of Homes even in the dwellings of Quot Humble of you thought for a while. You probably would make a list of a Hundred things which we have hut which those Nobles knew nothing about As a Start for the list we May mention Ailway service automobiles air Jiining old picture of Soldier a tacking Castle during Middle Agee. Planes phonographs radios sewing machines Shower Baths safety razors cameras moving picture and telephones. During a certain period of the Middle Ages Between 1099 and 1 27 2�?crusades, or Quot War of the Cross a took place. Hundreds of thousands of knights Noble foot soldiers and pilgrims thronged toward Palestine hoping to take it away from the turks. Two of the crusades were partly successful but in the end there was Little gain of Power or rights in the holy land. Yet the crusades were of value to Europe. The crusaders Learned certain things about the world. They brought Back knowledge which proved useful to France England and other nations. For history or general interest Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the leaflet entitled a background of european War Send me a 3c Toped self addressed envelope in rare of this newspaper. I v i e Ray. Tomorrow a re i my. Mckenney on Bridge Buffalo Bill called his shots Wise Declarer times his play by we. K. Mckenney american in arc authority this minute by Howard of Brill i live w u cd you Are about to took St in the a plot seconds thai they hit your a Eye torn a new kind of reporting the so k a false feeling it Sec it j thl w by. They of a it not disturb themselves As to whether or not inefficient h eat meat w ill yield a Harvest of miscarriages abortion. Heart disease infected stomachs abscesses of internal Organ and insanity. They disregard the incurable cases of sterility and the broken jives and marriages which result from their charlatan ism. They live in their greed and by their avarice. Only by widespread warnings in newspapers magazines Iii achoo in Home and Over the radio can the credulous the ignorant and the trusting lie protected against such Quai Kery. The duty of such education rests with All of us. / How can i by Avn Smiley Quot Mac i Don t believe you re even trying Richard Greene. Is against All the rules. I had friends Here who helped me hang onto my perspective. In fact. In be privately got a lot More misgivings about my Job now than i had when i Ewe will soon marry Virginia Al eld he a admired and envied locally As a Young Man who has led his own life in spite of some gracious concessions to publicity romances and such. He s engaged to Virginia Field and probably marry within a few months although they have no actual plans beyond the firm determination to have a real wedding and Honey ooh. Greene live in a rented modest Little Hillside House and is planning to buy a Small Home on Fua in the Valley. He has a lot of Anteri an friends peaks in the american idiom and most of All want to own a cow ranch in Arizona. Q How can i remove the Small Black specks that sometimes appear on Silver a. These Black speck Are caused by the chemical action of Salt on the Silver and May Ive removed by any Cream Silver polish. If not eaten too deeply into the Metal. Q How i make use of leftover Baion rinds a. Use them for Flavouring various dishes such As Lima Beans and dried peas or for Flavouring soups. Q. How can i make the leaves of a rubber Plant Green and Glossy a. Try putting a Little Sweet Oil around the roots every few week. Lessons in English by w. I. Gordon look and learn words often misused do not say. A file said there was no say Quot he said there is no what exists permanently should be expressed by the present tense. Often mispronounced Kohinoor Diamond. Pronounce to i Noor. Q As in no. I As in it of As in look a cent first syllable. Often i spelled Adieu. Observe the leu. Synonyms forecast verb foresee foretell Prophesy. Word study a us a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today a word alacrity a cheerful readiness brisk Ness pronounce second a a in Lack. A the child Rose with alacrity and came take sixty seconds to read while you Are Reading these facts the 1 events they describe Are actually taking place what happens in one minute on Earth a world is in motion destiny unfolds itself Kia it heading International affair Angle it costs the United states of America $4.00 a minute to maintain living quarters for it foreign service and i7.no minute get paid out in salaries to the officers of that service Brazil is doing a tremendous business in tonics. Laxatives and blood purifiers Selling wort ii of them a Aeh minute. Finland has a big cigarette Industry now probably ruined by the invasion. The finn ordinarily manufacture More than 7000 cigarettes each minute of the Day and night. Influenza is Panama s most prevalent disease and its half million residents spend a Dollar a minute importing medicinal products. Along the California and Mexico boasts shark fishing and processing a very popular largely because Vitamin a comes from shark livers forty dollars Worth of shark a minute is caught and processed on these coasts. Americans carry More firearms than you a think. Taxes on arms shells and cartridges come to about $6.00 every sixty seconds a tremendous annual sum. Stop Reading. There Are Many Bridge stories that i am a bit sceptical about. And maybe i am a Little sceptical of the famous Story about William Quot Buffalo Bill Cody. As the Story goes Buffalo Bill had i such Confidence in his marksmanship with the six shooter a tat he made a bet of Hoog that a a q 6 he could shoot out All ten pips j Ion the to of Spades at 12 paces \ j 36 feet. X crowd gathered and the card was nailed to a tree. F j Buffalo Bill took his 12 paves and fired to times and one by j j one the ten spots on the card were punt lured. Where is the Vard Well the Story say that some Young Barnum quickly grabbed the ventilated ten spot and auctioned it off for $130 wee Buffalo Bill bad Confidence in Bis skill but the Declarer whom i saw play today a hand should not do any betting he won the second round of Spades then asked three Diamond. Next he played the ave and Queen of club hoping to find North with the club King which would give him in entry in Dummy with his Jack. But South of a k 9 6 2 v aq2 a Aeq a a q j to 5 vk108 a 10 5 2 a k 9 duplicate a. And w. Vul. South West North Faut i a double pass 2 4b pass 3 n. T. Pass pass opening�?4b 8. 26 Evns i it xxx Oil tile tit. I. Mid i asked i Good Spades. The Correct play was to win either the first second or third Spade trick Cash the three diamonds then Lead Back a Spade. South could Cash his Good Spades hut he will have Only four tricks and must then Lead away from either the club King or the heart King either of which gives the contract to West. Side glances by a Gordon i what is the most reproductive insect in the world 2. Who was the Well known chinese religious teacher of Antiquity. Founder of a religion which bears his name 3. Which state of the Union leads in the production of Rice 4. What is esperanto 5. What is the second largest City in South America \ a ebs 1. The termite tit White ant. Which lays a Many a 80,000 eggs in one Day. 2. Confucius. 3. Louisiana. 4 an artificial International language devised in iss 5. Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Modern etiquette department sales increase by Roberta Lee i in five Southern states q. When cutting the wedding cake is the Bride supposed to Cut the entire cake a. No. After Tho Bride Lins Cut the first piece each guest can Cut his own slice vim Friend eau be asked to do so or a maid can Cut it q. Should a Man As is his wife off a Street car or bus a. Certainly. A husband should show i wife even More Courtesy than to does to other women. Q is it All right for the Host to stand at die table while Valving a. Yes it he prefers to do so. Richmond va., feb. 26.�? a it a department store sales in the fifth Federal Reserve District bowed a 9.3 per cent increase during january Over the same month of 1939. Statistics of the Federal Reserve Bank Here showed today. Baltimore with a 16.2 per cent Rise led the list while Washington stores had a 7.3 per cent increase Richmond reported a 0.1 per cent let tease. The fifth Federal District includes Washington Maryland Virginia. Part of West Virginia. North cat Oliata and tout i Ca Olina. That will be All. Miss Brown. I want these gentlemen to give the next matter their undivided

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