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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Dec 31 1939, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 31, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina sunday. December 31, 1939weather North Carolina a partly Cloudy possibly Snow flurries or Light rain in North portion and in the mountains sunday followed by Clearing and colder sunday afternoon and night monday generally fair continued rather cold. A Washington dec. 30. Map a weather Bureau records of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending 8 p in in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station h. L. Fall Alpena. 27 25 .07 Asheville. 35 25 .00 Atlanta. 1 26 .00 Atlantic City. 35 32 .21 Birmingham. 43 20 .00 Boston. 31 26 .47 Buffalo. 27 23 .13 Burlington. 29 18 .02 Charlotte. 38 29 08 Chicago. 23 16 .00 Cincinnati. 33 24 of Cleveland. 26 22 of Dallas. Is 25 .00 Denver. 34 19 .00 Detroit. 26 21 .09 Duluth. 3 a i Joel paso. 57 25 .00 Galveston. 58 35 .00 Havre. 41 26 .00 Jacksonville. 50 34 of Kansas City. 30 12 .00 key West. 67 64 .48 Little Rock. 50 24 of los Angeles. 72 54 .00 Louisville. 35 22 .00 Memphis. 46 23 .00 Meridian. 50 18 .00 Miami. 64 56 .97 Mobile. 51 30 .00 Minn-8t. Paul. 9 9 01 new Orleans. 53 40 .00 new York. 38 31 .20 Norfolk. 40 34 .17 Pittsburgh. 26 21 .01 pot hand Ore. 44 40 .02 Portland. Me. 22 20 .71 Richmond. 39 28 .08 by. Louis. 31 7 of ban Antonio. 62 34 .00 san Francisco. 59 51 .00 Savannah. 49 30 .01 Tampa 32 44 .00 Vicksburg. 31 30 .00 Washington. 37 28 .12 Wilmington. 46 36 .03more about Edison elevated continued from Cage one mutant Secretary since november 17. 1936. Although Loath to leave his own extensive business affairs As head of the far Flung Edison industries he came to the Navy at the president s urging after the death of assistant Secretary Henry Latrobe Roosevelt. For months before Secretary Swansong a death much of the responsibility for naval affairs fell on Edison s shoulders because of his chief s feeble health. I x Dek Fike Edison s advancement to the full Cabinet position served to emphasize or Roosevelt s Conli do Nice in him. The Navy department has been under fire from some Congress members because of faults in design which made 36 of the newest destroyers a to heavy Quot necessitating their alteration. Edison is 49. A a a a a a a More than 20,000 women in Rutland have volunteered for service on the land. No. 2 communist in Federal net stocks end year with hark slightly under 1938 figure caught in the Federal round up ill i a a pm arrived in new York after his of alleged passport fakers Nicholas dozen erg is pictured As he arrest in Oregon. Dozen erg described by prosecutors As the no. 2 communist in the u. S., a Aid he quit the party in 1927. South carolinian elected chairman of student Union Madison. I. Dec. 30.�? up the american student Union repudiated its former leadership today and voted for the second time against any proposition that would Brand Russia As an aggressor nation in its conflict with Finland. The fifth annual convention elected Lee Wiggins. 22, of Hartsville s. C., National chairman to succeed Molly Yard of Chicago and named Herbert Witt 23, of new York executive Secretary in place of Joseph lash. Of new York. Lash had announced he would not seek about youth killed continued from Page one be formally charged with manslaughter. Coroner Wallace g freemen signed a certificate stating that the youth met his death As the result of an automobile Accident. He is survived by his parents three Brothers Clayton Roy and Hay and grandparents or. And mrs. M. W. Curl of Alamance county. The car said to have been driven by Simpson was a 1939 Model Light Sedan. Final flourish makes saturday biggest week end since nov. I by Frederick Gardner new York dec. 30�? up a stocks teetered on a narrow ledge in today a Market As Wall Street Shook off cheerless 1939 and prepared to make another try in the new year. While dealings in the Short session frequently churned at a rapid rate and gains predominated at the close prices changes generally were in minor fractions either Way. Business news prompting considerable reinvestment demand served to offset relatively heavy belated tax Selling brokers said. Under i his composite the associated press average of 60 stocks ended up .1 of a Point at 51.2. A year ago the composite stood at 53.2. The year s High was 53.9 and the Low 41.6. The Days turnover of 655.955 shares compared with 331,672 last saturday and was the largest for a two hour proceedings since november 4. For the entire month of december the volume in full lots of 17,768,713 shares was around the smallest in 21 years for this period. For the year there was a total of 262,015,799 shares smallest since 1923. For 1938 and 1937 the figures were 297,-385,059 and 409.453.910, respectively. In the final traders for the year Allied chemical pushed up 1%. Slightly improved were Johns Manville Woolworth United aircraft Chesapeake amp Ohio great Northern. N. Y. Central consolidated Fodison and Sears Roebuck. Embargo 111 its Climax molybdenum lost i following announcement the company would observe the administrations a moral embargo Quot against countries bombing civilian populations by discontinuing shipments to Russia and Japan. U. 8, steel was unchanged and Bethlehem Down a Point. Other moderate losers included general motors Standard Oil of n. J., Union Carbide Curtiss Wright Goodyear. International Harvester and Westinghouse. Secondary rails again were the principal gainers in the Bond department. Other corporate Loans were steady. With the exception of grains important commodity exchanges were closed today. Wheat at Chicago moved up so to i cent a Bushel and Corn gained 1-8 to 4. Brides of by Ink. Hungary dec a orate their wedding cakes like a Christmas tree stringing them with Popcorn paper chains blossoms. Etc., on Sticks which Are i set in the cake. The cake is place de in the w window for passersby to i Admire and. Months later is fed j to the about former publisher continued from Page one and the other for inspection by the audit Bureau of circulation whose reports Are a Standard guide for advertisers. A former advertising copy writer for a Wilkes Barre. Pa., store miss Mcneils had considerable Magazine experience before setting Forth on her Tower magazines Enterprise. She was a business head of the once popular Magazine the american Spectator whose editors included George Jean Nathan James Branch Cabell Theodore Dreiser and Eugene of Neill. Leading woman she conceived the idea of distributing magazines through the Woolworth Chain of 5-and-10-cent stores thereby placing them before a huge Public. She made arrangements through her former Friend. F. M. Kirby of Wilkes Barre vice president of the of w. Woolworth company and testified that he was her financial Backer. When he became ill she said his son Allan withdrew his backing. Publishing circles hailed the Enterprise As a a nine Dav wonder of the publishing Field and miss Mcneils was once listed As one of the country s to greatest business about finnish army continued from Page one Katalae on the Northern Shore of Lake Ladoga and on a front Between Lake Ruoko and Lake Seky. A several Day Battle around Lake Kinta continued. A military communique said two enemy tanks were destroyed Between Summa and Lake Mola and that finnish planes shot Down two soviet raiders finns on this last saturday of the year realized with proud satisfaction that russians armies seemed much further away than they did on the terrible opening Day of the conflict november 30. Volunteers arrive they were puzzled however. By numerous foreign reports that foreign volunteers were arriving in Fenland. far the swedes have been the Only ones to come in noticeable numbers although the first norwegians Are expected next week. Today was the first time the Finna have officially admitted the a uese Neo of swedish volunteers More about Al Smith continued from Page one the Republican party so devoid of Good material. The democrats have infinitely More material than the republicans. A for example. Garners All right. He certainly knows what a going on. He a been around Washington most of his life and should know. And in a reasonably certain he knows the mistakes of the last seven years. A pm not anchoring myself by that because i be got some More. I believe senator Byrd of Virginia would be a Good candidate and i believe former governor Ely of Massachusetts would be a god candidate. would senator Bailey of North Carolina. Senator Wheeler ought to be a Good Man. If you want a Good shrewd Able business Man to solve some of the problems growing out of the financial and taxing mess take Wendell Winkle. He a a Democrat i understand though in a not sure and he comes from Indiana. There Arentt Many of them democrats out there. Voung Good Man a Owen d. Young would make a Good Man. Mcnutt i done to know much about him. Harry Hopkins and attorney general Murphy too new Deal ish. Jim Farley i done to think he seriously considers himself a candidate. Al Smith too old. Yeh. I know Garner is older but he a had More outdoor exercise than i in his criticism of the new Deal Smith asserted that the a under lying theory of the whole new Deal policy is to change the american idea of government a a which he defined As the belief in a Independence and absolute separation of the three branches of government and secondly in the right of under general Ernst Linder. In a statement. Foreign minister Vaino Tanner expressed Finland a thanks and a great a writer in Benito Mussolini a newspaper Al Popolo do italia said 2,000 italians were a ready Quot to go to Finland but had not yet started. British reports previously had said the italians already were on hand with air planes. Big Battle in Okuno the finns got much pleasure out of knowing that the world now was asking a a what a wrong with the russian army Quot realistically. However Many feared a great Battle was imminent with experienced soviet troops reported moving up front to replace Callow conscripts under cover of continual artillery bombardment of the isthmus. Russian strategists also were using captive balloons for the first time to spy out finnish positions hidden in the thick a nods of the about Britain expects continued from Page one As a reminder of the Pinch to come the daily mail today published at the Bottom of the last news column of the last Page of the last edition of this year an item with the headline a Tail Pence to 1939.&Quot tax Appeal beneath the headline was Chancellor of the exchequer sir John Simon s latest Appeal to the taxpayers to a carry us to Success in this part of the Field just As we rely confidently on the armed forces of the Crown in the Grimmer struggle which they have to the daily mail also struck a keynote about the War and said also that one of the illusions a of which we recently divested ourselves is that the United states is Likely to give us anything More than sympathy or goods for it added Quot there has been far too much moral and mental leaning on America during the past two Many britons predict Germany will be forced by the Allied blockade tatty some big military Effort Iii Early Spring. Maginot line Safe military experts expressed doubt that any such drive would be against the Maginot line where Britain and francs now Are sending in overseas reinforcements. A theory that Germany might strike through the Netherlands or Belgium also apparently is losing favor among experts Here. They Are eyeing closely Southeastern Europe As a possible theatre of War. With her Friend soviet Russia heavily engaged in the War against Finland and less Able to give Germany supplies these experts say it is even More Likely that Germany May move in a Southeastern direction. The most popular theory in this connection is that Germany May strike through Hungary at rumanian a source of Rich Oil supplies. This presumably would bring into Force the British fat Ench guarantees to Aid Rumania. Rum xxi gets Aid Britain already has supplied some military planes to Rumania and was believed to be taking other Steps to help counter any German move there. What Britain and f Rance plan to do remains a military secret. Some Well informed persons expect More action from them As soon As their War preparations Are better organized. However intensification of the conflict should Start there is a general feeling that More hitter warfare than yet has been seen will come Early in the new year. And most British see Little Prospect of any successful peace move. The More pessimistic say that the governments plans for a three year War Are none too conservative. Wash Parsley in hot water if you want to improve its flavor and make it easier to chop More about America bids continued from Page one some of the nations most famous streets will be the scenes of mass celebrations Randolph Street in Chicago times Square in new York around which All traffic will be rerouted Broad a anal Street in new Orleans and san Francisco a Market Street. Los Angeles authorities have arranged to rope off six blocks of Hill Street and Broadway for the celebratory and have assigned 250 extra policemen to keep their antics under control. A 2 . Liquor curfew will be strictly enforced. Among the new years Day celebrations xviii be the annual mummers Parade in Philadelphia in which thousands of costumed marchers will compete for prizes totalling about $63,-000, reports from throughout the country showed that sunday Laws had resulted in a greatly increased number of Home parties being planned this year. Portland. Ore., police insisted they would enforce a ban against dancing on sunday and Many of the Public parties moved out of town. Iowa folks rushed to liquor stores last night for supplies to last them from 9 . Saturday until 9 am. Tuesday. Only private clubs Are permitted to sell Beer and liquor on sunday. Liquor sales in Michigan tonight will be restricted to the period from Midnight until 2 . Governor Dickinson said of that Wasny to Long enough for some a a they la just have to drink about fuehrer sees con inned from Page one threats which today As in the past originate in England. Quot. We not Only fight against the Versailles injustice hut for prevention of a still greater injustice which is to take its place. A and positively we fight for construction of a new Europe because we Are in contrast to Chamberlain of the conviction that this new Europe cannot be shaped by the outmoded forces of a decaying world and not by so called statesmen who Are unable to solve even the most primitive problems in their own countries but that for the reconstruction off Europe Only those Peoples and forces Are called upon which in their conduct and their achievements can be spoken of As Young and productive. Assails jew a the jewish capitalistic world will not survive the twentieth in a second message addressed to the army Hitler asked the Blessing of god a who during the past so visibly took us under his i election Quot and he warned his soldiers that a the hardest possible struggle for existence or non existence of the German people Quot lies about republicans continued from Page one personally and the democratic party desired to bring about nonpartisan consideration of both Domestic and foreign problems while a great part of the world was at War in other words to extend the adjournment of politics which or. Roosevelt asked while the neutrality Bill was under consideration. Some republicans took the View too that the invitation had put not Only the congressional leaders but the Republican party a on the spot Quot politically. They reasoned that acceptance of the invitation would tend to indicate to the country that the republicans were subservient to president Roosevelt a leadership thus enhancing the chief executives political stature. On the other hand if the invitations were summarily rejected some of the minority party members Felt they might be accused of adopting a Petty attitude after the democrats had made a gesture toward National Unity. Thus they apparently faced a difficult task in framing what one Republican suggested must be a dignified regretful rejection which he said might be based on the theme that since this country was not itself at War times were not so unusual As to require the abandonment of the traditional two party system. The precedent breaking invitation was said in some quarters not Only to have been approved by the president but to have been inspired by him in any event it was regarded generally As foreclosing any possibility that the president would discuss his third term attitude in his speech at the dinner. Most republicans and Many democrats said they were unable to understand the motive that prompted issuance of the invitation. At Camden s. C., where he is enjoying a vacation. Cummings said it was just As a gesture of Good about British ship continued from Page one probable capture by British warships or be interned. The foreign minister said # decree w Ould give the German ship a 24-hour period for compliance. He indicated it might he issued tomorrow on grounds that the Tacoma acted a an auxiliary vessel for the scuttled German pocket battleship Admiral Orat 7�r colds Mentho lated creosote a super dry cleaning. 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