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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 31, 1925, High Point, North Carolina By Williams High Point Enterprise thursday. December 31. I to Page 7 that financial assistance ill he forthcoming to place the franc on i sound fooling along with its Japan looking Forward Al of to i an eventual return to the Gold j Standard built up Large balances in this country for the improve a Mem of its currency during the i year. The effect was a Een in the j Rise of japanese yen from a Low j Point of 38 1-1 cents in january to j above 43 cents late n the year. The scandinavian currencies made great Forward strides wit ii the improvement in the economic 1 condition of these countries. Dan a ish Kroner advanced from around 17 1-2 cents to above 25 cents and j norwegian Kroner from 15 to i above 22 cents both within it few j cents of Par. The position of South american exchanges also was strengthened j both Argentine pesos and brazilian j Milreis adding about five cents Leach to their quoted value during i Tho rear. That body of yours in Jas. W. Rauton. M. In Doug Fairbanks Breaks the production records Nineteen Twenty six. Quot Quot As 1926 approaches and you ate the average Man or woman you Are Likely telling yourself some of the things you Are going to do next a ear and ame of tile things you Are no going to do. Perhaps you hav been taking matters rather easily and have neglected certain things social financial. Business or religious and you determine to Correct them. Or you May ii Ebo ii overdoing things along some of Tomse lines cml determine that for 1926, you Are going to ease up. To have a Good time to it something out of the world Boru s work. Naturally you know your of to Busine and your own affairs Hest. Nut i d like to make a suggestion or two that will fit in no matter whether you make resolutions to get Busy to let up or make no resolutions Ai All. No matter who you Are. Or what i you the Tim biggest asset you have i in life is your health which i gives you the child vile pow in to do things i and Tho Roku it Ion of Yoni Luis it is. Is sex everything. It will give you even More give you More than Al the tilings mentioned above. Copyright 1 9 25 Bell Syndicate inc. High Point club team is in play i Iii moot 11 Iii 11 school to it Atlinda night follow inn ? it it to 825 by Nea scr vict. It Quot a franc and italian lira. During 1925 were limited to a one Cut Range. The belgian currency after Selling above five cents later reached its a natural level Quot around i 1-2 cents As monetary stabilization credits were placed tit the disposal of the government. The italian lira hovered most of tile year around four cents although it fell at one time to i 1-3. A $50,000,000 credit obtained in the Spring for its Protection was absorbed late in the fall by a $100,000,000 Long term loan. The course of the French franc was More erratic. With each change in the Cabinet and the development of several acute financial problems ii displayed greater weakness crumbling from its High Point of around 5 1-2 cents in usually stories Laden with statistics ave bore some rather than entertaining or instructive. However in the Case of a a Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood Quot a United artists release showing at the Broadway theater now an exception car. Bel How or How Pool noted duo to the unbelievable i passed in Only one Way that is bythe condition of that body of yours. Peed with which this Gigantic production vans was due to t to j y a it c remarkable organs7 tion with which t or. Fairbanks surrounded himself. 1 Dom he put at the i end of Ca ii de i our Nart ment the most thoroughly competent Man obtainable regardless of Price. And Ai i to head of the whole directorial Force ii placed Allan l wan reputed to be the most thorough and Swift director of productions of tire Robin Hood magnitude in the picture Industry. With or. Fairbank a own dynamic Energy behind this organization to give. It impetus there was never a Dull moment from the time the first camera started to the final fadeout. Here Are the cold figures which Tell the Story of the making of this feature thirty thousand Calls issued through casting department to players. One thousand and eight Hundred players used in biggest scene. Three Hundred horses used to a mingle scene. Total scenes shot. 11 of. Maximum number of scenes in a Day thirty in Sherwood Forest. Minimum number of scenes in a Day. Two banquet Hall. No time was lost on account of vain. The company worked on one Louday decoration Day and four sundays. Only four locations were j used be pile the magnitude of the picture. While the sets were un-1 body is just what your pareve you and what you have with r since you were born. J body is practically an even tiring fifty fifty As they express it j or what you inherited and what 1 you be done for or against it. Now no matter Whit condition j your body is in it Only ask three things of you. And they Are All simple enough. First that you get the right kind of food or fuel and that you take it on Board in proper amounts not overloading or under loading this is the most important thing you do i this matter of eating. Then it asks that you give it the proper rest. Regular amounts not too Milch but yet enough. This gives All your tissues brain muscle. And so Forth a Chance to get recharged As with electricity. And finally it a us you to remember All the Muscles that Rover practically every Inch of the in. Ace of your body. The it were meant to be used that that heart lungs stomach and intestine might get used daily a walk or run and some bending or stretching exercises Are All that Are necessary. So As 192 6 approaches give your body some thought. It gives you c Oil cup it i Dune Avra age men is ii ave been la for a i a a s k gumball game Between the j local big ii i Silloo i team and Tho i High i 5oint club o the in Ive to of nor 111 cd i Roll a a t the y m. R \. Saturday n ishtar 9 o clock. The can Mina boat a Quot ail Allun i of the local i Ligh school and several in e Libers o f the team t v ill play Sarn Rel a have been for Mer a ars Oil t la o High sol too Quint s of j inst Yea a a uni or who v. Ill p Lay i re Bill Hagan. It i j Tain o f the e local highs in la >2 4 Steve i n g ram Sta r Forward four i ears Fin to now a a amp Liate for erg in the line up they will no doubt offer the highs some stiff opposition. Roach Marietta s Basket shooter Are rapidly being shaped into h. Smooth working team that will probably make the going Rocky for other teams in this Section before the 1926 season is ended. Supplants horse Washington. Dec. 30.-- a the extent to which modern farm machinery continues to supplant the horse on american farms a Rev r a led today in figures mad Public by tile census Bureau showing that Tho number of horses on farms Ltd or s d 16 percent during a he last five years or from 19,767,-161 in 1 920 to 1 6.535.759 in 1925. To number of mules however Hay in re in cd More than 5 percent or from 5.432.391 to 5,730,608 Dur inc the same period. I never the freshman team it the sity. And Ralph Asbury. .1 set topped guard and member of local team in 1921-2 2 Tau will be the firs appearance of to team but with such seasoned p prescriptions by registered pharmacists and pure drugs always Rhone to for Quick service prescription called for and delivered. Ring drug company january to below 2.70 cents Early in december. Once the French i Der construction a Crew of 8b0 was i debt Bas been settled Aud Amel employed part of the number Icay a credit resources have been j working at night to Speed the reopened franc it is expected work. Guaranteed Vulcanizing tire service co. Phone 2714 212 e. High Bird dog i vim or la in it >11 tit s it �1 cd $25.00 a act a it ii in. Don t Ultimo Dot Virtues by Tho Price. Chime and Sec him. J. M. Field Climax n c. Greeting the new year the Dawn of the new year 2 will find us installing new presses and other equipment so that we May better serve our old customers Ltd to make possible t he serving of new ones. So if is Hraf this time to thank those Loyal friends who have made this growth possible. The Rhodes press i v est Commerce Street Telephone 4214 High Point our great after Christmas clearance of suits and overcoats is in full swing this is the wonderful savings event of the season but it is not to be confused with our regular Semi annual Sale. Suits and overcoats will not be further reduced under any circumstances. Suits s2s.uj do to 25% off. <dl0.lo so. $20.65 $30.00 �00 Chi 25% Oft. Isa $24.40 $35.00 it Coc Hal 25% off. I o $37.50 Coq in 25% off. A $30.00 $<2.50 goo on 25% off. S45.oo a Sqq to 25% Oft. I 0 $50.00 Ltd it a 25% Oft. 3 0 i a a a a $41.25 a $45.00 overcoats $25.00 25% off $27.50 25% Oft. $18.75 $20.65 $30.00 25 % off. $22.50 $32.50 25% off $35.00 25% off $37.50 25% off $40.00 25% off $42. So 25 % off $24.40 $26.75 $28,15 $30.00 $32.90 $45.00 25% off $50.00 25% off 355.00 25% off 500.00 25 % off $33.75 $37.50 $41.25 $45.00 everything strictly Cash. No charges. Nothing sent out on approval. There will be a Small charge for alterations. Cannon Fetzer co. A outfitters to men of Fine judgment. N. Main Street. A i i Enterprise want ads blk vat i Quick. Results i j a t19s la j-41 x j i Nice Bridge venue Northamer. See or. Phone 8 o Siree Park Call a 96 or 2854. 12 �?�3e.nt�?one four room House ten acres of ground on the Thomasville Road. Two and bait Miles from town. Call a i i brie top oranges and grape f 50c per Peck. A i de pot. Sale a a a

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