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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 10, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Juge eight Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center no a Hig h Point. North Carolina i Friday ternary to 1939 capital Short shots Premier Ballet dancer Bureau sir Walter hotel in Hunky xxx frill in it i l x n n in shut Raleigh. Feb. To. A All House members found on their desks yesterday neat cards showing one one Side statistics on illiteracy in North Carolina and on the other genres on illiteracy in the county from which each comes. The wage hour Bill was before the House. Grope Cherry had explained it. Victor Bryant a wanted to offer an amendment. A a won to you make that As a separate Hill a a asked major Cherry a rather than listen to or. Cherry explain the Bill again i will accede to his wishes a retorted or. Bryant. Ears perked up in agriculture committee yesterday when Charlie Cates member of the state Hoard of agriculture was talking about Lack of co operation on part of state College. A a i am reliably informed a said or. Cates. A that Frank Jeter director of publicity at the College asked both the news and observer and the Charlotte observer not to allow any articles or contributions from the state department to be used on the regular Mon Day morning farm he further stated that the Charlotte paper yielded to that request and Tim none of the department publicity is now allowed on the farm Pace in the observer. Or Cates does t think that is very cooperative. Wilmington a mayor Thomas e. Cooper in Raleigh to fight to get sales taxes off mules was extended House courtesies yesterday. One of the wettest of the wets. Tom conferred very genially with Iredell s Zeb Vance Turlington in the House lobby. One Highway diversion question got through the Senate without a Ripple. That was a special act providing for taking care of surplus water diverted i from highways. In spite of the action a few Days ago of the i Highway commission endorsing diversion of funds there is a i sizeable bloc in the Senate who still contend that diversion of j funds is by no Means As sure As i the administration thinks it is. See or phone us j f1,.g Ron Feron a committee re for roofing blow pipe. Hot air Numier. Port 0f the session was on the gutters Drain pies and Metal work of i 1 of it a Pmj the charter of the All kinds. Prompt attention Given to Jown of Kings Mountain. Sena apr Tai orders. For Cia re nor and representative Aiu j j r Tel mull soon got together. The. L. Hazard amp Johs in Jno i senator being a youngster and phone Piso or 4gs1 the representative a Veteran of 5031e. Gre n St. Saturday specials pork brains a it. To 3 lbs.25c Lamb roast in. 12 a croaker fish la. 5c beef Steak la Gray Trout la. 17tc pork ribs la 19c 16c mullets la. 15c pork sausage la 12 4 c oysters it. 29c veal chops la 124 c lard 4-lb Carton 33c cheese full Cream 15v2c United Market fresh fish and meats 206 North main St. Phone 2900 ads fed Are you a a Good shoppers a then look for these qualities when you buy crackers All foods served w Ith them caste better. Liner ingredients special salting a Jive premiums this freshness you w ant a Cracker that s Crunchy a that has lost none of its delicate flavor. You la find premiums fresher More tempting flavor because they Are baked in a a a nearby National biscuit company oven and rushed to your grocer. They come to von in a triple wrapped neg sealed package. Order a package of premiums from your food store for the flakiness a Mere s where premiums Shine extra shortening makes them extra Light and Flaky. 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Products of National biscuit company horizontal 1,5 Ballet dancer pictured Bere 12 weavers Frame. 13 radio tuner 14 vigor. 18 acidity. 17 wind. 18 Spain. 20 three 22 measure. 23 inspires reverence. 26 Odd Job. 28 dinner. 31 food Container. 32 before. 33 Snake. 35 River. 36 salad Herb. 38 Arrow Poison 40 Spruce. 42 language of Zambales. Answer to previous Puzzle 43 indians. 46 silk cloth. 48 grew rapidly. 51 learning. 52 Large Antelope. 53 makes lace. 54 building Sites. 56 native Metal. 57 half. 58 she was by birth. 59 she achieved Fame in. Vertical 1 Morin in Dye 2 new Star. 3 waste fiber. 4 yellow hammers. 6 publicity. 7 by Way of. 8 chemical compound. 9 Genus of swans. To existed. La measure of area. 15 scabies 17 she was an unusually performer. 19 to abstract 21 she was the Premier in her company pm. 24 Pale. 25 finale. 26 fold. 27 pronoun. 29 epoch. 30 to ventilate 32 first woman. 34 play on words 37 insertions. 39 list of officers 41 eagles claw 42 ringworm. 44 Balsam. 45 god of love. 47 Sailor. 49 Hooks. 50 auditory. 55 musical note. 57 Southeast. Local men to be honoured by Greensboro teachers look and learn state senator Thomas j. Gol representatives Rupert t. Pit ens. John a Caffey and join i t. Carruthersjr. Will be pm. Tomorrow evening at 6 30 a clerk of the Greensboro a Vori a Ion of classroom teacher at Aerial dinner meeting in Hon i if the Guilford county in pm lie of the general Assembly. The Mer tins will he held Greensboro College and or. Ltd a ook of woman a collect Chai Man of the governors comm. Ion on education will he prl1 Tejpal speaker. Chairman to i pc cock. Of the Greensboro a lotions legislative commute will preside. By a c Gordon legislative bouts the that a the Senate re it a a a port Wade from it the Senate was Liberal minded yesterday with respect to the terms of democratic county officers in counties which night go Republican. Local Hills wee i adopted under suspension of the rules extending the terms of county commissioner in Lincoln j am Graham count Les from two years to four years. And both i i Bills provided that comm Ision j j Ere elected in 1938, though pm two year terms Only should hold j office until those elected in 1942 j should qualify. A i1 i we i. A ii i 4 the joint committee on agr -1 culture has asked the l literal j i Assembly to invite Oscar John j Ston to address a joint session next Friday february 17 or j Johnston is the Man who 01-an j sized the Cotton Pool and who i a i now devoting most of his time and Energy to finding new uses i for Cotton so As to increase de i i Mand. Manager of the largest j Cotton farm in the world How i knows the Industry All through senator Clark of Edgecombe one of the largest Cotton growers in the state and the largest in the j legislature offered the motion to invite or. Johnston. 4 Lew is. Hew can i by Annec Ashley centuries of tradition behind rites for Pope continued from Page 5, Sec. A the chairmanship of the papal Secretary of state the sacred College of cardinals will undertake this election within eighteen Days. During the election and in the interim the cardinals will follow a strict protocol. In one meeting they will elect two prelates to deliver orations at the funeral and at the election of the new pontiff. But they will not hurry through to get to other business. Each of their sessions will have specific functions to perform. They will not crowd them in together. Selection of Barbers to shave them during their confinement in the electoral conclave drawing of lots for cells in that conclave appointment of a committee on cleanliness and decorum during the election which May last Many Days Are some of the traditional duties to be performed now. One of the curious tasks confronting the cardinals is the breaking of the Fisherman s ring taken from Pope Pius a Finger. This ring is a Gold band with an i ran Iii in crackers some of the following statements Are True some Are false. Which Are which 1. A tailors Sample of cloth is called a Swath. 2. Pineapples grow on Trees. 3. Leonardo a Vinci painted the Mona Usa. I. Tapioca is made from the cassava Plant. 5. A bitterling is a Small Bird. I. What Are the longitudinal my the transverse threads of a brio called i. What Wyoming River was ingerly called stinking water by indians and Early spiders ,1. When was the Brooklyn Bridge built 4. What is the name of Hie my in Call which gets Soldier it of bed in the morning 5. Who wrote a main Street Quot answers 1. The longitudinal threads Art Allej Warp Caine. Twist and it a a inc transverse Are Callet Eft. Shoot Woof filling and 2. The Shoshone River because. The odor from Mineral Spring b found along its Banks in to n sections. 3. In Issi specials fresh killed native and Western beef pork hums a a a a a Vii Iell. ?9 r native Back Bones Aud bibs la. 17k native beef liver Pound. ,. 20c pork shoulder a a or xxx Hole la. 16c veal and beef roast Pound. Loc steaks All cuts Pound. 25c Side pork Pound. 15c country eggs 3 Days old it dozen. 25c fryers Pound. Hens Pound. Roosters Pound. Dressed and drawn 23c 20c 16c free Seward s Market free delivery 117 East Commerce St. Phone 4972 a How Tan i freshen shoe. 11 it in to t n to a i i v a rub them with a Little Range juice or with the Orange Peel before it has dried. Q. How ran i remove stains from a vinegar cruet a. Pour ammonia into the met shake Well then add a lilt hot water anti shake again q How can i make a Good tuna fish Sandwich a. Tse equal parts of tuna so and celery mixed with Mayonnaise dressing. Chopped a Cee to Pepper will add to the flavor. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q. After Rei ving a in k tails in the living room should All the classes be removed before the guests return from the dining room a. Yes. Q. When should the Clergyman lie consulted about a wedding a. He should he consulted As soon As the plans for the wedding Are it Correct to say a Tho party who telephoned Thia morning said he would Calls a. No. Say. A the person or Man who telephoned by w l. Gordon words often misused do not use partake As a synonym for eat or drink. Partake Means to share with others. One May partake of a meal Writh other persons but one does not partake a meal by ones self. Often mispronounced mosaic. Pronounce Moza in o As in obey a As in Day i As in lick accent second syllable. Often misspelled transparent Par not pair. Synonyms inflate expand distend. Dilate enlarge. Word study a tse a word three times and it is i it us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each s word absolve to set j free or release As from some obligation or from the consequences of guilt. Quot John a absolved from All blame in the a device to prevent pilots from Landing when the wheels of his plane Are not in position automatically thumps the soles of his feet. Engraving of St. Peter fishing from a boat. Records show it was used As a Seal As far Back As the thirteenth Century. It will be Given to the new Pope in Token of the end of the a a a widowhood a of the Church. The voting for the new Pope will follow ancient rules. It will begin after the youngest Cardinal Deacon has dropped a double handful of wooden balls into a Violet Silken hag to select the scrutinizing committee. It will go on at a leisurely Pace two ballots being taken daily no More until someone receives a two thirds majority. Second trial for saying of hawn Newton feb. To. Up a testimony was started today in the second trial of three men and a woman charged with the slaying of r. O. Hawn three years ago. Hie defendants May Boyd and Sam Bost of Hickory James Jack Ennis of High Point and Mose Brown of Burke county pleaded innocent. A jury was drawn yesterday from a special venire of 125 Lincoln county men. The first hearing of the Case last november resulted in a mistrial. Hawn a former Hickory township Constable was found beaten to death in a Patch of Woods near Brookford the morning of february la1936. The airlines of the United states Fly in a Day almost twice As Many Miles As do the combined air lines of France Germany. Italy and the Netherlands they also transport 25 per cent More mail. Wife Slayer is adjudged insane by Hickory jury Hickory. Feb. pm a jury found Ernest i a be 36-year-old alleged wife Slayer of near Conover to be insane yesterday. Two physicians testified that in their opinion Lane was suffering from a mental disease. Judge Sam j. Ervin. Jr., committed to the state Hospital at Raleigh for treatment. Mrs. A Ines a body was found in bed. She had apparently been strangled to death. Lane Lay beside her. His wrists clashed. Says 1,000 teachers to attend protest meeting Raleigh. Feb. 10.�? apr miss Agues Mcdonald of Greensboro president of the North Carolina classroom teachers association said today 1,000 teachers Are expected to attend a meeting Here tomorrow Quot to let the Public know we Are working for restoration of salaries. A we want to express our views and get fixed clearly in the mind of the Public a he said a that we Are standing for this restoration of salaries. Big Bear More food less Money 109-111 East Washington South main Street Asheboro to. C. Your order delivered for 10c Libby fancy table peaches 2 Large 2i cans a a meats a to red Ibex Keast Bacon lbs a Quot Quot 21 Kresh Pok ii shoulder roast in. 15 Nike xxx Hite fat Back 2 lbs. 15 veal chops in. 15 pork liver in. 121 Eres ii meaty spare ribs in. Creamery Sutter in. A Isi on mix Keam cheese 2 lbs. Kex Nhek Xiv Este in steer Chuck roast in. 19 fresh pork chops in. M fancy Standard oysters pint a a 17 Chase and Sanborn Coffee self serve and save 15 30 33 fruits and vegetables la Koe solid lettuce 2 Heads 13 Golden bananas 4 lbs. 19 fancy Reen string less Beans 4 lbs. A a 25 Large Texas carrots Bunch a 5 Large bleached celery 2 stalks a 15 Sweet Juicy oranges Doz. A a to 10c i bakery department next York cheese cake in. 30c Cream pies each 25c whole xxx he it or butter Rolls Doz. Muffins Doz. A a 15c lady Baltimore xxx Ith Date and nit killing cake each a 48c Jelly Roll 6 for 25c i x bsds a la Oxx Roll each 20cjf Kim xxx Hole wheat bread loaf 9c groceries like Corn i St Oke the cob Del Maiz Niblett can 10c wheaties pkg. 11c Glt ick or regular Quaker Oats 3 pkg. 25c Gold medal milk 8 tasty Peanut butter a a �?~2 Corn flakes pkg. 5c Post tastiest pkg 13c Gem Flake crackers 2 Jar 21c Boma Oleo 2 suns in e ii base fruit juice a a 4sj 25c fresh Day old country eggs Doz. A 25c Standard pack tomatoes w Hite Loyer or Corn 4 a a. 22 c pure lard 8 Carnation Pink Salmon --2 i Stok Leys finest party peas Crisco a a 3 i Axel or Durk eels shortening 8 72c f l 0 u r 24 Eagle Plain or self rising a

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