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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1940, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Linear. February 2.s. To tothe High Point enter prise pied Mon t Center of a amp utry Kygh Point North Carolina Quot Page five Sec i rights of worship ohm Wesley stand old Randolph Hurch finally gets electricity by h \ Kiu i tif a i kor Asheboro. Feb. 2 4.�?today will go Down As another has Ric event in the history of John Wesley stand which is a Church rated seven Miles Northwest of Asheboro. Tho history of Tho urch will find written on the records on that Date electric gets were turned on for the first time with fitting ceremonies. Rev. J. Frank Burkhead Whit 19 ? that he flu t?1a d fat not now 79 years old. Is the pastor the Church and made the plans r the Celebration. Not Only has made the plans hut he is John Elev stand having founded the urch. His account of the hair of this Church and Little Gigious settlement is of More an Ordinary interest. It was in ill Eai. 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In sch i bad Oas i, h such a Small item As flickering Pine torches did not daunt this group for the next year brought soul Gas lights. These were not satisfactory said the minister and were loaned anyway to a congregation that did not return them. They then purchased six hanging kerosene lamps which served until 1921, when they secured a used Delco system of lighting. This. Also was not satisfactory and. In the terms of the minister whose sense of humor is probably one of tile Basic reasons for the Success of this Rural Church Community the lights flickered my flopped so during she Sermon specially priced at efrids smart new Spring dresses s3 95 these Beautiful new prints Nee Spring itself. Ami of course the Navy Ami Blacks Are uti usually go Oil this year. retail of these dresses is Ebran i or. 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Only 48c amp 97c select your easter outfit now use our Lay away plan la Hill Point they nearly scared the preacher to death. So. It came about that in de Cember 1 938. When the Rural elec t i fica lion program was spread to that Section or near there or Burkhead paid the service Man the $5 fee to carry the Una Over to the Church. But the beginning was not As easy As it looked for there were not sufficient houses to be the required amount. Then or. Burkhead paid another 5 when the line stopped within mile of the Hureh and had the parsonage wired. This was not quite adequate either and Arthur Ross of Asheboro who owned place nearby wired his farm House this brought the wire and adequate number of consumer to the Church Tabernacle Well and grounds no that the spiritual Light of Rev. Or. Burkhead and Bis group will he supplemented by real electric lights from february 24, 1940. On through remaining Church history at John Wesley stand. Hisiu Hup a org Roi no the first minutes of the Church at this place were in february 1843, and ended in 1858. The Roll of thi Early Church of the methodist denomination included such name As Elizabeth Redding an ancestor of Vvs. Frank Redding Mill owner of Asheboro Burrell Wood an Uncle of the pastor also an Uncle of the late w. Penn Wood a to the auditor whose two daughters reside in Asheboro a i. Burkhead. Father of the minister his wife Martha Harris Bulkhead and their daughter. Mary Jane. Many other Well known names appear on the old Roll along with interesting notes of the Early struggles of the Church Rev. W. H. Bobbitt Grandfather of judge Hoh Bitt of Charlotte was among the Early preacher of this Church. It is Rev or. Bulkhead s theory that John Wesley on his return missionary trip from Charleston s. Cd to Philadelphia travelling along the old Indian Trail slopped there for rest and. Finding a group of Deer Hunters encamped at Quot the stand Quot a term used for sighting Deer and other game slopped to preach there. treas res among the interesting treasure collected by or. Burkhead that relate to the Early Day of the Church Are several old Hooka one a discipline of the methodist protestant Church said to be the first of that Church to be published. The Book la dated 1 843 and was owned by William Laughlin. As interesting As the discipline itself Are the notes made on the Flyleaf by the Rev. Or. I Laughlin the notes penned in India Ink. Stated Quot big Snow the 14th Day of april 1 849, and Frost the 15th Day. Big Snow the 22nd. Of March 1864, such a one As never fell be fore Quot the note were signed. William i aug Blin. Interesting among the Burkhead relics Are some old Saddle bags donated to or. Burkhead by the her. Howard p. Powell for Mer pastor of the first methodist Church of Asheboro now pastor j of Charlotte s Dilworth Church j the Saddle hags were the property i of an old Baptist minister used in his work among the mountains of Tennessee during his 13 years pastorate in the Tennessee Moon j gains he baptized Over 1,300 persons. According to the Rev. Or. Powell who met the minister in person and assisted him in conducting a funeral in North Georgia in 1 929 or 1930. The minister a typical circuit rider told or. Powell that he did not know his Abc a until after he was married learning from Hia wife. Another treasure that touches the history of this John Wesley stand is an old pulpit in the to session of or. J. W. Taylor formerly of Asheboro methodist protestant Church now District superintendent under the United methodism and located at High Point. This pulpit was reputed to have been used by John Wesley a he went about Over the country preaching under Brush arbours and i at Quot stands Quot and such places As he could find for Hia missionary i work. Know n As Quot Imok Frank so much for Quot i Uncle As the Rev. Or. Burkhead is Affer innately known to Many of his friends and relates in Randolph a a Man of courage Ami staunch convictions who has established a lasting memorial to himself and the god lie selves not Only is John Wesley stand a memorial hut at present a Lively Church Community and living interest for Rev. Or. Burkhead and the people of the Community. For 79 ii just a Good age to really work and he walks from his Asheboro Hoiu to Church a round trip of 14 Miles on sundays. Seek Grid ouster Hail w hich i Hare reserved against the time of trouble against the Day of Battle and War Quot Job 38 22-23. It in not the Power nor the might nor the equipment of the finnish army that has turned the tide of Battle against Superior numbers. The psalmist declares a fire and Hail Snow and Vapours storm and wind fulfil his psalms 148 8. The russians have been stopped until now from gaining victories that under Ordinary weather conditions would have been a foregone conclusion. Russia is destined to play an important part in the conflict in the near future. Her great move will come when she launches her hordes South and begins the March to Cut the British Empire in two through an invasion of Palestine. Watch Italy this nation is to make sudden moves As a result of russians activity and a Cavan of disturbing events in the East. Daniel declares she will make a sudden Swift mom that will result in destruction of Many. Egypt and Palestine Are in the line of her coming March. Will she move in 1940? time will answer. Last december the announcement was made from route that Pope Pius cancelled All general audiences on the advice of his physician. Vatican sources said that the pontiff was suffering from Shock induced by the worries Oer world unrest. This year 1940 will not bring Relief to the pontiff but rather intensify his present grief and sorrow. The voice of the Vatican is not As potent As it was before its tacit approval of the rape of Ethiopia a another event on occurrence that is not Over yet. Let us not be deluded by false Hopes. There will he no peace until the coming of the Prince of peace. Jesus never taught disarmament a a Means of peace but since the outbreak of War ail rather peace through re Genera real difference Between the Gar lion. In his reference to defense Ner and Roosevelt democrats and i he said Quot when a Strong Man the democratic and Republican armed keep eth i Palace i parties Are disappearing. The goods Are in peace Quot Luke 11 21. Economic royalists Quot once again j regarding aggression he Deolar have a free hand in Washington. A Quot All they that take the sword sharecroppers the unemployed j shall perish with the sword Quot mat and under paid workers Are once thew 26 52. There Are two again the forgotten men. They swords Here. The one taking the May not be remembered again j sword is the aggressor while the until Wall Street decides to stick j other sword is held by the begun in their hands and ship j fender. History has amply Justl and Here is where the City could step in and appoint an impartial appraisal committee to make a thorough Survey and recommend needed repair. As i understand it the City authorities Are already vested with condemnation Power a to enable them to take care of these situations. Ast May be seen the first and outstanding objection to the slum Clearing project As proposed is that it will not cure the disease. To build a sufficient number of units to take care of All of the so called underprivileged would prove a colossal task and it is not even contemplated by any one. That being True there would by a fortunate few who would be privileged to occupy modern apartments far Superior to anything that they had Ever been used to and at the expense of taxpayers at Large. Class coddling is a dangerous undertaking and should never he sanctioned by democracy. The United states government has already nosed into Fields of private Enterprise to the tune of something like two Hundred competitive agencies. The average person does not know that this powerful government octopus of ours owns or controls More than forty seven corporations with assets of about is too too too it also influences the control of Many thousands of others on Down to the Farmer who borrowed from the government Tress ii by. Any sane person can read t understand that Complete government ownership Means the concentrating of Power to the de ment of democracy and the in table end Means some kind of dictatorship. I Don t think that an True re blooded american cite in wants that to happen therefore every one should look upon the a various government projects from an unbiased and unselfish Point of View. C. B Overman a special meeting of the athletic Hoard will decide the Fate of Bernard Bunny Oakes Colorado University Grid coach whose immediate dismissal was asked in a petition presented by student leaders and members of the football team who accused Oakes of mishandling players a Citsay continued from editorial Page measure is being rapidly junked with the Aid of the new dealer. Them off to Europe. For the last 3n years the democratic party has had a monopoly in n. C. Even during the hey Day of the new Deal the democratic party in Thia state was about a progressive a a dead Snail. At the present time the possibility of the common people in North Carolina breaking the hold of the Utility Mill and tobacco interests on the democratic party is not very Bright. The experiences of or. Mcdonald show that it is easier for the machine to win Over rebel politicians than it la to beat the machine. I think it is time that the poor Farmers and workers make up their mind that a new party is i fled thi statement of our lord that the aggressor would ultimately go Down before the sword in the hand of the defender. Hia advice under certain conditions was Quot he that hath no sword. Let him sell Hia garment and buy one Quot Luke 22 36. Thus preparedness is not an unchristian virtue. Gods plan is for a Universal world Empire governed from one Centre. But the Centre of government which god a chosen and which i named in Hia plan in the Bible is not Moscow neither is it Berlin neither is it Rome. He has said that the Law shall come Forth of Zion and we have it on the authority of god him need Dlf they Are to get to first a in ,h1 a which he base politically. We need the kind i to a t0 Nebuchadnezzar through of party that will be run by and for the working people a party that will not take an Quot if or but Quot Daniel that the Continental world i Empire system. Which a we have 6een, crashed in 1919. Will not be stand on important questions that j a Bli hed again in the Earth. We affect the very live of the people. A Farmer Tabor party that did not Compromise on staying out of War and fought the interests that profit from and make wars and upheld the rights and needs of the common people could win in 1 9 40. Of it did no twin it would put the j of a m Clearing workers and Farmer in much stronger position than they Are now tied to the Cattail of the democratic party. Your truly c. A Whitley. Are told that this shall Pas away As the chaff of the summer threshing floor and there la no Mot place found for it. Daily Smith. A a a Whit of thin Khz p shh no of emf Tou for of Europe editor the Enterprise Quot Hast thou entered into the treasure of the Enow or Hast thou seen the treasure of the annal mall to get editor s Sally about How thin our hair been getting. I Aez Hia hurts when he use a Towel a a. Funny thing about that. His been Woltin piece for the paper in the same towns be editor for almost Twenty year yet we ainu to Ever met. Our loss and i gain we reckon a the Well known Adayln goes. A Eye editor did no to hear it but folks say they did Over the radio t other night and if it is an then the hic town new pres Point with Pride to its scoop Over the mystery about what the president intends doing about running again. Miss be hand who is the president confidential Secretary a reported on the radio As Savin to Kinfolk in new England Quot yes he intends to run again. He happens to like his Job Quot Waller \vilm�?~ll4�?~ll continued from editorial Page seems to be editor that or. Roosevelt a a darn site better Chance at a third term than All the other have at a first by Heck editor the Enterprise since i am neither owner nor an agent of owners of the of called mum shacks found scattered All Over our City i feel the it is possible for me to state pertinent fact in this matter of slum clearance uninfluenced by selfish or other conflicting interest on int part. In the first place the City of High Point i not festered with slum districts but there Are a Large number of slum houses scattered about Over the City. Just recently i made an Appari Ai of forty Odd House and i am Frank to state that there was not More than one or two in the Bunch that could be classed a tenable yet they were ail occupied. Now a i understand the mat i ter the proposed slum creating project will not Clear up situation such As Thia which could be accomplished Only through the process of reconditioning the House up to a specified Standard. In that Case the taxable value would naturally be enhanced and the property would remain in the hands of private investor. If the Money earmarked to be i spent in government owned modern construction could be utilize i Edas Loans to the various property owners for the purpose of bringing sit sub Standard houses i up to a required Standard most j every one would favor it. Of course much of thi property is owned by people who can take j care of the Post of improvements i without Ald from the government. Rut these owner Are reluctant to spend their Money in this was delicious plate lunch Lewis blast Quot. Politics make strange bedfellows indeed. A a Exour rival the n. Y. Bun showed a photograph of indignant taxpayers holding signs protesting a proposed state tax increase and demanding that taxes be Cut Down. But some of the signs also urged a raise in wages for civil service employees. Now what be editor would like to find out is How can you raise pay checks of City and state workers and reduce taxes at the same time. That one sure cries out loud for will Rogers. # seem., Loye editor that our first actor of the american theatre sometimes carries on like it was Iii first time in one. And the trouble with first Nighter to fancy Way of spelling Showoff w to come late to the opry House is they Don t come late enough a a til i . Inuit Riih by nor a Tomsk Yew Imber with magic Marrin again Royal bring a wry leg and Comfort to to pm. With magic margin the Moat a Muling texture Ever presented on a typewriter Lichi a Ive revolutionary no fur a no frat Lvi the margin a let. To am Mark Cole office equipment company 111 r. Mark a irn or. 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