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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - February 2, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Eather ii colder tonight hard free?.� in Interior. The High Poi no t Enterprise High Point the Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises of. T 6�?no. 33 member associated Preso High Point n. A. Friday after Odin february 2, 1940 Complete Nea service Price five cents Azis press for rumanian resources a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a planes drop patrols behind finn lines red Parachute Kaiser Wilhelm Roosevelt is firm much colder Reich demand troops killed or captured russians introduce two new wrinkles in invasion of finnish nation Helsinki feb. 2.�? a i the soviet w a machine sent its highly touted Parachute i troops floating Down upon the finns on the karelian isthmus and brought armoured sleds into play in a drive on the Village of Summa but the defense forces today still were holding the Mannerheim line guarding the approaches to strategic Vii Puri. Tonight s army communique i reported the russians used a Many parachutist patrols a in the fierce isthmus fighting but. The invaders were a partly captured and partly advices from the front said the russians killed were picked off by finnish sharpshooters As they dangled from the shroud lines of their parachutes. Resides repulsing the russians 4 on the isthmus the communique to speak Here Howard Wisehaupt business expert said the finns drove Hack renew one of the country a Foremost a idea a men. Will deliver tied russian attempts to drive Over a of tote it nor Quot a a a , tue by. Wed j Day and thursday under the sponsorship of Lite Enterprise. Shore Fket reservations May he made by telephoning miss Lambeth in its announcement of the at j 1$566. Siness expert to Des of lectures bulletins dts Shu hunk Mauo emt and Norway feb. Ivy the sinking of the i ton norwegian Steamer a do with the loss of her Crew 15 was announced Here today. In cause of the sinking which purred in the North sea was know n. A a a. Planes kill too i Well i. I he. I i iou one Hundred pow she in Iii to ten Occidental were re irked Toda it to Hae tic in killed injured when a mime planes 1 i Ihmi a Bridge on the French crated Llano Kiin iming Rall in about 50 mile inside Bise territory. A. I. Sin of. Doral Harles Fla. Feb. Lha Patty Berg of Minneola a my National it Lampion to ii Meson of san Antonio min finished the morning mid All Square in he to Hole als of the Miami Biltmore Omen s Golf tournament today. A a a a. Ozen thrown in it a by survivors Howard Wisehaupt to Flynn War speak under auspices of Hie Enterprise at four free lectures tempt to hurdle finnish defences with troops from the air the High command said a during the Day enemy planes dropped Many parachutist patrols these were partly captured and partly in the air warfare the army announced that at in he t five and possibly eight russian raiders were hot Down yesterday while civilian casualties among the wants reds crushed new Vork feb. 2.�?i/p a the limn who led Germany into a world War in 1011�?kaiser Wilhelm think Germany and tile allies should declare Lea be immediately then join Finland to a Grid the world of the former ruler now in exile at doom Holland gave these sentiments in a letter mailed i a Nuary to to Poultney Bigelow Ilia american biographer. Big Low. Making Public the germans remarks quoted hint As saying a tit magnificent stand of Ute finns has smashed the Nimbus of bolshevism and set pople thinking a will the result that the wish for peace is gaining ground. A a the Twili Ferents should Stop fighting and join their forces to help the finns. They should fight in one line to rid the world Anil civilization of bolshevism. Wilhelm an exile since hmm celebrated his Hist birthday saturday. Bigelow has arranged to leave tomorrow for Italy to see Premier Mussolini and he Hopes Wilhelm also. Finland needs plenty of help heat of Briti Lieg Hor delegation makes tour of attacked nation on opposition to agriculture slash the violent red army onslaught on the karelian isthmus defences broke a Long standing quiet. The coincidence Between the consistent with its policy of Gulden spurt of soviet attacks. Never overlooking an Opportunity accompanied by widespread air to boost business in High Point j raids. And the new offer of Fin the Enterprise today completed i Nish president by som Karllo yes i arrangements for the presentation ter Day 0f a an honorable peace Helsinki feb. 2.�? Pic sir Walter Citrine head of a British on killed and Home j labor delegation touring Finland. Declared today that the finns a a will need plenty of help Quot to hold off the russian invasion. A i Haven t a very High opinion of the red army a said sir Walter a but it must be remembered that Belr manpower is inexhaustible whereas Finland is he added that a very extensive help is under Way in England for f Howard Wisehaupt business told a inf what if any a like Finland and i am sure it will a expert and one of the nations j Foremost idea men in a series of four consecutive free lectures at the Junior High school auditorium. Or. Wisehaupt is being presented for All persons in this City who Are interested in bettering their positions in life. His lectures have Appeal for All classes and ail i types of people from the Busy i business executive who wants i Mort business to the housewife j whose chief problem in life is How to preserve the even Tempo of her family from Day to Day. What he has to say enables we orking men to earn More Money j and thereby to raise their stand card of living to the Point where life becomes More liable More by to he Moscow s answer. Today Helsinki residents sought continued on Page two Tokyo parliament thrown in turmoil \ Horan member Rill Cize government s China policy rive in time. Sir Walter president of the International federation of Trade unions voiced his opinion As the delegation completed an 11-Day tour of finnish Industrial centers and the front Ami prepared to depart via Stockholm for Copenhagen. The delegation will attend the Ai conference of i representative Morrow. Sir Walter by the Fine 1 work of the ions a but Sai a mid Naviaux labor in c no said he was civic and h finnish lab i he thought in tout Ruck Glenic r in More Tokyo. Feb. 2�? of lower House of Japan a Parlla-1 orderly arrangements Between the ment was thrown into turmoil unions and employers Are need today when a member criticized de i enjoyable. He makes men audible governments China policy he characterized As Quot sheer non women and boys and girls take and suggested that japanese sense russians reports that the i inventory of themselves and shows troops be withdrawn to make. Finnish government is oppressing i them How they can put their Par possible a negotiated peace i labor. J to ocular talents to work for greater Takao Saito Veteran. P. J or Noel Baker who spent two dividends in dollars and cents. 1 cd a Leader of the it Setio. Days at the front said that his the series of lectures will begin strongest of japanese political talks w Ith russian prisoners had i w Ith or. Wisehaupt parties pointedly asked the gov convinced him that a the red Are speaking on a make your Job pay a eminent to explain the meaning j my lacks the intelligence and in this will be followed successively of a the new order in Kaat Asia Ria Tive to copy with the finns on with a How to influence people a the term used officially for in Mil if torpedoed creels. Steamer reamed Quot personality in and Quot it prone no of China an economic and military depend a How to earn More for years Howard Wise i a ii pm has been recognized All Over it Ondong feb. 2 put turn s the country As a Tho Good doctor survivor from the 5 of j., in to belts in Fie my Inch ill Ledred greek Steamer Elena the Bitt iness and professional life that of reached the Irish Shore of the nation have praised him ter Day and told of having to an Public speaker a do the bodies of 13 Frozen logical thinker and an lint Amis grades from the open boats in observer of reactions of people to cd the survivors spent four j this or that situation s in the icy Atlantic it a Busy Man Allol the Crew escaped in two boats a Jefe it born and reared in in Diana he received his Early education in that state and attended Valparaiso University. The variety of his work since leaving school Bas enabled him to become Well ency of Japan. Saito is famous for his criticisms of the army and caused similar sensations in the 1935 and 1938 diet sessions by attacking military domination of National policy. Their vessel went Down last Day. The seamen said a Ger ii in it i l Ine ii a i i to t it m i a it i a a heavy sea was running and weather was hitter cold said had Fly an of Gottily Limerick Ami one of the survivors our hands and feet swelled up much we were ired of Row it was awful it was a Bud am. Vav were always cold. Were always tired. We be always hungry. A the worst of All came vied Day. There were the dead in boat thirteen greeks they Frozen to death. We threw in overboard battlefields of this kind he said he had a High respect for the finnish army and the finnish people Quot hut echoed sir Walters assertion that a extensive help will be two Morf firsts for n c. Murphy feb. Add cries of a no no a greeted his two More North Cardita assertion today that a peace can with the completion of the Only be invited when a country pouring of Concrete at Hiwassee keeps its armed Power in the dam near Here tills week North his hearers under Carolina now reputedly Bas the stood this to be a suggestion highest overflow dam in the that the army he withdrawn from world and the highest major dam China before any attempt to East o Fille Rockies. Make peace with the proposed the $22,000,000 Tea project Wang Chin i wet regime. Is situated 22 Miles Southeast of japanese military leaders in Here. The first bucket of con acquainted w Ith All types of per-1 China Are supporting establish a Crete w As poured april 20, 1938. Sons thereby giving him the background for the work in which he is now engaged he has been a school teacher. He has sold everything from newspaper advertising to egg cases. He was the proprietor of a country continued on Page two ment of such a regime under i the dam is 322 feet High and 1,-Wang, disaffected former pre-1 256 feet wide Mier of China hut have declined the to a employed 1.250 men to Promise withdrawal of troops. I in building he dam. France supports Britain s la in Isva a a. I later the second boat Cap a ight to search i. S boats a Ryan continued. A we had id larger boat and we got the i out of to tip water. Early to we saw the Irish roast but were so tired we could t Row a More. It was terrible a Motorboat finally came out and Here i atrocities charged to germans by pole exiles Paris feb. 2.�? a the to con 1 nah government in exile is piecing i together a Story of atrocities in Paris feb. 2.�? up a Frances blockade ministry in a Iii u n it be today supported ainu a Contention that the allies i German occupied portion of Are within their rights in exam i>01mnd Wimch it says rival or sur ining United states and other Aga be most barbarous treat Neutral mails in their search for ment of a conquered people in his i contraband destined for Germany. Ink gains strength Washington. Feb. 2 up a the communique said the Al rep Blu an move to Cut in lied contraband cont Tola had Miz of a proposed $100,000,000 Iii a a Ltd millions of dollars in encase in the Export-1 in port i a ency jewels and goods which it Hka a capital gained strength asserted nazi agents and Sunipa a he some members of the Gillers had dispatched to German late foreign relations com destinations. Tee expressed doubt that the it said goods seized included a in could help Finland a heavy traffic in foodstuffs labelled ally i a commercial tory. In its series of a Whit papers a which Are being issued periodically and Are to he assembled Iii a Hook later the polish government describes the land that Germany seized As one of hunger Stark fear wrecked churches and hospitals and executions. It says deportations of the populate Are Eon ducted with methodical brutality a similar paper was issued last night by the polish envoys to Daly and the Vatican tales of atrocities and suffering also Are reported from that portion of Poland which fell to soviet Russia but the papers Deal mostly with the part held by Germany. The poles declare the papers contain Only information which has been carefully investigated and verified including an estimate that the germans have executed i poles of All classes. At Bydgoszcz alone the papers continued on Page two farm members of House heartened by turn of sentiment in Washington Hyde Park n. Y., he. 2.�? i up a president Roosevelt told reporters in firm tones today he j was standing on his budget and a a $900,000,000 agricultural appropriation for the year beginning a july i. He said the House appropriations committee which slashed ithe farm appropriation Bill 20 a per cent below budget estimates had made perfectly terrific cuts. The Bill is pending in the House. Volunteering to discuss the agricultural appropriations at a i press conference in the Library of his Home Here or. Roosevelt said j he saw no reason Why some excerpts from his budget message should not be reprinted. He had had some excerpts i typed out and he read them to j newsmen. They said a i have carefully checked the j individual estimates under these Broad categories and i am shits fled that no lower figures can be attained except at the expense of i impairing the efficiency with which Laws Are administered roof working undue hardship upon individuals or economic groups i refuse to accept the resells a Dilly of adopting either alternative. Xxx a we must not Only guard the gains we have made hut we must press on to obtain full Ern ploy i ment for those who have been i displaced by machines As Well As for the 5,000,000 net addition to the labor Force since 1929. We j must therefore avoid the danger of too drastic or too sudden a Curta Llafet of government stip-1 port x x a a Washington feb. 2.�? a a continued of fag two suggests Norb be relieved of rows Between Al Cio Garrison fells Gong ets move would hasten labor peace Washington. Feb. 2.�?t/p Lloyd k. Garrison administration adviser in labor disputes suggested today that Congress relieve the labor Board of responsibility for settling any disputes Between the Al and Cio. Garrison testifying before the House committee investigating the Wagner act and the Board said that such a a hands off attitude might hasten labor a Are. He predicted it would not increase labor j strife substantially. A the attacks on the present i Hoard by both Al and the Cio have injured its capacity to administer the substantive guarantees of the Law and have enc our a aged the opponents of the Law to come Forward with proposals for revision which we Ould not have been considered a year or two ago a said the win Cha who was chairman of the Nua labor Board and is now Dean of Law at Wisconsin University. Garrison said that by his Sug i Gest Ion a that the Board be relieved of the duty of determining units in cases of open conflict he did not seek to a save the present Board. But i am concerned with the act the witness predicted that even if Congress appointed a new five i member Board to replace the present three Man Agency the Al Cio Row would continue to Center j upon the Board and act. A should Congress Amend the act As he suggested with reference to to Al squabble. Garrison said. The warring unions would be encouraged to a do something to hasten an adjustment of the in ter Union conflict or to pave Tho Way for informal rules of the game which might enable the two i groups though not reunited to operate with a minimum of j referring to complaints that it the labor Board now serves As i a judg jury prosecutor a the Law i Leader suggested that trial Exum i Iners be selected by an outside in dependent Federal Agency. Such a system lie testified would provide a More seasoned he also advocated expansion of the present staff of conciliators of the labor department. Garrison said regional mediation boards of this Type operated successfully under the aka labor Board at Philadelphia and Toledo and the conciliation system had a Long successful history in England. A it is fair to say that the it Wagner act has not yet achieved Industrial Garrison Testi a tied adding a we Are on the right i committeemen i from West in favor of for democratic National Uomini tee will meet in Washington by in h a in Ili Oliver Washington feb. 2.�?1/p a Early arrivals from the West for meeting of the Democra-1 tic National committee reported today that Strong sentiment exp isted in their states for renomination of president Roosevelt. Lynn Brodrick Kansas National committeeman said a Kan a Sas is Strong for Roosevelt and i feel the same de a. Carroll National committeeman for Washington state ex-1 pressed the belief hts state would a favor a third term if it were Vot-1 lug today Quot while Charles Vogel new member from North Dakota asserted a my state is very pro Roost velt. J hut i have no statement further than that on a third the committee is slated to pick a time and place for the party a presidential nominating convention. As the Western committeeman talked of current trends reports persisted that the convention Date a Many favor Early Augusta should be selected by a subcommittee after the republicans choose theirs february 16, democratic chairman James a. Farley has predicted both Date and City would be decided . The committee will beet Only one Day and then pay a Courtesy Calli on president Roosevelt tuesday morning. Other political developments As the Vanguard of the democratic i leaders trooped into Washington official word was conveyed to the president and Farley that the alaskan delegation to the National i convention a first to he selected had been instructed to cast its six votes for or. Roosevelt and for Farley As second Choice. In new Jersey a slate of Candi dates for delegates pledged to a third term was filed by the state democratic organization of mayor Frank Hague of Jersey Cit senator Smith do a s. Who won renomination in 1938 Over the president opposition told reporters that a Roosevelt May be renominated hut of he is. Goodhue democratic party As it has been known All these ice Jam threatens Highway Bridges Engineer on hand in Albemarle Section to Atli developments Raleigh feb. 2.�? up a a. L. Craven senior Bridge Engineer of the Highway and Public works j commission said today that heavy i ice around $2,225,000 Worth of i Highway Bridges in the Albemarle j Section May cause damage if the i wind piles ice blocks against j them. A j a broach a construction Engineer in the department has j been sent to that Section to stay on the Job until the danger has passed. He was instructed to use dynamite if necessary but i a Raven expressed doubt it would be needed. A a the ice on the Chowan River j Albemarle mid Currituck sounds is two inches thick and hasn�?Tt1 b gun to break up a said Craven continued on Page two not like last week s siege . I i., a i to a Weatherman forecast Snow flurries for North Carolina today Ami tonight but expressed belief a much colder weather to ii 11 he Only temporary and a nothing like last week s siege. La. E. Rich Hie in Cli arg of the weather Bureau said Raleigh and Vicinity a you 1 1 probably have a 25 or 26 degree temperature tonight hut added a this is not a cold wave ilk last week a he said he expected the Snow to be a very last night was the first night since january 15 that Raleigh had a temperature above freezing much Snow and ice from last week storm and subsequent cold weather remained on the ground Here. Raleigh <111 not get the sub Zero Mercury readings last week which Many kit ints in the state reported. A a would broaden us benefits social Security Board suggest larger payments in some states Washington. Feb. 2pm the social Security Road told Congress today that it favored the liberalization of unemployment compensation benefits to insured jobless wage earners in states where compensation tax receipts exceed Benefit expenditures. The Board suggested that in such states the weekly Benefit payment could be made larger and the period Over which benefits Are payable could be extended. Jollies insurance standards Are fixed by state Laws As part of a state unemployment compensation plan which is subject to Broad Federal standards. The Board s stand in favor of liberalization taken in its annual report came on the heels of demands by both the Al and Cio that jobless workers covered by the Law be Given adequate Protection from involuntary idleness. The state systems now provide weekly compensation ranging from $5 to $15 for periods of from 12 to 14 weeks. The Al has asked that the maximum be lifted to $24 a week for 20 weeks and has suggested uniform Benefit standards for All s a tes. The annual report noted that one Basic purpose of unemployment insurance was to build up Reserve funds in prosperous times for expenditure Iii times when unemployment is widespread. Quot the operation of the state Laws a the Board declared Quot has not yet been extended Over a sufficient period of time to warrant final conclusions on the adequacy of present resources to meet varying circumstances in the swing of business cycles. A it is Clear however that no contribution rate tax yielding less than 2.7 per cent of payrolls can be considered a Safe basis for general operation of the programs of the states a should the circumstances in any particular state indicate after continued Ami varying experience that the funds available for benefits exceed the amount required to finance the states existing provisions the Board believes that the first it Barge on the excess should be to make benefits More the Board asserted i hat the present system of stale unemployment insurance systems provided still uncovered Protection for some 28,000,000 workers but added that still uncovered were sin h Large groups of workers As those in the maritime Industry agriculture Domestic service and employment in Small establishments. Slight Chance of military Alliance with Yugoslavia i Turkey and Greece by Edward Kennedy Belgrade feb. 2�? a German pressure on Rumania to obtain acceptance of a i sweeping plan to make her in i destries Petroleum production and agriculture adjuncts of the Reich a economic Structure was reported by informed persons today As the meeting of the Balkan entente j opened Here. Rumania the informants said already has made some concessions to Germany regarding the plan but is looking to her partners in the entente Turkey Yugoslavia Turkey to support her in a policy of economic neutrality which would enable her to resist encroachments which might involve her in War. Norm Al i r Ade under this policy proposed after it was decided it was futile for Rumania to ask the other members of the entente for a military i Alliance the four nations would sell supplies both to Germany and the allies but Only to the extent of Normal peacetime Trade. I under Germany a program it was said. Rumanian Industry would be synchronized with that of the Reich and become virtually a part of Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm Cering four year plan for self sufficiency. Germany would liquidate a i Large debt to Rumania by wholesale shipments of munitions and other manufactures. Rumanian Industry would discontinue manufactures duplicating Germany a and concentrate on products Germany could use. Rumania would keep a steady Stream of Oil we heat and Timber moving to the Reich a As much As could be transported. German technicians would be sent to Rumania to improve pro duct on and accelerate shipments. Briefly the reported plan virtually would freeze out Britain and France from Rumania and involve a written or implied German guarantee of Rumania s frontiers. Rumanian a main fear of this program was said to be that by becoming Germany a economic ally she would he inviting attack by Britain and France and pos Conti Niit on a age two Raf ready to return attacks Bril us airmen ready for expected Spring bombings attendance Good As Mart approaches end More than too buyers were in attendance at noon today at the Southern furniture and Rug Market As the mid Winter show headed toward a close. The Mart will officially close at noon tomorrow i although virtually All buying will have been completed late this afternoon. The attendance today was surprising to officials who said that the customary attendance on the a closing Friday of the Marker rarely reached that total. There was some buying being j done today exhibitors reported to bring a pleasing close to a week that taking attendance into consideration was better than expected. As a whole although the Market was comparatively Slack from the standpoint of attendance after the opening two Days the show was a satisfactory one for exhibitors the first two Days prior to the heavy snowfall were among the Best two opening Days in the City s history. Floo Roo ceilings especially saw excellent activity and there was much interest in 18th Century designs and the More attractive appearance of the cheaper grades of merchandise. London feb. 2�? up the Royal air Force is prepared to reply in kind to Large scale German bombing of great Britain expected in the Spring authoritative sources asserted today. Speedy fighting planes with machine guns in the tails to permit fire in any direction were described As Britain a Means of meeting the anticipated Attak by a new German bomber built for speedy performance at High altitudes. A there is evidence the germans Are pressing construction of fast Long Range bombers a an aviation source said. He described the new Type As a twin motored junkers bomber Ju-8 8, carrying a Crew of three or four and three guns one in the nose and iwo in the fuselage. A with this weapon in his hands it seems unlikely the enemy will capitulate without attempting a desperate Aerial attack it Britain a vital the sour a declared. He said Germany probably would use the new bomber in a considerable experts expressed the belief that Germany thus far had not used the new junkers. In comparing the gun merits of the new German bombing plane and the new British Pursuit ship a two seater called the defiant the informant said the j fighters Tail gun was the advantage because the junkers Lack i such a weapon. The defiant a Tail gun is in a j Turret similar to the Power i driven Turret on Britain a Well Kington bombers. It is regarded i a a great Advance Over the j armament of the older fighters like the spitfire which have fixed guns. Resides its Tail gun the Wellington bomber has guns in the nose and Midway Between the i wings and Tail. Moreover airmen said it has twice the i Suo mile Range reported for the new junkers hut possibly less Speed than the junkers maximum of 315 Nilet an hour. Prime minister Chamberlain was Given a a go ahead signal by the House of commons last night to conduct the War under his own program As an opposition demand for a Speciale of Nom in coordinator in the War Cabinet was voted Down

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