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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina I germ killer weather Nightmare for Fra Washington a hex Aeh Dorophene. The potent germ killer suspected of causing brain damage is fast be i High Point Enterprise thursday february 3, 1972 3a a. Comments on Nixon peace plan attacked White House led gop senators denounce Muskie by Walter r. Mears troops the Only condition. Cheated that Muskie lacks the the Board increase in benefits High unemployment and he sap political writer j e said Nixon a did not 0ffer Wisdom the maturity and the and elimination of outside earn caused inflation and so now led by the White House five to Exchange our presence in sense f responsibility needed Ings restrictions. Bes going to ask for at a in lilt Urchin Anlauf is Ctm us in vac Hui Vui i t of i in Iii i a to coming a regulatory Nightmare republicans have joined in de Vietnam for the Freedom of our to guide this nation during the Mcgovern also reported he cry a a for the food and drug admin bouncing sen. Edmund s. Mus prisoners. Instead he Laid Down 1970s a spent $4,380 on his Campaign y of is ration Kie for a Campaign speech Dis additional conditions a general sen. Peter Dominick r-colo., for presidential support among ony Ais a a a a a Shire to a a in settlement of All outstanding is said it was incredible that mus precinct delegates elected in Angeles mayor also in new hamper Mpa Ign for the orchestrated by behind Muskie Lindsay. Senate and House democrats Lindsay the and John v Bever for the ailing american Economy suffering from his faulty diagnosis and mistaken to rna the t a a i we r missing president Nixon s in 3cjuciiicm us ail i Jollu Lulf 10 Aiu a a a a warning against of the antl.i�5 ends a ?.��?� ceasefire in All of Kin a Tor the most blatant parti Arizona and his political y Harte Ial skin Loans or for failures. san purposes would try to in dilator asked other contenders the Nixon economic recovery bathing Newborn babes May to. F Quot 3 f fort a Quot a a a found it inbred Ermine Quot Nixon program for to file account of their spend j Japart ally to blame for a rash of trim id a blk that Hll a Quot a in amp ugh Vale Nam infection outbreaks in Hospital k in of Lik called an instrument of War Republican sources said the Mcgovern finished third in i i i of Lonu series across the country. La he enl Fth Arii thai p011 Durins the Johnson and congressional reaction state the Arizona Delegate elections. Hoak la Lino i Mig Twenty Tow government offi he a Appling blatantly for ministration a a would have the men s we e Orch. Quot we ill Iii in i i Iii vials and paediatricians huddled votes from the left Wing of his e. F a c .nusc1 it Flash to v v. W f irs a a hrs wednesday to. A a american people and denounce Senate and House democrats. Lindsay the new York the National weather ser highs Friday will be Only in High reports of 74 cases of pour Republican senator the one president who has meanwhile were preparing for mayor told newsmen he does no to vice suggests that North Caro the upper 30s. Chance of pre staphylococcal skin infections. And House cop Leader Gerald a a ,0 us it it the Iet 8 fund raising dinner in feel he is doing badly in the a Lina Farmers still waiting for a capitation is 20 per cent to Mot of them termed minor in r Ford issued statements a Nam quagmire a Washington tonight hoping it tonal running nothing is few Days of cold weather to night dropping to Zero Friday. 22 Hospital nurseries since a a Cusing the democratic presi sen. J. Glenn Beall or. Of would produce $7.>0.000 for their locked up until the voter s voice temperatures Are expected to onside Survey began less than dental candidate of trying to Maryland said a the american 1372 congressional Campaign is heard Lindsay said on the to remain quite cold through two weeks ago. Although All improve his political status at Peoples memory is Good in other Campaign develop eve of his departure today for the weekend but a warming had stopped routine hex Chloro the expense of Nixon a efforts enough to remember sen m is merits Campaign stops in trend is expected to begin Phene a cps bathing of babies to end the War. Kie a role in our tragic in Mcgovern sen. George setts and Florida. Monday. Hundreds of other which also a this is the worst kind of evolvement in the War in South Mcgovern of South Dakota Hamik of a Indiana had stopped the 22-year-old Gutter said sen. Wil East Asia. Campaigning in new a nip Vance Hartke said in new temperatures practice reported no outbreaks. Ham e Brock Iii of Tennessee Robert j Dole in Kan Shire to led for an overhaul of Hampshire that Despi e i Resi the crr Niin conclusion White House press Secretary Sas. The Republican National the social Security system in Dent Nixon a pledge not to ask by the associated press fur her Udics Are Nefdt Ronald i. Ziegler said Muskie a chairman said the speech in eluding a 20-per-cent across or higher taxes Quot he s caused 24 hour ending it 7 . Est determine the risk to Benefit a remarks a were not worthy of Butcher hogs should heat up the scalding pot. It looks like now is the Best Chance. The forecast for the High Point area is for occasional rain or showers today with the rain ending Early tonight and becoming partly Cloudy and colder Friday. Highs today were expected to be in the Low to mid 40s, with lows tonight dropping into the mid to upper 20s. The forecast Massa Ehu sen need a haircut Trust the professionals open Mon Fri. 8-6 p a the London House 44 i n Wrenn phone 882 9426 ,.u station h l Asheville Snow 40 34 Augusta rain 40 43 Charleston Cloudy 48 45 Charlotte rain 40 35 Columbia rain 44 41 Greensboro rain 34 32 or tin of careful Short term use of c moment then called it re hex Chloroprene in Newborn in gettable and unfortunate that ome Public figures chose to re in the meantime the group Jet lie Nixon terms a before a i said the government will stand Hanoi has a a in Pat on its warning not to Bathe a now is not the time for Par-08 babies routinely with such Tisa ship to be put above the Greenville s c. Rain 45 37 .20 three per cent hop solutions As cause of said Ziegler 39 36 09 Phish hex. 50 45 t marijuana sentence is reduced Raleigh api a Rob the Republican counterattack Drew More attention than the original speech in which Muskie told 150 Church women wednesday that the i United states should set a Date for total military withdrawal from Indochina with release of is. Prisoners and safety of the North Carolina Occa Raleigh rain signal rain or showers today Savannah rain with possible thundershowers Wilmington fog 46 42 on the coast. Highs Low 40s. Mountains to Low 50s South three Day forecast coast. Rain ending from the West late today and tonight be North Carolina extended out coming partly Cloudy and cold look saturday through monday Friday. Rain possibility changing mostly sunny but cold Satur to Snow before ending in the Day. Chance of Snow in the mountains with scattered Snow mountains Early sunday but flurries in the mountains Fri turning to rain during the Day. Day. Lows tonight 20s Moun rising temperatures sunday Eson county Man will have i gains to Low 40s outer Banks and monday. Chance of rain three to five year prison term highs Friday Low 30s Moun Over the state monday. Lows on reduced to six months because gains to mid 40s East. Saturday morning will be the Las general Assembly a Carru Ranni Iva around to in the mountains and diced the penalty for possess judge John Larkins sentenced a. It t teens and mid 20s elsewhere me marijuana George Eugene Brown a signal rain a it a. Possibly be saturday mostly mid 30s the North Carolina court of Raleigh lawyer to five years in said Edmont work and to Low 40s lows on sunday and Appeal ruled wednesday that prison wednesday on Xix counts Ains and Piedmont before end Momma will averaged asn0,d Mcintyre must be of trying to defraud an insure it Whitlow j Tike Tun ins and or the Benefit of the cd Nee once company Cise 20 s to Low elsewhere ruths it we quote where. Sunny and colder pro will average mostly 40s on Sun Mcm i d convicted Anet co that he represented lawyer gets five years Raleigh a Federal Day highs mostly 40s. Dav and mostly 50s monday. Filling station men fight Over customer Statesville. Nolc. It a Long related that rather than two filling station operators shift his moving Van. He de fought with club and pistol tided to drive on to another wednesday apparently in the station. About two blocks away mistaken belief that one had he said. He rolled into the Sta taken a customer from the oth Tion run by Painter or. Courain quoted Long As say James Alton Painter. 34. Of it or Painter then came Riding orator of the first station into in Parsons station in his which the truck Driver custom pickup truck and the tw0 men or had pulled was shot twice in dad words. He related that the Chest and once in an Arm. Painter then went to his truck Cap. Mike Courain of the and Parsons end Imp he slam Iredell county sheriffs depart lot a Quoter Rel urn no Mon said the other station of we a a club and Parsons we a orator James Parsons was charged with assault with a the truck Driver could not deadly weapon with intent to who hit first or shot first. resulting in serious injury. C.ra n. Sad by Al Paimer was he was released on $.u00 Bond rushed f Statesville Hospital ,. With Bullet wounds. Parsons Courain said the truck Driver. Was a catch a Ano her Hosp to Eugene Long ,2. Of Neodesha for an abrasion. And released Kansas told he was at the. In Robeson Superior court last four persons Hurt in a Raleigh May of possessing More than Auto Accident the witnesses a one Gram of marijuana a Fel said he asked the company to on under the old state Law. Pay damages to the four. While the Case was on a rut persons involved in the peal the general Assembly re Accident and a Raleigh police diced the penalty for posses officer testified Only two per Sion to a kids Demeanour with a sons were injured in the Acci maximum sentence of six Dent and said that Brown did months. Not represent them. Friedman s jew february Sunbeam electric Shaver wrong pump and would have to move to another. Five Gas Are killed in Vietnam Saigon a the i s command reported today that five americans were killed and 22 were wounded in Indochina fighting last week. The death toll was close to the average for the past three months and it was the 17th consecutive week of less than to combat deaths. The weekly casualty summary also said seven americans died of causes not Connate with enemy action. Casualty figures for the previous week were two killed and 30 wounded in action and four deaths from no hostile causes. The South vietnamese command said 292 of its troops were killed last week and 661 were wounded both less than the totals for the previous week. Enemy losses also dropped slightly from 978 in the previous week to 929 last week. South vietnamese military Headquarters said. The Allied commands now have reported these total casualties for the year. Americans�?45,644 killed in action 302,571 wounded 10.058 dead from no hostile causes. South vietnamese�?139,094 killed 301,213 wounded. North vietnamese and Viet Cong-793,416 killed. Gift excitement police a radio Barber Type trimmer pro i vide clean Cut sideburn and Quot touch up Quot grooming. Surgical steel Blades give clean close shaves. Flip top Latch for easy cleaning. Our prices and Quality Are guaranteed of you find a better value within 30 Days return your Purchase to us for a full refund heard Here around the Dock listening excitement. Automatically that s what the Regency Mon Toradio / scanner gift glues. Turn it on. 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Standard 15. 20, 25, 30 amp size. 4j3& or 49 no tip pet f elder t win bowl heavy Pla tic. 4-in. Deep Mem or 49 pm. 183-1421 charge it on 2m.n Quot in so convenient terms Point . 2 j

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