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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 23, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Lej ,l9�ueheacler in a. A. U. Tournament Tonia i i which Promise to provide Nome of he Teers of Flun a i i Quot Hal Quot Blan scores. The ii. And h lot Biers of a Quot a l l lie reates basketball of the comm. Quot of Mem. Who Dee. A a Quot a h. of to the event featured rip Mcswain a t. A. A hot r act i % o 11 i i i which promises to provide Nome of a a a greatest basketball of the current i Plum . Tournament is the High 1 a pot a f third Day late at High Point Volley. The. Brilliant Dotis Lehder will be touched off by the appearance of the crack Winnsboro s. C., Royal cords quintal aft most Erlanger of i it Lexington at 73a fuck towing on the heels of that a a Jared cons will he a hassle Battle of tween the Mccrary eagles of Asheboro can Quert w of Greensboro a by a in the first round Aud the Chatham Blanke Teer of Elkin who Drew a first round Bye. The second game of the big night is scheduled to get underway at approximately nine of clock. Like the opening two Days of the annual mid Winter classic seven More fiercely contested Battles Are in Prospect for today. The results of the games today will in a Large measure clarify the favorite positions in the Junior menus division which has been marked a series of closely fought games and narrow scores. The ii. And la. Clothiers of Greensboro who play at 10 20, assumed the Mantle of dark horse in the Junior flight when they knocked off Airco of Charlotte champions for two straight years. Preceding the spectacular senior menus doubleheader will be a pair of Junior women a games starting at six of clock. The Complete tournament schedule can be found on the second sports Page of the Enterprise. The Royal Cord team Hie Only five from South Carolina to be represented in the event features rip Mcswain a former Lenoir Rhyne Star and dub Collins who performed last season for the High Point College panthers. They Are regarded As one of the toughest teams in the Palmetto state and Are accorded a splendid Chance of coming through to the Carolinas finals. The less publicized Erlanger team boasts of a Good record for the season having won 26 games and lost four. One of the losses was by a one Point margin to the Mccrary eagles. The eagles have been frustrated straight years in their drive for . Crown but wednesday nig Sterling play against the Well group Greensboro a by a gave certain indicate that the smooth working and tall i Asheboro five is on its game. Chat coached by nig plaster however i prove to be too big an obstacle for eagles tonight. Several tournament servers have selected the Elkin team the outfit to beat for senior men s he Pion ship. Be High Point Enrera Kuey Umoru on or a Industry High Point North Carolina i a r a a Vitrit. Sport Whir Chakales filter i inlay february 23, Lynn a in thriller. 33 a7 50-15 Here and there losers score single Point in last half Martin to cts 13 and Thomas nets 12 for hardware men Well the Carolina . Tournament Rolls along seven More games were unpeeled yesterday and last night j in tin Bual game of last without any serious mishap although some of the addicts night my the person hard were complaining about the loss of sleep. Beesons Slaugh Yvo scorchers outplayed am ter of Marsh was completed just about on the stroke of tiered the Marsh fund Midnight which is just a Little late for even something �0 Tore quintet in fast scoring sporting As the . Tournament. Junior men a game 50 to 15. Sot hotel knit a the de a Fen of Beell in the opening i period that the Marsh Quint was he to score Only on Banket from line floor. Two foul shot accounted for the other two Pointe w Hych flue Marah team made. Woody phonies. For Leeaon. Led i team offensive with Ait Point of the first period total i of twelve for the hardware men i the Acone at the Quarter a 12-4. I in favor of Leeaon. I by half time the Leeaon scorch i ecu held a twelve Point Lead. 22-1 j i 2, lamely due to the neatly executed Reipa which predominated their offence the scorchers held their Lead during the third Quarter. Altai rat a determined Marsh offence Leeaon had seventeen i Point Owr Marah of the end of i the third Quarter the score Heinie r7�?T4mthe score Nero continued their there Al Little doubt that the current crop is the fast a or no a a the final Quarter i Field to exer play in the four year old tournament. The 3�?� my a More i see or it the More i am convinced that for class be it to Pierce the Basket for one and Talent the . Affair does no to have to yield a thing Point during the iat half to in any of them in Dixie. Some might concede an Edge to the Southern conference but it would be mighty slim. The j a Quot Rtin senior men division is really a remarkably fast Basket j Thorn Ball league and done to you forget it. action in Vii toi rna i a nth a Den him i in push for posse fusion of the Hill in the thrilling Lynn s White Flash italic hosiery struggle inst night. The Hull in jut rolled off the rim of the Busket. No. Say Don who Sank the winning goal for mane is in hot Whir Wilt. Hart Ling for the Hall Are t Harlie Crock de View and Jim Kennie two former n. 4�?T. State College tar. In the Bach and apparently out of the play i i. Johnson another Hanes Plater. Photo ii Smith studio for the past couple of years it has been possible to select one or two team in the senior and Junior men divisions and say a Well one of these teams will he in the that not the Case in this tournament. Already a half dozen Junior team look Good enough to cop the title while no one has ventured to even Nugget a Winner in the senior men division. Hanes hosiery proved that it will be Tough to reckon with by whipping a splendid Lynn White Flash club lest night in a Story Hook finish. Mcc Rary is recognized As Tough anytime. That just As far As Ancone will go. Tonight probably one of the greatest nights in . Tournament history Chatham of Elkin the Royal Cord of Winnsboro s. C., and the dark horse Erlanger contingent team of i Lexington w ill make their initial Bow in the event As a part of a double barrelled program that should make everyone Happy. Chatham play Mccrary and the other two get together. Brin their total up to fifteen re in in the crush of the , business the Black Bison Aho Tild not he forgotten. They Hook up Over in Greensboro for the Western conference championship. They Are tied with the purple whirlwind and need the Victor a to Clinch the title. In the last meeting High Point returned victorious by several Points. Since then however the Bison suffered a slump and there is some question about them being fully recovered although a convincing Triumph Over Reynolds indicates the local Are in top shape for the Battle tonight anyway i Hoie so. Last but not least is the return of the purple Flash to j the local wrestling wars. The reason i mention this is for i the Benefit of a letter writer who let me know in no Uncer i Tain term that the Flash was a scoundrel bum brute Etc. J i wish to agree with him but at the same time prevail upon j him to accept the boxing and wrestling commissions term-1 nation of the suspension. There a no need taking a Guys j bread and butter because he gets too rough. Modern wrestling is rough and there is no getting around it. I sort of think if they want to go in there and neck one another a Noggin off for Money then let them do it. I . However i do agree with my correspondent that the Flash should be punished. A two week suspension is enough but the commission has tagged a qualification on the flashes return that should Calm him Down. In Case he does no to behave himself then he faces a lifetime suspension. And that s a pretty Tough ruling to make. Anyway lets see what the wretch does when he come Back. I Boff f Black f a i Nett e Brown Foj Whitt a j phantom a i entry. A i Kearns i a int. Mirth Brook f Everly f v Eldridge f Verh it e i Hoover a i mints f Tous store to half official hem a a a. 0 4 2. 1. I 4 0 of a 34 a 0 2 0 2 1 i Beeson 2 cd and Steele fifteen r of to i 0 13 0 0 12 0 0 0 a j 0 i 4 i a 3 a i 2 <1 it to 0 it it 0 it it a 3 so r of to 0 it 0 i i s n it a 2 i a it a a 0 i 3 s Marah i in 4 is Tjw Ai my a Rosa Law a j stirring hair j Ltd i italic Fruson Impf in Iii final i ii ii i Carolina a. \. I. Feature game bring 1.200 Spectator in i ret in dramatic finish in sni it men s Battle by soc Chakales Enterprise sports editor Ham hosiery of Winston Salem and Lynn s Whitt a of Raleigh stayed a spine tingling finish thai left 1.2009 Hall fan s cheering on their feet when the Buzzer sounded Ujj cod of i or Yam. With the Winston Quint nosing Abel to .31, in tin senior my division of the bristling Ltd a i a. A. I tournament la get night at High Point College Charlie a ont k. A 11 t Mima in t Plover for i m Soj \ ear. a stirring hit that a Minn of in the in Itig Tiea looked at ii All with on Olio to i it a. A tallied 13 Points in tile last half after ins Tram had to 11-14. At the rest period. With Only one minute to Ham a cd me to freeze the Batt. Twice they declined free throw and took the halt out of hound i to keep it in their Possession. Hut even then three desperate tip in Effort after jump Hall in the rinsing second teetered on the rim of the Raleigh Basket then fell forlornly out a the Raleigh supporter groaned in dismay. Twice Lynn called time out to conserve the second that were ticking away hut the i strategy went for naught. Mane j proved to be the better in scramble for the hat. Snow by a a Carl Snow hero of the unique i furniture championship team in 1938. Assumed the role of Star again last night. He scored la Points played a Brilliant floor game offensively and a a pow i flit pillar in the Hanes de to. The game opened slowly with.111 Hawks to to Huntie five 39 a i 1mro i or fit i Ina Tell from to Terni by k Inston Quint i i a smooth work my quintet in Aton set let Huntley i due tumbled the Mccrary out of the Juno r men d by the score of 3 2 4 is at i the big nod husky Al hot ii teams Snow playing cautious la. Even f. Who am lassies Triangle is he Wallops beat Mccrary Winner,5 3 Globe 37-20 pan j lit re by forc Hugh scores Point. For High Point quintet _ Hickory. Fell 23. High Point College a cagers Defeated not Rhyne. 5 to 3 Here last night in a North slate conferee basketball game High tout got off to an Early Lead and was never threatened. Trim Lle Arv of a to .36 Hampton High Point scored 21 fat Points. F of to Murray f 2 0 4 4 Nance f0 0 0 0 eur a t2 i 0 s Wynn f0 1 0 i Hartnett is it 0 in Humphr Taa f. I 2 i 4 Hampton a s 2 21 Patterson e i 0 i 4 Moran it 3 3 beamy a. I it 2 2 Lombardy a 0 3 0 total. 27 12 to m Lenoir Rhyne la i it r of to Bampa Ell f 2 i 3 s Vanler f0 0 0 0 Al Ana f0 0 0 0 Mando. I 0 3 Gurley e0 s 2 5 Hemrock e2 0 0 4 Gantt a i o j Ripple a i 4 i to Conrad i i 0 Abee k0 0 0 0 Gibson . 2 3 4 7 j total ii 13 i players attempt to oust coach Roi i i Xiii. Colo., feb. to a a Linum Oakes who work hard at fool Bull Ami sex poet i players to do the same fought a Back today against efforts by players of his mph Rig seven i conference Champi ii dip team to out Itoi As coach at Colo nolo a diversity. Lite championship a Colorado a second in 4 lakes five years Here. The Board of Regent gathered for a special less bin today and it apr cried certain the Bald headed Veteran coach would go before them with lits defense. J Iii h week ago a Pel it Ion signed try ill players was presented to the regents. It accused Hakes of violating the practice length Rule ii Conran a lug Iii players to do a minimum of Classwork and devote More time to football and otherwise infringing on players rights. A Vav 4 1.\ Kab Viva Ann a it in in. Feb. 23. Michigan is considering flying to the West con i Foi ifs football opener with California september 28. Barq s loses to pythian gha Rattlie l earn nth Anre in thin Linum of current tournament the Clever knights of pythias five from Charlotte making their Ritsi appearance in the Carolina. A. A i tournament in two years tinned Hack a hustling Quint from Barq s of Winston Salem. 31 to 21. In the game pre Reding the feature struggle of the night. For the first Quarter the no i to j Ston Salein Quint held the Char Lottena Well in Check even tak aug a Short Lead at the end of the first Quarter. Coe and Neal a couple of Sharpshooter and floor men. Started clicking for the pythian in the second Quarter Aud edged them into a 16 to 14 Quot Lead As the half ended. Showing plenty of balance lint Lai King the Eye for Hie Basket displayed by the Charlotte Crew. Barq a put tip a Good fight the whole Way hut in the third the Winner went ahead and stayed there for the rest of the game. The pythian picked up some Tom a ment followers by their play and were figured As a Good bet to watch when the payoff round Colita around. Coe got la Points and Neal is the lineups local Irani ing Over Tim sri Irr of 21 i win thrill Baltic by it took a thrilling extra period for the Adama m ii girls to defeat the Mccrary Gills of Asheboro. 24-22, to open the Junior women a division of tile a. A. U. Tournament. Held at Hay during the first half the women rallied in the closing two periods to tie up the score at the end of the game. 22-22. It. Was by far the Moat thai hug contest yet played in the tournament. Rut roughs Forward of the Mccrary Squall and Dunean Forward of Adana Muir. Had a close fight for High scoring Honor. They were Able to hit the hoop for 12 and 14 Point Apet Lively. Neither Mccrary nor Millis was Alite to gain much Lead in the opening Quarter however in the second period Mccrary forged ahead and Ivy half time held a Lead of six Points 18-12. Swing Pivot Star for Mcrary. Gave the Asheboro Quint in a 44 ii its Neil i a in gig Jim hiking demonstration in Une smiled Triumph the worst Licking of the tour i a mein w As administered in the second game of the a a. I tournament yesterday afternoon when Triangle cat Ltd squad i j dubbed Watson service .s3 to 21. A the Green jetted hosiery Knitter established themselves As a Power in the Junior menus division by the convincing walloping they iian ded the a pump i Watson failed to show the scoring strength they exhibited on tile previous Day when they i Inners Sta a last half ri\4 in lop Dei i Alo ii in v. A. I. Tournament Dan Isa Covington local eur league team knitted i a a elms do dropped in a foul a tno-l1�?T men before Jim Rennie former iv1 in c. State Ace Sank a goal \ to the it dub wet a from the floor to put Dynn a in j. In Aton. Alem pm front 2-1 in the opening minutes hiker and Phil of lie contest. Snow then Tini in ouch pressure t two baskets in succession and i a %3r the diminutive p. To. Hill an Aam on lie. I other a Wolf pack player pulled Jack cog and i Lynn to within one Point of played outstanding mane. 4-5, a Johnson the for the rugged Dane Pivot Man popped Hunt Ley Home a foul hut Rennie Sank a j Long shot to tie it up at 6-6. I then Snow and Hill matched Basket to make it 8-6. Snow put Kane ahead temporarily 10-8. Hut Carlos Holloman who i used to play for Mccrary again threw the game into a tie by tipping in a goal from under the Basket. It a at this stage that a Leigh took the Lead. However it i a Only for a moment. Page made Good a flee throw for Raleigh. But then the battling Snow tame through with another Field one John floor losers Vav bile i he played Well a a rot la team battled hat i to a1 of info Lei on both team with using the flee thins to is i Point log hat no a Hodl the lineups Mccrary Ort fun. F Morgan f swing f John Cox f Walnea c Swain c Jack Cox a Lanier a dumped Heel ii s from the tout j lament. However it would have goal from the Roo Nail ms-1 made Little difference since the i fount at 14-All. Two Complete units used by tri fat Point Carroll hooked in Angle were Superior to the vet Jhone handed shot and then Fol Etan quintet assembled by Vve Inie it wed it up with a foul to put Watson. Liar Ian Covington into tile Lead. Starting in a hurry Triangle i i -14. Reed added another two scored on Lite opening play or the game Aud continued to push hey a distinct advantage in floor play i Long anti by the lest time since with her Superior height were leading 2. To a a. She was Able to capture Many while the game was not Tough valuable rebounds from the three were forced out because of hark Boa re. J excessive fouling. Mccrary failed to score Iii tile third period while , pythian Coe. F Hatley f Bingham f Neel c beam g Brown it. Total. A Rqn Bennett f. Adam f Mold f Rod inf c. Southern c i Eon a id g Al ii Lay mgt a g Griffin k scorer were f Azier and through two free throws and two i Morehead a Field goals tied the score 18 All. H Point. The Lead changed numerous Raper played times in the fourth period and on s. The tie which resulted was Only he lineups broken in the last ten seconds of i Triangle the extra period. The lineups Mccrary Burroughs in. Cooke Trodgon. Though for Triangle Spencer with lid Clark with goal to make it 12-11 in favor May of Hanes toddle added to in the third Quarter to overtake i total before the half ended to Send huh teams into the teasing rooms with Lynn behind. 11-14. Refreshed by the respite a Tock found his Eye in the second half. Scoring six Field goals before he was fouled out with four minute to go in the game. From the beginning of the final half until he went out of the game a cock scored All hut one of the Raleigh Points. It Ante by a free throw by Rennie. While ayc4>ck was on i spree a. Johnson and l. Johnson scored twice each from tile door. The irrepressible Snow i tallied a Field goal and two flee throws to keep Hanes ahead of i Lite resurgent Raleigh five. When Aycock went out. Rau Leigh w fur Lable. When the third period ended hat Riss Covington was in no then Holloman threw the front 23-18. Game into a deadlock amid the i he fourth Quarter a a run Beer of a majority of the spec away affair with hic winners i to Norw. With Only one minute to t running up a 31 to i margin i say done a Lone Basket of the night decided the Issue. Me to play. Harriss Covington i ,0 lineup Diode Pat Loi than finish ahead. �?T,7-2o. In the opening game of Lite a. A. Of. Tournament yesterday afternoon. Hobe led the lanky Ingram pushed ahead in the Early pan of the game and was leading by a score of 12 to j when the whistle was blown for intermission. Midway in the third period the Blue jetted ii a. Five began to i a lick. K fallow e shot a foul Aud a Basket and Reed added a to knot the i total Huai Ley Lane f Phillip f k Ier Tuttle e Hendrix e prey. Hatley g Hardy t Hankie a official Hen. Karlow it trailing 27-31. Traits substitute rang a Field goal i 7 31 of to 2 j Tell m. Clinia c. S i. Swing c 0 a Mayrv g a r Buckner g 4 Morgan g tot Ain a 3 8 21 score Al a f pythian is Barq a in if in Tai. Hedrick and Steele. Total. . Smith Duncan Brewer Frice. Hussey c mar j Brown g Minna Brown g Walker it pm 0 2. I 0 0 0 1 2 3 9 of 2 2 0 1 2 1 0 2 i Clark tto j Dawson f , h. Spencer c j new Man g q Morehead g. I Moffitt to Smith in 0 Al 2 0 22 to 4 14 0 5 i 0 0 0 i total Watson Raper fridge France f Watson Gurley g. Lofton. K. Thomas g. I Oil score at son a 6 Tell i 0 4 la 0 u i 4 j a i i in oin Yurii k tone with Only four minutes of the night decided the i game to play. Hail Tsa Covington substituted frequently during the last few minutes. Hobe relied on the lanky Biti Ingram for its offence w bile k. I Farlowe carried the. Burden for j Harriss Ovington. The lineups i fights last no a a Hie ism lated pre Baltimore a Lew Felda new York and Joe Ghnouly loot Drew Tiloi. Kansas City Jimmy 140 marinas City out Point Breese. 138l Manhattan. Kaa. Harrisburg a Joe 134, Williamsport Bobby Bennett 134 Baltimore Ahana Vav Johnson f3 Snow. F i. Johnson c2 Bines in toddle g .3 Slaydon i a lobe parlor Ingram Simau. Kellam. Southern c Lilly a j Mcdowel a ,., a a Grissom a the new ton g. ,. 4 j b 4 i to total i while Flash Hill. F j fun Neutt t j. I k an f ,., a Crock t hot Leman. E i 0 4 5 i 2 14 21 wat Tuuu la 2 score i half Mccrary to thu 12 officials Chen Lek Aud Cooper. Hama Broth Kraft to spa Roosa ala., a. 23. Alabama will have a brother and in the pole vault lir print with Vaughn and Nolan to i let i. Totals. A. 7 full 20 . To r of to Klier f. 0 0 it Reed. F. 3 0 3 Johnson f 0 0 4 Wennier to 0 i Chiro v3 i 0 2 Midi Lek. I 0 i h Farlowe. K2 0 0 4 f Farlowe. K4 4 2 12 Petty g0 0 i 0 totals to 3 ii 37 in or at Mil i hobe i i h v. A i Page g m i Pyne g 20 Rennie g lift icel my Coupe. 13 31 score at half Hanes 14 Lynn a la official Hedrick and Hackney. Petao naj foul mtg aed w. Johnson 7, Snow 3, i Johnson Baddie 2 slay Don. Hill. Hollena. A a a a a a a a a Novick cow h Seattle feb. 23. Cotton j Wilt of one time Purdue football j Istar never was to kit until he went to the wed coast hut has co t h to five championship teams Al Washington. Women we want to Sii slim. I an do sol it it least howl. Howling furnishes enough exercise for office \ ii Ltd a it to learn i Well give % the instruction you need try it today. Arcadi amusement cd trend building

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