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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 14, 1925, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise. Monday. December 14. 1925 pages rious religious activities in this City Over week end Christian Ceta nity is discussed Hoy is in giving by Rev. Cob who Chole a and not receiving of knowledge from first John by a Jay John the Baptist was filled with holy ghost before birth declares Rev. F. L. Conrad in his Sermon we Coni "chri.sti. I the of it to of Rev v. B. Cohle at the i first Prohl yer Iii eur Chi a morn in i it a Pic Vico yesterday. In discussing he idea of knowing that we know Jie took a a text 1st John 2 to and hereby we know that Inow him if we keep his a in his , Rev. Coble asked a a what is it John says we Jay know and know that we know. Ile states it variously but it is in cd two know that we a a John often that we know that we have passed from lentil to life we know that he Ibl Deth in two know we Well him know we Are Horn of told fre know we Are the children it of clod to know we have eternal life. He continued knowledge a fundamental concept of christianity and Johns writing Over lows with this thought. My Pur lose is one with the purpose of John who says he wrote his letter that your Joy May he Hefe statements Are comply men Lary fur it is in the knowledge that Ive have our eternal life that our of is made full. John wrote Ospe that believers. Might live life. A wrote his letter that 1 a Lievers Milit know i Liny had it. Is this knowledge de Rahle is my knowledge desirable John Kew Fon was a hut a very to loony arum Uncertain one when lie Roto we Liat is called a hymn hut is Lea my a Wail. He wrote a Point i Long to know. Ift it causes anxious thought. To i love my lord or no or i his or am i not a a a a and Many a soul has experienc a Itiat uncertainly. John wrote the tier to dispel that darkness Aud Oul t. most Ini elusive statement of our know loge thou Gli is the text elected today. It is therefore pos Lible to know clod to learn the sub Ime truth. It is possible to know that we know him and that is even crore Sublime. A hereby we Ernie to know Liat a e know him if we keep his suggests that los certainty is a progressive pro less. Not that there Are not instant Lanequa revelations and conver Lions As in the of Paul and any others. Rut in Many cases it a progressive process. It also suggests that this knowledge is an individual matter. Each soul must Low god for himself. Some say it hard. It is not Only hard but it Impo Saiolo. If we Star it the Tong Way. It is pus if we got in the right Way. We know that in know him if we keep his com Liand ments. This is god s Way the i a of absolute surrender to god and obedience to him. John gives in condition of certainty As Obe licence. A if we keep his this does not mean a let a obedience hut whole souled shed hence. This is an absolute con go a Cream c Vij did Erst son until you Jake it off perspiration even wont affect wont come through and cause ugly Shine it spreads evenly end cannot be detected from Tho King suits any complexion for ii Jones in with the natural Colorina ind makes the pores invisible. Get his new wonderful Beauty powder galled Mello Glo and try it. Ran Miles in pharmacy. To cold for headache or Grippe colds break in a Day for the millions who Hills. Headache and fever Stop. La i pc is checked. Ail in a w a so reliable it druggists guarantee results. Colds Are important to treat in lesser ways. Price 30e Audi Guisa Ascar a quinine go red bos Witlip Cendt it More blessed to give than to receive it was stated. That statement but i do know there is enough in it to immortalize a Man a said or. . A it is just like Jesus own edition. John did not originate it hut got it from the master himself who i i i c ii i said a if any Man Wii Ieth to do his Sermon la Earl we ill he shall know the Teuch Lertg whether it be of god or whether i speak of this was Christ a Law. Obedience is the condition of spiritual certainty. This principle was Manifest in own life. He said of himself a i came not to do mine own will but the will of him that sent me a and i do always Toliese things that Doase Christ was True to the principle All Tho Way through. In the Garden Ile cried nevertheless not As i will hut As thou he was obedient unto death. To Al ways Boro witness of this truth. I he Riovo ii was this that called from heaven the witness of god a this is my beloved son in w Hom i am Well this is the principle that John repeat Here. If we have the obedient will we shall know. In we Are Bent on doing our own will or his will Only Only so far it does not too seriously conflict with ours we Liall never know the certainty which John i new. A a rut Jolin does not Stop Liere he Elali rates and declares i. A this is his commandment that we believe on the name of the son of god. A i have written unto Yon that Lelieve on the name of the son of god that be May know that be have eternal it is Only those who believe who know for they Only have life. Only in Jesus is god revealed. Only l y him is life Given. John says a he that Beli Eveth that Jesus is tile Clorist is Horn of we and Toliese and Many other similar expressions. How do we kno a we know him and have eternal life hereby we know because we have believed and we know whom we have believed. We know when we have trusted him and when we believe his witness. 2. Another commandment is that we believe on the name of the son of god and love one an outlier As he gave us commandment. Beloved let us love one another for love is god Aud he that Loveth is born of god. We love the commandment from him that he Liat Loveth god loves his brother also. 3. Anotn Ner commandment is that we do righteousness and follow him. Hereby we know that we abide in him. He that Saith tie Arideth in him ought himself to to Valk even As he walked. Toliese Are the conditions of certainly and w hat will this certainty do for us it will do what it did for John. It w ill fill our lives with strength Anil courage and and Joy. A a John the Baptist indeed measured up to the prophecies of the Angel according to biblical records Wesley memorial Chireh i believe it was a result of the i fact that he was filled with the Lesi Raav holy ghost even before he was a a. asserted Rev. F. L. Con a there will come a Lime when ital in his Sermon at Emmanuel god wants us to turn Back into lutheran Church yesterday kingdom More than we consume Rev. Or. Conrad took his text and when we do that we will Matt. 11-11. A among them Rich our Community a declared or that Are born of women there hath Emmett k. Mclarty in a splendid not risen a greater than John the Sermon at Wesley memorial Church sunday morning. V j a what an enviable Honor a con the minister took his text from i tinned the minister a your lord acts 20 35, a it is More blessed to thus confers upon a human being give than to he describe w Hen he Stamps his a forerunner edit As one of those unrecorded John As he Peerless character sayings of Jesus Christ. There Are among men. Let us see if we can to their unspotted name they live Many sayings of Jesus which have discover reasons for such an in inherited. Too often sad to say never been recorded and yet tile j measurable compliment. The aged parental Lieuru Are filled life which the master lived lie Rel a someone has said that if we with shame and disappointment been Ortli showed that he believed would have desirable sons and Jolin. A an Angel appeared to Zacharias while he was performing the duties of his priestly office at the altar in the Temple and said they prayer is heard. What was his prayer the. Angel answers you. Shall hav a son whose name shall be John. No wonder John was great. Heaven has something to do w Ith his birth. The messenger of the lord further announces that those old parents would ave Joy Aud gladnes., and even Many shall rejoice at ids birth. If Only parents could always rejoice Ami he glad in and with to Weir children All their life. If children would always Deport themselves and live that they would be a source of enjoyment and pleasure neral services f Paul s. Horney largely amended our children by Angelo Patri Beautiful tribute paid his memory by Rev. Rom a. Sykes hundreds of friends paid their final respects Over the Rita is of Paul s. Hiir Nev Vust Erda. The fun Muthers Job nobody can bring up the children As Well As their own Mother. Tipiere Are a great Many of us who think we can do belter but most of us Are mistaken. The Job is ii peculiarly Mother s. I a Celia is spoiling those Chil Iren. Now if they were mine i would do so and so and there would be no nonsense about it friends and relatives agree that Mim her la Messing things up and if she would but Call in somebody who really knew meaning them of Cral or vices for this popular Elve. Thing would be the better for High Point Young Man were con ii. Daughters it is necessary to make preparation for such at least 60 a i done to know the setting of years in Advance. This principle cer cause of disobedient children. Another revelation from the Angel was that tills John would be great in the sight of the . Yes we Are great and wonderful in our own sight and estimation but what does Christ think what is his verdict. J i. A a Many he shall turn to the lord Quot breaking of stewardship be q Priesthood. The historian is another Promise for the sorted that a Hie enriched in feb Cir Luke in his first chapter notes How Many a five we actually turned stewardship of god is always give very specifically that they were to the lord How Many have we ing out that is always prac facing righteous kept the command tried to turn to the lord How ments and walked blame Lessly be Many have we turned away from fore the lord. The lord better that on of those tally coincides with the ancestral heritage of the great John. His father Zacharias and his Mother. Elizabeth were both Royal descend ducted at the friends Churchi at 3 Oclock and the Church was Filion with friends. Scores were unable to get Imide the auditorium. Impi i Shive funeral services beheld. Aud Seldom Lias any mor it fitting tribute been paid to the memory of any Man than that offered Rev. Tom a. Yecs. Pastor of the Church. Or. Sgt Kes e to led the Noble Charafa Ter of Paul Lorney. It really is not so. Friend.-. It truly is not so. The Job is mothers and she can do it far better than any of us provided she gets a fair Chance of course if the. Re is a group standing about saying right out loud that the child is wholly a Smith Aud it is a mistake on his Mother s part to take him for a Jones there in bound to be rouble. Let Mother alone let other folks the teaching a it is More blessed to give than to a a there Are some people among us a continued or. Mclarty a who Are always receiving but who Are As Barren a a desert never giving. God is love and therefore god is Alwy giving. Jesus believed in giving. He poured out his life for us. A a it is better to love than to be loved. It is better to be a Friend than to have a Friend. It is better to be a giver All the while than to he a receiver a happiness comes from giving and or. Mclarty urged his hearers not to forget to give at this Christmas season. A there is a difference in this record and the boast of the Rich Young ruler who himself claimed he had great big Mill rocks were tied round our neck and we sent to the sea Bottom than to offend one of Caviness is men at service sunday noon enthusiastic meeting held in the first reformed Church u Peop sabbat mor Attenb schools kept the commandments from his j the lords children and cause him youth. Also in the prayer he thank to fall a Way. This next announce de god that he was not As other ment of he Angel is the Climax to men were. My own claim has Little shall make ready a i male Pic of to do with my reputation or my i pared for the lord. John the Bap character for my neighbors know me so Well that they done to Alwy listen to my talk. It was not a proud boast of Zacharias and Elizabeth but their real character that is thus related in gods we Ord and consequently becomes an inheritance of list prepared the Way for the lord coming. I believe Christ now expects us to prepare the Way for him to new a certain places. There Are Home a hic i the lord will never enter unless Church members prepare the Way for Stevens spoke of Mancial plans i j n movement started by Barca class of the first m. P. Church a esterday discussed several phases of question of giving to Christ say or. Motorist do you realize that Many of your Low Folk judge you by the appear juice of Jour ear and the top Lecome the most conspicuous part of the machine of Louis is getting wee bit seedy drive up and see of reasonably we can fix you up Ith one of our made to order Tyles. One of the most enthusiastic meetings Ever held by the Christian menus evangelistic club and a your gang was that in the first reformed Church sunday afternoon when a timely address was delivered by h. C. Caviness former Law her but now engaged in Christian work. Or. Caviness is an eloquent speaker and he was heard with much interest by the men. The Church auditorium was filled the place of meeting having been changed because there were no chairs in the y. M. C. A. The speaker brought tears to the eyes of scores of men when he told of his conversion. He was at one time addicted to a drug habit he was a a booze hound a Asho expressed it. He attempted to break away from the habits but so Long As he relied on his own strength he was unsuccessful. About four years ago lie was converted thanks to the praja ers of Bis godly Mother. From that Day until this he said he had never taken the drug and had never touched liquor. He was regenerated. During his Early years or. Caviness practice Law. But since his conversion he has been giving his time and Effort to Christian service. He is doing evangelistic work throughout the country and is in great demand As a speaker. At the close of his address or. Caviness gave an invitation to these j without Christ to go to the front of i the Church. Several persons re i sponged and Quot were converted during the service. Several persons offered testimonies prior to or. Caviness and . Quot brother Bill Stephens who introduced the speaker gave them an Opportunity to say a few i words. I the men s evangelistic i club and a your gang Are co operating in the Christian work Here. The plan is to hold their meetings j together each sunday afternoon j and to have a each service. The Barca class of the first methodist protestant Church launched a Campaign yesterday to swell the attendance at sunday schools. Practically All of the time of the class yesterday morning we As consumed in a discussion of the importance of getting the Young men into the House of god. The Baracas Are not chiefly concerned Over getting the men into their own class. There is nothing selfish about the movement. They Are interested in the cause of Christ and want to see the men attend sunday school somewhere. Of course they Are anxious to increase the membership of their own class but their plea to the people is that they get into some sunday school. Enthusiastic speeches were made in the class yesterday. Lindsay Luther Gurney Wade mayor h. A. Moffitt or. George r. Brown l. R. Johnston and others expressed enthusiasm Over the idea. Nearly everybody in the room promised to invite someone to attend sunday school next sunday morning. There was a Large attendance of Baracas the class room being filled to its capacity. Announcement was made that the meeting next sunday will be held in another room of the sunday school department in order to take care of a larger body of men. L. R. Johnston is the teacher of the class. A a god a financial plan a was the subject of the sunday morning service at the Green Street Baptist Church the Rev. H. T. Stevens pastor. The pastor asked the question a a when Are we to Lake our offering a and urged the laying by a on the first Day it the week according As god has prospered he further urged the formation of habits of giving. In answer to the question a who should give a he stated that gifts should come from every Man to White Way posts being placed Here support lamps referring parties Lurly to the fact a Hildru Alou it. Unless the y ask Spe Liat despite his at Fli Tiou he was if icily for Jour h up if you in always faithful to the principles of Fere without realizing that you Are Irist vanity. Many men who suffer interfering it makes mothers tasked As Paul Homey suffered would a that much the harder. Not have remained faithful to the i and you will succeed in doing end. Or. Sykes asserted. Jioio tiling at All As far As the children the obituary and scripture lesson ire concerned. Uliey will take and was read by i. Ralph Parker pres Vantage of your readiness to come Dent of the brotherhood class of to their Aid in Lime of stress who a the Church. A i quartet con Mother had made the decision sisting of Norman fid Russ against them. But they have not a House. It is that secret code Riband ing Between Mother and child that makes it impose aisle for Anyo a to take her place. Mother know Tho things we do not Tell. So let Mother and children Ilone to solve their diff Culea. Of she Appeal to you for help it is time to give it. Otherwise no. Or. Patri will give personal attention to inquiries from parents and school teachers on the care and development of children. We rate him in care of paper enclosing stamped envelope for reply. I copyright in 25 Bell Syndicate inc. Two Hurt Cambridge of. Dec. "2,�? Cap a sergeant v. Ford and lieutenant s. O. Carter both of Mccook Field. Dayton were injured near Here this afternoon when their air plane crashed. Fords injuries May prove fatal it was said at a Hospital Here. They experienced engine trouble and to Weir plane fell in a Tail spin. They were in route to Moundsville w. A. City 5 ill soon have Complete new while Way system on several streets Beatrice much. Ann Neuden Liall and Williard Mendenhall. Sang Paul Horney a favorite hymn a the old rugged Cross a and a abide with prayer was offered by Rev. Ii. T. Stevens pastor of Green Street Baptist Church. Many Meinz oers of the hang with which Paul Homey was affiliated attended the services of the grave in Oakwood cemetery of the gang paid tribute to the Niem Ory of their departed brother. Paul Homey was one of the most loved Young men in High Point. Always cheerful despite his affliction. Ever ready to Render service for big Saviour and scattering Sunshine wherever he went this Young Man will not soon be forgotten by those who knew him. As a Token of the esteem in which he was held in the City and Sec Hon Many Beautiful Floral offerings were sent by scores of friends. ,.nty-Soven members of the Phila Thea class of Green Street Baptist Church carried the Flowers. The pallbearers were selected from the brotherhood of Tho friends Church. Seventeen candidates for Rhodes scholarship enter i Rise want bring Quick results work on High Points new White Way Baa started after being delayed owing to late arrival of materials. And it is hoped to have the new lights All in place by february i j. H. Jennings general manager Here for the North Carolina Public service company said yesterday. This new White Way system will be second to none in any Southern City of Gigli Points population and will he a credit to the town. The poles have already arrived and Are being placed As rapidly Man and child. As to the inane or Quot of f possible the pole la Between 33 and 3j feet High and will support a 600-candlepower ornamental a and charge Presby impressive service with filled Church is held last night the gang held a wonderfully impressive service at the first presbyterian Church last Nischt. The Church was crowded and the service was turned Over to the Young giving he stated that a god loves a cheerful in reply to the query. A How much should use give Quot a he urged a was god hath prospered he slated that everyone should give at least the tenth part of his Money and possibly More. A a we a Are not giving until we have paid god the tenth which is he added. A a if we give to god freely he will pour out his blessings on us More in number than a we can receive. He can not bless us of we close the windows of heaven. God gives to us a we can be he stated. He continued a a we a should give to god As he has told us to in order that there May be no Church debts no worry for the pastor and deacons Over Money matters and in order that there May be an a Jarge ment All along the line. The sunday evening subject was a the lost Rev. Stevens related How the boy left Home on his own Accord and under the watchful and Loving eyes of his father. He called attention to the fact that god never drives any one away from his Home and that god is always looking for us. He related the whole Story of the wanderers experiences How to fell in with bad company and finally returned to his Home to be happily received by his father. To Drew the my the Way through slowing How god watches for us when we wander away and until we return Homo a As this father was so is god always ready and willing to take to Back a stated the pastor. New York cd Ottov new York. Dec. 14.�? api men a who conducted it in their own to ii Cotton Market was lower this Way. Light la feet from the ground. One Hundred Aigid one poles and White Way lamps have been purchased and the poles we ill be placed 108 feet apart. The plan is to place the White Way on main Street from Thurston to the Southern furniture exposition building on Wrenn Street from Commerce to Washington. Commerce from Willowbrook to Hamilton on High Street from Wrenn to Willowbrook on Broad to College and on Washington from College to Wrenn Street. Or. Jennings said arrangements would be made to Burn 34 of the lights All night thus providing All night service rather than to Midnight As is the custom at Pinai ent. The Public service company u i Der the direction of or. Jennings. Is pushing this work in order to Complete the Job As Early possible the work probably will be delayed owing to late arrival of the ornamental lamps but it i thought the Complete White Way system will h established not later than february i. Daggers jewelry store is the place to buy your Christmas presents a reduction of 25 per cent is offered on a gift Raleigh dec. 12. Map a the Rhodes scholar slip a a commit tee meeting to choose two North Carolina students for the scholar Pilips Given through the fund to Oxford in Niv Errity in England has been in session Here today. Liere Are it candidates for the scholarships it was Learned this morning and the committee was expected to be in session All Day. Comparing the grades and other scores made by the respective candidates. The scholarships Are for three years at the English i in Versley. The committee a oin posed of five North Carolina educators is headed l y or. H. W. Chase president of the University of North Carolina. Cepter Jou in any sense other than la rooter who has appealed to the Umpire. Not such a High place at that. When the dust of Battle settles you will be found on the outside. Very much on the outside for blood thicker than . As you May have heard before. It is hard for someone who be lives and perhaps rightly so. That the children Are not getting tile right sort of upbringing but that is no reason for interference in the family routine. Keep your thoughts to yourself until you Are asked for them and then make it a Spanish etiquette and wait for the third invitation before Yoti speak. So you a will avoid much trouble. A Moth it a knows Ber child As nobody else can possible know him and along with that knowledge comes a Host of other Knowings that make things very different from what they appear from the o outside. What looks like a simple matter to Tho onlooker May be a most complicated and involved family difficulty which none but the family immediately concerned knows anything about. None of us knows the secrets of the family we live with much less one close by. Few of us Ever toll our troubles to our friends in full. We keep a hit Back always and it is that bit that makes us strangers to Lough w e live in the same unless it is Good enough to satisfy us it is not delivered to you. It must be right in every particular. We Are building a reputation for Good printing. The Rhodes press Iso wast cd mind re a str it to Upha ii 4214 Street new York. Dec. 14.-�? apr Slock prices displayed a firm tone at the opening of today a Market. Rails were again in Good demand under the leadership of Atlantic coast line and Missouri Pacific West Pic Pferrer each of we Holch opened a Quot Point higher. Chrysler showed an initial gain of i 1-2 Points and Marine preferred i. Speculative belief that Money rates will soften after income tax payments have been disposed of regarded in some quarters As a Factor in the buying movement. Enterprise want bring Quick results in jul cd Spape s cold compound Quot Breaks a cold right up take two tablets very three until Eltree doses a taken. The first dose always gives Relief. The Pecoud and third loses completely Streak up the cold. Pleasant and Safe to take. Contains no quinine or opiates. Millions use Quot Papes Gold Price thirty five Grinj Antee it. beware the Centi. That hangs on persistent coughs and cold Lead to serious trouble. You can Stop then now with or emulsion an emulsifier creosote that is pleasant to take. Creo my Lliott is a new medical discovery with to it fold action it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of All known drugs creosote is recognized by High me Lical authorities As one of the greatest Healing agencies for persistent coughs and colds and other forms of Throat troubles. Creo Mulston contains in addition to creosote other Healing elements which soothe and heal the infected membranes and Stop the irritation and inflammation while the creosote goes on to the stomach is absorbed into the blood attacks the teat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Or emulsion u guaranteed set Isao tory in the treatment a of persistent coughs us colds bronchial asthma. Bronchitis and other forms of respire i tory diseases and is excellent for build j ing up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold in not relieved i Ter taking according to directions. Ask your druggist. Ciro emulsion company atlanu.,.g8. Adt i Elsie Gates teacher piano violin voice and mandolin Phene 2844 Call at 317 South Wrenn members of the gang gave testimonies and splendid talks were made by Charles Welborn Jack Owings Guerny Wade Stanton Bennett David Mac Jester and dad Smith. This gang so called numb feb speaker present at i Niobe than 500 and it Bas averaged a convert per Man since it was number of churches Here and the i members of the two organizations i both organized to win souls for Christ Are conducting the revivals. Hundreds have been converted because of the personal work. Nguk f. Of Sale sealed proposals will be re it of cd by the Board of county , of Davidson county. North Carolina at 2 00. P. A. December 26. 1025, for the Purchase of $15,-000 of school Bonds to be paid from morn my a of i levied exclusively m fair Grove school District meetings Are being held in a j of Aniced. Leaders of the group gave an invitation last night which showed that almost All of the audience were professing ?. The service closed with a service of re consecration and the congregation went Home deeply impressed with the spirit of earnestness Ife sied by the Young men. Buy now an a have t of Yow mind. Our it ii the largest we men club to meet High Point buggy store a a tuesday last week s Selling movement which was acc Dently encouraged by rela mors of an easy spot in the South and rather disappointing census figures on consumption for the month of november. The opening was barely steady at a decline of 3 to 4 Points with March Selling off to 18.75 and july 18.21 at the Start. Trading was Active but orders seemed to be pretty Well divided around the 18 3-4c level for Tho Early Spring position and fluctuations were a her irregular during the first half hour. The census report showing Domesek Mill consumption of 543.09s Bales or november Quot a As slightly below the october figures but showed an increase Over last years total of 495,182 Bales. Co. Practical and useful gift articles on Sale at 25 per cent re induction at daggers jewelry things that she will App re All men of the congregation Saint Mary a episcopal Church Are. A. 1. request a to meet with the men e a a a Ltd a a it it wag club in the Parish Ocupe tomorrow i or jewelry store at 25 per cent night Al 8 o clock promptly. A reduction in prices. Ill said county dated december 1,�?~ 1925. And maturing $500 on december i of each year 1928 to 1953 inclusive and $1,000 in 195 1 and 1955. And bearing interest at the rate of six per centum per annul. payable Semi annually. Both principal and payable in new Yore a denomination of $500 each. Bidders must present with their bids a certified Check upon an incorporated Bank or Trust company payable to the order of the official or a sum of Morcy for or in an amount equal to two per rent centum of the face of the Bonds bid for. To secure the Muni Pality against any loss resulting from a failure of the bidder to comply with the terms of Bis bid. To j. Parker. Clerk. Note Toliese Bonds were sold up Ember 7. And this advertise ment is to lorry a t a Legal Lech i Cali la ail d in it . A treat for yourself a a new pair of glasses for Christmas. Your eyes need another examination Max Rones jewelery optometrist for swollen joints most remedies fail but joint Easo succeeds. Ifs for joint troubles Only whether in ankle. Knee hip. Elbow Slio Tildor. Finger or in no a Wyeth Ler rheumatic or not. It limbers up stiff inflamed pain Ful Creaky joints so quickly you la be astonished. Two seconds rubbing and away it goes through skin and flesh right i Down to the Bone and ligaments ii at a Why it succeeds. Ask Mann drug co., or Green drug co., or any reliable druggist. Natick. Having qualified As adm Nistra irix of the of t. A. St incr. D deceased late of Guilford c univ North Carolina thic is to notify Ai persons having cd Sims against the of said Dei a Uick to exp in. To Lem to the und is Ned at High Point Nona Carol a on or before he 16th Day of november. 1926 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons inde Tecl t said estate will please make intr mediate payment. This he 14i�?Ti Lav a november 1 925. M Arth \ n a Toner in uni = Gratrix of t Pron de fens i. I i 6. 23, 3<�?~. 12-7, 14, i. Or a slight roughness of your Teeth will first warn you of the appearance of tartar. This is a h Trucl. Balky substance deposited upon your Teeth by the Salvia. F lax e yur dentist remove this tartar and advise you As to the care of your Teeth. dentist it s Hain St do in Woodwort n s office Mohi z507. It Ilohne siz2 7 a i Noth e of of land. Under Aud by virtue of the Power of Sale contained i a certain deed of executed by John Luther King and Lula Pearl King both unmarried to the Raleigh banking amp Trust company trustee for the metropolitan life insurance company which deed of Trust is dated july 26th. 1923, and recorded in Book no. 391, Page no. 210 in the orcs of Tho Register of deeds of Guilford county North Carolina default having been made Iii the payment of a Bote thereby secured and demand having been made by the Holder thereof we will expose to Sale to the bidder for Cash la front of the court Louse in Greensboro. North Carolina on the 4tu Day of january 1926. At 2 Gnu of a lock p in. The following described real estate Bing in the City of High Point a. A beginning at an Iron stake on the West Side of King Street now Lindsay Street. 190 feet South from the intersection of King Street now Lindsay Street. Or. C. E. Reitzel a Corner and running thence North is 1-2 Deg. West 16a feet along the line of or. C. E. Reitzl to an Iron stake in the line of k. E. J. Johnson. Or. C. E. Reit elks Southwest Corner. Hence South 4 1-2 Deg. Wast along the Lut of the a i la. E. J. Jan Iii and t a line o c. C. C r i 7 5 foe to an Iron so Ive a in Lino it of in to c. C. Can of a a. E. S Nurt. We Quot Cor i a a sgt a h >5 1-5 dog a. til. I of he a v. A. To. A to 160 f to a Trot on i a of King so Quot of. A. E. T it l a a rtt asst Corner i Mcune Norio 4 1-2 Cleg. East along the Wert n in of King Street now Lindsay Street. 7 5 feet to the beginning and being bettor known As no. 517 King Street now no. 1004 Lindsay Street. In the City of High Point North Carolta. This the 2 7th Day of november 19 2 5 Raleigh banking a Trust Comly and a i. A a Nae borne it High High Point n c la 30, 12m4 21

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