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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Saturday february 3, 1010the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Juge Point North Carolina Page five the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the fam ii Cross word Puzzle Shadow Star a serial Story the Captain s daughter by Helen Worden copyright. 1040. Nea service. Inc la horizontal i pictured the late actor Douglas �?--9 hut face a wreathed in a constant a ill portico ll4 snaky fish 16 Wrath i7 in a vertical line 8 Small wild of 19 knotted. 21 thoroughly proficient. 22 climbing plants 74 go on music 28 Sand Hill. 27 postscript �?�28 Type Standard 29 prescribes punishment. 82 nay. 33 measures of length. 84 old French measure. Answer to previous Puzzle 35 translation .38 Twenty four hours. 37 visible vapor 38 note in Guido a scale. 39 alas 40 of the thing. 41 Pound. 42 Axil Leaf 45 to Long. 48 instrument. 50 bees Homes. 52 relaxation 54 Indian. 55 cease. 56 Farewell 57 he portrayed a heroic on the screen pm. 58 he was a great Star of the screen. Virtual 2 Snake 3 Shrub. 4 Street. 5 to roast. 6 tidy. 7 insight 8 untidy. 10 minute object 11 Rainbow. 12 sheltered place. 15 holy men. 17 his pictures were full of 20 to disguise 23 bom. 25 dejected. 26 procrastination. 27 punitive. 29 assuaging pain. 30 Wood spirit 31 billiard Rod. 37 Ocean. 40 remainder. 42 As Well. 43 Roll of film. 44 to jabber. 46 affirmative. 46 genuine. 47 wheel Hub. 49 still. 51 a duct. 53 measure. Cast of characters Hon that Only the Irish can mils 31 Arie la port a Model inter. A but yell be breaking your exclusive dress Shoppe lives on a 1 Mother Barge. Dan spoke quietly. A after All. Tommy Ryan Leader of the in a marrying the girl not truckers fighting Marie a father. I Mike paced angrily Back and Lynda Martin a society Forth. A a Bargeman s daughter Debutante wants to marry Dan. R 3 it i Ste l a Porte a 3farie�?Ts father owner of a Fleet i of barges. Yesterday modelling a gown for Lynda s aunt Marie Breaks into tears when Dan s engage a ment is mentioned. She pleads illness. Later when Dan Calls she refuses to talk to him. At noon she meets Tommy. He urges her to take the afternoon off celebrate with him. She agrees deny have be gone mad. Boy a Dan smiled. A i believe her father owns the honorary title of Captain. At least i heard him referred to once or twice this evening by that prefix a Mike snorted. A a common canal Boatman for your father in Law As if any child of his could be Good enough for a son of Dan laughed. A that s very funny dad. As a matter of fact Bat la Porte does no to think in a Good enough for his daughter. Heed him. Harder to Bear than the physical pain however and even his fathers anger was his uncertainty about Marie. He loved her so much that he did no to see How she could possibly not love him and yet that might very easily be. Gler leaning against a pile head on pier 6 where the Barge Molly might be Uncle Ray s Corne a Little saturday talk a Reader who does not want. Ings found in the Pyrant. Me to publish his name has sent i which Tell the future i me an Odd letter in which he astronomers do not know i claims to have known about the anything which is Likely to a replied the Man. I course of events in Advance. Here pointing. A you can spot it easy enough. Its the Only Harge Down Here that got a fresh coat of paint. See its White sides and Green shutters a he is How his letter goes a jealous fear clutched his heart As he thought that tonight Index Finger. A and there s Bat la when she ran so frantically out i Porte himself on on the pier her concern was not i for him but Tommy Ryan. Think Mike approached the Molly Amini of this he wondered How he i Bly enough but his tone nettled could live till morning to talk to i bad Hen he introduced himself Marie and find out for himself As Michael Donovan. Bat bought a i have been a Reader of your columns for a Good Many years levelled Anjan have Learned a lot from them. I have been thinking of writing to you for a Long time to ask you to this illustrious it a a it nun mean. An thing to a much a do _1 Quot where Doe chapter i family live a Bat meets his match .<0n the Barge Molly Down St Dan had put in the most miser pier g a. Able night of Bis life after he and Mike threw himself heavily into his father came Home from the a chair hav be no Pride left a West Side court. In vain he had after hath refused 0 talk tried to Tell Mike that Lynda mar j an any Niobe. His big body tin meant nothing to him. Sagged Forward suddenly old. In a you can to go Back on a poor Van l an and u Trie j 0 it tax girl like that Dan a Mike had said him t0 eat a 8andwich or have a it condescending. Quot and Why do you want to be seeing la Porte a he demanded. Mike lost his temper. A i want to see the father of the girl my about her feelings for him. Early As it was when Dan arose. Mike had already dressed and j breakfasted. As they met in the Hall Mike put an affectionate i Arm about his son shoulder. 80n Dan says he n Golno to marry a his tone was kind. J roared. A Well forget last night lad i Bat to had been up since die. If be want to marry the girl Dawn trying to figure How he ill not oppose be though i still Rould reclaim the cargo which claim the right to stick to me j Tommy Ryan had taken last night own his rough voice j looked at Mike in bewilderment trembled a Little. A but be know his own temper never any too yes re me Only j Rood flared As he realized the Rea Dan did no to speak for a moment son for Donovan s visit. He . He just pressed his a i m Marie la porters father if the Way of the Sun and darkness for 45 Days on Cali fact an eclipse of the Sun w ont cause total darkness for 1 45 minutes. From time to time the i cts Mercury and Venus Cross 4. A a face a of the Sun. They do the add my or however Hick out Mouth of y,0ll, f a matter. Astronomer her. Him shut. ,r,8 a a Quot la take treat pains to observe him what he can see that might a air at Allm in my ,1�?T a a a arts a when the Sun is eclipsed a a f a a75 May in a a Quot Lirett is blocked out by the Ofin a. 7,h Quot we Quot to Venus is far urge a u in. Thinks a pm re i the Moon. One might wonder in my thinking. J this planet Doe not eclipse a i have known everything be-1 Sun for u8 the reason has to fore hand that has happened in i h distance. Venus is in the past 20 years and i am sure timer 88 far away 88 the Mon i know the next 20 years. I am a word War Veteran and expected the Kaiser to go into another country and live until a lieutenant of his brought him Back through another War that would Start 20 years after the last one stopped the Kaiser will go Back father s hand. Finally he said that s what you want to know a i on the throne again this is ail firmly As they walked in the front drink it Joe simply Shook his head j Quot where Are you going so Early i he shouted a but your Call s wast Bible prophecy door. Ling s enthusiastic greeting a a continued to sit by the fire. Dad a had prevented Dan from answer j he wa8 Gill getting there when Ina at the time but As soon a8 Idan went to bed i they reached the upstairs living j room he had told his father quite once in bed. Dan began to real Jup Justnes As i go emphatically that he was not going Jae How Gore and bruised he really j certain of me ground ill be Tell de. My fellow if you think you i i have heard before of people mikes voice became Gruff again. Can persuade me to let my Daugh who believe they can foretell the a live a Little matter of me own ter marry your Mon he snapped j future by Quot Bible there i want to Settle. I m one to clean j is fingers in Mike s face. A i have also Are some who sneak of a writ. Up business a i go. I ilk to be not the intention of letting my girl i p 01 a Harrison in Hollywood Pasadena playhouse is Best stepping Stone to film Fame War is blamed for nervous cases at Home As Well As on battlefields to marry Lynda Martin not if she were the last girl in the world. A and who. Then might you be referring to a inquired Mike. He stood in the Middle of the room red faced Bluff and Jovial a when you wired your Mother and myself j that you had found the girl you were going to marry a j a Marie i. Porte a Dan replied promptly. A she models clothes at \ Varnet s. Her father owns a couple of a what the Devil do you mean a Mike stared at. Him with his round Blue eyes. And then the storm broke. The caustic comments about the fight on the Barge pier and Danes failure to Knock Tommy Ryan out were As so much Tea table chitchat compared to the Jovian rage people in the midst of a War that Mike indulged in now. He and even those at Home Are like grew very White and when he j by to suffer increasingly with talked he sounded As of somebody manifestations related to their had seized him by the Windpipe nervous system. Thick Brogue clogged his excited during the great War of 1914-speech. Is the number of cases in which a not s cent of my Money shall there was sign of mental Strain or be have if be marry that girl a i Jark of Aseep a a a result of War he cried. Dan lit a cig Aret and Shock and exhaustion was far be leaned gingerly against the fire Pond anything that had been replace. He was still sore from the Viou Aly anticipated. No one a blows Tommy had landed. A very Peotr cd that people at Home would close one Eye. And hold a die a foot in front of the c Eye. With the Pencil you Block out the Light of the us the same Pencil were held a Block away. How much would it Block As to the Kaiser coming a no one could say for certain most persons do not expect n happen he is now quite a Man. Having reached the a 81. Ingle Ray marry a was from the fight. Every hone in i ing be about it in detail surprised canal boat occupants his body ached separately. His with that he was gone. Half an Duck inquiring Heads out of head throbbed and his Eye pain hour later he was asking a Strag Hatchway As Mike bellowed Back a a. at Bat. For the first time in their _ memory. Bat had met his match. The family doctor or. Morris Fishbein editor. Journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia the health Magazine Sions. Sometimes loss of ability to move arms or legs. Severe cases have been discovered in which patients found it impossible to eat and have actually starved themselves to the Point where recovery became impossible. A your daughter in t Good enough for my screamed j Mike waving his Cane at Bat. He clutched his hat with his free hand As a sudden gust of wind swiped it. J a is that so a shouted Bat. Roll ing up his sleeves. Mrs. La Porte hearing the Racket had hurried up on deck. Desperately she caught Bat by the coat tails. A will you never Stop fighting a she cried pulling him j Back toward the Hatchway. On the pier Mike danced up and Down with rage. A your girl has no social he yelled a she lives on a with superhuman Effort. Mrs. Join the new ugh Uncle Ray scrapbook club to Uncle Ray 4 Art of the High Point Enterprise High Point North Carolina. Dear i Nile Ray i want to join the new hi40 Uncle Ray scrap Hook club and i enclose a stamped envelope carefully addressed to myself. Please Send me a membership Vrtol acute a leaflet telling How to make a Corner scrapbook e my own and a printed design to paste on the cover of in scrapbook. Name Street or r. F. P. City state or province a in More recent years bombing j la Porte had dragged Bat to the of civilians and shelling of cities Hatchway. A my girl is Good has greatly multiplied the num Ber of cases of anxiety neuroses and hysteria in great Britain a enough for anybody a Bat shouted. His conversation was abruptly Cut off. Mrs. La Porte had yanked special Council has been giving hint in. The Hatchway had hanged attention to treatment of per a shut. Community Enterprise than All Fly by night by Paul Harrison Nea service staff correspondent Hollywood feb. 2 a the surest Way to get into movies is by Way of the Pasadena Community playhouse. I it int the easiest or quickest or the cheapest a though it a cheaper than the Fly by night Little theatres which sell roles in tawdry productions on the Promise that studio Talent scouts will be out front on opening night. The Pasadena Community playhouse does no to Promise anything but it usually delivers. Any movie executive can Tell you that the playhouse and its school of the theatre Are the most prolific source of successful screen Talent. Hundreds of players have been trained or polished there. Bob Taylor like scores of Lucky ones appeared Only in a few productions hut Long enough to Abow his ability Robert Young. On the other hand worked there five years. Anyone m in try Fok playhouse roles there Are two ways to become identified with the playhouse. One is to get on the waiting list delivers More stars Little theatres for the privilege of plunking Down 1600 for the first year s tuition in the St hoc of the theatre. Of you work hard enough and have $400 for the second year of training you can Complete the course. The other Way is to show up at the playhouse for the free for All auditions. Since the actual theatre is a Community Enterprise and dependent upon Community patronage Ita productions Are cast competitively. If Spencer Tracy or Bette Davis wanted a role he or she would have to win it like anybody else. Quite a few fairly Well known movie people do try out at Pasadena in an Effort to break away from some rigid typing which May he handicapping them in Hollywood. They done to always get the parts either. Auditions Are held every sunday evening and there generally Are about 200 people there a housewives workmen. Debutantes out of town aspirants and regular students of the school All taking their turns at Reading parts of scripts. The drama students Are shown no preference and its possible for one of them to Complete his two year $1,000 peeled that people it Well father. You be often _ begin to Manifest symptoms As a result of the excessive Strain worry or constant brooding on the War. We As about time i did something to earn my Mike tried another line. A it s not alone the Money you la be fils voice had the Emo since 1918 More and More attention has been Given to anxiety sons who develop anxiety neuroses or hysteria immediately after an air raid they have recommended abolition of the term a Shell Shock As one which reacts unfavourably on the patient and on others. They Point out also that during air raids there May be cases of Genu states and to hysteria symptoms i Jne concussion of the brain. These. Cranium crackers foreign envoy it in these hectic Days ambassadors and ministers play important roles in the International scene. The men listed below Are accredited to the United states from foreign Powers. After the name of i each fill in the name of the gov i Ern ment he represents. 1. Vladimir Hurban. 2. Prince Ascanio colonna., 3. Count Jerzy Potocki. 4. Ralph William close. 6. Count de Saint Quentin. Answers on classified Page in the anxiety state May take the form of profuse perspiring general weakness and even excessive activity of the Bowel. The chief manifestation is the fact that the anxiety is out of All proportion to the came. In hysteria the conditions that develop May be so severe is to resemble the most serious forms of disease. There sometimes is Complete loss of voice inability to hear or disturbance of the ability to eat. In Many instances there Are tremors and Consul however constitute Only a Small porting of cases. Emotional Shock is More frequent. Emotional shocks represent so per cent of the trouble both of the Type which occurs suddenly and of that which occurs As a result of prolonged Strain. The most important step is to convince the person concerned that he does not have serious injury or illness. The second step is to provide enough rest sad re Mike gave a derisive laugh and stamped off the pier. Five minutes later he was calling Dan. A i take Back All i maid this morning Quot he roared into the phone a a yes la not marry that blithering Bargeman s girl if i Kin live to prevent to re continued Mckenney on Bridge play cards alone and like it with Mckenney s solitaire games by we. E. Or Kun Ney americans card authority this minuted accordion is played with one. There is no move until i pack of 52 cards after shuffling heart Queen appears. Now the Queen can be moved onto club Queen. That leaves consecutive Heidht piles that the Park begin turning up cards from the top one by one placing them in a Row from left to right. To Howard Miasma Hie words you Are about to look at. In the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting taxation to give Opportunity for we tak tax of conds to read recovery. Keep your eve on each pair of adjacent cards and also on each pair separated by two intervening cards. At any time that a pair in either of these relations match in either suit or denomination you May move the rightmost card or pile of cards on top of that to the left. In the course of these moves. Side glances lessons in English by w. L. Gordon words often misused the word death is preferred to decease in All usage excepting that which is strictly Legal. Often mispronounced paralysis Sis. Paralyse Yoe. Synonyms regret noun repentance remorse compunction. Word study Quot use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword depict to portray describe. A the knows How to depict a Story look and learn How can i while you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happen in one minute on the cards pie up in stacks. When Earth. A world is in motion j Ever a move can be made As indicated by the top card the entire stack is transferred As a suit. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading by a. A Gordon by Anne Ashley i. How fast does the pulse of a Newborn infant beat 2 who wrote the words to a the Star spangled Banner a .3, what rank army commands a regiment q. How can i prevent table candles from dripping excessively a of the candles Are varnish officer i de with a Good Clear shellac it i will not Only add to their a developing mines has become a big japanese project and to do so the japanese Are sending three pounds of explosives to their mines every minutes in their own land and Manchukuo. There Are so Many taxes in new York Earth a biggest City. 4. What englishman bore the i Bearance but w ill prevent them Hole a lord protector of the i How dripping on the table cover j Taj Jey 400 Gallons of Commonwealth Quot or wherever the candles May be Sago in every time the second 5. In what general direction i p a it hand on your watch Marks just i in the Atlantic Ocean does the i q. How eau i remove rust one minute of time. Lab gut Stream flow a if you want this car to run again. Pop please Don t try to help course without once having stepped on the commercial stage of the playhouse. Such an actor probably would have gone Back to Selling vacuum cleaners by that time yet Robert Preston played walk on bits for two years before he got a single line to speak. And look at the boy now scouts wait before signing new Talent a Good Deal of nonsense has i own up abo4it the methods of Talent scouts. Its True that these studio representatives attend each play at Pasadena but they done to Rush backstage after the first act to sign up the promising new cuties and handsome gents. Methodically they keep card files on All such individuals. And when a player has done a Good Job in enough plays to make him seem a fair risk to a studio he is offered a Stock contract. Some of the players i can think of who served apprenticeships at the playhouse Are Tyrone Power Anne Shirley Victor Jory Gloria Stuart Randolph Scott Douglass Montgomery Onslow Stevens. Lloyd Nolan. Stuart Erwin John Canadice Wayne Morris and Michael Whalen. An we ers 1. From 130 to 140 heats minute. 2. Francis Scott key 1780 19 43. 3. Colonel. 4 Oliver Cromwell 1599 1658. 5. In a northeasterly direct Don. From painted surfaces a. This can usually moved by use of a paper. Done to try be re Drivers in new York earn a combined average of $70 every 60 the game is won if you get Alt 52 cards into one stack. One move will often Lead to another and when there is Choice of plays you should look to see which play will Lead to the most subsequent moves. For example suppose that the first six cards turned Are s o h 9 c 0 d k h 0 be consolidated into one. B the heart six is at once i the Queen the piles can by dined Only to three. By up the heart Queen on the nine this Queen is brought next to Spade Queen and can be pc top of it. Then the heart six c on the heart Queen and the Are reduced to two. Franklin Street dog afflicted with rabies residents of Franklin for area today were urged to k their dogs up and under ohm Hon after word had been reer Here to the effect that a killed on that Street had b found to have been afflicted rabies. The dogs head was to Raleigh. The Walnut tree whose w furnishes Rifle stocks is be traditionally planted at it British military Camp and y Chamberlain wife of the Prim conducted the planting Cere in at Aldershot. A Little Sand seconds and drive their cars 700 to Over the Miles a minute combined mile rust spots with paint As they age. Interestingly enough half i will show through in time. Mileage is consumed in just j q. How can i freshen s stale .ru8ing around looking for Busi a loaf of bread Ness a. Dampen the loaf with hot i water. Then cover it with a Damp cloth and put into the oven to heat. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia finds engine poor place for snooze american business has become so Gigantic that America is now unloading 70 Railroad freight cars every minute the Dominion of Canada pays out $15 every minutes for mothers allowances. For helpless old mothers. Stop Reading. It was More than a knocking motor that caused that noise under the Hood when eat. Above got wound up in cards fan Belt. After a screeching journey across Hempstead l. I., Tabby was discovered raq Der de Jim Williams. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lek q. When a Secretary is opening her employers mail Ana comes to an envelope that seems j to be personal what should she do a. It is better not to open an envelope thai has the appearance of being personal. Q is it proper for Pat Ems to Send engraved announce mems of their daughters engagement a. No this should be done either by written notes or verbally. Q. What is the symbolism of red rosebuds a. A in Decd to love fan says i can to use lipstick until i m sixteen a gosh that time i la probably need

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