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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 17, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High hoi at to id Mont pilfer High fount North Carolina Friday. Fedl Ruaro 17, i democratic senators Hope president will Hake bid for Harmony in party Sleuth from fiction Soihr worrier Oxer possibilities for split in Hanks for Pho suggestions Are offered Washington feb. 17.�? pm worried about the i Pio possibilities a split in their ranks several Democrat in senators said i today they hoped president Loose j velt would bid for party peace when be returns next month from his Caribbean cruise. Although not suggesting any specific course senator Brownd Mich explained that Middle the Road democratic senators had expressed a wish for Harmony j a i believe that conditions Are Ripe for an attempt to get the somewhat divergent factions the party together and solidify the party for the 1940 Battle a Brown said. One anti administration Democrat declared any successful Harmony move would have to be initiated by the White House. So his talks asking that his name be withheld. He suggested the president might go far toward Healing party wounds if he w Ould have a series heart to heart talks with senators who have opposed some his measures but who desire party peace. The chief executive has talked m. L. Patrick made governor Exchange club a a Hugh. Point to feat i a Alf to in lure in my m. L. Patrick this City today was appointed governor for District no. I oomph sing Western North Carolina the National Exchange clubs . Patrick s appointment was made by . W. J. Eilerts National president and he received his notification from Herold m. Harter Toledo o., National a Secretary. He succeeds . Phillip Melvin Winston Salem. Appointment was made by the National president recommendation the state Headquarters. Or. Patrick has served As a member the state Hoard control and also As president the local Exchange club. The appointment is for the year which ends in january 19 40. Several times recently with senator Wheeler a Mon who led the successful fight against the a court reorganization Hill in 19.17. Wheeler was one the few opponents that measure who voted for the full $875,000,000 spa appropriation recently requested by . Roosevelt. Other suggestions for closing the present party breach included an anonymously voiced proposal that an informal committee legislators representing All party factions maintain Liaison Between the White House and Congress. Joseph b. Keenan assistant to the attorney general who sometimes has acted As the president s legislative representative at the Capitol resigned last pig by to return to private Law practice in Ohio new York. A Conan a particularly Active among senators during the court Hill controversy. If generally was believed that . Roosevelt would resurvey Hie entire political situation during his Caribbean trip. On his return the first indication his attitude toward opposition senators map he demonstrated in hts appointment a successor to supreme Palace theatre Salem Street Filiti Thomasville c Omini. Tomor cow 4 Arizona legion High George Brien a also serial and comedy 1,4st times today a touchdown army xxx us John How a re and m Xuy y Carlisle admission Adi its a except do i Tor do saturdays children. Ioc Quot his neighbor our stage a a in person a tomorrow a direct from 7 years the famous w s m Orand Ole opry a the Delmore Brothers and their Quot Tennessee barn dance boys Quot with such stars As Smiley Brien a Carolina hide a Little Joe wrangler a a radio s fanciest fiddler pension chief holds out for $200 a month Torii Sfa jul be fur social Security committee Lings to his Faith Washington feb. 17 a . F. E. Townsend told members the House ways and Means committee today they done to know what they were talking about if they considered a $200 a month ceiling for old age pensions a absurdly the tall gaunt physician sponsor the pension program which bears his name Shook a Long Finger at the committee. A no family can live $100 a month and rear and educate its children properly a he said. A if we can t establish a Standard living higher than $40. Certainly we can t maintain our Type government much longer. Townsend a boy a last appearance before a congressional committee led to an unnerved jail sentence a testifying at hearings amendments to the social Security act and proposed substitute pension programs. To the committee which drafted the original social Security act Townsend described that Law a a the height Absurdity any Hill Ever passed by he asserted that $200 month was Only enough to provide a decent Standard living now. A i believe that every five years once we take the shackles off technical knowledge and Genius Quot the doctor asserted a we shall have to resurvey and rally the Standard. Tile $200 a month won t stay there Long. Well go to $300. A and As we establish this i Standard living labor will de Mand it and get the Townsend plan contemplates paying monthly benefits up to $200 monthly from proceeds a two per cent transactions tax. Or. Townsend Caid his pension program would provide a Way for changing the attitudes millions people. He said a change was necessary because Young men were making statements that it might be better to have one Man make the jaws the country rather than have a lob such individuals sitting Down in Congress to legislate. Quot i travel around the country a great Deal a the witness said. Quot i wish you could hear the expressions contempt and hatred i hear for this government. You can t Appeal to the better feelings Peoples whose bellies Are empty. They wont listen to you Quot Townsend Eaid he believed a new policy government must he established which will Quot divert the Stream profits Hack to where it that he said is what the Townsend movement proposes to do unless the old people Are converted into an indirect producing class he raid they will he a Burden which Quot we be got to inevitably carry our by Hlf in is to it the mens Bible class the Jamestown methodist episcopal Church will meet with k. J. Swanson Friday evening at 7 45. February 17. The occasion will he a combination Quot get together and business meeting. Horizontal 1,8 detective hero from fiction. 13 opera Melody 14 possessive pronoun. 16 Fence bar. 17 to let fall. 18 charming. 20 plural pronoun. 22 Type standards. I 2 pounds. 24 Anglish Coin. 25 poem. 20 to suffice. 27 Ever. 28 enemy. 29 coffin stand. 30 stripped. 33 constant companion. 34 Plant shoot. 35 secreted. 36 Pussy. 37 whirlwind. 38 five plus five. 39 fish Organ. 40 Keels Over. 41 exists. Answer to previous Puzzle in 42 he is a most imaginary Sleuth. 44 Mouth part. 45 officers assistants. 47 12 clock a. In. 49 dined. 50 musical note. 51 explosive. 53 still. 54, 55 he was created by sir. Heili Al Kila vertical 2 concorde. 3 cupid. 4 to tear stitches. 5 note in scale. 6 Point under jaw. 7 relatives. 9 measure. 10 to loiter. 11 tone e. 12 to evade. 15 hair fillet. 17 he has remarkable Powers . 18 religious homage. 19 fury. 21 he is the hero a tales. 23 Golf device. 25 to lubricate. 27 sea Eagle. 28 gave food to. 29 to Abate. 31 to put . 32 wound. 33 nominal value. 36 cautious. 37 upon. 39 Dandy. 40 vulgar fellow. 42 Feather. 43 falsehood. 44 diving Bird. 46 to surfeit. 48 Indian. 49 preposition. 52 within. 53 out the Way. It new York stocks the deaths drop Raleigh feb. 17.�? Ltd it a influenza caused 5 3 deaths in North Carolina last month compared with 94 in the previous Janu Ary. January deaths from pneumonia were 315, whereas Tho total for january 1938 was 404. Fiddl1n�?T Chuck Mauldin a world s it Hampton Bass Fri Lierz a scuffs a a fighting thoroughbreds with 111 it d Mary Carlisle Geo. Hayes coming stage Aith a4 i Ken from oui i us and Abner Way world fair follies 39 next week in. Sal. Admission the tue opens i i children 10c come Early for seats my i Ila a a 3 j it pm 4 i i Quot a a a a via cattle 4u it meeting Gastonia feb. 17. Pic the North Carolina Jersey cattle club will hold its Annua meeting in Gastonia next wednesday. C. Cd Cushman head Dairy Extension work in South Carolina will he among the speakers a a a Nati Hal death Paris feb. 14. Up a Paris court decided today there were no mysterious circumstances in lie death j to get one year ago Leon Sedoff. Son Leon Trotsky former bolshevism Leader now in exile in Mexico. An examination for Poison after Sedoff a death february 16. 1 938. Indicated it was caused by intestinal perforations leading to peritonitis. Pm Foguel l no Aiu ism Raleigh. Feb. 17.�?4 up Al la. Duncan Secretary a association cities seeking an air mail line from Norfolk Ato Knoxville. Terne said today the Brief setting Forth the need the Servile had been completed and would he Laid before the Post office department and civil aeronautics authority. Court Justice Louis i. Braudes. Who retired this week. Stephens mentioned several anti administration democrats including senator King Imp Tahi and Burke a Nebl Are hopeful that Harold m. Stephens Utah will be named. Stephens now is a Justice tile court appeals for the District if Columbia. Some administration adherents in the Senate including senator Norris ind neb. Wore said to lean toward Federal judge Sam to. Bratton new Mexico. Rep. Smith a Wash said a Justice department official told him the appointment would go to senator be Heilenbach a washout the latter disclaimed any knowledge the report. Democratic leaders in the House also have been concerned Over party differences. New York porn. Stocks i Adams exp. Air reduce. I Alaska Jim. Al chem Dye Allis Chal mfg. J am can. S am car Fly. A am for pow. Am pow it. Am Rad St Sam Roll Mill j am smelt ref. Am Sug ref. A t a to am Toh Anaconda. Arm 111a t . Att ref. I a int corp. A Baldwin. Bae a. Barnsdall. Bendix Avian. I Beth Btl. Boeing Al rpm. J Borden. Borg Warner. J Briggs mfg. I Budd mfg i Budd wheel j Bur add Mach Calumet her. J can dry. Can Pac. I Ca Quot j ii Caterall trac. I Champ a Che j c m St p a p pad i Chrysler co him a l come solv. J com with Sou. J Consol Bdl. Con Oil. Cont can. Corn prod. Curtis Wright Curtis Wright Adel Lack Doug Aire. Dupont Eastman Hod. Elec Auto it. Blee pow it. Firestone. Freeport Sui. Gen elec. Gen foods. Gen Mot. Gillette. Hidden Goodrich. Goodyear. Graham Paige. It nor by pad. Hud Mot. Hupp Mot. I 111 cent. Int Harvest int Nick can. J int Tel at Tel. Johns Man. I Kennicott. Kroger Groc. J Libby f i. J Ligg Myers by Loews. J Lorillard. Mack truck. Mccrory stores i Mont Ward Murray corp. Nash Kiev. Nat biscuit i Nat Cash Reg. Nat Dairy prod. I Nat dust. I Nat Lead. 1 Nat pow it. N y cent. No am Avian. North am. Nor Pac. Ohio Oil. Otis Elev. I Pac g Packard. I Param Pix. Penney j Penn Dix. I Penn r Phillips pet. Pitt Ber pub Sec n Ujj Pullman. Pure Oil. Feb. 17. A map a two. A. 59%. $>3 174. 42% a bus. A. 3%. 6#. 16. Isl. 44 4. Sol iss. Us. 295% 35�?~a22. Ill a a a. >5%. 27% 70%. 3018 ,. A. 26 be 41 j. 17�?T a 6�?T,. 18% 4% is 4 29% 35 7ij, 8. 13% los 33 4 8%. 39�?T, 64 6-. A 27�?T 64 he 150 174sb 31% io1, Sil 231, 401 391, 48% 7. 21 a a Sil 332 a 25% 7us 1658 s a Sil. By bl-1 .37�?T,. 24l 49 a a 106%. 492. 23% 28�?T2. 12. 50j, a 7l a. 25. 23%. 14a 26% 23. 8%. 181�. 18 4. 25�?T. Ii. 9. 2d,. So l a 4>,. To 3 4. 83 l. 4l. 203,. 39 a 73,. 36. 34 a a a radio. I Rad k Rem Rand. Rep us. J Reynold seab a l Stab Oil. Sear. I Shell in. 1 Socony vac. Sou Pac. Sou by. Sperry. Std brands. Std Cal. I std Oil ind. Std Oil n j Stewart Warner j Studebaker. Swift. Tex corp. I Tex quiz prod Tex Gulf bul i Timken Del a. Trans Amer Tran West air. In curb. J in Pac. Unit Aire. J unit corp. T unit drug. J unit fruit unit Gas Imp in s id Alco j u 8 pipe in s rub. A s steel. J Vanadium. Vick Che Vacaro chem Warner pie West Mary wet Union i West elec Mig Wilson. It Woolworth. Veil to. Young 8 t7. 2l 14?. 21 39�?Tj a a 2034. 72i 13. 12s,. Id1, isl. 45%. 6l 28. 26%. 483�. Io3,. 7l 18% a 44%. 4% sol. 15%. 6% 9% 83 95% 41 3% 5% 70%. 12% 22% 44 45% 60% 26% 39% 3% 5 3 $ 21 a a 111% 4% 48 18% 464 chips fees seem High to Georgia legislators Atlanta. Feb. I 7 a up a following a verbal Exchange Between a elate representative anti i w. Robert Secretary the democratic National committee Over Roberts six per cent architectural fee from the state a move to limit such fees to three per cent came before the Georgia legislature today. Robert head an Atlanta contracting firm. Meanwhile awaited reply from rep. Delacey Allen to a radio Challenge that Allen i e tangible form to a waiver legislative immunity in his attack the party Leader As a a political suit for $50,huh slander damages was filed for Robert when Allen charged the democratic Secretary was party to Quot stealing die taxpayer Money Quot a contract for work a state insane Hospital. Allen spoke in the House representative. Floor i statements legislators Are in i mime from suit. Birned to it death Fayetteville. Feb. 17.�? up a. I lordy Laurel Del was burned to death and diaries la Tima in Bethel deltas burned critically today when their truck overturned at. A Bridge the Fayetteville Rae Jford Highway. I Lari Are was brought to a i Fayetteville Hospital where at laches described his condition As j serious. Tote truck headed South overturned Ami caught tire at a Bridge Over a Creek at the foot a downhill curve near the Cumberland Hoke county line. S \ Abbott Proctor ii Paine members new von i Toik Exchange new York Coltun Exchange new work cur Exchange i i ago Board Trade and other exchanges 304 South main Street Telephone 3461 Otis d. Phillips manager weather today noon. 4 5 i last night. 25 High yesterday. 52 North Carolina a mostly Cloudy possibly Light showers saturday and possibly the coast in the mountains late tonight saturday warmer tonight and in East portion saturday. South Carolina a mostly Cloudy and slightly warmer tonight saturday unsettled slightly warmer in North portion and near coast. Winds Sandy Hook to Hatteras a moderate South shifting to Southwest winds Over North portion and moderate East winds Over South weather somewhat overcast tonight and saturday. Possibly followed by rain Over extreme South portion saturday. Charlotte. Feb. 17.�? apr official weather Bureau records the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. M., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L. Re fall Asheville. 52 30 .00 Atlanta. 54 32 .00 Augusta. 56 40 .00 Birmingham. Is 44 Charleston. 54 44 .00 Charlotte. 48 33 .00 Chicago. 30 24 .04 Columbia. 56 38 Denver. 26 14 .06 Detroit. 28 18 .08 Evansville. 44 40 .00 Galveston. 64 00 .04 Greensboro. 48 28 .00 Hatteras. 46 38 .00 Jacksonville. 58 54 key West. 74 68 1.46 Little Rock. 58 48 .00 los Angeles. 62 50 .00 Memphis. 60 52 .00 Meridian. 62 40 .00 Miami. 70 72 .00 mils St. A. To �?8 .04 Mobile. 64 48 .00 it. Mitchell. 30 20 .00 new Orleans. 56 64 .00 new York. 24 14 00 Raleigh. 48 30 .00 san Antonio. 72 40 .06 san Francisco. 64 44 .00 Spartanburg. 54 32 .00 Tampa. 70 54 .00 Washington. 30 24 .00 Wilmington. 56 34 .00 Roosevelt is off for Ocean trip to the South by d. Harold Oliver aboard Roosevelt train Enro Ute to key West Fla. Feb. 17.�?�?president Roosevelt travelled southward today to watch the greatest peacetime concentration american naval Power test the easter defences the fleets life line the Panama canal. The chief executive left Washington a special train shortly before last Midnight. At the station to hid him Goodby were Secretary Morgenthau Joseph b Kennan who resigned yesterday As assistant to the attorney general and Leo to Crowley chairman the Federal Deposit insurance corporation. Or. Roosevelt will Board the destroyer Warrington in the shallow Waters off key West saturday afternoon and then Transfer at Tea to the Cruiser Houston for a ten Day journey in the Caribbean. Hts exact destination has not been disclosed but he Hopes to he hand when opposing ship and air forces make Theis Maneu vers simulating an Atlantic attack the canal and efforts to Ward it off. Kennedy worried Over situation their son London. Feb. 14.�? up a mrs. Joseph p. Kennedy wife the United states ambassador to the court St. James a anxiously waited word today from her son Joseph jr., who is in besieged Madrid. The 21-year-old adventurer reached the palatial but Shell scarred United states embassy in the Spanish capital last night from Valencia just As insurgent gunners ended a bombardment the City. News about him was delayed today because the communication difficulties imposed by War conditions Madrid whose Only Contact with the outside world is censored radio. Ambassador Kennedy last night disclosed that Joseph. Jr., left Tendon saturday and said his son Quot is just looking local physicians attend state conference Martoral it Are . C. Thomas Whitten and . Maurry in Davis local physicians. Spent wednesday in Raleigh attending the statewide conference better care for mothers and babies which was sponsored by the National Council for mothers and babies and the North Carolina state Board conference was held in the City auditorium and was opened with greetings from governor Clyde Hoey. Among those appearing tile conference program were . Carl v. Reynolds prof. George h. Lawrence. Or. Walter j. Hughes Martha m. Elliot and . Edwin f. Daily both Washington. I. C. During the meeting it was opiate that about one half the 150,000 deaths that occur in childbirth each year in the u. S. Could he prevented if expectant mothers would seek adequate prenatal and Natal care. Reducing the death rate to minutes the conference pointed out that a Mother Dies every thirty seven minutes in the it. S. In order to Cut Down this Large death rate the state North Carolina has established prenatal clinics in most the comi ties to treat those who Are financially unable to seek such care from a private physician. Such a clinic is conducted Here under the supervision the City health department. Birthday party honouring miss Leola Torrence her birthday Harvey Harris entertained a group friends at the Home his sister Hoover Street monday evening. Those present were . And mrs Carson Alston. Or. And mrs. Tom Sykes misses Ella Mae Sherrill. Willie Louise Hines and Margaret Malkins. Mrs. Christine Moser. Mrs. Maggie Dyer messes. Edward Torrence Mathew Alston Donald Whitaker and Russell Dunlap. Hitler opens Auto Market with a bang claims Germany hits worked out her Independence other Lam Berlin feb. 17.�? up a Chai it Llor Hitler today opened he Many a great Auto show with the appointment a new chief to motorcar Industry and a declare Don that raw materials previous imported were a no longer need Baryt to Germany. He announced the appoint net colonel Adolf von Schell Asti new Auto fuehrer with full Pom a,1 a out i 1 a Felting the Industry under a hire Point plan to satiny the demand so too too germans for Auto mobiles. Hitler Rode at the head Parade new car models to Tolj a Hihi Rion Hall where he told it officials and 1.000 Auto motor Plant employees Quot under our four year plan ii materials have been produced t Dependently foreign sources. Quot this has led to new invention tremendous in some cases revolutionary import. So much that raw materials we used to ii port from abroad no longer a1 necessary to us even if they unrestricted Day at our disposal. Quot we not Only succeeded in Rai lug to a High level the con scion Ness Power and strength tile German people but also but ,.riiik in j ii it by r i .11 a production As a consequence. Quot we 80,000,000 germans bal now such tremendous consume it capacity that the conditions technical and commercial prod lion has undergone improvement. Quot Domestic need motor cd has become enormous. Quot this demand inuit he satisfy under the following condition first the automobile is not a hide but a common Nece Saif second prices must adapt the selves to the Broad masses sited Iii oms. Third the rn.11 people must have Roundel in thir own Home made ears. A i personals friends Peter Graves North Hamilton Street Extension will be sorry to learn that he is ill at his Home. Leonard Gripper is Iii at his Home Hilltop Street. Tiling worker to Jive Bow party time willing workers club women memorial a. E. Church will sponsor a Bow party at the parsonage Eccles Street this evening Friday at 8 clock. Air scout troop 18 entertained the troop committee girl scout troop is gave a party for the troop in the girl scout room William Penn High school tuesday evening. The officers the troop Are mrs. E. P. Wilson Captain. Miss Evelyn Deberry and mrs. Cd l j Starks lieutenants and troop committee mrs. Usanee Young chairman. Mrs. A. Greenwood mrs. C. E. Yokely mrs. C. R. Deberry and mrs. Andrew Corbett. Doughton is ill with Grippe in Washington Washington feb. 17�?d the condition represent Tive Doughton cd Noil nay a ital Here was report to be very satisfactory today . George w. Calver Cape physician. Doughton was taken to Hospital late yesterday after Atta k Grippe developed la bronchitis. Or. Waiver reported Dought chairman the House ways Means committee and Dean a lie North Carolina conure used a i a pm. La i spent a Quot it Good associates . Calver Doughton would he out to Petal within a few Days. Or. Houghton and a Paughf re a Doughton Are ill with Grippe. White Pine quartet to sink at St. Mathew sunday the White Pine quartet Winston Salem will sing at St. Mathew c. E. Church Corner Hay and Leonard streets sunday afternoon at 3 clock. A cordial invitation is extended to All. Personal Dan Miller 607 Fairview Street has recovered from a recent illness. Rev. J. Ii. Ballard is quite ill at his Home. 431 Meredith Al Lect. Inc Lish Street curb Marke just arrived from Thel land Sunshine mixed Load fruits and vegetables. Polk e theft Vuk Tim Charlotte feb. 17.�? up a police reported a thief invaded their head Quai ters Here broke into the locker officer John s. Hord and took a service pistol. S i a p. D 72i Pound Engle the speiker Elon College. Feb. 17.�? up a John j. Ingle Winston Salem will be the alumni speaker tile Elon College commencement program in May. Okra is h d wipe 3 it tomatoes 25< Berg head lettuce .5< turnip Pound salad 5< sire Florida bund celery_5 fresh Cima 2 la be ans. 25 Good Sweet to Obj potatoes 15< Irish no. I Fobber to cd potatoes 19c Hunch bund beets 5c Bauld i i St to it 24 cd flour 65c California 2 Bundu carrots 15c new red tills 7 la j potatoes 25c round strings tender 2 lbs be ans 15c Tai w m if your child were a Rascal like a Chuck Quot finn How would you handle him tickets to movie s everybody knows about Mark Twain s great american boy Char Arter a Huckleberry finn a the boy who would rather go fishing j than to school who was tip to All i kinds Devil ment but Olio withal was wholes Mely sound. That character is now being played the screen by Mickey Rooney in a the adventures Huckleberry As a Parent you probably have some notions How you would handle a boy like Quot Huck Quot How by modern correctional methods Why Schomogy you would arrest his irresponsible ways More quickly. For the Best letter iou words less How you would handle a mischievous Bey. We offer As first prize a two weeks pass to the Center theatre second prize a one week s pass and the next three prizes one ticket each to see Quot Huckleberry mail your letter to Huckleberry film editor care Center theatre this is unquestionably Mickey Rooney s happiest role. He is the perfect personification Huckleberry finn and so stand is his performance that the producers have starred him in the picture. It. i it a t cd i Milti v vat i hoi eggs 1%_45c pet milk 25c 8 Small 4 Large milk fed Bourn Frye is 22c let Uez Grapefruit. .21 Pine 6 i kindling .25 phone 6221 and be convince free delivery we refuse to be under sol

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