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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 14, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain Snow Friday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 45 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon february 14,1974 40 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c White House refuses material Washington special watergate a prosecutor Leon Jaworski said today the White House has refused to provide him with additional evidence for his investigations. The announcement was the first Public acknowledgement by a Faworski that the White House had flatly refused to continue providing material he has sought. A spokesman Tor Jaworski Saki the prosecutor has informed the chairman of the Senate judiciary committee sen. James o. Eastland d-mftss., of the refusal. A the production of the additional evidence for the watergate investigation requested of the White House since Jan. 9, has now been refused by letter from or. James a St. Clair who advised us that he was acting at the direction of the the spokesman said. The presidential decision to Cut off the prosecutor from further Access to tapes and documents he has requested set the stage for a new conflict Jaworski ret used comment on whether he would subpoena the material he wants from presidential Hies. By Oil nations Arab ministers Are sent to . It s enough a Solzhenitsyn gestures to newsmen Early this morning when he wanted to go for walk with Boll Solzhenitsyn turns aside All questions a wire photo Lage Broich. West Germany apr telegrams letters Flowers and offers of residence poured into this Small West German town today for for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Following Are some answers provided by readers to questions appearing in our Quot january clearance Quot on Jan. 31. Somebody wanted a recipe for a mixture that can be used for a substitute for eggs. They have been advertising on to and think it is available at food world. Somebody wanted the words to the song Quot the deck of i have a 45 rpm record with this song on it. They can Call me at 885-9541 and get in touch with me i will let them have the record and borrow it and if they want a tape recording of it. Thank you. Anon someone wanted the words to the song Quot deck of cards i have a record with the words on it and they can get in touch with me. Thank you. D. S., 454-1934. The question about cooking in a Black pot and How to keep things from turning Black. My grandmother told me that an Iron pot should not be used unless it had been properly seasoned and to do that you place it in the fire or fireplace until it turns red and then you take it out and it should be Black then Wash it. The More you use it seasoned with shortening the food will be Good cooked in it and Hope this will help. About the person that needs stainless jewelry i know a Man Richard Kirkman 1711 West Meadowview Road in Greensboro n. 27403 who makes this jewelry and his phone number is 299-1652 or the person asking the question May Call me after 5 30 of clock and my number is 869-2917. Thank you. T. M. I make spoon rings and some of this stainless steel jewelry not All of it but some. Charlie Simpson 3433 Imperial drive 869-4085. The person who wanted to know who made spoon rings Well i make very Good ones. Gordon Hopkins 205 Gatewood. Apt. The Cream Rose dairies was started in High Point and it was in the Allen Jay Section and started sept. 8,1925 by mayor polks. Note the name sounded like Quot polks Quot on the recorder but the City clerks office said the mayor that year was h. A. Moffitt. In answer to when you play Ping Pong and you spin the Ball on the other Side of the table and it bounces Back without your opponent hitting it Back. It is the Point of the Man that hit the Ball on the other Side. It is just like the Ball hitting that Side and going out of Bounds. M. D. Someone asked who wrote Quot Stormy weather and who was the first to sing it. The words were written by ted Koehler and the music was written by Harold Arlen. The first person to sing it was Ethel Waters who introduced it at the Cotton club in Harlem in 1933. Duke Ellington was also with her when she introduced it. This came from variety music cavalcade 3rd edition and an Ethel Waters Book. Someone also asked about James Mccord. He was born july 26, 1924 and holds degrees from the University of Texas and George Washington University. From 1951 to 1971 he worked for the Cia and he retired in 1971 to Start his own Security consulting business Mccord associates inc in Rockville my. He taught a seminar entitled Industrial retail Security at Montgomery College the Pogo jumping record Given in the latest guinness Book of world records was made by Steven Newman age 12, of great Haywood near Stafford England. He completed 11,052 jumps on june 27, 1971. To the girl who asked Quot where can i go or what can i do to meet More Guys from 18 to 22 who Are not married or going steady a the Friendship club meets at the Owca on be action line on 3 a exiled soviet author Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Quot i done to have time to read the mail a Solzhenitsyn said. Quot if i started to read the mail i have received Here i would hardly have time to breathe a Solzhenitsyn will not be a pauper. The Paris newspaper France soil estimated the Nobel prize Winner who was exiled after writing about the terrors of soviet labor Camps has at least $6 million in Book royalties outside Russia. And the Nobel foundation said in Stockholm he could pick up the $80,000 he was awarded when he won the 1970 Nobel prize for literature. Solzhenitsyn was stripped of his soviet citizenship and exiled to West Germany wednesday. He is staying Here at the country Home of German novelist Heinrich Boll. Speculation was rampant about where Solzhenitsyn would Settle. Some countries already were offering him residence. He has not said where he wants to live. The author posed cheerfully for news photographers today but turned aside questions from newsmen with a flood of russian and the words Quot Genus a Enugu a German for enough. Quot i have Given enough in my own country a he said. A there i spoke. Here i remain Boll said he and his guest had a Long discussion wednesday night but he did not elaborate. The Village of Lage Broich is 18 Miles Southwest of Bonn. Boll a Nobel prizewinner like his guest indicated Solzhenitsyn would make no further statements until his wife and three children got out of Russia. Following the writers expulsion from his Homeland wednesday Tass the soviet news Agency announced that his family could join him Quot when they deem it but Boll said Solzhenitsyn was suspicious of this. Solzhenitsyn left the newsmen to Telephone his wife with whom he had not talked since his arrest at their Moscow apartment tuesday. After a 15-minute conversation she told newsmen in Moscow he was tired but in Good health. Quot we intend to follow him see Solzhenitsyn on 2a Algiers a a four nation Arab Summit conference decided today to Send the saudi arabian and egyptian foreign ministers to Paris and Washington to discuss the conditions for Syria s participation in peace talks with Israel. Arab sources reported saudi arabian foreign minister Omar Sakkas and egyptian foreign minister Ismail Fahmi were to begin their Mission almost immediately. The sources said the leaders of saudi Arabia Egypt Syria and Algeria reached agreement on the conditions under which Syria would end its Boycott of the Geneva talks. If these conditions Are met. Syria presumably would take the next step toward a military disengagement with Israel by publishing the names of its israeli prisoners the sources added the Summit ended less than 24 hours after it opened. Algerian president Houari Boum Dienne apparently had been urging King Faisal of saudi Arabia to maintain the Oil embargo against the United states according to hints coming out of their meeting with the presidents of Egypt and Syria As the four Arab chiefs of state met in the algerian capital wednesday night the official Algiers newspaper Al Mou Jahid said ending the embargo would look like a surrender to american threats. It added that the United states wants the embargo lifted More to humiliate the arabs than to obtain More Oil. President Anwar Sadat of Egypt has been urging the Arab Oil states to ease the embargo because of Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger a help in getting the Suez canal liberated from the israelis. The fourth attendant at the Summit meeting president Hafez Assad of Syria was reported urging Faisal to continue the embargo until Israel agrees to return some of the territory it took from Syria. Faisal is the key Man because his country has the world s biggest Oil reserves. Another major Arab producer Kuwait has been acting in tandem with him. Of the other major Arab Oil countries Libya and Iraq both oppose lifting the embargo. King Faisal chats with algerian president Boum Dienne they Are shown after arrival at Algiers Airport wednesday a wire photo activists offer to negotiate hears should not comply says Saxbe Rescue try urged Berkeley Calif. Apr atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe said in Washington today that he does no to think the family of newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst should comply with the demands of her kidnappers. He also said authorities should attempt to Rescue the girl if they find where she is being hidden. Saxbee a comments came less than a Day after a coalition of activist groups Here offered to negotiate for the release of the 19-year-old daughter of newspaper executive Randolph a. Hearst. Saxbe said he believes Federal authorities can identify most of the kidnappers who say they Are members of the sym ionese liberation army. A i certainly recommend any compliance with such vague and unrealistic demands a what they Are asking is even beyond the ability of government to perform a Saxbe told reporters. The Sla has demanded that her father arrange to provide $70 Worth of free food to each poor person in California. Hearst said he is preparing a counteroffer but believes it impossible to Quot everything in my Power Quot to set up a limited food distribution program this week but he expressed doubts about his ability to comply fully with the Sla s request. Nixon plans stump speech key Biscayne Fla. Apr president Nixon Back in the Balmy Southland where he has found some of his most receptive audiences plans his first stump speech of the year As part of a continuing Effort to overcome his watergate handicaps. Nixon was featured speaker today on the dedication program for a pioneering automated health care Center at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami. Aides said he would plug his National health insurance proposal in this his first Public appearance outside Washington since last november. The president staying at his Home Here for what is billed As a weekend business trip will do More stumping monday joining gov. George c. Wallace at Huntsville ala., for an Honor America Day rally. Mrs. Nixon who was Here with her husband and daughter Tricia Cox told reporters in Washington tuesday night that More trips Are in the offing. She did not elaborate. Since watergate problems overtook him nearly a year ago Nixon periodically has been advised by some aides to travel and speak extensively throughout the country. Some have told him he should in effect be Nixon on 2a comply fully with a program estimated to Cost As much As $400 million. The activist coalition is comprised of six groups named by the kidnappers to act As observers in the food Giveaway program a precondition to negotiating for miss hearses release. The coalition is comprised of six groups named by the girls kidnappers the sym ionese liberation army to act As observers in a Multi million Dollar food Giveaway to californians needy. The Sla has set the food distribution As a precondition to negotiating for the Young woman s release. Miss Hearst a father newspaper executive Randolph a. Hearst. Said wednesday he will try to comply at least in part with the kidnapper so demands. But he said he did not see How he could meet the costs of such a program which he said could go As High As $400 million. The coalitions offer to negotiate followed a Day Long meeting wednesday the Rev. Cecil Williams told a news conference at his Glide memorial methodist Church in san Francisco. The Glide Church is among the six groups named by the Sla to act As observers. The others Are the american Indian movement aim Lack teachers caucus Raleigh a North Nairobi College of East Palo Carolina motorists were Alto Calif., United prisoners Given a 30-Day Extension Union and National welfare today in meeting the deadline rights organization. For displaying 1974 License Williams said the groups tags offer was made Boyd c. Miller independently although commissioner of motor several people had spoken vehicles set the deadline for with the Hearst family. Midnight March 15. Miller Hearst meanwhile sought said the Extension would to assure his daughter and apply to All vehicles her captors through a news regardless of their size or conference that he would do Type registered in North Carolina. Ii the Extension was a Ai m.1 t a i i authorized wednesday by the what s inside i general Assembly which rushed through approval of amusements.41 emergency legislation bridge12b requested by the division of classified ads4-1 id motor vehicles. Comics3d Miller said the Extension crossword.8b was granted a primarily editorials4a because of the Large number financial2a 0f n0rth Carolina trucks obituaries.2d which have been tied up sport Sec. C outside the state because of television. 9b a recent truck women a news1-7b a the great majority of weather.3a North Carolina truckers have obviously i done to see How i can meet a $400 million program a he said. Hearst added Quot what i am trying to say is that i believe the important thing for them to know is that i am going to Patricia Hearst in recent photo a wire photo do everything i can to comply with their demand and if that s not enough. I can t help it. In be done every thing i can in an emotional news conference the father told the 19vear-old girl Quot hang in there Honey. The family will do everything we can to get you weeping softly at the Side of her husband. Mrs. Hearst said in words also directed to miss Hearst Quot i know god will bring you Back Quot mrs. Hearst told newsmen she has received More than $1 million from Well wishers for her daughters release. The demand for $70 Worth of food for each needy californian was made in a letter received tuesday from the sym ionese liberation army whose members dragged the girl away from her apartment near the University of California on feb. 4 the Fri called it the first political kidnapping in . History motorists get 30-Day Extension on licenses been caught in a situation where they were unwillingly prevented from returning to North Carolina in time to obtain the 1974 License tags prior to the original feb. 15 deadline Quot Miller said. The Extension was made applicable to All vehicles to eliminate any Chance for confusion Over size and weight of vehicles Miller said. In other action wednesday the Senate passed and sent to the House a Bill which rewrites portions of the states 1973 Law relating to the involuntary commitment of mental patients. Sen. Fred Folger a Surry said the measure was intended to make last years legislation a More the Bill makes three major changes in procedures for involuntary commitment. It would allow any person to seek commitment of a men tally ill person who is Quot imminently dangerous to himself or current Law says the involuntary commitment action must be initiated by a Law enforcement officer. The measure also provides that after an initial commitment hearing in the per songs Home county subsequent hearings could be held at the state Hospital where the person is held. Current Law requires All hearings to be held in the persons Home county. The other major change would allow the subject to have hearings on his release at More frequent intervals than under the current Law. The Senate also passed and sent to the House a Bill by sen. J. Russell Kirby d Wilson which would revise state Law providing a $600 allowance to children of deceased parents in the first year following the parents deaths

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