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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 31, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Page 8 High Point Enterprise. Thursday. December 31, 1925 Tell his troubles. Invite him in to Tea and let him talk about himself. And above All be feminine. Men Uke a woman Best when she in just Plain woman. So worried about what you d think of to Quot that i went out and got drunk still. Haven to been myself it ice. Guess the Hooch was bad stuff. New Bootlegger. You see and morning Art strictly As hours population. I.�?~ur1ng these of houses Are be rile clipping was from the love-1 there a no use pretending my lips by Tho playing Lorn column of the Telegraph. Id it a deep Higie Herre Toda a Kaura a if a Khy a it. Breaks with her Tan a kill i i Rhy Noia is my gets a Job on the Telegraph Iii order to Sie Lite. Ankrum me Khz Rai Ott Hie managing editor is a foun Ltd Friend id Lier father ror Chi i Rihs police repel Ler. Proves it Wiendl v. Barbara attends a newspaper dinner at i lie Hight inn will Sivi Iak so i ii Van a press agent. There she meets j i Romh r a Iii a Man about Tow la. The sound of a shot comes from an inner room in tin roadhouse. Norman hollow his a prominent broker is found dead Iii tin room. \ suicide note is found in his pocket but Barbara finds a woman s Scarf under the table. A she is sent to intern Rev mrs. Lydia Stahn a prominent in Fety woman on a real estate project l j Truee s firm. While there mrs. Stacy s maid reveals having sent a dress to kilo cleaners to have a wine stain removed. Barbara connects tin wine stained dress wit ii the roadhouse shooting of hollowed. She seals the Tell tale Scarf in an envelope and hides ii in her desk. That night she Lias dinner with Jerome Call and rebuffs his advances. Barbara and Bob enjoy Reading letters addressed to tie lovelorn column by a girl who has a Beer stained Kine a. Straight eyelashes and unrequited love for a certain Young Man. Lader Barbara attends a reception Given by mrs. Stack and finds Bruce is the guest it Honor. She accepts mrs. Stacy a offer to have Bruce see Ber Home. Bruce returns to the Stacy mansion to find that All the guests have depicted. Mrs. Stark asks Bruce what he has against Barbar. Now go on with thi Story til Apter xxi Bruce frowned. A nothing at All a i be answered. A a Barbara san old j Friend of mine. I like her very in a a an old Friend of yours Quot Lydia a voice was Chilly. A strange you did t mention lie fact when i introduced a a Well a said Bruce slowly a we i have 1 been Tho Best of friends for some time. There was t much for us to say to each other Lydia nodded her head knowingly and sat Down beside Hun. A a i see perfectly. How awkward of inc to make you take Lier Home. Listen Bruce Are you in love with her a a Bruce Shook his head so that tile Light from the chinese lamp fell upon an unruly lock of hair i Landing on the Quot Crown of his head. A let s not talk of such serious tilings lie said. A a let a t just enjoy ourselves it s Nice lie Jing Here with All the strange peo i pie gone and the lamps and the roses and you. Lydia Bent nearer to him. A a do you really like being with me Quot she asked Ber Bright hair almost Tom Iling his Bruce stirred uneasily ensures i do. You re mighty company she Drew Back. Lier eyes narrowing. A a Good company a she repeated then she leaned Hack Lier shawl sweeping in Long Lazy lines Down i from her shoulders. A you see Bruce a a she said Light 1 or it makes a Good Deal of difference. Hor if you really like me enough. I might lie Able to help i had never touched liquor before j but i do want you to know in a Mcdermott was deep in the j sorry you were morning papers when Barbara j a a that Sall right sinbad a re. Opened the door of his office next plied Barbara. A it was pretty bad morning. He looked up. With the j but i done to hold half smile that always betokened preoccupation. A Pardon me or. Mcdermott a she said a but i have a message for it of from mrs. Stacy. She told me to ask you to Call her this morning. She wants to give out an an. Nou Cement about the Vale acres business. They say she is going to put a great Deal of Money into a Good for Lydia a said Mcdermott. A she will make Good copy out of the Deal where nobody else could. And if she goes into it at All she will go with a blare of j trumpets and a flourish of Drums. Just sit Down while i Call her. A then ill hand her Over to you j and you can take the Story. Its j yours anyhow. By the Way How was the party Woith a Good yarn a tie was rattling the receiver Hook. A nothing extraordinary a a Barbara replied. A but i can make a readable Story either for or. Tells or for the society Mcdermott interrupted her to Greet mrs. Stacy Over the Tele. A a you la never go out with me again though a a he queried. Barbara Only smiled. Later in the Day she took the red Scarf from the lower desk drawer and wrapped it carefully in paper. When she went Home that night the parcel was in Ber coat pocket. To to continued constantinople a City for Jervous Days Are set aside for noisy housework and much quiet is required constantinople dec. 31.�? apr constantinople has become a Model City for persons with weak i Glamor and a the continent. Phonographs or raucous cries 01 sharpeners old a itinerant Puckstt under a Tubor Are forbidden to Wood or to liar the Public Street Days. In a thi forbidden to sire the pavement or to Quot Ide either a or to drag a Bai ment. A Metry win today one of the Iii Ever been our presented today it is entitled the production of workmanship Murray and i stars doing t h Al varied and Drill von Stroheim Genius i Mol has full tion with a the Laid in a maj Dom the pict phone. Barbara watched him. He nerves or irritable dispositions listened patiently for Many to j under a mayoralty edict the meats his face growing More and a hours Between midday and two in Quot la Ell Quot said untie Quot of v Inu in i been the Best of friends for smile time. There was t nun it for us to soy to Earli other tonight. You a lot. All my Loose ing around might make difference Between Success and fail lire for Yale acres. But of course i done to want to meddle where i m not really wanted. I know How men sometimes feel when women intrude Iii such matters. That a Why i sent the guests away tonight so you and i could talk Quot Briu e fidgeted. A of course i like you. Lydia a a he said. A find i appreciate your help and interest. But i must say that i Hope you will not invest on Quot cent in Val Quot acres that you would not invest if Friendship were left out of the question. Business is business and Money iv-1 smile. A Only a Revoir Lydia. Lethe whole i said with to hint of fatigue in his Oice. She merely smiled miss Cran by a door stood open As he passed through the boarding Bouse Hall a half hour later. She called to him to enter. He found her seated on the floor working with a rickety spirit lamp. A Why Violetta Quot he said a what Are you doing a a making a cup of Tea Quot she answered gayly. A a thought you might like to drink one with me More puzzled. At last he put up the receiver j land turned to Barbara. A a that a i i queer a he said. Quot the lady is Cool Las ice this morning. Says she Bas j i changed her mind about Tho an-1 noun cements in fact about the in a vestment itself.�?�. A she want nothing said about 1 her in relation to Vale acres or a the manners company. I know she has been in close touch with them i for weeks. A a but the Queerest thing is that she wants us to soft pedal the Story of the party last night. Says she hates publicity and would rather we left it our. Altogether. But if we must print it she begs that we will make it Short and not make any Between the visit of Pignelli and the Vale acres business. Looks very much to me As if Lydia a sore at the manners concern and wants to Cut Down on the publicity they re getting As spite work. Women Aru he Shook his head. Barbara turned to go. A what shall i do about the Story a she asked. Mcdermott lifted his head from his paper. A Why if she Isnit go nothing Short Coronation Seoul the afternoon and Between Midnight colors is of sue shoulders As she Bent Over the chafing dish. A a Violetta a he said Quot will you a Tell me a sure thing if i know it a she answered. A a does a woman Ever love a Man just because he is himself a love him enough to give himself to him j l l invest we can to say she is with out thought of and thing else. I 0f Jonrs it. About the party or is the world and its schemes anti Jan Ellis give that what ifs always in Lier thoughts while she Worth is Loving him a a a a of. Well leave it Violetta a she s a very spiteful woman Violetta considered. A Well when j when she a angry evidently. But i m in love there Isnit anything a that a not strange. Most women else in my mind at she said. Are a Mcdermott spoke with As. Bruce glanced toward Tho door. It pm just Plain cuckoo. What a i Suranye. The use in figuring All those things Barbara did not contest the out anyway loves love Aud Point. She went Back to the main theres nothing else in the world office to find sinbad Sullivan lean like it. That a enough for ing against her desk.,j ,4. Bruce was staring at her fixedly. He burst into talk. A this is the stood by the Lunes Quot lamp twisting went Muling on. Most of oui ii Eves were Large and childlike j first time in be had the nerve to Friendship is Friendship. It wont do i replied to the glance. Quot old Medley to mix in was still Star will do satisfied with that. She ing Abstractedly at the yellow roses knows in a to perfect lady anyway Lydia Rose impetuously. She Bruce frowned. Bur Violetta its Ivory drop Between ers. A Friendship a she her fing Jetle talk tests come repeated. Done a a of i Good i Bruce did not seem to hear. The Ivory spindle snapped in two. She let tile pieces drop from her lingers. When Bruce looked up. She was standing close beside him. A Good night Quot she said. A a it a very late and both of us Are he took the White hand that she held out to him. As he passed i t the a a a he Quot to turn Drand Quot a if a Dot he w8s�?od he r�0m Abd com and a a a you know leaned Over her. I never have any use for me after him. &Quot.say. Now what s the mat Ter you look As White As a ghost has Slit before she could guess what he Tho Lighthouse escapade. But i done von wrong again a a intended to do had kissed her had to come and say i was sorry a no. There a nobody to blame and abruptly gone away i anyhow. Violetta i m inst a Bungler with u heu she heard huh door Hlaing i a you see when you went off and women nobody seems to get along i Violetta rushed to her bed and heft me with that Bird Jeffries in with me but you. We do have Good Flun amp herself upon it giggling Bys. Produced to you i thought the even times together Don t we a historically. After a few moments of ing was wrecked anyhow and id voice was almost pleading laughter she Rose and searched in i just have a drink or two. When i a sure thing Violetta and a tumbled Dresser drawer. Came to i was lying with my head through Hie door he turned and i busted t he spirit lamp for the fit from Between a topless cold j in the chrysanthemum Basket on looked at Lier she was leaning Teeth time and turned her Back to i Cream Jar and a stack of soiled j the table about four o clock next against the piano Lier face Sud him. A you and me were meant to powder puffs she pulled a tattered morning. There had been a death Fie Rily quite Van. Play around her shadowy i bit of newspaper. I in the place and everybody had Quot Good so Quot Aid again hair made an Aureole around Lier there was a passage marked cleared out Long before. Bruce rallied a aint head. Bruce looked at her slim Quot be always sympathetic. Let him Quot i Felt so Rotten about it an i save to Havel of you would have something fore save to have. Do you also want to be Semi things help so much to give to succeed As proved ability put part of your earnings account at the Wachovia having and being More than my Bank and tri ,. North cd Asheville High Point Winston i or every Fini commercial banking-trusts-savings-1 among those wanted to be present a auction Sale new year Sof a. L. Hussey estate and the two Nice bungalows on East Are the Man who is tired of paying rent. An investor who is looking for a real buy. A Young Man or woman wanting to act any person having Faith in High Point. The ones interested in making Money in real estate. A seeker for a Good lot to by push Forward not Back terms unusually easy remember that Grimes auction amp realty phone 2892 auctioneers 806 commercial Natl

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