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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 22, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Mathei solid Iti lint inned mid to Light Aud i Vida v. The High Point Enterprise High Point Tho outer of diversified manufacturing Enterprise in. 16�?no. .&Quot>3 Mem Beh associated Presa High Point. N. C., thursday afternoon february 22, 1940 Complete Nea service Price five cents thousand reds killed at Taipale finns reports a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a British shoot Down two nazi bombers it jul indicates late favor Trade plan in vote would in approval continuation 5hington, Fob. 22. An administration poll cd authoritatively today indicated that the sen it uld approve cont inn it of the reciprocal Trade by a close margin. Boll conducted quietly by n Mal Kie v t i Tkv a. 11 sold miss it and Byrnel get described i admin re Irtira disclosing that if senator answered the Roll would oppose an a mend-1 require Senate a tiflis the Trade agreements 11 favor if and file vote of id he in doubt. Stihi no. I la Tho opposition is expect Ach it maximum strength ratification amendment up said they were Eon if final approval of the Tho administration afraid not count on atty Gentil by Lea a to vote for the House will vote tomorrow legislation Sid tracking today for Observance of Washington birthday undemocratic leaders pre hat not More than 25 its would vote against that a Bill. They pointed to a in new York last nigh by Irton t it n x a in support Pogrant As an indication publican opposition would mild. A matter of common Bat we should take useful rather than to us. Useless Exchange for our itry Barton said. In a Al l i i t oms lid the St h 11st ice quoted by Les in the argument in in a $ Teal from their doubtful to Quot Barton added a to the e of coi Otnott i red and healthy diet must vitamins and Mineral these ingredients Are tall compared to the total of food we consume. Vet that we cannot maintain health and vigor. It i with foreign dance at the House debate its Low Point just be fur j us Sion was concluded last Here were two democrats Republican in their seats in. By planning Tel or s life Ishi Miton. Tvs. Lames Roosevelt the res widest son declared tubal he had Quot no plans at ii marry miss Hornell Idee silo was Bis nurse Mayo druthers i lint in Ster Minn. Last year. My rouser Elf recently f 11 of a or divorce and ids wife Cushing Roosevelt j aft crw Ani filed counter lot la charge desertion. Stulin Nln Tiit his future Roosevelt said he plan it remain a Bac Zielor Anil to producing picture Quot Mig with a production of Bat Quot a in i i april to. A is by reporters whether i any plaits to marry i tier who has been ids it companion in oily he said Quot none at All. Miss Der is a very Good Friend coastal ships Harold Dahl freed turn machine guns on airmen yank volunteers arrive in Finland american dwindling forces of Finland in their frigid fight against the uniforms supplied by the finnish government the yanks Mander Kempi. Senators push protests of mail interceptions new demands made that clippers eliminate Bermuda on Atlantic hop Washington feb. 22.�?<ap a senators critical of British censorship of United states airmail at Bermuda a censorship enforced in one instance by armed marines reinforced their protests today with new demands for prohibiting american planes from Landing at Bermuda. Senator Truman do pro # a a -.�?. posed that hights to the Island volunteers arrive to Aid the red invader. Wearing new undergo inspection by com be stopped and said also that English planes should be barred from Landing in the United state. Earlier Story gives Complete details. Turn to rage Al Section ii charges f. D. R. Guiding East senator Clark Ltd to said latest disclosures hearing on the situation Quot Only strengthen my View that we should prohibit our plane from Landing at and senator Seh Wellen Bach i a fish asserted that a if England does t watch out she will bring about a condition of definite antagonism to forced he it it under British marines with fixed bayonets it was Learned last night forced the first surrender of United states airmail at Bermuda Jan. 18 after Apt. Charles a. Lor Ber of Baltimore commanding a pan american air-1 in Fiat mate ways plane bound for Lisbon j had first refused to turn Over the pouches to British authorities. This development coming on the heels of state department protests against mall searches and resultant Long delays to american vessels at Gibraltar evoked the latest expressions of congressional criticism. Senator Clark sought recently to eliminate Bermuda As a plane Stop but the Senate refused to approve his proposal. He would new e11gi<in11 delegates being fed into pledge of third term vote Providence r. I., feb 22. A it the Providence evening bulletin said today that president Roosevelt and not his aides. Is directing the selection of National convention delegates in new England pledged to a Roosevelt renomination. In a dispatch from Boston. Which is said to he based on information from leading Massachusetts democrats the bulletin j said the following occurred with respect to the Choice of delegates have prevented use of a Post office appropriations for airmail subsidies on hights which included Bermuda. Arum ates Kihm stand Truman said that a if we took a firm stand stopped the Clipper from running and refused to let them the British it land their ships in this country they would Stop interfering with our continued on Page two a Lubber found adrift fishing boat in Pacific Francisco feb. 2 2. I a sad tale mates about Bill Crooks and a sailed through the Gate. In really just happened because Bill is not a ctr Mart. He does t binnacle from a Baris is the Way the u. S. Guard tells it was wandering around tan s wharf at 5 to roster Day when the Salty if the sea got the Hest v to a i first thing he knew he somebody else so fal boat a forty footer Al Puzo. Bill Isnit very Handy boat and by dido t know How to Start the engine or navigate but somehow he and the boat drifted out into the morning current. They kept Drifting right out through the Golden Gate on a seven mile an hour tide. Then he and Al Puzo drifted on up the coast. Meantime a. Larocca and his sons who go crab fishing each Dawn find Al Puzo Aud got to worrying. . Larocca asked the coast guard to look into things. , Kinda sick last night the coast guard Cutter Shoshone and Al Pizo met up somewhere off Drake s Bay about 25 Miles from san Francisco. Al Pizo was All right Bill Crooks Wasny to. He was very seasick Aud very Suzy. Gave Earley Pond hot shortly fore the democratic National committee meeting in Washington postmaster general Farley told the president that he Farley intended to enter the Massachusetts presidential primary. Tile president told him to go ahead. Lacer the president summoned William in Burke or. The Massachusetts state chairman and told him to a play Hall with hut asked hint also to to aka a Public statement saying that although the delegates would he pledged to Farley they would awing to Roosevelt if he decided to run again. Burke did make such a statement. Quot other new England states rapidly caught the idea Quot the dispatch continued Quot and today new England. Which a min the ago was a Farley stronghold seems to be almost Iii Roosevelt s pocket. ,. Take firm stand Quot on Burke s a Roosevelt or Farley late from Massachusetts Are at least a handful of men who swear they will never vote for Roosevelt at the convention even at Farley a request. They intend to make this stand known before the primary in the Hope of forcing the Roosevelt forces to enter a rival in Boston Burke refused to affirm or deny the statement made in this dispatch and efforts to reach or. Roosevelt and or Farley for comment were unavailing. A a a i Lade Pai t completed Oslo be. 22.�? up a Norway was reported today to have concluded satisfactory Trade negotiations with both Germany and great Britain. Details were not immediately available. Help for Alim Elk Copenhagen feb. 22 Guy the 5,809-ton German passenger ship Wiegand was reported today to have arrived in goes sing fjord Norway to determine whether it was possible to pull into deep water the stranded Populis ship Ali Lilly. Warships said to be in Arctic russian minister flies to Murmansk to Heck report on British Fleet Stockholm feb. 22.-Hvp the newspaper afto bladet reported that Admiral Nikolai hut net Zolf. Soviet commissar of naval a Taira flew from Moscow to Murmansk today following report that British War vessels were cruising in the pets Atno Vicinity off Finland Arctic Shore the Stockholm paper dispatch from Moscow Sld the commissar intended to inspect the russian Arctic Navy which has been placed in Complete War preparedness. The Kremlin was described As concerned Over reports that the British might try to interfere with russian German Trade via Mut Mansk interference or any attempt to sink a russian merchant ship i would bring immediate armed conflict soviet leaders were re a ported As saying. A British believe Billie might he in action London feb. 22 a up in formed quarters said today there was Quot reason to believe Quot that a i British naval detachment of in i j Diademed size had recently been j i in the Vicinity of Petsako. Finnish Arctic coastal Region held by russian forces. British diplomatic sources said they had not information however to hear out a dispatch to a j Stockholm newspaper representing soviet leaders As warning that interference by the allies with russian shipping would res sult in armed conflict. J i educator Dies Tokyo feb. 22.�? Ltd a Suke la Anoia president emeritus of do Shisha University and a graduate of Yale divinity College died today after a Brief illness. Do Shisha University is supported by american missionary bodies. Spurned Lover chains shackles i lir self to tree Madrid Fob. 22.�? up a the United states embassy announced today that the last eight american citizens held As Spanish civil War prisoners including Harold f. Dahl Champaign 111., Filer had been released and would Start soon for Home. Dahl and two of the americans Clarence Olive Blair of red Granite nvi., and Cohn Haber of new York City already Are at Seville. They Are to sail for new York aboard the Exira tomorrow. Dahl is a native of Sidney Illinois. His Mother or. Xiv. Harmison. Lives at 6 m West Washington Street Urbana. In. Mue at Seville due at Seville today and also scheduled to sail on the Exira were Lawrence Pant Doran Horn in los Angeles whose wife lives at .10.12 Liberty ave., Southgate. Calif. Anthony Peter Kerlicker. A native of poly count Iowa and Rudolph Opara. Horn in Cleveland. Orders also were Given for the release of Alf Abd reason born in Bergen. Norway and a naturalized american and Conrad Stojewa believed to be a californian. It was unknown Here however whether they would be Able to reach Seville in time to sail on the Exira. The release of these last pria third attack in two Days is disastrous four take prisoners London feb. 22.�? a two German warplanes were shot Down by British fighters today the air ministry announced As nazi airmen raided Britain a East coast for the second time in three Days drawing machine gun fire from several Little trawlers which they attempted to attack. The fire from the trawler gave Concrete form to the warning last j week by Winston Churchill first lord of the admiralty that All 1 British vessels plying the War-1 tossed North sea Waters henceforth would he armed for Protec-1 Tion against German bombing and j machine gunning from the air. Total up to no the Downing of the two nazi j planes today brought the total German aircraft lost in such j raids to an even 50. According to the British. They listed 41 German bombers a definitely ac-1 counted for and said nine others probably never reached Home. The British estimated the total value of the lost German planes at More than �1.000,000 about $4,000.-000. The air ministry a Ald the planes downed today were losers in Battles with British fighter planes one off the sort cast coast and the other near St. Abb s head. Scotland four germans who Wert in the second plane a Heinkel which si."o�?T,nn% Tato a Kim Hub a already Large military preparations seeded up today follow were taken prisoner and placed ing authority stint reports that gorm amp by was challenging the in a local police station. One governments ban on Export of aviation gasoline to the Reich. Otters who had fought for the Defeated Republican government brought to an end a Long diplomatic tussle in which the United states state department had sought their Freedom. Dahl who had been in custody since he parachuted to Earth behind nationalist Generalissimo Francois lines on july 12, 1937, became the most widely known american prisoner of the Spanish War As a result of his attractive blonde wife s efforts to have him freed. Marked for death i Ahl originally was marked for execution but he was spared from this penalty after mrs. Dahl a Singer sent a letter to Gen. Franco asking clemency. She enclosed a photograph of herself. The flier however remained a prisoner most of the time in the Salamanca provincial Hospital where he was said to have been Given privileges and a considerable degree of Freedom. Meanwhile the american state department kept hammering for his release. Mrs. Dahl returned to the United state alone last november and Only last Jan. 9 won a new Promise of help from the state department in Washington. At that time Dahl was continued on Page two rumanian army speeds up War preparations report that nazis will Challenge Oil ban puts Balkan state on Edge Bucharest feb. 22.�? apr Rumania ordered her was wounded. Communique in differ the ministry issued two communiques the first stating Quot an enemy aircraft was engaged and shot Down by Royal air Force fighter aircraft off the Northeast coast shortly after midday shortly afterwards Cam the second Quot a second Heinkel German bomber attacked by spitfires of the fighter command crashed today on land near St. Abb s the latter place is on the Southern Shore of the Firth of Forth about 40 air Miles East of Edinburgh. It was the second time in three Day German planes had flown Over Britain s coasts. There were widespread raids tuesday. Ranging As far North a the Shetland islands. A trawler off the coast of Norfolk beat off German planet continued on Page two Quot last fling Quot love tryst ends in death Redwood City calif., fab 22.�? pm mrs. Doris Clayton 29. Promised she would return to her husband after keeping a Valentines Day tryst with a divorced business Man. She did dead after her body had lain unidentified 24 hour and her Paramour Charles Souza had hanged himself. George Clayton claimed the Corpse yesterday and fold officers of a strange Triangle in which he condoned her Quot to non to tillable infatuation Quot for Souza i 4 5-year-old operator of a san j Leandro collection Agency. Sheriff James j. Mcgrath and Coroner William f. Crosby said Souza had shot mis Clayton j gulped Poison Hod hanged himself. Another quake strikes Turkey about to believed dead after 18 Quick Shock Istanbul. Feb. 22.�?�? four villages in the Kaisari Region of Turkey were reported today to have been levelled by a series of continuing Earth silo is with a loss of 70 lives and More than 50 persons injured. Shocks also were Felt at Ankara and Andana. The casualty toll a disclosed in an official announcement. In Quick succession eighteen quakes were Felt in Quick succession late yesterday in and around the town of Kaisari in Central Anatolia Asiatic Turkey and temblor were reported continuing at noon today. Tens of thousands of cattle were said to have perished in the devastation of the villages and in stampedes caused by the shocks. Peasants became panic stricken. Fearing a repetition of the december disaster in which about 50,000 persons were killed by quakes exposure and subsequent food. Ohio child goes into fourth Day of sneezing attacks Marietta. O., feb. 22. A a a eleven year old Marjorie nth Kaneff showed evidence of physical exhaustion today As she entered her fourth Day of sneezing. The attacks which Conte at three minute intervals occur Only when the child is awake. . Karl Clodgu. German economic expert is expected Here monday for showdown Conversa i Mons to insist on full delivery of Germany s 194h quota of Oil and toil products. Meanwhile the gov a Ern ment ordered Many of 200.oho Resen Isis originally called for March i the Start reporting immediately to concentration centers it j was Learned. Effective m arc la i effective March i. Rumania will have 1,500,000 men under i arms virtually general Moll la a Mon without being so labelled. Railways now Are jammed with i reservists moving toward frontiers 1 and with Long train loads of tanks i armoured cars and artillery. The arrival of or. Clodius will coincide with the Mart of Rittman i Ian Trade conversations Here with Italy understood also to be seeking a share of this country Oil exports. Germany it was said. Will Chal i lense a rumanian ban on shipments of High test aviation gasoline to the Reich a a measure which Rumania a reported to have taken to placate great Britain and France. The German attitude toward Rumania and All Southeastern Europe will depend on the outcome of Clodius talks informed quarters predicted. It was understood that a government decree Banning the fuel w hich Germany needs for her machines of War had been issued a this in direct contradiction to a recent Oil Export agreement with Germany deliberate Dei ask Allied pressure in gaining this rumanian show of resistance to Germany a economic overture was said to have consisted of deliberate delays in delivery of Cotton Wool jute and Iron Ore to Rumania confronting her Indus j tries with serious losses. The rumanian ban was regarded in London As giving the allies continued of Page two it. Miu is feb. 22.�?�.>�? a spurned suitor transferred from self padlock Ell shackles to jail told officers Perm aunt imprisonment a even death a was preferable to life without the woman lie has loved 12 years. Coiler found Melvin f. Xii Lier last night living Iii a tent near the woman s Home in protest of her coolness his neck was chained to a tree and secured by Bullocks whose keyholes he had filled with Cement. Six near task the to year old scissors grinder said it to my a six years to got enough courage to ask the pretty stenographer for a Date. The next six he spent in n futile Effort to obtain another. Hooked for investigation Miller said Quot without Here Inoris of Mirent for life or death is preferable said the object of his affections a the Whide situation is too Britain cleaning up hindu Frontier bloody rattle carried on a marauding tribesmen i lit troops new Hehli India. Feb. 22. Pm bloody combat broke out today on the troubled Northwest Frontier As British military forces moved into that jagged land of Ambuscade and adventure to clean out marauding tribesmen and perhaps to meet again their old and elusive foe. The Fakir of i i. Quot our casualties were said a military communique. Quot the second of two columns encountered considerable opposition from tribesmen concealed in Cave on either aide of the Tanga aided by Aiti Leiy and its o companies of gurkha rifles native troop Quot we eventually seized the caves Quot it said. Fear red invasions the newest of nearly a Een i tury of campaigns to subdue the wild Mountain men was linked Here with rumours of possible soviet russian incursions through i Afghanistan and a Britain at i War in Europe intends to take i no unnecessary Chance. Particularly designated for a 1 cleanup la the Ahmadzai salient. It flanking the famous Aud vital a khyber pass. In that Region mehr dil and i two other native leaders under the influence of the Doughty old Fakir Are reported to have strongholds from which they can launch looting raids into the Rannu and khat districts of North Wasir Litan. Such raid lately have been adding fresh disruptions to the alway rather disturbed life of the Frontier. Circles in new Delhi Label the Quarry As scattered killers and kidnappers of relatively Small importance in the general wartime Panorama but nevertheless i part of it. The grand old Man of the truculent tribesmen is the Fakir of Ipi who for More than 30 years has flouted and fought the British. Champion of islam a giant figure in baggy trousers and a flowing Robe with heard and hair dyed red when he goes into Battle the Fakir is a j Champion of islam. Religion is j his generally accepted motive i hut the British often have sub petted him of heeding russian1 influences he is a Good Man with a Rifle a daring horseman i continued on Page i no j i russian drives being repelled admission made that invaders Are near Vii Puri by Thomas f. Ii Vul Kins Helsinki feb. 22.�? a Tho red army a hammering at the Mannerheim line still j is being repelled with heavy russian losses Finland an bounced today As she called i up a new Batch of older men to bolster her forces and placed Faith in a february Bliz i Zard to help hold Back the so i Viet military machine. I two thousand russian soldiers j were killed at Taipale. Eastern i sector of the fortifications planted j to plug the isthmus Avenue from j Russia the finns said Lek now i edging however that fighting on i the Western end had reached the Kamara railway station. A red army attack near the Kamara railway station a Coni i Mun cation Center 12 Miles Southeast of Vii Purl of the karelian isthmus was repulsed the Fin Nisi High command reported. First admission today was the first admission by the finns that fighting had reached the neighbourhood of a Mara although the russian previously had reported their forces driving through that station on the main isthmus railway to Vii i Purl the finnish command declared that the fighting on both sides of the Mannerheim system across i the isthmus had raged far into last night. A Large number of tanks were j reported destroyed and 13 red army planes shot Down. The communique said pore russian Strong Points and 200 prisoners were captured on the Battlefield Northeast of Lake Ladoga where earlier this seek the red army a 18th division was reported destroyed. With a blizzard raising finnish continued on pm a two Pitt burghers Chase mad dog wild furious. Four hour phase joined by fops firemen it Mizens Pittsburgh feb. 22. A do a til a four hour Chase tha1 had touche of the old Quot wild West Quot Days a score of policemen Aud some 50 shouting civilians tan Down and killed last night a dog believed mad which bit 18 persons. More than us shots were fired at the animal As it led pursuers up and Down icy Hilly Street in the Overbrook and Carrick residential Section in a wild scene uncommon to City streets. Alarm Surani As Erie of Quot mad dog Quot Wert broadcast citizens armed with any weapon at hand ranging from baseball hats to their Homes to join firemen and patrolmen racing after the Fleet animal which left women and children bitten and screaming in its path. Besides the cat and the Volunteer posse men five radio patrol cars and five police motorcycle augmented the Hunt Over a two mile radius. When police finally cornered the dog a Shotgun blast failed to bring him Down. But one shot from the revolver of another officer did the Tricot. Cold Eman i no i red a policeman was slightly injured when he tried to run Over the dog but instead skidded around and struck a taxicab. All of the 18 known persons bitten Many of them children were Given immediate treatment by physicians and instructed to report again today for further examination Roosevelt observes Holiday by resting aboard the . Lang at sea feb. 2 2. A urea sent Roosevelt is observing Tho birthday of the nations first president today by attending foot racing and boxing contests aboard the . Tuscaloosa. His role As Spectator follows two fishing sessions near a Costa i can Island yesterday. . Edwin m. W Ilton Secretary to the president reported the fishing was a fair Quot but otherwise there was no news. George Fox a White House pharmacist landed the largest prize a 45-Pound Wahoo a Blue food fish. Last flight the presidential party attended movies aboard the Cruiser

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