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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 27, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Father in this afternoon and tonight. The High Point Enterprise vol. 56 no. 58 Mem be ii associated Presa High Point. \. Tuesday i ter noon february 27. 1910 Complete Nea service filial Poi 111 tile Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises Price five Cen is inns retreating Petsako sector azi blockade under foiled scuttling try London Eek. 27.�? up a be German freighter Wuh Ehe. 717 ions which attempted to in 1 he British blockade from go Spain to her Home port 1 reported to Lav to have captured by a British in slip who it ii foiled a scuttling i a a 11 it f the Wah Ehe was listed Asl it Lith Gommi vessel Cap i during die War and in Asch total captured tonnage ,20t�. In addition 28 tier Iii Hijos totalling 152.sim tons in i isl re As destroyed by seining or other causes. Six German ships were retried feb. 18 to have left i in attempts to run the blockade to Germany. Two Ive been captured and an her tile or a Iva was re it Ort last night to have sunk ter striking a Shoal near Mimer est Norway. British and Neutral shipping ors for tin Xvi re sliding Imlay night were reported by lit i la authorities As the Low of any week in the War. Or British ships of 17,778 and three neutrals of Ino tons were reported sunk. Ithe report was in contrast the the pre ions his Khi Ilch loses of five British and Neutral ships with total Punge of kit 077. Were ii a by test for one week. Submarine were blamed for Ijar one sinking last weak spared with 7 4.524 tons of previous week losses. Was announced today the Wittich Steamer clan Morrison. >36 tons had Bren sunk but h hit in the North sea. An Jet Indian Seaman was killed. A 15 injured men were land it an East coast port sundaes a mss is so addition this week Brit losses were Given As the Latsh endeavour. Royal Arch and Lynx h Maddy and Neu ils As the Tara and Petten the Netherlands and san of Sweden. Three Shtir a sunk the pre ius week also were named Stenstad of Norway Ben if of the Netherlands and of Denmark average weekly loss of Brit and Neutral shipping since War began sept 3 was ired at i s ship of 41 too is. 0 nazi ships Ink in Arctic Tench i warships also sported in nil Roll firn Tea forming blockade Efu. Eve. Norway feb. 2 7 reports received Here from Northern most tip of Norway of Grinsh elem ii warships a inking two German vessels the Arctic coast of Finland. He reports from Var Doe of in Northwest of Finland pit 0 fjord said the ships had 1 Mink in the pet Samo Vicin but did not say whether they warships or merchantmen. Gave no details of tie action Tunny weather kit fishing is from Docking today at Var with details of the encounter Lermen who came into port Day with reports of the said a considerable number a vessels mostly British a cruising Iii Nom by w at ii ships in Hwd resettle in Tim Arctic of a ish naval Squadron of Undt tined such the a week. Press reports said Ich warships also were on a apparently in a move to Kade shipping from soviet Sia to Germany. He pet Samo District Shore now i hands of the invading Kus army t this Point the coasts of rus and Norway Are Only a few 1 apart. The newly report of sinking ired in norwegian Waters Way might be confronted by her neutrality threatening similar to the Ait Mark Indiver a British naval hoarding j y removed 2 if of British seamen i continued on Page i w of a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a two nazi bombers felled Paris raided Gentian planes Fly Over both Allied capitals six persons struck by anti aircraft shells in France London Fob. 27. Map a the air ministry announced today that two raiding German planes had been shot Down off Britain a coasts As the German air Force apparently resumed its wide spreading coastal raiding. One of the raiders a Hein Kel bomber was downed by a patrol of the Royal air Force fighter command off the Mouth of the Firth of Forth shortly before i p. 7 a. M., e. S. To that waterway leading to City of Edinburgh and the Rosyth naval base has been a frequent target for German raids. First raid alarm of year in Paris Paris. Feb. 27.�? up a six parisian were wounded by an anti aircraft Shell that a fired last night to German planes scouting the environs of Paris for massed squadrons that flew Over the capital area Early today. The air raid incident most serious of its kind since three persons were wounded Here nov 13 sent one of the victims. 39-year-old Leon manacle to a Hospital for an amputation of his right leg when the massed Nail planes followed the Acosta later today it prompted the drat air raid alarm of the year. The alarm lasted from 4 31 a in. 10 31 p. In. Monday est 1 to 5 28 a. In. Size revealed Only after Quot All Clear a had been signalled was the size of the German Force disclosed by observers. Hitherto. Germany a Aerial incursions have been on a Small scale with Only a few of the recon loitering planes reaching this far into France. The coming of the massed squadrons was heralded last evening by two isolated planes. Anti aircraft batteries splotches the sky with their fire while search Litls roamed in search of the intruders. No alarm was sounded at that time. Officials snid it was unnecessary. But sirens sounded continued on Page two Welles will talk with ambassadors Rome. Feb. 28. Up a Sumner Welles. President Roosevelt s special investigator in Europe today began a series of talks with ambassadors of belligerent Powers by conferring for half an hour at the United states embassy with sir Percy Loraine. Britain s envoy to Italy the talk preceded a luncheon at which Welles was to meet both sir Percy and Andre Francois. French ambassador at the residence of William Phillips United states ambassador. la v 1 1 \ a \ it it \ m boys to in to permanent Waves a no Ono seems to know How it All started. But at least half a dozen High school boys in Tampa fla., have taken to permanent Waves Henna rinses and lots of other trappings in Milady a Beauty parlor. These Young huskies who Tell the photographer their names seem to he enjoying getting their permanents. Phil Peters principal of the school attended by the boys said a it seems sort of silly but i Hope they never do anything worse Quot two British ships crippled by nazis Churchill reveals two of Navy a biggest battleships damaged during Early part of War five new vessels to join Fleet by Edwin Sto t London feb. 27. Map a two Britain a largest battleships the 31,000-ton Barham and the flagship Nelson 33,950 tons Are under repair in naval Yards after being damaged by enemy action Winston Churchill disclosed in the House of commons today. 1 �?111 1 a the first lord of the admiralty announced also that five new Bat tie hip would join the Fleet soon i and predicted an intensification colombian air crash kills 11 american family aboard liner w Inch i All soon after take off Bucar a m Anga Colombia. Feb. 2 7. Map eleven persons were reported killed today when a by motor passenger plane of the Stadta line crashed near this northeastern Colombia town. The plane piloted by Captain Alberto Fernandez Veteran of half a million Kilometres <310,-000 Miles at the controls fell shortly after taking off from Bucaramanga for Cucuta. American family \bmb1 in reported among the victims were a United states citizen. Continued on Baga two to break a hold e Barham Apter Al her cd by a the i hit and mag of German Effort i British sea Tiam Churchill said 1 by a torpedo in the Nelson Dania noetic mine in december soon would he ready to rejoin the Fleet. Hei ret Ell kept the secret of their crippling had been Well kept he said and was i Learned by the germans Only after it had no importance. In a detailed statement to commons the first lord announced 1 that the British Navy Yard Hadj not had the use of sea a flow the great naval base North of Scotland since the battleship Royal Oak was sunk there by a German i submarine oct. 13 with a loss of Kio lives. Churchill said that Germany j lost at least 35 submarines during j the first four months of the War. in tile last two Days he said. probably three a boats have been sunk. Continued on Page two Taylor delivers message of peace from president Roosevelt to Pope Rbert Marshall e Russell Elope a is a Angeles eel. 27. A i i it i ii it Belt Marshall Ami ice soil screen actress left in Wood last night for i As As sn., to in married. Lie newspaper earlier had hied them married hut a re failed to confirm this. Ii has been married once. To Hest i first wife. Died Marshall Here eel. 7 Ami the Miro Dav married Helot sat Wolff. Miss Hest red Marshall had deserted in i bit i after their mar 1 in Jersey City n. J., Moi. 1928, Pont Iff addressed a a my old and Good Friend by f. I. R. Vatican City. Feb. 2 7.�? up a Myron c. Taylor special envoy from president Roosevelt today handed Pope Pius Xii a letter expressing the presidents Hope for Quot reestablishment of a More permanent peace on the foundations of Freedom and Assurance of the life and integrity of ail nations under the letter presented Taylor to the american president s Quot old and Good Friend a who As Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli visited him in the United states in 1936. The president told the Pope he hoped Quot the common ideals of religion and humanity itself can have a United expression for the reestablishment of a More permanent letter Kellaher the Vatican released the presidents letter to the Pope together with one from or. Roosevelt to Taylor naming him his special ambassador to the Pope. Both messages spoke of Taylor s Job As to serve As Quot a Channel of communications Between tile president and the head of the roman Catholic Church. The president told the Pope he was sending Taylor Quot in order that our parallel endeavours for peace and the alleviation of suffering might be assisted a the letter spoke of Taylor a Quot humanitarian efforts in behalf of those whom political disruption has rendered homeless a referring to his work As chief of the intergovernmental committee for refugee Relief. Letter s text the text of or. Roosevelt s letter was Quot your holiness. Quot in my letter dec. 23. 1939, i had the Honor to suggest that it would give me great satisfaction to Send to you my own representative in order that our parallel endeavours for peace Aud the alienation of suffering might be assisted. Quot your holiness a Good i enough to reply that the Choice of i or Myron c. Taylor As my representative was acceptable and that you would receive him. Quot i Ain entrusting this special message to or. Taylor who is a very old Friend of mine and in whom i repose the utmost Confidence. His humanitarian efforts in behalf of those whom political disruption has rendered homeless Are Well known to your holiness. In interest of peace Quot i shall be Happy to feel that he May be a Channel of communications for any views you and i May wish to exciting in the interest of Concord among people of the world. Quot i am asking or. Taylor to convey my cordial greetings to you my old and Good Friend and my sincere Hope that the common ideals of religion and humanity itself can have a United expression for the reestablishment of a More permanent peace on the foundation of Freedom Aud Assurance of the life and integrity of All nations under god Quot cordially your Friend Quot Franklin d. finnish loan Bill expected to pass today rep. Fish objects to Export import capital increase Washington feb. 27. Map a although favouring a $20,, xxx loan to Finland rep. Fish Rny objected in the House today to providing a $100,000,000 increase increase in Export import Bank capital in order to make it possible. Ile argued that the $80,000,000 difference Between the increase and the proposed finnish loan would permit the Bank to lend to nations other than Finland and thus give it a voice in foreign policy despite its position As a Quot Shord Nate Agency of the government. M not sure a he told the Hora Quot that the american people want Congress to surrender its Powers and Delegate to a subordinate Agency the authority to make indiscriminate Loans to foreign governments and possibly involve us in passage predicted a administration leaders predicted a Bill to give the Bank the i 1100,000,000 increase a already approved by the Senate a would win House passage by the end of i today s session. Jesse Jones Federal loan and i min Strator has strongly indicated the loan would go through. It would raise to $30,000,000 the amount borrowed by Finland from the Bank a $10,000,000 credit having been extended previously. Fish said he would prefer to i vote directly on the question of a j finnish loan but since the parliamentary situation would not j permit that he planned to propose an amendment to the Export import Bank Hill requiring specifically that $20,000,000 be loaned the finns. His argument he said was not intended to reflect upon Jones. Quot in my he added Quot he s j the Hest Man in the democratic party for president of the United rep. Sahatd ill contended. On the other hand that the Bank measure should not be known As a finnish Bill but As Quot a Bill to extend our Commerce All Over the world a it would Quot tremendously Aid manufacturers who desire to extend their he said Senate recesses the Senate was in recess while its finance committee took testimony from Secretary Wallace on the administration s reciprocal Trade program which the House approved last week. T Wallace said the program would provide a Quot valuable foundation bib Iii finns yield finns have a know = = Ledger they have sup e e rendered the strategic = 5 Koivisto islands i to e = the russians. Lying off = e the town of Koivisto the e a islands Are armed with s = coastal batteries Anchor a i ing the Western end of e e the Mannerheim line. I = further Inland the rus be e sians have driven for = = Ward to Kaisalahti 2e e Only seven and a half = e Miles from Vii Puri. Fall Back before All Day assaults islands under fire russians attempting to encircle port City of Vii Puri have open path through conquered Koivisto Helsinki feb. 27. Map a the finnish High command today announced russian attacks from the Arctic to the Gulf of Finland and acknowledged that finnish forces had withdrawn to new defensive positions after an All Day 51 russian assault in the Arctic Region of Petsako. A in the North the finns said they withdrew French Complete Trade treaty with Rumania Balkan state will get supplies of War in Exchange for Balkan Oil exports Bucharest feb. 27. Map a three secret agree ments whereby France will Supply Rumania with Large quantities of warplanes machine guns and other armaments were his Row Imand reported today. I communique. To new positions at naut on the norwegian Border 65 Miles South of Petsako. In the South the daily army i communique reported the russians were driving across the Bay of Vii Puri attacking islands in the southwestern Par of the Bay naval key to Vii Puri after having i occupied the strategic fortifications on the islands of Koivisto. Immediate goal the communique indicated that the russians were aiming at some a Ort of encirclement of Vii Puri once Finland a third largest City now deserted and the immediate i goal of the great russian Quot Nehru Jary offensive Quot on the isthmus of Karelia. It Wras assumed that the russians no longer Are blocked by Koivisto heavy guns which anchored the Western end of the Mannerheim line and that they Are preparing to swing wide to the West. Perhaps attempting to Cross the ice on the Bay of Vii Puri in order to effect a pincer move against Vii Puri itself. The communique indicated also that the finnish air Force now is in a position to conduct Long Range bombing flights As Well As to engage activity. It was stated that an enemy air base Quot far behind the enemy lines Quot was among the objectives bombed. Dispatches to Copenhagen and Stockholm newspapers today said that the finns were removing noncombatants from Sakk Jarvi near the Northern Shore of the Bay of Vii Puri opposite Koivisto. In anticipation of a russian attack across the Bay to encircle Vii Puri eight desperately the russians continued attacks on the isthmus in their drive a a a Vii Puri against desperately fighting finnish forces at Somme. Naykki Jarvi. Lake Pero Joki. Ayra i Paa Jarvi and Saime Kaita the in its daily continued on Page Ltd two papers issued for Pelleya a extradition a Ion wet a. A re governor Hoey sent requisition papers to the District of Columbia today asking for the surrender of William Dudley Pelley to Buncombe county officers. The papers said Pelley was in custody in Washington and that a hearing on his objection to extradition would be held March 12. Surrender to Buncombe county authorities was asked on a Quot charge of judgment on conviction for felony and imposition of suspended Pelley convicted of Selling securities in violation of state statutes was Given a one to two year prison term suspended for five years. On a charge of false pretence in connection with Sale of securities judgment was suspended for five years. Violated sentence the requisition said Pelley had violated the terms of the suspended sentence in several ways including Quot contempt of court a a conduct inducing Aud eco raging the use of Force against the constituted authorities in the United states acts and conduct constituting in american activities and propaganda and accepting pay and doing other acts and things constituting him an agent of foreign government and foreign an order for Pelleya a arrest was issued in Buncombe october 12, 1939, but he was not located until he appeared before the Dies congressional committee in Washington this month. Fuehrer won t propose peace of Porta say nazi chief u ill make stiff demands in talk with Welles Berlin feb. 27. Map a informed German circles expressed the belief today that Adolf Hitler would Tell Sumner Welles in no Uncertain terms that the Reich demands Hegemony on the european continent and return of her world War lost colonies. The fuehrer. It was generally believed would propose no Pear plan to president Roosevelt a envoy who is on a fact finding Tom of european capitals. From the insistence of recently inspired press articles that non belligerents maintain Complete neutrality rather than Mere official neutrality the opinion a advanced that Hitler and the american under Secretary of state would discuss the preservation of Quot Complete neutrality by the United starts. The View was expressed in a formed quarters that Germany would in test upon such Quot More e neutrality a before there come be any improvement in re lotions Between the Reich sad United Stales. In november 1938. The ambassadors of both nations were Ca 11-e. Home presumably to report on conditions arising from the intensified nazi anti jewish Campaign of that time. Subsequently Hugh r. Wilson the Amel lean ambassador. Re signed his Post and took up special duties with the state department. There has been no a Nodi eation that a successor would be appointed labor advisor called onto Charlotte Cha strike Charlotte. Feb. 27.�? up _ Leon d. Wofford of Washington i it. C., labor advisor of Region in of the it. S. Housing authority arrived Here today to offer his assistance in mediating a strike called by the building trades Council for a closed shop at the Fairview Homes negro slum clearance project of the Charlotte housing authority. Fifteen of the 139 men employed left their work Jester Day. A signing of the contracts was i reported unofficially As a Ruma a plan finance commission return j i de from Paris. Britain it also was Learned already has flown 6b spitfire j Pursuit ships and Bristol Bien a Helm bombers to this country. Wont favor reigh the French and British action i w As described As following upon j receipt of assurances from Rumania that Germany would not he favored in exports of rumanian Oil. This produced some uneasiness Here As to Germany a future action toward Rumania particularly in View of the expected arrival of a German economist this week to seek More Oil. Meanwhile italian negotiators began conferences which observers believed might develop into a Ratikan economic contest with Ger Many. Launching of discussions with the italian Trade Mission Here caused widespread speculation in foreign diplomatic quarters As to Italy a motives in seeking an increased share of rumanian exports at the moment when either continued on i age two it these positions Are in the Mannerheim line Southeast and East of Vii Puri and have been mentioned in previous finnish communiques As scenes of fierce combat. Continued from Page one Purchase of u. S. Tobacco denied London feb. 27.�? up a sir Andrew Rae Duncan president of the Board of Trade told the House of commons today that there had been no resumption of american tobacco purchases by Britain. The government he said in reply to a question had not agreed to any such resumption because Britain was still buying from her non belligerent Alley. Turkey. I it ast week. London Trade circles reported that due to increased consumption the government might have to re enter the american Leaf Market which it abandoned shortly after the outbreak of the War to preserve foreign Exchange. Separatists thwarted by yugoslavian police Zagreb Yugoslavia feb. 2 7. Apr secret police arrested 30 croat separatist leaders today and charged them with plotting to break up Yugoslavia. The men were accused specifically of inciting riots and planting bombs which exploded in Many parts of the City. They were identified by police As followers of or. Anton Pavelich head of the Stachi croat secret extremist organization blamed for the assassination of King Alexander at Marseille in october 1934. Pavlu ii h henchmen two of the arrested men were identified As or. Milan Dumiak and or. Stephan due reported lieutenants of Pavelich. Who is living in Italy. The arrested aus Are opponents of the croatian peasant party Leader or. Vladimir Macek. They have i j tacked Macek for working in agreement with the serbs and have insisted Croatia must be completely Independent. Buc Lias declared publicly the croats Are not slavs like the serbs but Are of gothic origin and therefore should accept German National socialism. The bomb explosions occurred 1he evening of feb. 24 while the italian minister Giuseppe Bottai was in Zagreb. The bombs were planted in Public Telephone Booths hut no one was injured. Tried by proxy Pavelich has been living in Italy since a French court convicted him of complicity in the assassination of King Alexander. He never was arrested but was tried by proxy. The Kings assassination came shortly after he had disembarked front a liner on a Goodwill journey to France. The killer fired a number of shots into the King s Carriage the French foreign minister Louis Barthou Riding with the King also wag killed

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