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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 13, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We a i ii a a i rain somewhat colder tonight thursday fair and colder. The High Point Enterprise a Liisi Point the Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises \ of. 53�?no. 317 51 pm Bah associate press High Poust is. C., wednesday afternoon Begum her 13, 1939 Complete sea service Phile Elve cents700 missing in sea tragedy a a a a a a it a it it it it a it a a a a it a it it a it reds massing for crushing blow at finns a a a a a a a a a it it it a it a it it it it it in it a i league will expel Russia vote condemns soviet nation As aggressor in Baltic War implication left that ousting will follow shortly a Charles s. Foltz or. Geneva dec. 13. A a 13-nation committee of the league of nations adopted today a Resolution condemning Russia As an aggressor and containing an implied demand that Russia be ousted from the league for invading i Aland. The Resolution which wan then i mis mated to t to. Leo a a a id a-.-, Nib which mat act on it tonight in i Porini to t a a Ltd re a it r t dra a up by r ii commino a a Iii u t in i Bim ii i la Belt Quot s v a i d i <1 i ii a it Ltd a Bible Aid i Simmom la in addition it suggested that 1 Trot member oat Ion. Such As the United states might he he ked to loin in helping Finland if the league of a tic the report or rial i Quot nation in inc the in Council Deni re Semi flee co in Flint a conflict continued on Page eleven Japan to seek soviet treaty pact with i. S. Not dead. But negotiations i till Russia will be opened a Utah a kl-1 in foreign of j armed today open be got Russia Jan Trade treaty i were held for Tho United states the present wet Bas been de i r a a a a a i in p Ian 6 Suma admitted Ute russian a presently was Isuf i replace that of America i a Elf she cannot buy from i Japan should turn j kid bombs blast finnish capita la fired by a blast from the sky. A blazing a Anmis of Deal Obi Jeou spa eds d masonry once a building where russian bombers made a direct hit during a raid on Helsinki. War casualties Bremen Shook off fill Leningrad tray Ingu boats churches quickly con cried into hospitals for suffering Betis Moscow dec i churches in Len Ingri Vertex Day he army it fronts tar he into it a steal Asu Altie overtax a of a d were con hospitals to am of red the finnish City s return by Tokyo. Dec. 13 a him sums. Jar Lane flee spokesman con hat Japan to hid Iton s with so Viet Iolo oking Iowa re a Tut s rid Hopes s Tell i be w treaty with Fin per Cor pie a no in a i ret Idem to but said. Gone country to imm blvd la Mim i i i. He contended that non exist Ince of a treaty with the United states would be a harmful both Japan and the United states materially and a it hot it i. Alg for example he said. A seventy bight per cent of Cali of a whole Trade is concerned with a pan a likewise it would result in the first non a at it rei.i1 it it Between the two nations since p r the Matthew he first id states it order red id High to american Commodore c. Perry brought about treaty Between the unit and Japan in 1854.1 Radic it Issi my Suma declined to say whether j meant Japan would restrict Trad in t i w bet Ile increased tension the far fast would result he said however to Ade w Ould be possible under a non treaty con Riff no Japan he said is attempting to find constructive ways of adjusting a future As Well As past relate us w ill tie i n i Foj so regarding China. U. S. Ambassador Joseph c. Brew has accuse i Japan ton China inimical to United Staten interests. Mary a att i from d the City a 11111 by. Lev let official ated without con russians rejection of tin in of nations mediation of i the finnish dispute news s gave glowing s welcomed to liberators Quot in the a actions. Workers in the u t Iii a i n and Sweden i. Welcomed St headed finn up be of Ter Jokl Organ of tin Akers of i i ire the roil i world looked to the s for leadership. Oil the diplomatic front speculation was aroused by the arrival of or. Joseph Tiso president of Slovakia on an undisclosed Mission. A red army communique reported yesterday that troops occupied two finnish villages Aud the Railroad station the Advance was have reached Mark Miles Southwest of Miles within the Frontier in Central Finland. The army announced the occupation of Untilla a bout 30 Miles from the soviet Border on tile North Hank of Luke Ladoga Aud the station of Kon Piroja Koi Pinola i on the Patkar Anta ser dobol Railroad. Liner docks safely in Home port after outsmarting enemy germans celebrate Berlin dec. L3.�? apr germans exulted today Over the Safe arrival of the $20,000,000 liner Bremen in a Home port despite the approach of a British submarine to within torpedo Range. A i reports that or russian a Ray occupied ailed states the new spa the new ish a peo at the i lie army Ted states lout the a let Union of a third reported to Yarvi seven Alia and 45 Commodore Adolf Ahrens thin twice outwitted the British Navy the first occasion being when he a failed his 51,731-ton vessel from new York to Murmansk soviet Russia arriving in the War s Early Days. A High command communique last night said a the fast liner Bremen arrived Home tonight from overseas. The Navy department had taken measures to bring the hip Home safely. Among them air planes were detailed to give the ship the necessary Protection. Is it m in h thu a Ted a a British submarine Iii the North sea attempted to attack the Bremen. One of the planes sent to protect the Bremen forced the submarine so far under the water that the attack was although the port of arrival was not mentioned belief was expressed the Bremen is in Brenier Haven. The British admiralty which first disclosed the Bremen a perilous voyage from the Arctic to Germany said its submarine refrained from attacking without warning because of a the rules of sea the British press today however inquired pointedly Why the the Bremen was not sunk or a at least crippled Quot Quot White in Mike on the diplomatic front the German foreign office issued last continued Oil in age eleven Britain uses new defense in mine War experts even trying to debunk Shakespeare now 9 of Christmas seals protect your Home trom is Turk Culosio Quot by in the goal of eradication of tuber culo Ala la within right. That goal can be reached if the Public will cooperate by purchasing Christmas seals. By Gladwin fill new York dec. Iii up it a Ray evidence that three world famous paintings supposedly of William Shakespeare actually Are of the Earl of Oxford interpreted As corroborating the theory that the Earl was the real author of a Shakespeare so plays was reported today by Charlo w. Harrell photographic expert Aud prominent shakespearean student. A after three years research and investigation with a Ray Anil Infra red Ray photography Burrell said in an article Iii the forthcoming Issue of scientific american Bazine that he was convinced the portraits had been a doctored Quot some after oxfords death to conceal evidences of nobility and protect the family name from the contemporary stigma of connection with the theatre. Three portraits the pictures Are the a Ashbourne Quot portrait of Uncertain authorship in the Folger Shakespeare Library Ai. Washing Tun d. In. The a a Janssens Shakespeare in j the same gallery and the a Champ i ton court Quot Shakespeare in the i British Royal collection. A Ray pictures of the a Cash i Bournes a portrait which he made i in 1937, Barren said revealed in i Der crude later additions to the picture a on a ring the boar s head j Seal of the Oxford family hidden to the background. I the Crest of oxfords wife a Fum a by the Trentham a a Large ruffled Collar an appurtenance of nobility which had been reduced to More Bourgeois dimensions similar foreheads a forehead and hair strikingly similar to oxfords which had been disguised a in the background the Ini a gals of Cornelius Ketel a great j dutch Painter to whom barrel attributes the picture. An age inscription identifying continued in Page eleven London Dee. 13�?i,p a Errit ish warplanes trying a new meth i of to head off German mine laying j planes were officially reported to-1 Day to have Trade preventive flights last night Over four of the Reich a main North sea bases. The air ministry announced j Aerial a Security patrols Quot were j a carried out Over the seaplane bases at tile islands of Sylt Bor Kum and nor Derney in addition to Helgoland Germany s Island i fortress. I m Buru dts in the patrols were designed Quot to interrupt activities of mine laying the ministry said reporting that a despite considerable inti aircraft opposition the operations were successfully indicating the system might become general a ministry spokesman said there was Quot obviously a lot behind it Quot hut that the press must draw its own conclusions. Aside from a Brief communique reporting that the patrols were i Quot continuously maintained Quot the ministry declined to Supply details j important Bane Helgoland an Island in tie North sea. Lies 15 Miles Northwest of the Mouths of the Elbe and Weser Rivers. It and its bight or Bay. Are an important link in Germany a naval defense British radio listeners saw in t Onti Neinl on Page eleven German patrols Are driven Back Paris dec. 13 up a the French reported today that heavily reinforced German patrols had been repulsed in attempts to capture three French outposts in the key salient East of the we Arndt Forest Center of Western front activity Between the Moselle and Rhine Rivers. Outpost fighting is becoming More general the French said with six sectors affected in the j past 24 hours. They asserted the heaviest fighting lasted several hours near the Arndt Forest when the Ger i mans attacked with artillery sup port. Isolated French posts of about 30 men were said to have i held off 100-men attacking units with hand grenades until French Field artillery was brought into i play forcing the germans to withdraw leaving numerous dead. 1.500.000 men 1.000 planes prepared for terrific push russian Man Power nearly equals male population of finns by Lynn Heinzerling Helsinki dec. 13.�? apr the finnish telegraphic Agency circulated a report today that soviet russian irked by Finland s resistance a is massing 1,500,000 first line soldiers for a crushing blow this array of manpower nearly equal to the male population of Finland and perhaps double the number of men now engaged on both sides of the War would be supported by 1,000 planes the Agency said. The major thrust according to the Agency is expected in the karelian isthmus where finns entrenched in the big Zag line of fortifications called the manner Heim line have fought off red invaders since the War started 14 Days ago. Nouri e covered i p the source of the report was not specified. The Agency merely said such information had come into its hand word of the imminent broadening of the red Campaign followed closely upon a finnish communique yesterday reporting that finnish troops and planes had smashed a Large scale offensive on the karelian isthmus and Eastern part of the Strong isthmus defense. Severest fighting the fighting appeared to be Nome of the wars severest. A the enemy launched a powerful attack today along several sectors of the karelian isthmus Quot the communique said. Continued on Page eleven claims miners denied rights Youthful Leader a a workers stymied by labor act Washington Doc. 13.�?upi a an Al Union Leader asserted today that 80,000 Coal miners have been denied their rights under the Wagner labor act and have been forced against their will to join the Cio. Joe ozanic president of Hie progressive miners of the american federation of i Abor told the House committee investigating the act and the National labor relations Board no Max affected Quot approximately 80,000 mine workers in various Coal Fields have been denied their moral and Legal rights under the provisions of the National labor relations act to belong to an organization of their own choosing and these mine workers were. Against their desires being compelled by their employers and by officials of the Cio us via United mine workers of America to join and pay dues to the United mine workers of America As a condition of their continued Edmund m. Toland committee counsel opened the third Days hearing by reviewing congressional debate on the Wagner act in an Effort to show that Congress intended that the Hoard would not have authority to Boose the same bargaining unit or separated plants of a single Coin Pany. Leise sox on stand William a Leiserson one of the three Board members had Aid yesterday that the policy of the other two members on this Point Quot does no to make sense to chairman j. Warren Madden and Edwin s. Smith member have in some instances certified All of a company a employees As a single bargaining unit despite their division among several plants. As the hearing began. 15 representatives of the progressive line workers Al flied into the room and took front Row seats. One of two negroes in continued on Page eleven sea Battle russian ship runs in Atlantic aground victims i denied drowned. Frozen by in on Aiken dec. pm Dei fish authorities said after an exhaustive investigation that a report the British Cruiser Achillea had been sunk by the German pocket battleship Admiral scan or was Quot just another Rumor As far As we Are Able to they added i lint their Check up of All sources mentioned Iii connection with tile Buttle report had failed Quot to produce any sort of confirmation Quot they hinted that reports of tin 7, Mem on Achilles loss originated in enemy quarters and said similar report had la end allowed to circulate Quot previously. Tin report which circulated in re without confirmation Saki tile tattle occurred off do ii to Del Bate on Uruguay East roast. The Achilles sailed from Montevideo dec 1 after returning. She had recently Conn to the Atlantic coast from a Pat rid assignment Iii the Pacific. Sees bitter War red minister leaves Italy relation break believed near at newly la open ambassador goes Home Rome dec. 13.�?</p��?diplomatic circles said tonight they had Learned that the new russian ambassador to Italy. Nocolai Gore Lehin left Rome suddenly yesterday from Moscow without presenting his credentials. The russian ambassador had been in Rome Only 15 Days. Soviet embassy attaches disclaimed All knowledge of a reason for the sudden recall or when he might return. He Tei it Demon St tons since the Start of the russians finnish War there have been a series of demonstration by fas its. Mainly students against Russia and in favor of Finland. On dec. 2. Less than a week after Gore Lehin arrived. 3,000 uniformed fascists stood outside the russian embassy and jeered. Recently reports from Finland said Italy had shipped 30 air planes to Finland despite the demonstrations there have been no official indications that relations Between Russia and Italy were strained that the ambassador had been snubbed or that Italy was directly aiding the finns. Italians Volunteer finnish sources said last week that thousands of italians had volunteered to fight for Finland. The volunteers were told their services would be accepted it they could find ways of reaching Finland. Blinding Snow storm prevents Rescue boats from coming to aids vessels radio room smashed by big wave Wark an Ai hokkaido Japan dec. 13.�? apr More than 700 russians including women and children were missing today and believed drown or Frozen to death in the wreck of the russian Steamer ind Girka on the treacherous coast of hokkaido. A the japanese ship Karaf too Mara arrived Here with 395 survivors from the crowded russian fishing service vessel which went aground in a blizzard yesterday Ion the East coast of hokkaido northernmost of the main japanese islands. Survivors most of whom were suffering from exposure said the i ship carried about 1,100 persons fishermen Many accompanied by wives and children and a Crew of 39. T the scene of the wreck is on one route Between fishing stations Oti the Kamchatka Peninsula and Vladivostok Ramo room smashed survivors said the ind Girka sent out one 8 o 8 before huge j Waves smashed her radio room. Be cause of the blinding Snow she j was unable to give her position a Rura Tely. I the storm held possible Rescue ships in port throughout yester Day. J the survivors said they did not i know the Tate of their missing comrades. The ind Girka was a ship of j Only 2.690 tons hut vessels plur ing Between the Northern fishing ports and Vladivostok often carry Large passenger lists. A danish Sailor. Believed Only survivor of tragedy rescued London dec. 13.�? to a believed to he the sole survivor of a Crew of 26 of a danish vessel sunk by a submarine a danish Sailor was picked up today by j an Aberdeen trawler. Sitting out the War Baltimore dec. �?�?1thirty-Ih&Lti German seamen Are sift ing out tile War in a Baltimore hotel is if ii rent let oar it Ami it a cents a Day spending ii Macy mid by tin Standard till t no Pukiy of new Jer sey hut constant Tivey mount i a was fur Len Leben Quot what a life. When Gunian troops marched into Poland the German Crews of the Standard ii tankers a n. Penelope Ami m. N Heinrich von Ruedemann marched off tile ships and into the hotel. At first there were 70 hut the More adventurous tines decided to return to tin fatherland. Postcards have been received from the first Batch announcing to Weir Sale return. Nothing Lias been heard from the second group. Ambassador Davies a a a Long european Quot a War forecast a Mer till ii Vilbas Sailor to Belgium say Only Miracle Lait prevent it Washington Dee. 3.�? up Joseph e. Davies american ambassador to Belgium told reporters today after conferring with Secretary Hull that a nothing Short of a Miracle can prevent the european War from being a luny Ani bitter one Quot he would not predict How Many year were signified by the word if Lei in Neutral Belgium the ambassador said continued on Page eleven she believed in Santa Claus proposed state airline Given collective boost Washington Dee. 13�? a establishment of an East West airline service across North Carolina would bring to actuality a Quot Century old dream of rapid transportation in those directions. Herbert Beele editor from Elizabeth City declared at a civil aeronautics authority hearing today. He supported an application by Pennsylvania Central airlines for permission to establish a route from Norfolk. Va., to Knoxville Tenn. Including stops in North Carolina. Long awaited Beele said North Carolina had been waiting for speedy East West transportation facilities Ever since the railway system was developed on a North South basis through the state instead of East West As originally planned. Another sentimental reason for establishing the air service he said was that the Wright Brothers made their first flight near Elizabeth City nearly 36 years ago. Among business men who Testi a fled As to the need of such a Aery j ice and the extent to which their firms would use it were l. Wood i Cox Norfolk representing a Large grocery Chain w. 8. Harney of the Norfolk association of com-1 Melee c. J. Isett traffic manager of the Ford motor Plant at nor i Folk George h. Campbell nor a Folk fertilizer manufacturer. E. Conger and mayor Jerome k. Flora both of Elizabeth City. Guilford men speak Benjamin Cone r. S. Lematty i textile manufacturers and e. J Klingman insurance company sex j edit Ive All of Greensboro said their companies would Benefit from the airmail and passenger i services which would be provided j examiner Francis Brown said j considerable time probably would lie required to prepare a report j embracing his conclusions. He said Many questions were involved including the application of other companies for service it the Knoxville end of the route. Penn Central s application also asked for permission to carry on service Between Knoxville and i Cincinnati Ohio a route which is sought by the Delta airlines an j intervenor in the present hearing. Eastern airlines which operates i North South across North Carolina also intervened. It Betty knew the Jolly do Saint would not forget her. How a child a simple Faith worked a Miracle of Christmas. Santa Claus Brown on Page seven today 8 Enterprise

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