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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Dec 31 1939, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 31, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Sunday december 31, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three finn envoys fear americans Are Over optimistic about course of War with Russia Mission seeks More munitions in United states go powerful a Ouile to ilk fill on of Malinit flatting contribute to Killian a defense against Vader. By Thomas m. Johnson not military writer Nea service stall correspondent Washington de 30. Aai Erizian Sheila disabled the russian a Ruiter kirov off the Toast of Finland american shells fired from american nuns a Battery of f�.2 Inch coast defense rifles made by Bethlehem St Al. Those nuns fired fifteen rounds a the new warship when she attacked the defences of Mussaro Island outside Mango and got four hits which is very Good shooting at a moving target so Remote the same guns reportedly dealt likewise Aith the older russian battleship. October revolution. Those Huus eyes helped save Finland s Southern coast from invasion by russian trops certainly for the Lime and quite possibly until Spring. immediately afterwards the Gulf of Finland no doubt was filled with ice enough either to bar the Way entirely or to the a Aten to close in on the rear of any Landing Force and Cut it off from supplies. Makes a Ink Hii Basko on awk it hits that advantage Finland owes not to american tuns alone i actually most of her coast defense lie Catli Camou the Killian in Field of or is for Inch i. Hut de gunner to her and Hilary a a in a their system its basis is s careful study for 28 years of every minute variation of temperature wind and sea current Al every Point within Range of the coast defense guns and their exact effect upon what Artill Erist Call logistics which Means substantially firing conditions. To this is added on land. More about governor i microscopic Survey of the fire allotted to every gun. Of All this photographic maps Are made and to them Are added firing data computed for All Finland Many sorts of weather. The system was devised by one j of the world s Best known gunners a quiet Little Man with a i Short w Hite Mustache a Square i Chin and a quizzical smite from i Bright eyes. He is lieutenant Geu fetal Villilo Nenonen chief of the finnish artillery who has just i reached Washington with s mis i Sion that is seeking to obtain 1 More weapons for his embattled country. A especially ammunition a said the general. A we is the no shells no cartridges we need them even More than we need guns and air i planes although we need those too. The need is serious already land will become More so any Day i that the russian bombers really get their Eye on our munitions i factories at Tampere and Helsinki. Which they have just been a bombing Quot a bombing but not in-1 Terje Tell Wilhelm Wahlforss Finland s forceful Leader in the metals Industry. A see this Able Gram it says our factories in Baal Karelia. Helsinki and Abo have been bombed but no maj Lenal damage done though the friends of the proletariat did kill some of our Good workmen. Their aim it an t lie very Good but we have to count on its m in Chi Oli Al Siax Bucchi non to turn russian weapons on i russian invading masses is the i interesting purpose that brings general Nenonen and the irus general in. Picture in i in new Villilo # recent York. Notion arrival Sion to this country. For american factories still have tools and blueprints with which in the by orld War they made Cannon rifles and ammunition for rus Ala. Since some of that same Materia is now finnish army equipment a shortcut is for american factories to resume turning it out. They Are less burdened than Are Over one and a Quarter per cent. In 1921 when the state sold its first Road Bond Issue of 1 1,500, 000 the interest rate was 5 per cent. This year just a Little Over 1 1-4 the close of the fiscal year tune 30, 1939 found the state with a net balance in its general fund of $2,242,338. The net balance in the Highway fund was i7.721.s2s of which amount $2.-283,001 were unexpended Federal funds. My unto Kimi i ski the living conditions of the vast majority of our people has improved wages Are higher on an average and hours of work have been shortened. Co employment has decreased and business and Industry have been definitely improving. The total income of the people from All sources has substantially increased. The Board of conservation and development reports the location of 105 new industries in North Carolina in eleven months up until december 4th, with 114 industries being expanded during this period by building new additions. Last year the investment in new enterprises was around Twenty million dollars. The total investment for this year is not yet i available. Wmk Kulling program j the largest and most extensive building program in the states i entire history is rapidly nearing completion. The special session of the Jenera Assembly in August 1938, made possible this program. Some of the buildings were erected by the state alone some by the state paying 55 per cent and Grants from the Federal government for 4 5 per cent and others is Revenue liquidating i projects where the state did not j invest any Money directly. To give j some idea of the extensiveness of this building program i need Only j mention a few of the accomplishments. The greater University of i North Carolina with its units at Chapel Hiu Raleigh and greens i Boro gets a total of around thirty new by lid Iirth. All the state hospitals Are being thoroughly fire proofed and overhauled which i is a tremendous undertaking but j on of such pressing importance that it could not be longer delayed when this is finished it will i relieve somewhat the distressing situation about receiving patients who ought to be admitted for Ament and Safe keeping. The colleges at Cullowhee. Boone and Greenville have Many new buildings. Likewise the deaf school at Morganton As Well As the training school for boys at Rocky mount the Western Sanatorium it by k mount j by every state i five negro Colle i the Tate have buildings. In Raleigh a a Tice building was year and now the Lite building to Plevine court and in and practical list it it Ion. The is maintained by Tot ten Many new it i of d new completed Las handsome jus House the Suall Law admin British and French even so and norwegian factories. But through Sweden and no ferny can come supplies for Finland. Of that the Mission made sure St Stockholm before coming Here. For Finland Nee supplies to friends who say a you seem to be doing pretty Well for colonel per Zug Lac u a. Finnish military Atta he. Retorts a Sthats the trouble a Little More of this Good news in the papers and you americans will think it s All Mer. Why it just started it wont be All Over until we have enough of everything especially ammunition a finnish Soldier with an empty gun when ten reds come at him can use his Bayonet but a Are j stering agencies is nearing com j dish i Cletion also the new building on i Square for the co employ a Mission will soon he 1 previous to three build been paying too per year windings Are will be a v As w e i in it it ready for occupancy. I he erection of these lugs the state had from $2 8,000 to $4 4, rent. When these h completed All of this a. Of should be a is faction to the people to know that the North Carolina has Gally reduced this ii rce e of of Safis the St ate i Blic debt of Een sub Stan a no with Hoey Coni in Nett from Page one i co operation and in every Endeavor the administration and they been the Fuller finest serv ice on Nee Ted with if the slate gov a tent la deserve High commendation. Would not let this occasion pass without a personal word of Apprey tation of my own dispensable private Secretary or Robert l. Thompson and the must Compo it and experienced office staff la of whom have so lessened my autos by their Superior service. He new gun Kab x i Van Kimhia on january 4, 1939. The newly fitted general Assembly Oon ened in Raleigh and my Mes gig was delivered on january Chich w As followed by an a Ive session lasting exactly 90 a ays Many predicted that til halon would not he concluded Afore in in Spring hut the whole Igram was finished in thorough a orderly and intelligent Fush on with Many outstanding a i amp Lisments to the credit of i his splendid body of lawmakers and their most capable Presidio Offit a ers. Pikop Hatkins Anh tanks the appropriations for general Lup uses and Public roads repro Al the largest budget in the tale s history yet Hie budget As balanced without the levying f new taxes the fact la that Hole there were some increases taxes yet the reductions were Rester than the increases. Busiest Industry and the average i necessary to say that the approx dilation in 1933 was Only $16,-000,000, this year it is $10,750,- too above that figure which is i in an increase of Over 65 per j cent in six years. This increases the number of teachers raises the salary of teachers and in i creases the efficiency of the schools. The educational Institu-1 Lions were provided for upon a basis of allowing for substantial j growth and provision was made for put St graduate courses at the j negro colleges for members of that race a larger measure of just it m was provided in the allotment of funds for negro teachers. Upon the whole the cause of education was definitely Van de by this general Assembly. Al Al that a it Klob in very definite improvement was made in our election Laws and those fully conversant with the subject agree that with the provisions for new registration or purging the books of the accumulated list of voters now ineligible the modification of the markers Law and the repeal of the Absentee Law for the primary there should he no difficulty in having a thoroughly satisfactory election. Certainly Tho Opportunity for irregularities is now greatly lessened agricultural the general Assembly set a new High record for Aid to agriculture. A More inoperative arrangement was effected Between i the different agricultural Agen a Des and departments and appropriation made for research work for exterminating the japanese Beetle hog cholera and bang s disease should provide real re Lief and result in direct Benefit citizen were All protected from 0f widespread importance to the by new taxes and the tax struts j agricultural life of the state. The ire was stabilized by the adopt j development of improved Market on of a permanent or cont into j Jig facilities was also provided g Revenue measure. This Means. For the Farmers should profi at it will not be necessary j definitely in the immediate fun Rafter for the legislature at hire from this program. Tile h session to adopt a whole Council of state provided $75,000 j to buy 1500 acres of Hie Camp j Polk farm West of Raleigh from the state barn be a i mini i cattle to Revenue measure bul simply make such changes or mod if Lions a May be deemed Wise. His will save a tremendous Jno unt of time for the legislature by give greater Security to the spaying Public. I cation in Brogh ass education was the first concern the general Assembly Aud the rest increases in approx rams went to the Public school Stem. The increase in these a of privations for the biennium notated to four and a Quarter i Ilion dollars making the lot int for Hie Public schools year $26,750,000 and next a $27,000,000. As an evidence the Progress made from a Lidar standpoint it is Only Highway commission for College for the new Dairy and farm Aud this should distinct Aid to he develop of interest in raising Dairy in this state. Gunk a l Cai ski the slate Board of Public health is developing a service of unequalled value and with the new Laboratory Anil other necessary buildings will have a most Complete set up for carrying Forward the finest health program the state has Ever had. Much valuable health legislation was Abo passed the legislature authorized Iii a continuance of the state Adver Tising program continued the free basal text Hooks in the first seven Grad in schools provided the machinery for local committees to establish the twelfth Grade if funds Are available. Liber Lizt d the regulation for local communities to supplement their shoot facilities authorized the establishment of a Highway safety division and provided for a real safety Campaign added fifty More met to the Highway patrol authorized the establishment of a res Arch tax division in the Revenue department and provided for the appointment of Many in i portent commissions. The foregoing represents a Brief though in perfect review of the legislative j record. The state had a mgt to or i datable exhibit at the new York world a fair. Wmk St a to Highway nys Kim j any traveller on the highways j of North Carolina in any Section of the state will he impressed with the a t that much work is timing done on our state Highway system and great improvement has been made in the primary and secondary highways. You will observe that narrow highways Are being widened dangerous curves Are being eliminated worn out roads Are being repaired or rebuilt narrow Bridges widened and there is a Large amount a of new construction. Besides ibis it can tie easily discovered that the 4 8,000 Miles of secondary or county roads have been much improved and As a Rule Are Heing kept in fairly passable condition at All times an unusual amount of funds have been exploded on these roads this year by regular maintenance special allotment and through spa assistance. Every Dollar available is being applied to our Public Road system in some form of improvement or for new construe Tion. In addition to All tile legislative appropriations for roads i have allocated during this Calendar year Over $7,Otto,Otto extra Horn the Road surplus to Road improvement and we have got inn around $3,pou.000 from win funds. It has not been necessary to divert a single Dollar of Road funds to any other purposes during the biennium which dosed june 30, 19 39. State finances the state revenues have been holding up most satisfactorily. There has been a constant increase which evidence a healthy growth in the state. The states credit is go of and the financial Structure is sound. In May of tins Yeai the state sol a Bond Issue of $2,225,000 at la lowest rate of Intel est in All the i standing All the Rainey expanded for increased governmental ser v be and in completing this magnificent building program. Economy in government is still a virtue and while expenditures have been Large expenses have been j Field to a minimum. My Iai. My to Iti j the whole social Security Bene fits As provide under the various i state and Federal statutes Are being administered in a very satisfactory manner on the w Hole. The payments for old ago assistance dependent children and the Blind far All participated in by the Federal. State and county govern i Manta. The payments to the old j people Over 65 who Are in Ned Avera $9.94 monthly and 35,-076 checks go out each month. The dependent children average $6 00 and 20,655 get the monthly payments. On january first 2.000 j More children will tie added and the payments increased to $7.00 without increased Cost to state or j county. There Are 1,98#� Blin who get in average of $14 91 monthly. The foregoing has no relation to pensions or compensation to those engaged in Industry or covered by unemployment insurance. There Are around $00,000 employees covered by unemployment compensation and during the past three years until november 30, 1939, the re had been collected from employers the sum of $29,-192.54 4 to meet these claims. Thousands of claims have Ben paid during the past two years and the sum of $12,412,168 has been distributed As Benefit checks i to workers entitled to them by reason of unemployment. This i fund now has a surplus of $17,- 361,528 which is held in the i Treasury in Wasington. A Splon did commission is now studying retirement fund for teachers and j slate employees j Paholk and probation these agencies of rehabilitation of those who have violated the Law have made a substantial contribution to the solution of the crime problem during the year and have Given added emphasis to the thought that real accomplishments can be made in the study and care of prisoners the proper i supervision and control of these unfortunates and the restoration to so piety and Good citizenship of Many who have gone astray a i review of the Suwe sea of parole i and probation would make a most i interesting Story. Th1 failures j merely serve to emphasize the importance of the work when we i realize How great have been the successes. A talk enforcement Federal Law it has been thought advisable for North Carolina to undertake the administration of the Federal wage and hour Law under the direction of commissioner of labor Forrest n Shuford this should prove of distinct advantage to our people f will have the in pc business sweeps into new year with hardly an after Holiday Lull cold weather helps heavy Christmas shopping leaves stores a till new Low in Stock by Smith Davis new York. Doc. 30. A a shivering shoppers and a Mountain of Industrial orders on hand enabled Tim lint ions business this week to counter the usual Between holidays slump Ami turn in a better than fair year end performance. The bite of cold winds which swept Many sections caused unusual demand for heavy wealing apparel and stores which had settled Down to a Lull found themselves in Many cases crowded with seekers after Mer who inspect for the state and hence the industries will not be subjected to the inconvenience of double inspection. In addition to Iii the inspections will be made by North Carolina people rather than inspectors sent in from other states who Are wholly unfamiliar with our whole situation. Hima Vita Rian Staie North Carolina is a great humanitarian slate. Our people would not he Content with a government which concerned itself solely with the mechanics of finance and taxes As essential As these tilings Are. But there must lie a deeper and finer realization of human needs and an appraisement of human values. This spirit has been Manifest in our whole governmental set up and a Broad program of ministration has become effective in every department of Public service. The needs of childhood Are met the cry of mothers is heard the prisoner in Bonds is visited and the unfortunate and afflicted Are ministered unto. The heart of a great people is express a in government anti we go Forward with buoyant Hope and unfailing Faith to face a new year. Chandise which had lain almost untouched on the shelves during the mild weeks which preceded Christmas. The extra sales washed Over into the wholesale markets. Where store buyers reordered warmer lines and looked about anxiously for goods suitable for january clearances. The surge of Trade just before the Holiday depleted Many stocks counted upon for next Mouth and As inventories had been Keg Low. Replacements were sought. Shiel Dijohn in factories despite the Christmas shutdown enough work was on hand to hold daily output at about what it had been in the preceding period although steel ingot production dropped sharply. In die meantime business looked ahead to 1940, studying the opinions of scores of economists and hard headed executives for a guide As How to plan for a year the future of which appeared about As obscure affected As it was by two euro-1 Pean wars and an election Campaign at Home As any in some time. While optimism was apparent in Many seats of the mighty caution seemed to Divide honors As a keynote. In the statements of Many Public # in was an almost unanimous warning against the building up of too heavy stocks of goods which might prove useless should tile consumer a strike or foresee a diminution of his purchasing Power. Park is decline that prices have not reached any runaway stage was evidenced by the fact that associated press weighted Index of 35 Basic Staples declined a bit for the first time in four weeks. Such important As rubber Wool and tin backtracked while Coal grains and Cotton were boosted a trifle. Silk to the sorrow of the ladies Abo went up to the Point where hosiery manufacturers were for i to raise their prices stockings. The effects can Economy an increasing from abroad on full fashioned of War on Ameri were disclosed by number of orders especially for machine tools and air planes for the belligerents and for other United states products for countries unable to tap their usual sources it of Supply in Germany England and France. An increasing volume of traffic for Export is being moved by the railroads through Atlantic and Gulf ports. J. J. Pelley president of the association of american railroads said. He added that during the first Twenty Days of december a daily average of 74 5 cars of Export freight was plated alongside ships in new York Harbor an increase of 10 per cent Over the november average of 685. Al Hwa he Huy ing the cumulative effect of the Forward buying which has been going on since Early september was show n by the asset lated pres seasonally adjusted Index of Industrial activity which stood at 111.7 per cent of tile 1929-30 average the identical figure for the preceding period and just a Little under the ten year High of 112.1 per cent second w Eek of disappointing fall in the rate established the this month. Was the Sharp of steel Mill operations a Little larger than generally charged up to christinas week. Confidence was expressed however that it would rebound no it w a a Kas the steel Industry does not regard new years Day As a Holiday. Other branches of heavy Industry produced much As usual and the average it daily output eliminating Christmas for machine tool makers. Railroad farm an electrical equipment manufacturers the automotive Industry and others in this Dan held close to the High Levels of the month. In textiles activity was pronounced. With Cotton Woolen and Rayon Mills turning huge supplies of cloth. Reside Gal building awards fell off. Is was natural with dad counting the Cost of the Holiday celebrate Ion. Power at be \ k for the week ended december 23 electric Power production for the tenth time in the last few months notched up a record Peak. For the same period Railroad freight car loadings car loadings dropped less than seasonally. Perhaps one reason for the Rush was the fact noted by stores that an unusual number of Cash gifts were Given this year tin spendable until Atter Christmas. Then too. Many company dividends some of them much higher than usual were made payable after Christmas arriving just in time to buy a heavy suit or a fur coat. That Many businessmen look for a continuation of the recovery. Although it May taper off from the High rate of the last three months was demonstrated by the Many announcements of new Plant construction renovation and modernization made by executives during the week. Some of them ran to sizeable figures. Especially was this True in the Public Utility Industry where it was estimated in Trade sources More than $600,000,000 would lie spent in 19 40 for electric Light and Power plants alone. That would make it the Best year since 1931. And compare with approximately $450,000,000 in 1939. Steels Aiti Vuk steel with a number of its plants out dated and about ready to collapse under the Strain of the continued heavy production of the past three months has been Active particularly in plans for new construction. Many other lines Bis and Small contemplate like action. Observers Secretary of Commerce Hopkins among them have found these capital goods expenditures a helpful a be Ause they keep workers on the payrolls in the Industrial Center adding to their buying ability reducing unemployment and helping to take rare of the Many newcomers to jobs which the country has been forced to Abseil or help each year. A sew years m message vytes re starting another w decade of the twentieth Century and it seems like a Good time to look Hack and look ahead. It was almost at the beginning of this Century that we started our company. We wanted to build a Good sound car and sell it at a Price Low enough so pretty nearly every family could have one. We were All alone in that idea then. But the experience of thirty seven years and the building of one third of All the motor cars Ever made have proved it was a sound idea. A lot of interesting things have resulted from it. One was our discovery that there Are very few High priced things that can to be produced at a Low Price if you re stubborn enough to stick to it until you find the Way. We re finding new ways to do that right along. Another was our discover that you can Pav High wages and Cut the Cost of your goods at the same time without cheating on the Quality of the product. That idea is pretty widely accepted today. Not As much As it might be or As it w ill be in the future but already it s the Rule instead of the exception. We have Learned that stability of employment with every possible Security for the worker is one of the most desirable things that can be achieved. We want to keep All our 120,000 men at work throughout the new year if it is at All possible. And we planned our production schedules have accordingly to level out the peaks and valleys of production and employment. Our payrolls Are now the largest in recent years. Because the increased business of last year permitted it we raised the wage rate of thousands of our men. We also put into effect a $150,000,000 insurance plan for the Benefit of our employees. A lot of other things have resulted from the Success of the Low priced automobile. The roads that have been built. The Oil and Gas and tire and service businesses that have grown up. The new markets that have been built up for farm products to he used As raw materials in Industry. The Freedom that people have to move around and see their country. But the most important thing we have found in these thirty seven years is that this country is always Good to a business that never Sells the country Short a a business founded on the belief that this country is going steadily ahead Anet is willing to invest everything it has in the future. That is w by our Plant Here at Dearborn is never completely finished in the Way that a House is finished. That a Why we Are always rebuilding and adding to our facilities As we Are even now to provide for the new tractor. That a w by we can say Happy new year with Confidence. We know that no matter what happens. America will he Able to review some More real Progress at the end of 1940. State s history a jut a Little j Dona Mads by the same person

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