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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 22, 1940, High Point, North Carolina R Ltd four Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry eth Point North Carolina High Point Enterprise publish afternoons and Sundy. Mornings j. P. Rawley. Publisher 1915-1837 r. 8, Terry president to a. Rawley. Sec y and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Apus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve month. Sio 40 six months. $ 5.20 thine months. I 3 60 one month. 90 one week. To Carriera in nearby towns Are not permitted to collect for Mort than on Wek in Advance. Carriers in City Ais not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks i. A Auber Letlon for a longer period la desired payment should he made direct to office. The associated Presa is exclusively entitled to the Una for of publication Cfall news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation for a petulant impatient denials of Richard Bruno Hauptmann a use the of Gold certificates after the a one spokesman said Tion had withdrawn Gold from Cir a a building owners in Tho garment Dis. Filiation. Gold Idle or Active is i riot Are confronted with More vacant r problem. Pies than at any time since the District _ was created in 1925. Because of these _ vacancies and the resulting Competition Between landlords rents Are lower than they were in 1933, the previous Low registered in real estate. In the last five years Over 80 per cent of the buildings have either been foreclosed reorganized or trusted for the Benefit of first mortgagees. Quot the City of new York depends upon taxes collected from real estate for More than 80 per cent of its operating Revenue. Obviously a continuance of the exodus of tenants from buildings will seriously affect the collection of taxes and again May bring about a financial crisis in the affairs of the with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people entered a a second c in matter at the to Toff Lea in High Point n. C., under the let of Congreve of March 8. 1872. M i not onal adv a tear ent tiv i tue John Bidi co. 420 Lexington a. New York City yesterday i told about Beulah Louise Henry the greatest woman inventor who has fifty nine patents in her name. Without Money she came to new York from a Small North Carolina town and Rose to the top in her profession. She is called the a a lady Here Are what she Calls the Quot five thursday february 22, 1910. Cd thou Chi it hint drink and forget i poverty and re Melter i misery no Mort. A proverb 81 7. He is not poor that has Little but that desires . Herk come the red Oats again he boarding of the pan american airways Clipper at Bermuda by British marines is reminiscent of other Days when american sailing ships were boarded and seamen were impressed in the British Navy. That Hasni to been done for longer than a Century a not since old Andy Jackson a engagement with the British at new Orleans. Perhaps there have been times when Force or a threat of Force was implicit in what the British have done around american ships but in this latest instance tile commander of the Clipper brought the matter to an Issue by refusing to surrender his mail to British demand. The censors committee repelled by the Captain. Called the marines and at the Point of bayonets took Possession of the mail. This incident happened in British territory and perhaps there is no basis for Legal complaint on the part of our government. However we wonder whether the Protection of the Allied cause through the search of the mails of the United states hound for european countries is important enough to justify the offensive interference with it to which the British Are subjecting it. All of which gives Maylor la Guardia something to worry about nearer Home than Are lodged those things he had been worrying about openly to the annoyance of his neighbors. Ohio go Den Ruie for she.,a claims that if you will follow them pal Niculai by should Welcome the they May make you thousands of Dol diversion of the mayors interest Lars _ i. If you hit on an idea but find that thi ii a l Chi Vav it is neither practical commercial nor the ii i Estrin of local 5alhblp drop it population figures 2. The moment you get an idea act the a real property surveyors on write a rough description of your Laa ,. Idea As you understand it. Also make who have been working Here in a wha undertaking advised the a Pencil drawing. Date the drawing. Sign it. Then make a Model of the device. You ran make this out of anything toothpicks adhesive tape hairpins anything that comes to hand. 3. Submit your idea to a Patent attorney. Of you Are not financially Able to do this or if there is no Patent attorney available have your statement witnessed and notarized. Some Inex estimate is not far wrong. In fact Perien ced inventors try a shortcut. It May be about As dependable a want no to thei Melva de Scab City Council yesterday that the present population of High Point is around 43,000. They base the estimate upon data assembled by them in the course of the Survey. We Are of the opinion that this the actual census inasmuch As these surveyors Block off the City and make a Complete study of its housing. They should have the ing the idea then Send it to themselves by registered mail. This is not adequate Protection. If a lawsuit arose you would find that this action would not be of much help. 4. You Are now ready to proceed facts nearly enough right to jus have a search made in the Patent of tiny a Good guess at least at to fico t0 learn whether such a device has already been parented. The Cost will vary from Sio. To $100. Don t neglect this for if you do you May weep bitter tears. Remember that a device once patented can never be patented again. In other words the Patent rights on an invention May have expired or May never have been developed but that makes no difference for when a Patent expires the idea is then in what is called the Quot Public Domain Quot and any one May use it. Another thing to remember is that the life of a Patent is 17 years so you must get As much out of it As possible within that time. Miss Henry said Quot i sometimes take out As Many As nine patents on one the population total. The estimates have let Een various about what the census will show. They have ranged up past 52,000, or some 10,000 More than this latest estimate. The census bureaus own estimate is not far from 50,000. In All probability the a metropolitan area is populated by More than 52,000, but we do not expect the census to show the actual municipal population As much greater than the estimate Given yesterday. A great percentage of the new Homes constructed Here during the past ten years for High Point people Are outside the City a i. Win limits and Many of them Are out times costs More for complicated machine inventions. It costs $30 to file your application and an additional 30 when the Patent is issued. You must not think you can file the application for yourself As Many inexperienced inventors do. You must remember that Patent Law is highly specialized and that Only a Patent attorney knows How to write the specifications and make the drawings. I asked miss Henry if she would answer the letters of our readers if they writ to her about their invention and she said she would if they self addressed Elive Lopes. Her address is 405 West 23rd Street new y Ork City. Walter winched on Broadway Mak cf>vr1 rec 14. Mime 5. If the search show no previous claim have your Patent attorney file your application in the Patent office. This will Cost from $75 to $250, depending upon your attorneys charge and the amount of work involved. It some Side Guilford county. Street assessments lodged against vacant property for More than the property is Worth on the Market in some cases have discouraged building inside the City. This problem now is being worked out. Notes of a new yorker we Haven to been asked to define the phrase a gone Hollywood a for a current symposium so we Volunteer you have a gone Hollywood Quot when you make Public your opinion of your own importance you have always had secretly. Senator Quot cottoned Quot Smith of so. Klina threaten to walk out of the democratic convention if eur is named for a the senator forgets that Roosevelt s Good Luck started when another Smith started sulking Admiral Bvrd flashed word from the Antarctic that the South pole had shifted but the editors yawned at the news. They could have cabled Bvrd after watching territorial change in Surop Quot what aint Quot new York hotel keepers rate Crapping taxi Driver a the third noise nuisances Quot of the Are the first two?.man and wife tue migrant dollars of Froh Tion new England states Whu h have complained bitterly for Many years that the South was taking their factories Are inclined to boast now of the fact that they Are acquiring some of new Yorkus plants. New Jersey too is Point enough about a politics in try news a hint comes from Raleigh that mrs. Helen Robertson Wohl May enclosed stamped announce her candidacy for a state office. Mrs. Wohl in 1936, As candidate for state treasurer received approximately 100,000 votes in the democratic primary against Charles m. Johnson. The Greensboro news has naught to say in criticism of mrs. We ohls qualifications for office but thinks she has Learned Ere now Start scrap Rook Many readers Are cutting out these columns and pasting them in scrap Hooks so that they May review and study them As a text Book on Success. Why not Start your Success scrap Book now ? ing to acquisitions at new Yorkus expense. Labor and tax conditions Are causing the movement away from new York according to the analyses we have seen. In this instance As in the Case of the Rise of Southern production manufacturing goes where profits seem to be greatest and most dependable. Flat new England s complaint has been so insistent in tile past against the South that the Region almost got tile South on the defensive morally. Up to the present time there has been no movement in new More Power to mrs. Wohl this England to obstruct the arrivals we say with no idea As to what from new York. New England is mrs. Wohl will run for if at All taking w hat Fortune provides in and no Promise As to How we shall the Way of transplanted Indus Vole tries quite As eagerly As the South As Practised in these parts not to pin her Hopes on a constitutional it was said aforetime that a faint heart never wins fair that a not True but there is a germ of truth in the statement. It is also True that a faint heart in a fair lady who seeks office is not conducive to Success. Since woman suffrage was granted by a constitutional amendment the ladies who have won in elections have had to fight courageously against both masculine prejudice and that of their of n sex. Nothing risk nothing have. He said it so demoralized and embittered by internecine feuds is the democratic party that it cannot present a common front against us. On the other hand our ranks Are closed in a harmonious understanding of the great task before us. John Hamilton chairman National g. O. P. Committee. I do not believe the spirit of the finnish Jie Ople can be crushed. They Are an honorable people and they pay their debts. Jesse h. Jones Federal loan administrator. This year May see every Power in Europe Ai War. Representative James so Rug Ham dem., Nev what the patriotic intelligent Tropic of the South want is not Benefit payments and subsides but the preservation of the american form of government a sen. Ellison d. Smith dem. S. A according to or. M. A. May of Yale the German persecutions of jew were resorted to Quot because they place their hands on the English whom the nazis really hated a. Quot and Quot the Yale prof. Might have added Quot they were fewer Quot i guess a sighed Betty Grable a the Only reason in a in a Broadway show it that the films did t want t fret dear the Gam is Young yet. Scottish Soldier have asked the War office to restore Kilts As part of their uniforms on the ground that they help greatly in recruiting. Presumably on the ground that anybody who goes to All that trouble to dress for a fight really want one add picturesque photo caption writing in the Omaha neb Herald a above Are photos of baby Clark Gable As he appeared in 1901, and baby Carole Lombard As she has appeared since the Day she was bom namely very very Lovely. Leon Blum to Premier of France got peevish the other Day because nazi propaganda is getting a big play in the u. S. Press bigger he groaned than his country s getting. Now Why Doe Mooster Blum care about a Quot Good press Quot in the states. Because the idea of publicity is to build the Public up for a Sale. Maybe a partnership in a War. Maybe a a bite Quot for a few million francs. Maybe anything. But Blum gave us a bitter tip than a intended to he warned that French handouts would be made Slicker More acceptable to the americana. Which if you asked this column makes it a Good time for or. And mrs. American to pull in their ears. About a month ago we broadcast the statement that Bill Decorrevont the Star at Northwestern University was on the verge of telling his superiors to go to soands unless they got him a better coach and a winning team. The item was strictly another Quot filler a but to the sport pages in the Midwest it was an printing denials none of them paused to consider Quot suppose it turns out to be right a. And so they did no to emphasize the usual denials but devoted much Ink to a Why does t Winchell stick to Hollywood and Broadway and the a men a. When the opposition starts screaming that loud you know their feeling Are Hurt. So what so nothing. Except that last week the same sports Page finally admitted the Story we is Correct but Edw. W. Cochrane a account in the Chicago Herald american is our idea of picturesque reporting and we Are reprinting it now to make the deniers sicker. Especially the newspaper in Evanston Illinois that featured the denial across eight columns As though no item Jotter Downer Ever made a Boner. Reported Cochrane on feb. 16th Quot it seems that when Winchell announced that Bill decorrevant was dissatisfied with his place he had something there. His tip direct from the Campus was Correct in every thursday. February 2l\ Bruce Cotto in Wos Hingl c. I. O. Red Issue Breeds Thoi ble for John leu of fails to clean out commune As Hillman asked Washington feb. 22.�?ut surface a Stormy situation is ing within the High command c. I. O. At the c. I. O. Convention i John l. Lewis averted a thru split by Pic Sidney Hill i fluent Ial heal amalgamated ing workers would 1�?eliminal Monist influx the c. I. O. 2�? make a fort for peat the a. F. L. 3 a sup new Deal. None things has bet a gesture toward eliminating to munits was made Harry wings Wirt flipped left Uini Curran was denied a vice in and Allan Haywood Stout foe munits was made director of Iza Tion. Beyond that nothing lid. Of last week saw the Climax to a weird muffled soundless Story the kind a Story you never hear because the people who might Tell it wont talk. They can subject of this Saga was Laid out in a funeral parlor. The services for him were conducted in silence literally for he was being honoured for the last time by a society of mutes of which he was a member. The requiem was delivered without a sound the final eerie touch being Given by a Quot choir Quot of four who Quot Sang Quot the Humn Quot Lead kindly Light Quot entire with their Finger. The deceased had been tile sole unemployed and Neer member of the society and How he met his death is More Goose pimply than anything in Edgar Allan poetry. His plight had troubled the members. Then one of them thought of this plan hire him to go to the race track to make wagers for them on Quot sure thing tips Quot. The first tip came a week ago and the silent envoy put Down the Wager and watched his first horse race. It was one of the most exciting horse races in season and a his horse nosed in first the fellow dropped had burst a vessel attempting to yell his winnings just paid for his funeral. Ten years ago local new or. Henry Louis Smith of Greensboro will speak at the first presbyterian Church Here sunday morning. Bunn w. Hackney scout executive has returned from Chapel Hill where he attended the scout executives seminar. He said the meeting was far Superior to the first held. About people Roland t. Holton has returned from Boston where he spent the past week. Or. And mrs. Jack Arthur will leave monday for Points in Georgia and Florida. Mrs. F. Tomlinson has returned from a visit to relatives in Wilson. A Ariton Kirkman of St. Augustine fla., is visiting his parents or. And mrs. P. A a. Kirkman of this City. New Brief three Young men of Lyons. Neb., Are dead As the result of drinking a poisonous automobile Radiator solution. They thought it was wine. The Graf Zeppelin is expected to return to the United states at an Early Date. April to will be the Date for the Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first Wagon trains departure for the Oregon country. Twenty years ago George Mannington a we need to get Back to the principles of Washington. We have strayed perilously far from the pathway the great american chose for us. Our footsteps ate leading us into treacherous ground the Quicksand of disaster. You Young men and Young women too study your Washington for he was essentially yours. This nation raised raised upon the foundation of Washington a devout americanism is yours. It must not he despoiled. Its institutions must stand in the future As they have stood in the past a Beacon Light of life Liberty and Justice. The Price of these things is eternal vigilance. Say these words Over and Over to yourself Quot All that our fathers wrought with True prophetic thought must be a excerpt from editorial by Asa Biggs. I Wain the Jie Ople of the Middle West that no Stone will be left unturned by the internationalists and War mongers in our own country and the propagandists from abroad to ease us into the european Hamilton fish rep n. A. Parallels party a a line beginning with his labor Psi in Ogden Utah Lewis has forming to a Clear pattern in a statements. He has been Dei sedation from the War he in asserting that the a Ministri neglecting Domestic problems ing an undue interest in the has been attacking the new it came to a c in his a peer before be i nit workers convention in which dieted that president Roosevel be beaten if he for a thil in till of this there is a req similarity to the communist pin red since the Jules Al to. Speech like Browder s note these things too the official c. I. O. Net used to plug manfully for a calling for isolation. Addressing the National yet revs Lewis emphasized the m w. Convention had voted military Aid for Finland to add that it had also passe oh11ion of sympathy for the of had heard John trophy Den oui Sia. I to to i pc w. At tack on Well came a fortnight after the five Board of the National Union in which communist is Strong pasted a Sharp Ani velt Resolution. The Lew is up not wholly dissimilar to eat Der mad Are Garden which assailed f d. R for tue labor after accepting its Aid. Co we uni St still on the Ign no one on the inside this Lewis is or Ever a been a nist. He has not even been sympathetic to communism. How the party line has had i adherence from him during four and one half month. J unions Are still on the Job. I Tillman is known to be get indignant Over this turn of the situation is hound to it head sooner or later when there is Likely to be quite a n meanwhile communist me in certain c. I. O. Unions is in they have been getting Recti inside Story has it that in Sor who then leaders Are today afraid to Lions for fear that communist would be voted into Power. Philadelphia next june will of a lot of people w to will try destiny into a Corner for a heart Chat. Des Moines water depart gingers Are working on a pre eliminate rings around the Only Way a can think of take Baths. Izzy Al welcomes a factory. We observe no important difference Between Southern and new England hospitality. New York which rarely becomes excited except during a Market collapse is showing concern Over the exodus of Industry from the states chief City. Real estate men Are bombarding the mayor with demands for Relief of Industry from some of the handicaps City government has Given it. They criticise mayor la Guardia the right propaganda for franc is to show her still a democracy which while fighting for the Liberty of other Peoples herself practices the Maxi when last seen. President Roosevelt was headed into the Pacific. Maybe he just planning to drop in and see Jimmy about certain things. The United states has two thirds of the worlds Gold sup _ _. A ply. Now if Only Uncle Sam could mum Liberty possible in Tim of get his hands on that other one third perhaps he could bring in Aee to a War torn world. Washington solons Are considering again the matter of Gold As a circulating medium. That brings up Bryan a famous saying a you must not crucify Mankind on a Cross of Gold a and of course everybody remembers the panic Al �?T29 under the Gold Standard and former Premier Leon Blum of France. The attention of the people of the United states is again switching Back the Ihrig of Domestic affairs from european troubles. A Kenneth f. Simpson g. Of National committeeman from new even the pres by admitted that he soviet Russia a. Tin Dies dem lev gulls committee on in Ai this is another of those stories that goes to prove it is still a mans world. Its about a pair of local Wise Guys who popped into the new apartment of two lads merely knocked on the door and when it was opened they smiled affably and suddenly one of them observed Quot Why you have no piano a. To which the other lad added Quot a but we can remedy that situation by sending you one a a. And so saying they tipped their lids y4 and walked out leaving the girls a Little their amazement How Ganda relations with Churchill. Ever a Lovely new piano was delivered. The gals were so overjoyed that when the boys called a week later they were told to make themselves feel a Kentucky jury consisted of 12 right at Belles delighted them with Folk tales family albums lawyers a and they brought in an and card tricks this a cup of happiness quenched All their thirst Germany is sore about that incident off the norwegian coast. She is seriously considering breaking off prop cup of happiness quenched All their thirsts for a month when suddenly the fellow stopped coming. And no wonder All they did was plunk Down a $ 25 Deposit on the a baby grand Quot and have a bundle of fun with two Lovely gals for one month until a Man came around to collect another instalment or take Back his piano a because business comes before pleasure. A Knoxville tenn., woman who went to see Quot gone with the wind did no to return Home for two Days. Undoubtedly she intends soon to see the rest of the picture. The Dies committee frowns at the idea of getting father Coughlin on the stand. Apparently the endorsement of William Dudley Pulley is about All it ran stand in one month. Unanimous verdict. Most people would have said it be done. Our people must be brought to the Stern realization that a Navy with an adequately trained personnel cannot be improvised. Proper preparations to he efficient and economical must be accomplished systematically and coolly while there is yet time. A real Admiral Clark la. Woodward commandant third naval District. Vigilant hit seems like that Cherry tree Story of George Washington a has Alius been Over rated. According to history he Cut Dow n a Cherry tree which maybe his maw didst want Cut and then is capped spanking by Runnin to his Paw. I remember i tried that tri maw once Only i did no to Cut Cherry tree. I Cut Down a but maw did no to seem to in said i should ought to of i by the roots fact is that to Hru nothing hut suite next Spring die stump spro switches than Ever. When i off More switches sprout snowed then what Paw a wily maw dido i Laise no Cain

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