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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny warmer More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 41 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon february 13,1974 78 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Heads for author s Home Solzhenitsyn sent to West Germany Holshouser changes tax stance Bonn Germany apr Alexander Solzhenitsyn arrived in West Germany today after being forced to leave the soviet Union following his arrest in Moscow on tuesday an Airport spokesman announced. The Nobel prize author flew from Moscow aboard a soviet Airliner that taxied to a far Corner of Frankfurt Airport beyond the View of waiting reporters. Solzhenitsyn a presence on the plane was confirmed by the Airport spokesman newsmen were barred from approaching the plane a in the interest of or. Solzhenitsyn a the Airport spokesman said. Earlier a spokesman for West German author Heinrich Boll also a Nobel prize Winner had said Solzhenitsyn was expected to travel to bolls country House in the Eifel mountains. These Are located Between Frankfurt and Bonn on the West Side of the Rhine River. Bolls country House in the Eifels was cordoned off by police. Government spokesman Ruediger Vonwechmar announced in the capital that the Kremlin had informed Bonn that Solzhenitsyn would be coming there. He said the government was prepared to accept the russian writer. Vonwechmar said it was not yet known whether Solzhenitsyn would Settle permanently in West Germany. In Moscow Solzhenitsyn a wife said she heard rumours that her husband had been forced into exile in West Germany but that she would not believe them unless soviet officials told her it was so. Natalya Svetlovs the writer s wife was still without news of Solzhenitsyn nearly 24 hours after police burst into their Moscow apartment and seized him. The West German embassy in Moscow said it had no information about Solzhenitsyn a deportation. Officials said the embassy was not involved. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Officers watching q. I want to report speeding cars coming past our House. I almost got hit by one and it could have been a child. Would somebody come Down and put some signs to keep people from speeding so my children can be Safe. This is a new development. Mrs. R. B. A. An officer has been assigned to work radar at this location says a police department spokesman and the traffic engineers were informed. Crossing guards q. When the school crossing guards pass away what does the family do with the clothes that they used on their jobs and i would like to find out. Thank you. Mrs. Anon. A. When the guards die or leave their jobs their clothes Are turned in to the police Academy. Sgt. Branson is in charge of the school guards and if there Are any further questions done to hesitate to Call him. No use for marijuana q. Outside of being classified As a narcotic does marijuana have any medical value whatsoever . A. Ken Burleson chief pharmacist of High Point memorial Hospital says that marijuana has no medical use at this time. The Active drug in marijuana is the. Current experiments include using it As a treatment for glaucoma and at Chapel Hill dogs Are being used to Check for possible medical benefits of the. Past experiments have included using the As an anti Hyp Tensive agent an analgesic for migraine headaches and for certain psychological disorders. None of these has met with any positive results but experiments with the and marijuana itself Are continuing. Home Gardener q. In a planning to turn my Back Yard into a vegetable Garden this year and think i should have the soil tested before i Plant anything. How and where do you Send the samples or. Is. A. You can Send a request for a kit to John Crawford agricultural agent 3309 Burlington Road Greensboro. He will Send a soil Sample Box and an information Sheet for use in sending the samples to the soil testing Laboratory department of agriculture in Raleigh. A soil analysis and recommendation is usually received within to Days or so. The service is free. You May also be interested in attending the talk on organic gardening this thursday night at the chamber of Commerce building. Henry Tager of Greensboro will explain How to prepare the soil using composted matter How to control weeds and insects and How gardening can Benefit All Ages. There a no charge for the talk which starts at 7 30. Indications Are there la be More Home gardens planted this year than there were in world War ii Days when Victory gardens were everywhere. Acc historian q. Where can i get a history of acc basketball and football such As the records year after year and where could i get a record of All the super bowls of each individual game who won by How Many Points in Jbf and stuff like that thank you very much. Or. . A try writing Marvin a a Skeeter Francis at the Atlantic coast conference office in Greensboro for acc information. The address is . Box 6271, Summit station Greensboro 27405. The Best National football league information Book is the a Fly a official record manual. The nil league office address is 410 Park Avenue new York . 10022. Alexander Solzhenitsyn soviet officials refused to Tell mrs. Solzhenitsyn where the 55-year-old novelist was or what charges if any were being placed against him. Eugen Gruetzbach a journalist who acts As bolls Secretary in Bonn said Solzhenitsyn was travelling by car to bolls Retreat about 18 Miles Southwest of Bonn. Informed sources in Bonn said earlier they knew that Solzhenitsyn was deported by soviet authorities. The authors arrest in Moscow climaxed a virulent official press radio and television Campaign against Solzhenitsyn since his Book reviewing soviet police terror a Quot gulag archipelago a was published in Paris six weeks ago. Neither Tass the official news Agency Moscow radio nor any Moscow papers mentioned the arrest today. Solzhenitsyn in a statement prepared in anticipation of his arrest said he would keep silent if put on trial and a will not work one half hour for my oppressors a if sentenced to a labor Camp again. A in this Way i leave them the simple Choice of All tyrants to kill me quickly because i write the truth about russian history a said the Winner of the 1970 Nobel prize for literature who spent the years 1945-56 in a labor Camp and siberian exile Solzhenitsyn wife delivered his statement to Western newsmen tuesday night a few hours after seven policemen pushed into the couple s Moscow apartment and hauled him off. Mrs. Solzhenitsyn said an official telephoned four hours later said her husband had been arrested a not merely taken in for questioning a and gave no further information. Raleigh a the Holshouser administration signalled a change in its stance against a tax Cut measure today when a state official appeared before the Senate finance committee to speak in favor of a portion of the tax Relief package. This came when George Little assistant Secretary of natural and economic resources appeared before the committee to endorse phasing out of the tax on manufacturers inventories. The state official said the change in the administration position on the manufacturers portion of the inventory tax was decided on at a meeting with gov. Jim Holshouser tuesday. Little appeared after several speakers had urged passage of the entire tax package. Opponents of the Bill will be heard next wednesday. Little told the senators North Carolina is at a disadvantage in attracting new Industry because its neighbouring states have either Small or no tax on manufacturers inventories. The Bill would Grant retailers wholesalers and manufacturers state tax credits on their payment of local inventory taxes Grant additional exemptions for Low income families on state income taxes and provide for exclusions in reportable income of persons Over 65. Rep. Art Thomas. A Ca Barrus sponsor of the tax package said the inventory tax credits would Cost the state $13.7 million in the first year and would climb gradually to $68.6 million in the fifth year when the credit would be too per cent. Thomas told the Senate committee today the existing and Valo Reum inventory tax a is really a punishment for being in the retail wholesale or manufacturing business and has served As Quot an inhibiting Factor in an expanding the committee had scheduled presentations for and against the Bill today by 14 individuals. One opponent who was not listed on the committee Agenda a. Dawson of the North Carolina association of educators issued a prepared statement at the Start of the Public hearing in which he called for defeat of the tax program Dawson said the Nae traditionally has held a no changes in our tax Structure should be made which would reduce the Revenue available to state government until the people receive the services they need so a the Bill before you does not change the tax Structure or offer tax Reform. It is simply a tax reduction a reducing of the available Revenue a he said Summit held in Algiers Arab Oil meeting delayed indefinitely Tripoli Libya a the meeting thursday of Arab Oil ministers to discuss the Oil embargo on the United states has been postponed indefinitely government spokesmen announced today. A Brief communique broadcast by Tripoli radio said the postponement was a at the request of saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Foreign diplomats Here speculated the postponement was prompted by a four nation Arab Summit in Algiers. The leaders of Egypt Syria saudi Arabia and Algeria were gathering there to discuss what the algerian radio called a new and important developments since the Arab israeli War. There was widespread speculation Here that any decision on the Oil embargo against the United states would be made in Algiers. Postponement of the Tripoli meeting caught kuwaiti Oil minister Abdul Rahman Tiki in Beirut preparing to Board a plane for Tripoli a kuwaiti Simon bristles at Ash s Energy crisis statement Washington a it Federal Energy chief William e. Simon said in effect today that budget director Roy l. Ash should mind his own business. His comment was a response to ashes terming the Energy crisis a Short term problem. A perhaps i should Call a press briefing on the budget or maybe i should ask or. Ash to keep his Cotton picking hands off Energy policy a Simon said in response to a question about the prediction. Simon was interviewed briefly on the Ash matter on Abc tvs so a today program. Ash director of the office of management and budget had predicted tuesday that Long lines of cars around gasoline stations and other critical problems resulting from the Energy shortage will end this year. But Simon declined to comment on ending the Long lines saying it was a prognostication to do so. He said he doubted that ashes speculation would harm Simon s efforts to convince the Public that the Energy shortage is real. A i assume or. Ash meant that the embargo would be lifted and while the shortages would remain they would not be really As severe As they Are right now a Simon said. The Exchange recalled a similar squabble last september Between Treasury Secretary George p. Shultz and Melvin r. Laird then president Nixon Stop Domestic adviser. While Shultz was on a trip to Japan Laird in Washington announced a tax increase proposal prompting the Treasury official to respond a the president s adviser on Domestic affairs can keep his Cotton picking hands off Economy before making the comment. Shultz conferred by Telephone from Tokyo with his Deputy Secretary a William e. Simon. Ash on tuesday supported president Nixon s belief that the country will break the Back of the Energy crisis this year because Ash said see Simon on 2a William Simon spokesman in Beirut reported. Tiki immediately put off the trip. Egyptian president Anwar Sadat has in recent weeks reportedly been urging a lifting of the embargo because of the agreement Between Egypt and Israel on troop disengagement along the Suez canal. At the same time however syrian president Hafez Assad has reportedly been pressuring King Faisal of saudi Arabia to continue the Boycott until an israeli syrian disengagement pact is signed. President Nixon in his state of the Union speech placed great Hope on an a urgent meeting to be called a in the near future by the arabs to discuss the Oil embargo. It was presumed he meant thursdays conference in Tripoli. The postponement occurred As four Arab leaders gathered today in Algiers to discuss Oil matters and disengagement of syrian and israeli forces on the Golan Heights. The official algerian radio said the meeting in Algiers a attended by Sadat Assad King Faisal and president Houari Boum Dienne of Algeria a had been called to consider a new and important developments in the Middle East situation rationing information gathered by the associated press North Carolinas Moore in coun a today joined a growing list of Community Roy Ash sponsored gasoline rationing programs while a spokesman for the governors Energy office a a my i i ant said members of the staff Are a Prav i Alk stir Atherine formation i a i w i a a i in i in a w Iii y 0n programs in other states. Quot the information will be i a m m presented later to Gen. John a re Rich course unsure Jne gym it Anele airman the Washington a the 13-nation Energy conference resumed today after a 90-minute caucus of the common Market foreign ministers. There was no immediate word whether France had been persuaded not to break ranks and join the eight other common Market countries in responding to the . Call to Deal together with the world Oil problem. Serious differences Between France and All other participating nations remained tuesday evening when the conference was supposed to end. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger tried but failed to Sway his French opposite Michel Jobert to give up his opposition to a minor but essential Point the creation of a follow up mechanism to prepare a Hearst takes demands seriously Hearst parents face newsmen tuesday a wire photo by Jack Schreibman associated press writer Berkeley Calif. Apr a the father of Patricia Hearst says he is taking Quot most seriously a the demands of her abductors for $70 of free food for each of californians poor and elderly. He says he will do his Best to cooperate. The kidnappers demanded by letter that Randolph a. Hearst make the distribution of free food before they will even negotiate for the release of his 19-year-old daughter. The food would Cost an estimated $175 million a i want to get out of Here a the 19-year-old hostage said in an 11-minute recording that accompanied the sym ionese liberation army demands received by mail tuesday. A i just Hope you will do As they say dad and do it quickly a she said in a recording addressed to her Mother and father. Hearst is president and editor of the san Francisco examiner and Board chairman of the Hearst corp. Miss Hearst kidnapped on feb. 4, said she had a a few scrapes and stuff and a cold but was comfortable and getting Medicine. A i am not being starved or beaten or unnecessarily frightened a she said in a Small tired voice. The Sla demanded in a Long message that Hearst provide $70 Worth of meat and produce for the states poor disabled elderly and formerly imprisoned. The food would be an a action of Good Faith a from Hearst said another voice on the tape which described Hearst As a the corporate chairman of a fascist leaning Empire of the ultralight Hearst the state estimates 2.5 million persons Are receiving welfare benefits in California. Hearst said a we Are of course taking the demands most seriously. We Are doing All within our Power to regional Fri agent in charge Charles Bates said Quot this is something or. Hearst is going to have to answer. We Are going to do nothing to hassle these people the Sla. We done to intend to arrest anybody is Hearst on 2 a Moore county in the second conference where states san Hills joins producers and Consumers Burlington and Havelock in would sit together. An Odd even rationing system a the question is whether that was instituted by the there will be some ongoing state of Oregon action after this conference this provides for motorists ends or will it be something with Odd numbered License that folded up its tent a one plates to Gas up on Odd num american Diplomat said. Breed Days and the same for american and common motorists with even Market experts worked numbered plates on the even tuesday night to coordinate Days their separate drafts of a Moore county service Sta comm que. There was notions also Are being asked to immediate indication that sell gasoline Only to those Jobert would accept customers with less than half whatever Compromise so a tank Lution the experts produced. In a development tuesday yet diplomatic observers legislation was introduced in and american officials the North Carolina general maintained that the Assembly calling for a conference must end by voluntary statewide gasoline midday today and that there allocation system will be a communique a Resolution sponsored by whether France will accept state sen. D. Livingstone it or not. Stallings a Craven Calls for monday the first Day of service station associations the conference exposed the and state and local officials wide Gap Between France to implement immediately a and the United states the statewide plan along the latter supported by a lines of the Oregon system surprising number of a similar proposal came Frances partners in the earlier from state sen. Common Market. Robert j. Barker a Wake. The Issue boiled Down to in another development the fundamental question All seven service stations in will there be transatlantic the Robeson county town of cooperation in the future or Pembroke were reported out will the United states and of Gas tuesday. Pembroke Western Europe go their police sgt. D. R. Godwin said separate ways motorists in the College town of 3,000 were having to drive 12 Miles to Lumberton or 13 ii Miles to Maxton to get Gas. What s inside jlun1 amusements a thursday to formulate a undue .12a rationing plan. Classified ads2-71 also in Charlotte tuesday comics .4e was another Day of Gas crossword i. 5e Hunting for Many anxious editorials 4a motorists. There were financial Al stations aplenty but few that obituaries .2d had any gasoline left. Spurts. Lac Charlotte generally in television .8a troubled before began to feel women a news Sec. H the bite of empty fuel pumps weather.3a last Friday

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