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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1940, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 25, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina sunday february 25. 1910 High Point Enterprise published afternoon and sunday morning j. P. Rawley publisher 1915�?1937 8 r. B. Terry president d. A. Rawley. Sec a and Trees. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mar. Caplis m7 Waynick editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve month .$10 40 six months. $ 5.20 three months. $ 2.60 be month. Bone week. .20 Carrier in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carrier in City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five week. If a subscription for a longer period la desired payment should be made direct to office. The Assoc lated Prest la exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All new Dlapa tche credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation i entered As second class matter it the Post office in High Point n. A. Under the act of Congress of March 8, 1872. National adv representative. The John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City sunday. February 25, 1940. It Jyh Nushi verily verily i say unto you that be shall weep and lament hut the world shall rejoice and be shall he sorrowful but your sorrow shall he turned into . John 18 20. 9 9 a the soul would have no Rainbow had the Eye no tears. A John Vance Cheney. A duty which the nation Mist face declaiming in the name of states rights when few such rights remain unimpaired and disregarding states great need Are those who hold out against Federal Aid in Public education. We have them in North Carolina excellent citizens who denounce the suggestion of Federal Aid for the schools As a plan for invasion of the state s privilege of running the schools to suit itself. They seem to us strangely unimpressed by the disparity Between educational Opportunity for a child in a poor state and another in a Rich state. In the nineteenth Century very eloquent men of Ftp be found publicly objecting to the use of the taxing Power for the education of children anywhere. Some of the robust individualist of that period held that the education of the child was quite As much the responsibility of the parents As the feeding and clothing of the child. They would have nothing to do with the amazing notion that the parents neighbors should be taxed to help them with its education. Not until recently did North Carolina act firmly upon the theory that a minimum educational Opportunity should be guaranteed to children in every county through Over All taxing Power of the general Assembly. We crept up to the state wide school program by the easy stages of an a a equalization fund and that minimum now is assured the poorest county As Well As the richest. Back of the drive for Federal Ald for schools is growing realization of the unfairness and unsoundness of the present Public educational efforts in which $31 a year is used to give a North Carolina child 161 Days of schooling while $134 is used for the schooling of a youngster in new York for 188 Days each year and $74 is spent on the National average. Why should t the Federal taxing Power be used for the most important service to which Power can be dedicated a the development of the intelligence and the talents of the children of America what a wrong with a plan that proposes a National a a equalization fund for education unless it be that it Falls Short of anything like adequate equalization fortunately men who Are closest to the truth about educational needs and the limits on the abilities of the states to compensate those needs Are actively working for the proposal now Beroll Congress to set up such an equalization fund. The Senate has favored the measure the House is the hurdle Over which it cannot go without great popular pressure thus far not exerted. The reason of the houses reluctance perhaps lies in the fact that most of the Money would go naturally and properly to the poorer states while the houses majority comes from the More populous and Richer states. Here if at any Point in exercise of legislative Power is a juncture where greatness of spirit and deep understanding of the relationship of better More nearly uniform education to the safety of the political system we have As Well As to human happiness should Rule Congress. Or. Hafl r. Douglass Kenan professor of education at North Carolina University has made an illuminating analysis of what the Thomas Harrison Larabie Bill would mean to the country generally and to North Carolina particularly. His figures Point also to the selfish reason which is a Barrier to passage of the Bill. The first year of the Federal Aid if the plan were enacted North Carolina Vav Ould get $4,-548,238, while new York would receive $1,328,166. That one comparison gives an idea of the extent to which equalization would affect distribution. Yet the Aid should be in accordance with need and Congress should be big enough to accept that yardstick. At the end of five years North Carolina s annual share would be $13,500,000, a huge contribution to the Well being of the state and to its facilities for making its finer contribution in turn to the nation through giving it better educated and better trained men and women. Until teacher pay is sufficient to induce men and women of True ability to devote themselves to Public education As a career we cannot Hope for the Hest in the schools. New Yorkus average annual teacher salary was $2,414 As of 1936, while North Carolinas was $735. The difference derives less from the indifference of North Carolina to the problem than from the fact that the average income per child in new York is $4,265, while that in North Carolina is $999. Relatively North Carolina takes a larger share of the total income for the schools than does new York. Surely these facts together with the fact that the South has More children to educate in proportion to the adult population than any other Section of the United states should rally every Southern congressman to support of the Bill in question. Town comes As a Surprise. The Blunt response through the press to the protest lodged by Sweden seems strangely reckless. We had expected prompt acceptance of responsibility by Moscow an apology and a pledge of reparation. Certainly nothing less than a courteous Promise to make a thorough investigation As to responsibility was to be expected if Russia cares much about Public opinion in Sweden or wishes to prolong jewish neutrality. The russian attitude is certain to strengthen the demand in Sweden for action favourable to Aid for Sweden. This incident coupled with the positive condemnation of russian measures in the finnish matter by the head of the British government May redound to the Good of the sorely beset Little country now feeling the weight of russian attack. Among leaders As Well As the people in England a Strong sentiment is Manifest for British intervention on Finland a Side. Queer indeed that Russia would risk offending the swedish government while that government is maintaining its neutrality resolutely and at considerable disadvantage. Walter w i itch e 11 on to Roadway the old Plank Road by d. B. Carrick the hic town new9-pres8 prop and editor Walt Winchell Jim Farley the genial and Jovial letter Carrier is mighty keen to become the next president Down Washington Way. But we hear Tell that his mrs. And offspring Are saying their prayers every night rooting for Jim to get Defeated if he runs. Seems like his wife the genial and Jovial mrs. Farley never did get along with certain neighbors in the Capitol of the nation and is so posed to hate like the very Dickens to move Down there to , be editor int the sort who Swallers everything he is told. Mrs. Farley we reckon would like nothing better than to have her Jim become the president just to get even with a Lotta folks. Hiram umbel the storekeeper will probe by need an extra officer or so to keep the big crowds moving from in front of his Branch Saks 5th ave when he shows that London paint the gals put on during the blackouts so that their gentlemen friends wont miss Helen Rubinstein the Beauty specialist invented the new contraption. The matter of firs Protection in county Firo fighting departments highly professionalized and w e 11-equipped, have As their prototypes the old Volunteer organizations which neighbors joined in order to Render each other the most effective service in crises. Back of the modern fire fighter therefore is a tradition and a record both suggesting that All minor considerations he subordinated to the irresistible urge to help when the fire alarm comes. Perhaps this explains the Shock one feels at hearing that firemen begin to hold conferences As to what they shall do when they get a plea for help. The incident of Friday night when a Home was destroyed by fire a Short distance outside the City limits without the firemen responding to the Call will serve again to focus interest on an unsettled question As to what the county government should do about suburban firefighting responsibility. A county commissioner suggests that the county a Bill might average around $42,000 a year for the services of Greensboro and High Point firemen at suburban fires if the rates proposed by the cities were accepted and the responsibility underwritten. Isnit it natural therefore for the county to hesitate in pledging that considerable amount from the tax Money collected from All the people for special Protection for a few this matter Calls for deliberation now since the cities have adopted a policy of declining to go beyond their limits with their fire fighting equipment and men. Speaking of White elephant Christian science Monitor the Silver lining has become a whole Cloud. Americans almost unlimited Silver Purchase program so adds to the excess reserves of the Federal Reserve Banks and to the danger of runaway credit inflation that the advisory Council of the system has recommended unanimously to the Senate committee on banking that purchases of foreign Silver should be ended at once. The Treasury owns approximately $3,780,000 Worth of Silver at the theoretical monetary Price of $1.29 an ounce and has spent More than $940,-000, buying Silver from foreign countries at prices averaging 52 cents. The Silver Purchase act of 1934 intended the Treasury should keep on buying Silver until either the Market Price should reach $1.29 or until the government held one third As much Silver a it did Gold. The Market Price is now 35 cents an ounce though the Treasury continues to pay 71.1 cents for domestically mined Silver under the Lawand Gold has been pouring into the United states faster than Silver buying could keep up with it. The principal foreign beneficiary of the Silver buying is apparently Mexico. Stiver senators talk of benefits to China but economists assert the injury to that country from the policy has been greater than the advantage. Mexico has sold approximately $220,000.-oo0 Worth of Silver to the United states receiving according to senator John g. Townsend jr., $80,000,000 to $100,000,000 More for it than that country would have received otherwise. The most conspicuous response to this govt neighbourliness or. Townsend Points out has been the nationalization of american Oil properties in Mexico and a hint of similar action against mining properties if the Silver subsidy is discontinued. Cogent questions might be asked As to whether the Purchase of foreign Gold ought not also to cease in View of tremendous and abnormal Gold reserves in the United states or As to How Long the Treasury ought to he required to buy All the domestically mined Silver that is offered at More than twice the Market Price. But apart from those questions the Townsend Bill to cease foreign purchases of the White Metal seems a Good place to Start toward writing off the Silver Folly. Hofer will make Good ills Soini truck threat Raleigh times in he Road seems Clear for Candi Delte mayor Tom Coopers prospective sound truck gubernatorial Campaign attorney general Harry Mcmullin having ruled that the Only Law giving counties regulatory Powers Over sound trucks applies to Wayne. It will be remembered that the colourful min tonian gave the other candidates a Chance to nip the soundtrack menace in the Bud. All they had to do was agree to joint debates and i of rain from asking for second primaries and Cooper would Call his sound truck Experiment off. However they simply would not listen to Rea son and so the Public will be treated to music and speeches regardless of whether it wishes to listen thereto. But we think the mayor should become constructive in his novel Campaign. It will be in order for him to consult music teachers throughout the slate and arrange his programs so that the dear pee pull will have some Good educational classical music sandwiched in Between the Coop Ronian oratory. Eth Merman the Coon shouter and her gentleman Friend who had a spat recently were seen holding hands again yesterday. Or. And mrs. Lefty Gomez he is the Jovial and genial Pitcher for the Home team were seen pricing infant garments. A. There by Billingsley a roof needs repairing. Dick Merrill the Pilot has the Toothache. Hank Greenberg of the big leagues is Down Florida Way to get in shape but he seems More interested in other Peoples especially those in one piece swim suits. Keep your Eye on the Ball. Hank say we. Eddie James be editor of our noted rival the n. Y. Times says it ainu to so about our scoop that somebody hurled acid on his Type. A Why did t you Call me up first to ask me about it writes Eddie but this is to notify All concerned that be editor is a Busy Man be Eddie does no to know All that s going on either say we. Speaking of printers Ink. We hear Tell that the new paper editor and publisher is hiring hands for is owned by Cap Patterson s Little girl. Alicia and her new husband Bill Guggenheim. Welcome say we. Milch pariah the songwriting fellow who has Given the . Big hits such As a deep a stairway to the stars and a Star dust to name a few is a uniformed officer in one of our county courts. Cliff Friend another local boy whose songs make Good wrote a missive to be editor which follows a thanks for the mention of my new song. Confucius say a in life. P. A thanks for the idea Henry Vance who Colum for the Birmingham. Ala. News mentions be editor in his stint. Says he a me be after Walt Winchell gets through debunking the War. Hell Start in on Meb Beso Henry. But while the republicans Are Yellin about Cut tin expenses they ought remember the famous saying of a smart Alec w to on it c said a Don t forget that almost All the expenses can vote a a Johnny Hoover Uncle Sam s favorite Nephew and his right smart Dapper asst Ike Tolson Are Busin themselves again in the land of Sunshine in Florida searing the daylights out of folks by saying a no the big a Man was sorry he give the hic town news press any statement but we happen to know that a Lotta so called respectable Miami ans Are in for a mess of trouble. Johnny s stayin in a High toned Villa which to us Plain folks used to be a cottage. We see that the trouble maker named James Wheeler Hill who told lies in court for Fritz Kuhn Lucius of the bund has been sent to the Hoose Gow at last. It was the fearless Campaign of be editor who first exposed him of not being a citizen As he claimed too. Good riddance say we. F. I. opponent it seems to be editor will always have trouble convincing the country that he is a dictator when even his own child Elliott seems to have the Freedom to disagree with his pop. Mrs. Roosevelt who gets her picture in the palier More than any other girl around seems to be Hep to we hat movie actresses know. Keep the hands closed As fingers always look longer when photographed. Memories of Polk Miller there is now no doubt a goodly number of people Here who also were living in High Point in the Nineteen hundreds. Such people will recall most of the formal entertainment that happened this Way in those Remote Days. The motion picture fare was almost wholly confined to the occasional appearance of Lyman Howe of Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. His shows were real events in the life of the Community for they antedated even the so called a a lyceum and Chautauqua entertainment. At about the time when Howe was the rage Polk Miller and his Troup first came to High Point. Or. Miller was a very successful druggist of Richmond who was interested in the songs and stories of the old South. He was trying to interest the boys and girls of that Day in those traditions and to refresh the memory of the older listeners in his audience. His cast consisted of a negro male quartet three expert Confederate Banjo players while or. Miller himself acted As raconteur. The quartet was very impressive to me As a boy. Even today i can recall no such singers that quite equal this negro male quartet. I have heard the Jubilee singers of Fiske Utica Tuskegee and Hampton Sidney but none of these seemed to me to come up to the volume Harmony and genuinely musical effects of Polk Millers quartet. I have heard but few College glee clubs that could approach the extraordinary Quantity or fullness of music which came from these four singers. Perhaps the Bass was the most remarkable of the group and the Quality and Compass of his voice probably equalled the Best russian Bass singers in any of their several choruses. Now these negro singers were not trained in the usual acceptance of the term. They we Ere recruited from whatever employment came their Way. But obviously they had Fine natural voices. As so Many of their race possess and singing together did the rest. The Banjo pickers like the quartet were naturals also who in addition had a Good understanding of old time fiddle music. Hardly a foot in the auditorium of the old High school but beat time to the rhythm of these artists. In addition to playing the More or less familiar tunes and jigs they also struck up the music of melodies of the old South w hich were then All but unknown or forgotten. From the expressions on the faces of the musicians they seemed to enjoy the performance fully As much As their very enthusiastic audience. The instrumental and vocal music was punctuated by civil War or earlier stories told by Polk Miller the master of ceremonies. There Are Only two of these stories that still remain with me but they were probably no better than the usual run. Both of these had to do with the War. One Story was alleged to involve colonel Tom Booker his top Banjo St. During the Battle of seven Pines an old family Friend called at the colonels House and told his wife of the Battle. She was not at All excited Over the new s. A but a said her informer. A your husband is in that still she was very Calm. When asked Why she Wasny to worried Over the engagement mrs. Booker replied a did no to you say it was the Battle of seven Pines Well if there Are seven Trees at that Point you can be sure my Tommy is behind one of the other Story told of the Fidelity of a coloured attendant to his master. When the master joined up. The servant became his personal Valet and assistant. He even followed him into the thick of the fight to be Able to Render him any possible service. One Day w Hile a Battle was raging the master a had the misfortune to have his left Arm shot off. His faithful body guard immediately picked up the wounded Man threw him Over his shoulder and started Back behind the lines. While thus conveying his injured master a ghastly Cannon Ball whizzed by and cleanly severed the White Many a head from his shoulders. That occurred in such a w a that the servant was entirely ignorant of what had happened. So he still preceded with his human cargo. As the smoke cleared a hit a Soldier observed the negro carrying a headless Corpse. He said to him a where Are you taking that dead Man a the bearer told the Soldier that he was his master and that he Wasny to dead. However he did Stop and place his Burden on the ground. He then saw that his head was gone. Then the servant looked up and said confusedly a but Cape a he told me it a his Arm a 4 Book this wee by Betty and John Mebane St Nator Joseph f. Guffey of be Sylvania wants president Roosevelt. Elected for a third term. In a prot velt again a Philadelphia fran press he says so in no Sunceri terms. Senator Guffey has been Assoc ii with Franklin Delano Roosevelt thirty years and today is known As of the most militant supporters of president and of his policies. A Conj Erable portion of his Book is Dev it to an attempt to explode the t term myth the precedent which far has kept any president of the de states from seeking to be ele for a third term. Quot a political Goblin is what senator Guffey to it this third term myth and he delve detail into the reasons Why preside thus far have failed to seek re elec to a third term. A the Plain fact a writes sen Guffey Quot is that there is no Restek of any kind upon presidential tei in the Constitution Quot and. Of col he is right. And he adds in what would term a questionable assert a the immediate problem of Matij policy which brings the third term of the academic realm into the Fiel political reality is whether the per the Sovereign electorate can the Man they want for their Dent. They want senator Guffey makes among of one essentially True statement people can have what they want Der a democracy and no 4tradii whether real or artificially cont has or can have any Force of e opposition to their will their need their Roosevelt a re election to a term he advocates ardently. A a far Roosevelt building on the ruin Lais get Faire a he writes. A be Stahlin the social responsibility of Wea the economic responsibility of gov and he believes decidedly Roosevelt better than any other equipped to a function through and just ments in the machinery changed conditions May necessity after thoughts by w. A. Bivins not All mocking Birds Are mockers some sing Only their Normal racial song. _ inexperienced divers Are in danger of breaking their necks when. They strike the dense Salt water of great Salt Lake Utah. So Large Are Golf greens in Scotland that one Green sometimes carries two flags thereby serving for two separate holes. Strange response of the soviet the soviet denial of the charge Sweden made that russian airmen bombed Pahala a swedish great Antiseptic properties Are contained in the tears shed by the human a it. The Dominion of Canada grows flax but ii for its seed and its fcb a Hank be Mel pulled off a Good one at a party to other even a. Said he a my you never can Tell what changes will happen in a year. Woolie Donahue is now a respectable married Man and in a a Bachelor a Ben Bernie who was Ailin during which time he spouted a Mustache now looks like what he really is fit for a Bronx dentist. Our re a1, the Herald Tribune at one time was allergic to John l. Lewis but since John Shook his Finger at the new Deal the Tribune editorial Page thinks he a not so bad. On the 13th, in praising a talk by Lem Dewey the Tribune opined that a it was As Good a poke at the new Deal As John Iran aued on Page 5, Sac. Ai Mark Twain Confederate Mark Twain was a Soldier for a few Days during the War Between the states. The Best part of his experience was the material he gathered for a humorous account of Days in the rain when he and his men were trying in a desultory Way to find the Yankees. Mark was not a deserter his services in the Border state of Missouri were not greatly needed and his leaving with his brother for the territory of Nevada did not bring any serious requests from the authorities for hts apprehension. With All due respects to Southern debunker Mark Twain belongs As much to the South As the late will Rogers. His Fame is National and International but not on account of his War record. Truth is Mark has no heart for the War even if he did try to kill As Many of the Yankees As they did of him. He was so humane he looked with horror upon War or anything that meant suffering for any individual. He wished too that every individual might have the same Liberty he enjoyed. Hence he had no qualms in quitting a service which looked toward the maintenance of slavery. If Mark made a mistake in taking his Soldier duties so lightly the South along with other sections May rejoice that he was spared to write with living words about Quot the local Colora he gathered in All parts of the world. He might have described himself As he did a certain character he met during his life As Pilot on a Mississippi River boat. In a life on the Mississippi the Many a self Praise is As follows a when i am playful i use the meridians of Longitude and parallels of latitude for a Seine and drag the Atlantic Ocean for whales. I scratch my head with the lightning and purr myself to sleep with the toothpicks and shoestrings this afterthought or has no intention of filling the balance of this column with a dissertation on such incongruous things As toothpicks and shoestrings. Still there something to be said about them. Recently after a meal at a local cafe i through Force of habit picked up a toothpick. I even went so far As to put it in my Mouth and then i happened to think that i had no Breth and that the utensil was not needed. Later that toothpick brought Back to my mind Many delightful hours of other Days when i played Jack straws with toothpicks and a slender piece of White Pine furnished with a Bent pin. Other thoughts were not so pleasant of the numberless times when my Well meaning folks nudged me after meals for picking my Teeth in company. That Rule of etiquette which says its not proper always seemed to me nit we attest idea that Ever got into a Book about Good manners. It is certainly not etiquette to leave company after meals and go off to some Comer to use a toothpick. What a a fellow to do Well what about shoestrings after my toothpick experience i came Back to my desk. Then a fellow strolled up and tried to sell me a pair of shoestrings. I looked at my shoes and decided that the strings i had were intact so the Salesman passed on. Then x happened to remember thai a fellow told me once that a Man could be judged by the condition of his shoestrings. Visions of Days when i made use of White Cotton strings in my shoes came up of the time i took the Upland Trail through the Black mountains to reach mount Mitchell breaking my shoestrings and disposition. Yea toothpicks and shoestrings do make a difference in life. They Are Little things and character is made up of Little things. Therefore character is made up of toothpicks and shoestrings ill be blamed if it is so Many tastes from the Reader digest for March i am taking an anecdote which is credited to William j. Hutchins retired president of Berea College a a Mountaineer visiting town saw for the first time a Bunch of bananas. A want to try one Jeff a asked a Friend after identifying the fruit for him. A no i reckon not a Jeff answered. A i be got so Many tastes now i Kain to satisfy i ainu to Aimin to take on any More a that mountaineers philosophy was not so bad after All. As a boy i begged my father who ran a Little store for bananas. Before i had even tasted one i was intrigued by the looks of the Golden fruit. My dad considered that i was too Young to eat bananas and he doubtless saw diminishing profits in Case i acquired the habit of eating them. One Day he succumbed to my Importunity and a few hours later i almost succumbed. However the taste brought a habit and the habit Ere Long became a costly one. Cigarette smoking also became a habit and in the matter of expense made a Piker out of the banana habit. A certain popular drink has been added to my list of luxuries. If i get to taking spirits Down to keep spirits up May the lord have mercy on my soul nature is still More powerful than Man. I can fight Man but i cannot fight nature when i Lack the Means to carry on such a Battle. We did not ask for ice Snow and cold a a higher Power sent it to us. A b held marshal Hermann Goering of Germany. Hearty congratulations to the tors of the modern Library for discrimination in their Choice of i t ions of a leaves of grass Quot for ii Sion in the excellent a a giant lib $1.25. This newest addition to Ries is the $100 random House Ltd Horn press limited edition which photographed from that original Tion and reduced to the size of a a giant format. To Purchase for a Dollar and a ter a volume that originally Soh Hoo and. Especially to find it Tractive is More than a Mere ant Surprise. The volume Eon taii pages and includes the woodcut Valentine Angelo. This edition comprises All the of Whitman and follows the Arr ment of the edition of 1891-2. Man is a Quot must a of course Foi shelves of All those who make the slightest pretence of possessing be to in literature and the Pri it this excellent edition makes it Able for All. J do Mcaa appellate referents to teachers editor the Enterprise this letter is to express that nation of the classroom teach High Point for your recent i Riel tonal comment in response to it Greensboro news remarks a Ai Lins and governors who com go. But leave no appreciable Mal the political life of the state. It is True that the teaching i Sion. Like the league of nations no Teeth to enforce its objective must depend on an enlightened opinion for its support. This is be teachers often accused of Sci i sorption in personal concerns nevertheless stuck by the Othu the Cir profession and infused to ult weapons of organized labor or of cd it optical machines. In a struggle for recognition often seems discouraging we it standing up and cheering we hear a few words of support some authoritative and disinter source outside the profession. Our Hope is to convince the cd of our state that a better Soh tem is in their own Hest interest that their teachers earnestly Lesii greatest Good for the greatest in of her children. Sincerely Elizabeth Muni Sweden does no to want troops to Aid Finland walking across swedish soil and probably Messing up the Countryside with their Muddy boots. A thief arrested in Philadelphia was found to be on the eligible list of applicants for the police department. Maybe he was just out doing a Little research. It Long has been a common practice to lift rabbits by their ears. Although Young animals May not be harmed by such treatment injuries Are Likely to result As they grow older and heavier. Tornadoes last Only about one minute in one place while cyclones affect the weather for three Days yet tornadoes usually cause the greatest destruction. So great is the pull of Gravity on the Small companion Star of the Bright Star Sirius that a 150-Pound Man would weigh 2000 ton. Would organize Farmers and labor route i Reidsville a feb. 20, 1041 editor the Enterprise i ast year president Roosevelt fore september was still about doing something for t third of our nation that is ill clothed and ill housed. Recently bounced the american youth col for wanting to solve Home prot before we tried to solve the i of Europe. Ill ins budget mess Congress he preached the Funken non for the new Deal by Calli drastic cuts in every approx that might do something to Bent one third of the nation that need the department of Justice has using the Sherman anti tri against both c. I. O. And a. Imu it is. Every progressive Nevi lout i cd on Pago it soc

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